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  1. While I haven't gotten a survivor to L5 bow hunting yet and have no experience with crouch-hunting the new wolves, I have been using this technique of hunting them by the fire quite extensively on my current run. I'm on my longest DMC run ever (49 days!) and started it after the update, right after I spent some time with the new challenge. I'm at L4 bow hunting currently, and have hunted several wolves in ML and CH using fire. It's true, you only have a split second to get a shot off once they pause at the fire because they flee as soon as you aim. While this is great for scaring wolves off when you are unarmed, it sucks for trying to one shot those jerks before they run away. I've lost more than one arrow on my run due to this. I'll agree that the setup is pretty important now. Flat ground with clear sight lines is a must, and make sure to keep your fire between you and the wolf. This can be problematic when facing multiple wolves, and if one has the chance to come at you from the flank, he will ignore your fire and attack. Try to run them off by aiming your bow when they pause and focus on one at a time. It can take several attempts, but if you have scent on you they will keep coming back for more. Also, be wary of the weather. If your fire is setup somewhere with no cover, the wind can pop up, snuff out your fire, and leave you as a sitting duck. When facing a lone wolf, I have found it helpful to use a windblock for the fire. It's pretty easy to keep the wolf in front of you if there's only one, and you then have somewhere to cook it when the hunt is over. Hopefully. That DMC wind is an SOB and changes direction constantly though. I was pretty annoyed when the update dropped and the wolves bid farewell to being mindless bait magnets. I was very used to bait hunting and sucked at figuring out the new wolf/fire behavior. Change is hard. After some practice, I can confidently say I love the new wolf AI. It really adds some needed suspense and awareness to the game, and is back to keeping me on my toes. I never carry bait anymore, and always have 5 rocks on me. I'm going through more fuel and making more fires, which is forcing me to modify my playstyle and priorities. I freaking love it. Happy hunting, indeed!
  2. I play Loper and DMC, so if I get a crappy spawn (I'm looking at you, midnight blizzard) I'll just restart. No intentional suicides though, outside of my very first game where I got stuck out behind the Dam (I know) and was going to freeze to death. Did a swan dive off the back wall. Little did I know I was already on the path back to safety. Also remember getting to the crash site in MT last time I was playing 4DON. It was my goal to make it all the way up there in the Day 4 blizzard, and once I made it, I shot the flare gun Hopeless Challenge style, and jumped into the long dark. It was glorious.
  3. Agreed. Haven't had the issue with the ice lately, but this is still happening.
  4. Yep, definitely not as difficult, but still fun. More loot than on Deadman, and warmer temps. No bunnies keeps it interesting though.
  5. I've tried this one before, it's actually pretty fun. Now this just sounds downright masochistic! 😂 I've done a "collect everything" run before, but this sounds fun for a long run. The Dam alone will keep one busy for weeks.
  6. Marsh Ridge is my favorite place in FM for moose hunting, and the place I've had the most success. They can take weeks to spawn though, no matter where you look.
  7. 100% agree. Rabbits and deer right out front. Sleep off CF in the pilothouse. No wolves. And all the coal and metal you need nearby.
  8. Here's a few to keep you busy, along with custom codes and challenge creators. I've seen some pretty good challenges on your timeline as well, @jeffpeng
  9. Whoa, that's pretty cool! I've always known there were different temps for different beds, but I never noticed different temps for different rooms. I wonder how long it's been like this? Nice find. Did your character survive? Looks like about 1-2% condition to me!
  10. If you thought this challenge was fun, but not difficult enough, try the custom mode it was based on: Deadman 8MHM-/j8P-Dw+/AcKe-fgIK Enjoy! edit: It may have been altered with the new hotfix yesterday, I'll have to check it when I get home.
  11. Wow. I had no idea. That's not very Loper-like though. I always thought that one of the defining characteristics of Loper was no tools, and certainly no hammer near a forge. I've never used loot tables, but I do know a few combos in places like TWM as well as ML, just from repeated experience. Still shocked.. hammer in a forge location. I trust you, since you've been around these parts for a while. Also, since I've never seen the loot tables, I must defer to those that have. I definitely would be pretty surprised if I found the hammer in the BR Shed though, and would have thought my game was bugged if not for this convo.
  12. Quite true. I guess I'm just looking for the fastest way out of BI because I hate it lol. I'm not much of a speedrunner, but I did finish it in 10 days. Thanks for posting the video! I had no idea you could go out that way!
  13. I finished it the first time with BR as my last location, but it does take longer to go that way. And, as you stated, you don't get to make use of the stim at the BR Maintenance Shed if you make it your last stop. My best time was by hitting BR first, which is sketchy AF with no flare gun, but doable. Just save some flares from BI to use in BR. On the way back from BR, pass through Marsh Ridge in FM for another stim, then take care of the grave in HRV. From there, it's a pretty straight shot... Ravine (railcar stim and flare gun), DP (Lighthouse stim), then finish in TWM. Congrats on completing the challenge!
  14. Hammers do not spawn in forge regions on standard Loper, to the best of my knowledge. So, no hammer in DP, FM, or BR.
