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  1. Im not sure about light level but I want to say weather conditions does indeed affect how close you can get before they see you
  2. Are you sorted alphabetically? I find sorting the other ways can make stuff move around sometimes when you're going through inventory
  3. I personally believe the new sprain system should only be in effect if you're carrying too much. Makes sense, you don't see people in real life spraining their legs and wrists when walking on an incline. Now maybe when you're carrying stuff, but somebody that used to backpack all different kinds of terrain I just feel like the new sprain system is annoying when you barely have anything on you. The system should only give you sprains when you're over encumbered and or sprinting, slight taking a stroll with no weight on you shouldn't give random sprains.
  4. Even if it took awhile to make (I understand it's a small team), I would love to see an visual immersion update for your character. Like an actually modeled character. So when you look down, you see whatever you're wearing. When holding something in hands, arms and gloves show what you're wearing like it is when you go into your equipment. Maybe even make it where depending on what gloves you have on, you might have remove them to use a gun/bow. Then add a new glove type you can find which is just wool knitted fingered gloves. Not as warm as wool mittens or other gloves like that but with them you can use weapons since you have your fingers. Maybe even finally let us double up on gloves and add gloves like those you can layer under your current gloves. So when you use weapons you just take off mittens and your hands is still protected from frostbite Just something I would love to see eventually down the road added to the game.
  5. On console game has been crashing a lot for me lately. Like guaranteed at least once a day, happens when entering a building.
  6. I tried google but didn't find anything for the answer (im probably just bad at using google lol) but where is all the match spawns? I know the cave in HRV, FM by the forge, DP whaling facility, PV farmstead basement, and TWM hut all have guaranteed match spawns. I feel like I'm forgetting about a couple of places, is that all of them? Just started playing again and want to make a new loper run, just wanted to make sure I remember correctly of all permanent match spawn locations. Info on where any spawn locations im forgetting would be awesome.
  7. Yes we used to be able to place rifle in gunracks, no we can't place them in there anymore. Why? Idk but have tested different gunracks on different saves and it's all the same.
  8. Ya I feel the wolves was lack luster. I ran arounf multiple regions during day 2 and 3 expecting the wolfpocalypse bet it wasn't bad at all. Think it would have been much scarier if instead of wolves, it was bears. All wolfs in game are changed to bears, now that would have been a scary haloween event lol. Everywhere that there would be a wolf, instead would be a bear. Or they could have thrown us a curve ball, and brought fluffy back for the event. I we all passed through the dam I bet and that would have been an unexpected surprise if fluffy was back
  9. I know a bug that has been introduced lately crashes the game right after you open up the inventory. Xbox one so I cant give much feedback of how it happens, it just has been happening to me lately aince the 4don update. Not often but it does happen, and every time it happens was immediately after I opened my inventory. Never happened before the 4don update
  10. Ys it was ridiculously easy to beat, howevery 4 day badge hasn't unlocked yet so idk if its bugged (last years was). What I ended up doing was making a new save (saving my day is just in caseI died) and played for the 2 hours fresh on each day to try and win it. Ran around multiple regions in day 2 and day 3 and the wolves was so rare to come across. Like loper amount of wolves, they're out there but can easily avoid them. Kinda was hoping for an apocalypse of wolves to be honest lol. Didn't make a new save for day 4 though, that would have been impossible to loot fresh in a blizzard.
  11. Lol never said you can't survive 24 hours, meant it will be the hardest 24 hours ever. I just made up that custom right now. Guy said he want evil impossible challenge, so I made it. Lol
  12. Before the update where we was able to adjust brightness on console, it was perfect for me. Now it seems no matter what I put it at, outside is wayy to bright and inside is way too dark. Even putting at 100% just doesn't make it the same as it was before. now even at 110-120% brightness at mid day with clear skys its still relatively dark in doors (places before update I could see perfectly fine). Yet going outside is extremely bright, even at night. I just keep it at 100% now but it's not what it used to be. Just wondering what happened after the update, seems brightness is way off from what it used to be.
  13. Have you even played interloper? Want almost nothing to find, play interloper. Im guessing from the sound of it the 500 day interloper run milestone is too easy for you. So let me introduce you to custom survival, you can make it literally impossible to survive long term if you want. Edit: want an "extreme hardcore evil impossible challenge"? Try this custom game 8MHM-/z8M-Dz+j-wXaW-HQEA All I can say is good luck, surving with that custom game will be impossible. It will be extremely difficult to survive just 24 hours. To make it a true challenge, also pick random map. Use whatever feats you like, it won't matter
  14. No 4don does not effect survival saves at all, the entire region of FM is completely blocked off in 4don