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  1. MrsHoneypot

    Add potatoes

    There are quite a few suggestions for additional or alternative food items in the wishlist forum. I think it most likely that dried/powdered foods be added, should the developers choose.
  2. I'm sorry that a scumbag chose to get behind the wheel of a car and that the result was your son's injury. Alcohol didn't do that. Human choice did that. An incredibly dangerous choice. Once again, I'm sorry for your family's pain. I know how alcohol and addiction can destroy lives. My aunt was an alcoholic, she died of liver failure, thankfully she never had a driving license. My cousin, by a different aunt, died of a drug overdose, he had been using for 20 years and developed schizophrenia because of it. I personally drink very little these days, maybe one or two beers at the weekend (one on Friday, one on Saturday). When my husband and I go out, we choose who drives home and that person doesn't touch a drop. Getting back to alcohol in the game. I'm still on the fence. But, leaning towards, it doesn't do anything for gameplay.
  3. MrsHoneypot


    Yeah. That's what I thought. The pot would have to be in a main base with the pc never leaving the immediate vicinity. We would need a proper greenhouse to grow anything really.
  4. MrsHoneypot


    There are plant pots with soil dotted around the place. You would just need to keep it watered and near a window, maybe herbs or something?
  5. hmm. It seems to me that the biggest problem people have with this idea, is introducing the concept of over-indulgence. What if it was only available in miniatures, like you might find in a hotel or something? Or, what if there was a limit of 1 shot to be consumed in a 24 hour period? I agree that alcohol should not be glorified, but neither should it be demonized. I also agree that alcohol shouldn´t be used in the game as a "strength potion". However, when a small amount is added to a cup of herbal tea, and provided you happen to be in a safe place with enough fuel for the whole night, you would have a very restful night´s sleep. I´ve only known 1 person who might get drunk from 1 shot of alcohol and he happened to be allergic to it. I, also, don´t know of anyone who would have a hangover from such a small amount of alcohol. I´m sitting squarely on the fence with this one. I can see the ups and the downs. If, and it´s a big IF, the devs decide to include alcohol. They would have to have a very good reason, and they would have to be extremely careful with implementation.
  6. MrsHoneypot

    Salt & Jerky

    Flat pack storage? Why not?
  7. I found a picure of what I meant. Just so you know that it wasn´t a piece of my imagination.
  8. Just to throw it in the mix. What about those old fashioned grindstone wheels? It takes more effort to use, because it uses pedal-power, but it´s quicker than a hand held whetstone and a little more versatile than a strop. The down side to the wheel is that it´s easy to over-sharpen or even break a blade. I´m not sure where you´d find it though.
  9. I´m definitely in favour of a small expansion on our food variety. Making a simple stew from whatever meat we have, which would count towards thirst in the same manner as the tomato soup? This would be a step in that direction. But, there´s a lot of opposition to this as it doesn´t really add anything to the survival aspect of the game.
  10. Hi. Last time I was nosey, I recieved some very enlightening replies. So, I´m doing it again. This time I would like to ask; Do you carry back-up clothing just in case something happens? For example, I´m in the habbit of carrying extra socks, hat and gloves (just the woollen mittens). Just in case I fall through some ice or get caught in some weather.
  11. Powdered eggs and milk have been around for a while in the real world. I´d love to see reconstituted scrambled eggs, or powdered pancake mix, or a tin of Bird´s custard (mmm, peaches and custard...). Yeah, nothing useful about pancakes or custard. (sigh) But, a girl can dream. I´ve often wondered where all the instant noodles are on the island. Or those soup-in-a-cup powders.
  12. More max weight was exactly the point of a utility belt. Also, something more to craft when you're at a loose end. I haven't crafted the moose satchel yet. I'm still learning maps. The Hardiness thing was just an idea. Thanks for your well thought-out answer, I appreciate it.
  13. Has anyone already suggested a utility belt? We could have a "physical" representation of the quick menu. The belt would allow storage for tools, a fire kit, snacks and drinks. It might be good for more even weight distribution. Also, I know that we have the badges for more stamina when running and things like that. But, what about a Hardiness mechanic where you get used to the weight you carry, the clothing and the generally tough conditions? It would be a gradual increase in carrying capacity and distance you can travel in a day. Does this already exists? What am I missing, here?
  14. I'm glad I was nosey enough to post this question. The answers are very interesting, and enjoyable to read. Thank you to everyone who posts, past and future. ☺️