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  1. Mazizisbil

    4DON Day3 Bug?

    so the event rewards is gone for me right? can i take badgets?
  2. Mazizisbil

    4DON Too Easy?

    i agree but the game should do it not you it must be a quest or something like that given by the game itself
  3. Mazizisbil

    4DON Too Easy?

    actually i think there must be more challange otherwise it is pointless to move as you said it is Hallowen holiday so we need to freak out a little bit if you played interloper you know what i mean
  4. Mazizisbil

    4DON Too Easy?

    So guys i am a veteran player i survived on interloper like 350+ days.[ i died from falling from the bridge:( ] This is my first experience of 4DON so i was excited and i take it serious and loot all items and jack o lanterns IN CH ML then when i finished day1 Day2 start and there is nothing to do left i have plenty of food woof very good quality clothes etc. so unlike interloper there was no challange like cabin fever or bad loots left and my base was Quanset Garage So today guys i feel like it is just like a AFK simulator there is no point to explore or kill wolf so is it about me am i done with TLD or was i so overhyped i dont know what is your opinion guys am i the only one felt that way? Thanks for responses already Have a good game
  5. Mazizisbil

    4DON Day3 Bug?

    So guys i am busy right now so i nees to keep it short my question is: I couldn't complete the Day3 bc of my working times so now day4 active and if i finish day4 can i still get my badget or can i replay day3 Have a nice hallowen and 4DON guys!