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  1. It seems to be random. When I was in Bleak Inlet in my Pilgrim sandbox (so Timberwolves were not a problem), the aurora seemed to happen very regularly and some times several nights in a row. So it looked like every few days. Then I left Bleak Inlet, eventually ended up in Coastal Highway and, with much preparation, went into the Cinder Hills aurora annex where I would then spend 19 or 20 days waiting for the next aurora so I could get out. Generally, the aurora tended to occur at least weekly. Good luck.
  2. I would expect that as a randomly generated item, while it is possible that there would be equal quantities of stump remover and dusting sulfur in the game world taken as a whole, that would be more by chance rather than design. You still have some of the world to explore so you'll probably find a few more dusting sulfurs, maybe even stump remover or cans of gunpowder. In my Pilgrim game, I haven't gone through the rest of the world yet (since EP came out), but I have like 5 or 6 bags of dusting sulfur in the ammunition work bench drawer. I sure would like to find more stump remover though a few cans of gunpowder would be nice too.
  3. I am sure that Nvidia talked with their lawyers about what they were doing. It would not be the first time for the lawyers for one party to assure that party that what they were doing was perfectly okay only to have lawyers for another party dispute that. Nvidia could have been in the right legally under some interpretation of law and circumstances, but if a court case were to develop and the judgement went against them, then Hinterland could probably get some damages in addition to some court supervised agreement. So, better safe than sorry. Apologize, negotiate, try to come to an agreement, and go to court only as a last resort, since legal work is expensive whether you win or lose. By complying with Hinterland's request immediately, Nvidia shows that it is sorry, wants to cooperate, try to work out an agreement, and forestalls any significant possible damage awards. It is amazing how long a "simple" legally-binding agreement can take to hammer out. The sides meet, lawyers present, work out an understanding. Then someone writes a draft agreement. It gets reviewed. Then the other side has to review it. The lawyers get their hands on it and may suggest revisions. Revisions by either side means it goes through another round of everyone reviewing it. Rinse and repeat until both sides are satisfied. 😅
  4. Functionally, I would want to be able to order the journal so I can see it in reverse order (newest to oldest) to make it easier to make an entry. Other than that, I could go with the current or the older design.
  5. As a side note to scurvy. We all know that humans don't manufacture vitamin C because the last step in the cycle lacks the enzyme needed to catalyze the reaction. What I found out was that the reaction can still take place, because the substrates were present, without the enzyme, albeit at a minuscule rate however surprisingly enough vitamin C can be produced that can prevent scurvy in most cases. One problem for humans is that some significant proportion of them have a fault in the cycle farther up the chain that prevents the synthesis of the needed substrates in which case production of vitamin C cannot occur at all. A rate that is 1/1,000 of what would be produced if the functional enzyme was present is minuscule but nevertheless greater than 0 and, of course, it does not mean you have healthy levels of vitamin C but you would tend to not be subject to scurvy. Probably. Depends.
  6. I think that the absence of an agreement between Nvidia and Hinterland puts Hinterland in the position of having the defend their property rights while they consider what to do. If GFN only allowed subscribers to upload their copy of TLD to run on GFN's virtual machine, Hinterland might have let that slide so long as GFN signed an agreement to abide by that nicety. Similarly if GFN always verified that subscribers did own a copy of TLD then a signed agreement with Hinterland that they would always abide by doing that verification would have worked too. Also if GFN makes changes to its virtual machine that breaks the game then GFN might have to deal with what broke the game not necessarily Hinterland. Without an agreement between Nvidia and Hinterland to establish the ground rules and understandings between them, Hinterland has to take steps to protect their property. It is probably kind of easy to forfeit one's legal rights if one does not actively do so and even if it could be clawed back that may well be a long and difficult legal process. It may seem like it should be easy, but I worked on a memorandum of agreement, a simple amendment (to change who the landowner party to the agreement was) to a prior agreement that got tied the heck up in complications when the lawyers got involved. 😅
  7. Perhaps the Lost and Found function could also be a bit more discriminating as not all cattails, charcoal, tinder plugs, and stones, etc. need consolidation in the L&F box. I used cattail heads to mark safe paths in Forlorn Muskeg which got wiped away by L&F. I am being forced to go back to making campfires since those, at least, don't get moved by L&F.
