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  1. In general things like scrub brush should not respawn. It is winter, after all. But that does not preclude spawning due to other game-related effects like landscape changes. I don't harvest things that I don't think will respawn but I did do one scrub brush out by Poacher's Camp, as a test, and it never came back.
  2. This applies to the times when a forum member has commented on a thread resulting in a star with a red star when there was a new post to the thread. The minor issue is that once the thread is read/accessed the red star persists whereas in any other thread which was marked with a red circle for unread postings the red circle disappears when the thread is accessed. Previously the red star would become an outline of the star and otherwise blank. It is a bit annoying that a look at the status for forum threads to see red stars where they should not be. I hope I am making sense. Than
  3. Candles have bee requested and so far has not been implemented. Once, not so long ago, I think about the time of Crossroads Elergy (episode 3), Hinterland had asked how candles would add to the game experience (or something like that)? If they were going to do the work to implement, they wanted a better reason to justify the effort than "we want candles". I do not oppose lighters, but one that can be fueled like lanterns would likely be thought of by the devs as too open-ended. 100% fire strikers are limited to about 50 uses and are basically the equivalent of matches (mostly) - there
  4. The game has an intermittent bug that shows up from time to time for unknown reasons, where items that should combine just don't. For instance, one brings more cured hides to their materials storage locker and find that 99% (or whatever) condition hides do not combine with existing 99% (or whatever) condition hides already in the locker. Pulling them out of the locker into inventory does not solve the problem. It is necessary to take all those hides go to a DIFFERENT container and put them into it then they combine as they should have. The now combined stack can be taken back to the p
  5. I did not know that was possible to use campfires to bridge a gap. It was unusual for the polaroid to be placed there. I would not be surprised if that was because of RNG. Probably not the first oversight by Hinterland. The bug needs to be reported. The devs may find out now because it was posted, but that is not certain and maybe not quick.
  6. With only two episodes left, I'd want to see a region that includes a port facility and airport. The port might be primarily for barge traffic and maybe small to medium-sized ferries and the airport limited to a one runway facility. It is probably asking too much because it would be an involved region. It would be the source of fuel and containerized cargo. It would be the natural focal point for residents fleeing the quiet apocalypse. I do think that episode 4 (and 5) is going to need some kind of new region.
  7. I have not yet gone to Ash Canyon. My preparations for the foray (and I have several sandboxes) has kept me busy. I am not that much of an intrepid explorer, actually a rather cowardly one so I gather as much information about the place as possible. I would admit that from what I have been seeing in others' explorations, Ash Canyon does not have all that much to offer mostly because of the difficulty of movement. I find that climbing, even with crampons when I get them, is not my favorite way of getting around. That is not to say that there isn't a lot to see, but once past that and
  8. I was thinking about a bathtub or shower stall since there was a restroom with a toilet. I do not immediately recall the interior but I don't think I recall seeing any floor lamps or overhead lights. Was there a desk lamp in the office? Wall sockets? Certainly no old-fashioned radio. I don't think there was a mailbox. In survival mode, it would have been nice to be able to access the basement which would have contained the furnace and more storage. A work bench would have been a bit too good and valuable.
  9. I guess my problem is I do not see the litter as a problem. I have made alternate uses for cattail heads (and tinder plugs) to mark trails across the trackless ice sheets, paths of safe passage in areas of weak ice, marking cairns I have found so I know I had found them if I come across them later, and even that I visited a dwelling (pre-spray paint). I have even taken to using tinder plugs anyway mostly for the role-playing when convenient. So this does not seem like a situation that justifies a specific mechanic to deal with it.
  10. With the fix to accessories (the "outside" slot was actually inside), one might consider that whatever affects the inside slot has to get through the outside slot/layer. There is nothing wrong, for instance, with equipping the moose hide satchel in the "outer" slot of accessories, but then as things get wet or when incoming damage occurs the satchel will take the hits. However, depending on one's druthers, putting the satchel on the inside slot and the wood ear wraps on the outside (yes they are rather fragile) means that the ear wraps get wet first and any incoming damage would strike
  11. It might just be just a couple of entries on the physical status page which related what the six-day moving average for outdoor and indoor time was at the time it was viewed. The game must track that anyway in some fashion so letting the player know might help with working out what to do with less of a mystery about it. If the idea was to just give qualitative rather than quantitative feedback, then a single meter that has red, yellow, and green indications (red = risk, yellow = getting close to risk, green = no risk) might be reasonable.
  12. I don't know. The game currently has no meter about where a player stands with respect to cabin fever or its risk until it actually says you have the risk. Ewma would seem as mysterious and indefinite as six-day moving average.
  13. If the devs implemented a form of "interiors should be colder" I would expect them to go for a simpler formulation. No complex or complicated considerations. No hanging furs on the wall. No attempting to increase insulation and consequentially interior warmth. Of course, I am projecting on the devs so they might go for a more complex calculation but I really don't see it.
  14. I would think that movement speed should be pretty stable. Of course, YMMV. 😁 Just being awake (and standing or crouching) means one down-pointing arrow, moving (walking) means two arrows, and really moving (running or as the case may be climbing) means three arrows. I would assume the reference to one arrow was a downward pointing arrow.
  15. Save on Demand versus Save on Event are sufficiently different that what would be involved would be a custom setting. So enabling SoD would mean playing a custom game at the cost of no feat progress. That cost may be insignificant because all possible feats were earned and only become a "problem" if a new feat was added later. If the vanilla game was SoE and a customized version was SoD, I do not think I would care. If SoD floats a given player's boat, I am not going to put a hole into it and sink it. If the devs decide to make the vanilla game SoD, and apply its effects to all games