  15. I'm curious how others attack it. I have made it to the FM cave many times without losing any condition, but I need to make a fire along the way to warm up. The bridge is nice because you can loot the cars and make a fire in the overturned trailer. So, when trying to get out of BI as fast as possible, I usually hit the residences, cross the bridge, hit the washed out trailers, cross the front of the delta, and head straight up to the cave. Not crossing the bridge leaves the only other option to go under it, no? I tried to hug the cliffs to the right of the delta, but encountered thin ice everywhere. Is the route I take not the shortest route out, or is there a faster way? Based on your claim of reaching the BR Shed in 7 hours, you must be taking a lot of condition loss on the way out.
  16. Best trash can finds for me were dog food once, and an arrowhead another time. Agreed about the single rosehip, very annoying. I never pick it up.
  17. If I get a FM or HRV spawn, I'll head to ML after a little light looting, then off to the Ravine for the Flare Gun, then it's a dash across the ice in CH and CrH on the way to DP to forge. HRV spawn is really sweet because you can come away with some choice items like a Mackinaw, ear wraps, and boots, as well as hacksaw and bedroll, several boxes of matches, and lots of found food. You also get to loot Milton on the way through MT to ML. If I get lucky and find a hammer in Milton, I change plans and head right to Spence's to forge. If I get a PV or TWM spawn, I'll loot my way to CH and then head to DP. Good loot on the lake and the Hut in TWM, and the PV loot loop can yield a hammer, hacksaw, matches, and of course, combat pants and/or boots at Signal Hill. If I get a DP spawn, I'll loot my way through CH and push on through ML to FM, or turn back to DP if I find a hammer in CH. There's a little bit of everything in CH, so I have done the DP>CH>DP spawn-to-forge loop several times with success if RNG blesses me with a CH hammer. It depends on the spawn region, as well as how soon I can find a hammer and hacksaw. I do prefer to forge at the Riken because you can bring minimal coal and metal, the trailers and mine provide any extra you may need. No cabin fever at Spence's, but you better bring a ton of coal to keep you alive through the night. You do have the wolves to keep you company at Spence's, so there's that.
  18. Ahh yes, but the sweet stims! You can get 1 to 3 stims in BR between the Shed, the Lodge, and the Ravine. BR is a must visit region if you're playing Deadman mode. Very wolfy, though.
  19. The music in this game is amazing. It sets the tone for the game like no other I've played. I had to buy the soundtrack for EP1 & EP2, and as soon as the new soundtrack comes out for EP3, I will buy that too. That said, I am partial to the old intro song as well. Loved how the somber piano slowly marched into a frenzied, multiple instrument crescendo. Awesome covers, @manolitodeespana, thanks for posting them! Nice find.
  20. Nice update. That video was pretty sketchy, don't forget to look down when crossing that spot! Sounds like you have the DP and HRV graves left to hit. I'm sure you know how to get to DP, but you mentioned not remembering how to get to MT and HRV. Two ways to go, but you have rope climbs either way. Hit MT either through the cave near ML Trapper's or by taking the vine climb up near the cave at FM Marsh Ridge. Once in MT, head up the road and take a left after the Trailer.. the cave to HRV is not far from it. Good luck!
  21. I'm a bit more active on the Steam forums, and posted this over there recently. Someone suggested I post it over here as well. I've been back to snowboarding now that the sweet snow is falling again, and just got back from a trip over the weekend. I noticed a couple of things that reminded me of The Long Dark, and I thought I'd share. Icy Roadway This road reminded me a bit of a couple of spots in PV. Covered Railroad Tracks Definitely gave me a ML or CH vibe.. it would be cool to see covered tracks in a future region, these are very common in the Sierras. One Tree Cave My friends and I call this One Tree Cave. It's accessible at a certain resort only under the right snow conditions. Got this picture from the ski lift. Definitely reminds me of one of the many caves we come across on Great Bear Island. Here's an earlier shot, you can see the cave up on the right. It's steeper than it looks..
  22. That dream you were having where you were having drinks at the bar with friends? Yeah, that was actually you sleepwalking to your fridge. Your rum is gone LOL. The new challenge is a tough one for sure. Took me a few tries before I completed it. They should make it an achievement.. I'd like to see what percentage of TLD players finish it. Keep us posted on your progress! I'm curious to see how this slightly more guarded and methodical approach works. I usually GTFO of BI as fast as I can. My goal is to sleep the first night at the leaf bed in the transition cave.
  23. The grave marker is at Many Falls Vista, right near the rope going down into the basin. When the path splits, take the left branch and you will come to it at a dead end. No pun intended. 😂
  24. Yep, no MREs on Loper. I miss peanut butter and energy bars too. That box will just have the stim on Loper, although sometimes it's not there. If it's not there, it can be in one of the other two spots, or both of them. On a lucky RNG spawn, you will get all 3 in BR. I have come up empty on the nearby food crate before as well, but I would say it's there like 75% of the time for me. BR Ravine stim is the fun one to get. That might be the longest rope climb in the whole game.
  25. The only time I went to Canada, I noticed a prevalence of grape flavored things. Everything from drinks to donuts to candy bars with grape jelly inside of them. What gives? I was very confused. Aside from that, absolutely beautiful country, very friendly people, and the weather's not too bad if you keep to the coast. Did a road trip from Seattle to Anchorage.