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  1. Maybe it could have an "upgrade" to the fishing tackle. A rod, for example, or stronger fishing line. And don´t forget the bait. Mealworms could double as emergency food. I doubt Hinterland would nerf the predators by providing a deterrent. But, if the sports shop encouraged thinking outside the box, or Survival thinking, to repurpose what is found... The idea could have potential.
  2. Hmm. I agree with ManicManiac in that I don´t think blankets should be a portable warmth bonus. However, if a shelter happened to have more than one bed, or a linen closet where towels and blankets could be stored. Then, it would make sense to me to use what´s in the house. So, Blankets = yes, but limited to the house where they´re found. Variable room temperature could work, when taken into account that a window where the sun shines in would also affect the indoor temperature.
  3. I like this idea. I suggested it jokingly as the "Sound of Music" badge, which one would recieve upon climbing "Every Mountain" (every climb point). But I suppose calling it the Mountaineering badge is more acceptable. I liked the idea of having a faster climbing rate. But, how about more climbing stamina? Not having to take a break on the longer climbs would be a real help.
  4. a photo from one of the vista locations would be cool. It also fits in with what someone would put in a visor in real life (keys, photos, shopping reciepts... Recipies for survival stew?)
  5. I was just thinking this AJ. Instead of a whole separate object, we could have a kind of add on for the lantern to let it heat a can or cup. There would need to be a down side for balance... Maybe it uses lots of fuel and condition deteriorates quickly?
  6. MrsHoneypot


    Thanks for the info Devv. Unfortunately, I don´t have enough savvy to install mods.
  7. If it were one of those collapsible rocket stoves, it could work. They run on small wood (sticks). A benefit of this is that it´s harder for the wind to blow it out, a downside is that you need to keep feeding it if you want it to burn for a long time (can´t just bung a bunch on sticks on and go to sleep).
  8. MrsHoneypot


    Hmm. Let´s think this through. I´ll pose some questions together with a couple of solutions and we can work out the kinks together. For any farm you need soil, how do we get that/where would it come from? Could we collect it from all the broken plant pots dotted throughout Bear Island? Could we dig up a bacement floor? For it to be indoors, we would need a very sunny area. Somewhere that recieves sunlight even in bad weather, do we have any existing places like this? There are a couple of larger houses with porches, the Pleasant Valley farm one is even enclosed, but it´s not complete
  9. I would like to propose a crafted item. A thermo-cup. There´s a drinks dispenser at the Orca gas station, cups and lids are laying around. Maybe we could combine one of these cups with a can and add a lid... What do you think? Could it be a usefull item to have? Even if it´s just for early game, so you could warm yourself with a sip of hot tea?
  10. These have probably been mentioned before. I searched for the term and didn´t get a direct match, so I´m reiterating my wish for these items. The first is a dropable pole-drag, neary double the carry capacity, but they slow you down unless on level ground. Made from salvaged metal fence poles (from the Carter Dam, for example) or tall saplings, this would be helpful when carrying things like car batteries. Also, if you need to run, you can drop the end and become faster. My second wish is for an early game weapon, a craftable sling-shot. More acurate than a hand thrown stone, all it
  11. an option to lay on bedroll and read. Or a simple musical instrument, maybe a reed flute? Geese would be great to see in the world, perhaps they could be another sourse of lamp oil.
  12. No comments? Not even "this is ridiculous!"?
  13. I feel the same way. This would make the Long scarf more useful.
  14. A couple of people have mentioned this being a good premise for a challenge. Has anybody challenged themselves this way?