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  1. I went to the Fishing Camp and did not find an outside lost and found box. All of the meat, stones, charcoal, and water, etc. was gone probably into the box outside the Quonset. Inside the cabins, things were as they had been. No inside lost and found boxes. I went to Desolation Point and discovered in the outside lost and found at the Lighthouse that it did, in fact, contain several 0% raw meat pieces. I took them out and put them on the snow to find that two of the five were like graphics of cooked meat but I could not click on them. When I came out of the lighthouse the next day, the cooked meat graphics were gone and there was three raw meat (two wolf and one venison) on the snow. Don't know what to make of that. The results of regional lost and found seemed to be the same as in Pleasant Valley and Coastal Highway. Things get swept away to some central lost and find box in the region. I am taking some precautions to try and not lose all my raw and cooked meat since we do have the December Survival Update and eventually episode 4 and 5 updates, but I think a lot depends on whether something specific happens in that location. If Episode 4 ends up in Coastal Highway, I expect that the Quonset garage is going to be affected. I am kind of wondering if that broken bridge in Desolation Point might end up repaired by episode 5. Always wondered what was on the other side of the bridge.
  2. In Coastal Highway, I watched as a wolf chase and kill a deer. The carcass fell into the snow and disappeared. Since this was Pilgrim, the wolf fled on my approach but there was no sign of the deer at all. This was the most recent time it happened. I think it happened one other time (since the Crossroad Elegy update) in Pleasant Valley. I didn't, but next time it happens, I'll take care to get a screenshot and report it.
  3. Be aware that the lost and found boxes are containers. Items that were 0% condition and did not have salvage/harvest value will disappear when they get relocated (by the lost and found process) into the lost and found box. Items like 0% food will disappear because while they can still be consumed per usual game mechanics, they do not have a harvest value while 0% torches will survive because they can be harvested for a stick. Similarly 0% clothes should survive because they can be harvested for cloth or cured leather, etc. Food items do decay while in lost and found and any food item that reaches 0% in lost and found will also disappear, although that can take a while. Items that were "out in the snow" as in not inside a building, cave, or similar enclosed (transition screen entry/exit) or in a container will generally be consolidated outside some location. In Pleasant Valley, that would be the farmhouse and the formerly Crossroads store, so the effect is pretty widespread for the region. Similarly in Coastal Highway, so far I have found the regional lost and found box outside the Quonset garage and nowhere else (still going over so maybe there's another by the Fishing Camp but unlikely).
  4. On Timberwolf, I found a lost and found box in the Mountaineer hut which contained what I assume was all the things, excepting 0% food items, that had been on the snow outside the interior caves and in the non-transition caves. Stuff inside interior caves (caves with transitions) was intact as I don't think those caves were modified. I kind of though this might be the case (lost and found) after I found the changelog that said it had been applied to all regions.
  5. The signal tower you thought I meant is not toppled. That was the original one dating back to Story mode if not earlier (I had not entered FM at that point). I remember seeing "let's play" in Story mode where it existed. I do not recall when the toppled signal tower was introduced (or even the other signal tower in the SE corner of FM). If you can see the toppled tower the cave that seems to spawn up to half a dozen coal (how often I do not know, probably every week or two weeks at a guess) is nearby up on the higher ground (same level as the tower) and not at the level of the ice.
  6. The toppled signal tower and the cave I referred to lies between Broken Railroad tunnel and Old Spence forge. I was surprised to eventually discover that Forlorn Muskeg had three signal towers. The third one I found was by the Muskeg lookout (I think that was how the location was named) near where the snow shelter had been but which I never got to use. It just decayed away. Sigh.
  7. Unless Story mode handles it differently, you'd need four pieces if you were extravagant with wood or seven or eight pieces if you weren't. As far as forge temps go. Your best bet would be the cave near the toppled signal tower in Forlorn Muskeg. Good luck.
  8. I have now gone to Thomson's Crossing. Thomson is located on the nominal "West" side of the river and there used to be accessible houses on the nominal "East" side of the river which are no longer accessible or there anymore. I am saying West and East because of the way the game map is oriented, so North would be roughly towards Timberwolf. What happened to the player contents of any of those houses that was used prior to episode 3 going live? Things that were outside - raw and cooked meat, sticks, coal - ended up in a lost and found box outside the Crossroads store. Pretty much everything in the area that was outside and player-related seemed to do so, but since the Crossroads House on the "North" side was removed there was no place for a lost and found box to be put for interior player-related contents. I understand about 0% things not surviving in lost and found, but I do recall I had a fair assortment of tools, cured hides, cured guts, clothing items, etc. stashed in the Crossroads house and it is a disappointment if they just went *poof*.
