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  1. UTC-10

    World Map

    The world map has to show all of the existing in-game regions on the map but probably because of display limitations the map had the region names mostly only roughly in the right places and the left (part of Broken Railroad) and right (much of Crumbling Highway and almost all of Desolation Point) edges of the map got cropped off. It is not as if the world map provides sufficient details to navigate in the game world.
  2. I fear the effects of Regional (and Local) Lost and Found. 😁 Regionally, it can mass destroy food supplies and move gear to a distant location and it does it to everyone. No exceptions. 😓 Locally, it can destroy food supplies, but can have spotty coverage so not as bad. I am glad this cataclysm is a rare one but when it happens it can be all-encompassing. 😅
  3. UTC-10

    World Map

    When Bleak Inlet was added, the world map was modified and its visible boundaries contracted. Location names were moved so Broken Railroad, Desolation Point, and Crumbling Highway got pushed in from the margins, which got cropped off in part, and that displaces them as far as where those places were. Attached is an older world map of the game areas, missing Bleak Inlet and Hushed River Valley which came later and it is obvious that the world map was modified. And the sun, as observed from the Camp Office, still rises over Forlorn Muskeg and sets towards the new lookout and Carter Hydro dam. 😁
  4. If you look at the initial default "custom" settings (don't choose an actual game mode - Pilgrim, Voyager, Stalker, or Interloper) everything is set to low or none. Birch bark tea and a revolver would be available by default but can be turned off. Among other things, all animal spawns are turned off (no fish, rabbits, deer, wolves, timberwolves, bears, or moose), harvestable plant availability is low, at-rest condition recover and condition recovery is none, and resource availability is low. Code: AAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AGIA I believe that this was not intended to be a playable customized mode, it was just how the default template settings turned out. Normally a player would be expected to choose a game mode to customize. TLD has been a try, you die, try again, you die, and somewhere in all this you learn how to not die, so probably why no "warning" was put into place.
  5. Since the feat is time based, it seems that as long as you're not in a trailer, for instance, i.e. fully isolated from the blizzard, the blizzard time counts. I habitually spent a lot of time sitting in the pickup truck at the Cannery resting, according to freezing weather protocol, and the feat seemed to advance until I got the required time. I did notice that some areas that might be considered "exposed" to a blizzard might have other unseen restrictions if not checked. For instance I found the Cannery mess room fire barrel while it would react to the blizzard wind effect did not allow a fire to be lit with a magnifying lens "inside". I had to put a campfire on some snow on the pier to use the magnifying lens. The offices outside the workshop also seem to have the same issue. I would check feat progression while in a given location to avoid spending a lot of time spinning one's wheels. I really do not notice anything when I have the achievement slotted. 25% is better than nothing but it is hard to judge when I have no other reference. Wind effects remain wind effects and 25% is not something I would readily notice. Just like +100% trapping with snares and rabbits. It is probably doing something but I find it hard to tell.
  6. As long as you're outside where the blizzard can get at you the feat advances. You can but do not have to be exposed to the direct effects of the blizzard. Since I play Pilgrim I could afford to shelter in a truck and get time in a blizzard unless like in Bleak Inlet where it could get really cold even in Pilgrim where I might have to seek shelter to warm up. Usual cold... freezing weather protocol to survive.
  7. I have thought that one should be able to walk up to an obstacle like a guard rail and get over it then continue on one's way but that would be a deliberate action and situational. I would expect that one would not be able to run "through" it i.e. run up to it, put ones hands on the obstacle, then vault over it (which would be rather close to "jump" over it) and then continue running. It is annoying that I cannot make my way slowly right over a guard rail, for example, but maybe the details in implementation might be a bit too hard to differentiate between actions. Certainly the devs would be aware of the problems they make for themselves if they have a half-way "jump" like action introduced to the game even if it was for limited situational conditions.
