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  1. Did you revel in the solitude? Did you yearn for a connection? 

  2. Actually, it would be nice to have a 360 degree view from inside the car, and I don't think it'd be a monumental task to implement from a technical perspective
  3. Hey, how ya doin'? So I'm stepping up my game from Voyager, attempting a Stalker run. It's definitely more dangerous and more scarcity of everything except friggin' wolves. Usually the tools I find are in or near the best shelters of a region, sometimes I'll find additional tools in a more obscure location (axe in a shed; knife near a corpse; crowbar in a car). On Stalker, I've noticed that the few tools that do spawn seem to do so in these obscure locations. For the TLD survival mode experts, I ask you: Do the locations of items get more obscure and harder to find in Interloper, and do any items spawn behind furniture or in crates that can only be accessed after you've broken them down? I just want to guage how much more vigilant I need to be when scavenging. What's been your experience with this and has it changed much over the course of the years?
  4. Played till 3am last night...no regrets. 

  5. Don't let this new world break you... 

  6. @Ice Hole🎵That's me in the spot...light, losing my condition🎵
  7. These may sound idealistic, but... 1. Cans: the best alternate use I've found is trail marks, specifically at Coastal highway, for finding your way to the fishing huts from a shelter during a blizzard and vice-versa, but what if you could break em down into scrap, or a new type of metal that can be used to reinforce your clothing? I imagine having to use a toolbox and/or a heavy hammer to create it, increasing your protection rating but adding weight as well. 2. Oil: A simple one that's probably been asked for before, but making oil work similarly to water, ie. all fuel stacks, can be dropped/stored in specific amounts. Also being able to drain filled lanterns. 3. Mirrors: the most idealistic, but being able to see yourself in the mirror; a fully rendered version of your character, complete with whatever clothing you may be wearing. While we're at it, might as well throw in 3rd person view in there, too. I'll leave it at that for now
  8. From the urban sprawl to the desolate wilderness, I bid you good hunting and pray you do not succumb to the cold, long dark. Fuhgettaboudit!
  9. Raph, my dude! First off: Great f@ckin' game you and your team have made here! 1. My question's about the voice acting powerhouses you've acquired. How'd you get Solid Snake, Adam Jensen and both Commander Shepards to all be in the same game?! 2. I remember a previous mailbag mentioned you acquired mocap equipment. Will it be used for capturing their performances, or perhaps for more realistic wildlife animations? 3. How'd you end up choosing First Aid Kit's "Lion's Roar" as the intro song for the cinematic, and were there any other artists you considered for it? 4. Suggestion: Can the energy bars, y'know, give us energy?