  9. Just adding that, for me, I have confirmed that food decays in the lost and found box. I am watching a cooked fish and a couple of cooked venison at 5% now and were higher a few game days ago. This box is outside so maybe that accounts for slower decay, but just thought I'd mention it.
  10. Just have to write after just playing: I saw a wolf chase a deer for a couple minutes, near the barn and the chase was so long it is hard to describe in any detail, before going out of sight. I did see a wolf kill a rabbit, then after that the wolf agroed on another rabbit and then proceeded to chase the rabbit as far as the bridge over the river, maybe 200-300 yards, before they went out of sight. These cases were not stalks where the deer or rabbit runs a distance while the wolf moves with a purpose. In both these cases, the wolf was going full tilt, actually catching up to the deer and rabbit as they fled, but then never actually catching them. I watched as the deer did a "instant" change of direction and the wolf then lumbered into a turn to follow, falling behind, and even then the wolf would catch up to the deer and be snapping at its hooves to no avail.
  11. I don't know about items that might be lost, generally, but I do know that lost and found consolidated everything (so far) that I had left on the snow and ice outside my various bases in Pleasant Valley to the box on the front porch of the farm house. I do know that the vast amount of ruined (0%) cooked and raw meat that was around the farm house and outside the bases has gone the way of ruined items put into containers. Gone. I have not yet moved beyond the line (towards what was Crossroads and now is Thomson's Crossing) of Draft Dodgers and Pensive Pond yet because I was moving stuff back so they could again be stopping points. But I am not sure just what might have happened to my base in the Crossroads house and the pile of coal, etc. that was at the fire barrel, etc. maybe there will be a lost and found outside that house. I expect the interior, if it changed, to have the stuff inside in a lost and found box. I have tested the lost and found box on the farm house porch. Items that can decay will decay while in the box, albeit rather slowly. Items that don't decay won't. Although it may be tempting to keep stuff inside it because the lost and found box has unlimited capacity (of course you can't put anything into one) there is no guarantee that another round of landscape changes won't result in its contents being replaced by whatever else got scavenged up rather than added to, or the box might go away eventually whether it is empty or not (unlikely though).
  12. The actual prepper caches appear only in Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley. There are nine prepper caches and each one has a particular spot. In the two regions where they can spawn only one will spawn in each region. The only way to find one is to visit each and every possible spot until you find it. Many maps, even out of date ones like Whiteberry's, are still reasonably accurate as far as general locations go but keep in mind they are only general locations. You may have to look around.
  13. Since the episode 3 update, I have seen four instances where a wolf was unable to catch a deer. A couple might be the deer outruns the stalking wolf, but in some the deer and the wolf were running at full speed. Even when the deer did some crazy turns (i.e. evasive maneuvers?) the wolf was completely unable to catch it. This last one, the wolf agroed. Chased the deer at full speed across the field NW of the farmhouse, crossed the road, went up a hill to a rock outcropping, and when I caught up to them I took a screen shot of the deer and wolf running, but not moving, in the manner shown. I shot the deer which died and the wolf then scampered off in fear mode. I don't know if this was working as intended or a bug or something but I did report it on the chance it was an actual problem. Note: I know about previous instances where animals get stuck but the wolves not catching the deer is getting me extremely frustrated.
  14. Although I understand that some players have lost valuable items, so far I have found Lost and Found to mostly do what the devs wanted it to. Mostly... In my limited experience, looking around the farmstead and part of Pleasant Valley, things to be aware of: Things left on the snow, outside of a location or building, can end up in the lost and found box on the farmstead porch. Things in containers, like the drawers in the Pensive pond ice fishing hut, lockers in the Signal Hill control hut, the interior of the Pleasant Valley - Winding River cave, will tend to stay put. I did find a lost and found box in the control hut for things left on the shelves and tables but even that was not absolutely consistent. If like me, you had a stack of ruined (0%) meat (raw or cooked) and 0% canned goods, and they got moved, they are probably toast. Around the farmstead I had quite a bit of ruined raw venison and now it was all gone. The lowest condition item (of any kind) I found in lost and found was 1%. No 0% stuff. I am a bit disappointed to lose all that ruined meat. The wolves worked really hard to supply me with it. Now all their hard work was for naught.
  15. It occurs to me that the request for more reclaimed wood from a crate might be referring to those open-topped crates that the people of TLD seem to use as storage.