  8. Cleaning the interior of a location, such as the tables and counters of a kitchen, would be a new mechanic. A mechanic I would not mind even if it took a good amount of [game] time to accomplish. That said, I expect that it would be an all or nothing mechanic depending on how all the detritus is scattered about. I want to lay stuff on a table or counter but bowls, plates, cups, office desk mats, etc. mean I have trouble fitting items there. I would not expect to be able to "place" the items I want removed, but let me remove them. A further aspect that can be trouble for the devs would be the open cabinets doors and drawers, drawers on the floor, overturned tables and chairs, etc. which would possibly come in to a "clean up" the place mechanic. It is the difference between Story mode and Survival mode. In the former, the player would come in, live there a while, then go, so a trashed place is no problem. In the latter, the player is going to spend a lot of time there so a trashed place becomes something of a problem. So I don't see a "clean up" mechanic coming around anytime soon.
  9. Might try doing local drive search for user001.64569 or sandbox or sandbox1. While searching for TheLongDark folder should bring up a reference to the folder, the other search terms refer to files that should be in the folder. Do the search, select one of selections and open file location. User001.64569 is your user file and the build number. The save game file would likely be "sandbox1 or sandbox2, etc.". Good luck.
  10. I think on one of my sandboxes I did run across a moose in that vicinity but I didn't try to take it. That was a rather long time ago.
  11. I carried a lot of stuff to the Cannery. Being in Pilgrim I didn't have to worry about the timberwolves, but the long path to get to the cannery pier did wear on me as I did it a good number of times. I did not have anywhere like the cartridge cases you must have had. I had maybe 30 of each type. Up until the devs fixed the aurora for save games where it did not happen, I had been very cautious about using ammunition in this particular sandbox. If you have the time or inclination, you might check the beach combing area by the fallen lighthouse island. If you're lucky, you might be very pleasantly surprised by what washed up. If you're very lucky, what washes up might be repeated regularly. Good luck.
  12. I have not found anything really substantial like a rifle or revolver, but there were times when I could have sworn I had checked a spot only to find a box of matches or something that I apparently missed or had mysteriously/magically spawned. 😀
  13. I would expect that if it was implemented the results would be maybe better than nothing but far less than desired.
  14. The basic survival game assumption is that "you're all alone now". What if, for the purpose of an event, it can be "Not quite alone". The event challenge would be akin to 4DON except for a seasonal theme. As a rough cut, imagine a challenge, "Twelve Days of Christmas" where the objective is to help Santa recover presents lost in an accident on Great Bear Island (GBI) so he can deliver them to the children of the world or at least around Canada. There are ten regions on GBI and two transition zones so twelve areas in total. Each region has specifically five to ten presents of varying weights and the zones maybe one or two. Each region has a regional collection point (RCP) which may be a rock cache which is an identifiable item. The zones require that those presents be placed in a RCP. The participant has twelve game days to accomplish all that. The badge for participation, depending on how strict it should be, might require 12 presents be recovered and placed in a RCP. That might be a bronze badge. That might be relatively easy. A silver badge might be awarded for getting, at least, 1 present from each region/zone. A gold badge would be an upgrade of the silver reflecting collecting 50%+1 of all possible presents. A platinum badge upgrade for collecting 100% of all possible presents. All had to be done in 12 game days and the badge gets awarded or failure announced at the end of the 12th game day. The total number of presents recovered might be reflected as a notation for the given badge. The player may make as many attempts to get a badge or upgrade a badge as they like over the calendar period of the event. When deposited in a RCP and saved, the player can then find a cup of warm milk and some cookies (warmth, energy) to get them on their way. The first time this starts at Voyager difficulty mode and future iterations, if it is repeated in subsequent years, might expand difficulty to Stalker and Interloper mode or some variant of the Story mode green to hardened survivor idea. Certainly more needs to go into this. Just roughing this out so this might not work or be too difficult to do or implement, but just a thought.
  15. I have wanted the ability to do recipes - stews and soups - in game for awhile. Glow sticks, for me, would be like road flares. I find I would be reluctant to use them unless I have no choice because they would be irreplaceable. I have no objection to a thermos, extending the time a drink stays "hot" would be nice, but can foresee a problem in implementation since the game calls something "hot" as applicable for warmth bonus or "cold" for no warmth bonus. There is currently no intermediate state, like "warm". Of course the devs could just gloss over that - the thermos contents are either "hot" (for a specified period) or "cold" and that is it. Putting the liquid into and taking it out (and maybe putting it back in) would have to be considered.