  8. Currently when food reaches ruined condition inside a container it disappears per the ruined item in a container rule. The exceptions would be items that have salvage value, like burned out torches can be harvested for a stick and ruined clothing for cloth or cured leather. Obviously, the game recognizes that those items have a residual value. Ruined sewing kits and whet stones don't. The effect as regards ruined food means that there is no way to really store food, be it meat, fish, or canned goods in lockers, containers, cabinets or drawers. In addition, with Lost and Found, when run, sweeping up whatever (generally) that is not in a container into the Lost and Found box which is a container, a lot of 'usable' ruined food get destroyed by Lost and Found. In the game, as currently configured, that ruined food still has value [to the player]. Therefore the rule about ruined items in containers should be modified to apply to ruined items that the player deliberately put into a container, showing that the player intended to dispose of the item, and not to apply that rule to items that get swept into a container such as the lost and found boxes or that reached ruined condition while in a container.
  9. The wind in my face and how it changes direction to stay in my face. I finally got Blizzard Walker and it seems to help in that regard. In the area of trivial things that irk me there is the always ending up with charcoal in hand whenever I harvest any. If I want to use charcoal to map, I can use the radial menu to get a piece.
  10. Usually if you are in cooking mode and hit space bar with the meat on the cursor that should result in hasty cooking until done. You might review what you did for the only way I could conceive of you actually eating raw meat under the stated conditions (short of some glitch) would be if the stove's fire had gone out (so cooking is paused) and you didn't realize it (but that probably didn't happen as you would have likely posted about making a mistake rather than 'what happened'?).
  11. I stated what I did and my results. I believe that the point was that we should be able to look out the rear window of vehicles while sitting in a car seat. That's what I thought I was trying to see whether that could be done. So it would appear that the limitations of view while seated in a vehicle appears to be reasonable. If you disagree with what I think were my results, that's fine. Anyway, I would not have any issue if the developers were to put being able to look out the rear window of a vehicle into place.
  12. YMMV, but the question, which has been around awhile, did intrigue me so some time ago I sat in my car, put my back against the seat back, and tried looking left and right. I could look over my left and right shoulder but not much farther which was at best some peripheral vision. To actually extend how far towards the rear I could see I had to lean a bit forward so I could rotate my upper body or at least my shoulders. So the game limitation seemed reasonable even if limiting. Now there is nothing to prevent the devs from assuming that a player would do something similar to look more to the rear but it seems to me that they chose not to. They could have enabled the rear view mirrors for limited rearward viewing but that was likely too costly/complicated to implement for the value to the game (I assume someone probably thought about it).
  13. To expand a bit about my fire barrel and work bench point, the first was for cooking food and making water while the second was ordinary crafting. There is no means to actually forge things like improvised knives, hatchets, or arrowheads, ala Desolation Point/Forlorn Muskeg/Broken Railroad which have actual forges. Some players saw forge on the ammunition work bench and thought it was a FORGE that they could use to make those things until they tried and couldn't. There is weak ice especially (only?) in the main part of Bleak Inlet. Be aware of the possibility, be alert, and you should be fine.
  14. How much do you want to know? Excuse me if you know all this or didn't want to know. Bleak Inlet was set up as two areas that can be but are not connected by default - player action needed - that have to be accessed in order to get to the main objective of the region. There are timber wolves in both areas - one to four packs depending on which area. Food can be a problem as a moose makes up the bulk of the food/game on about half the map. There are deer, rabbits, and ice fishing huts on the other half, but they have to be found. In the other area that you have to access there are some deer and rabbits. The furnace on the ammunition work bench does not have a required temperature, like the Rikken's forge, just an active fire going so sticks will do and coal is not necessary. To make 250 bullets you'll need a lot of wood. It cannot be used for any other purpose though there are nearby fire barrels. There is also a nearby work bench so you can craft other things. Although you may find one in Bleak Inlet, you may want to bring a hacksaw and make some scrap metal when you have the chance and put that near the ammunition work bench. It will be probably be very worthwhile. I would recommend that if you have any Practical Gunsmith books that you read them (you get more from them the lower skill you have) before crafting ammunition. Also make all your bullets and gunpowder first before crafting any ammunition, if you can. If you plan to do any fishing, you may want to bring some fishing tackle or some line as you can make hooks from scrap at the work bench once you get to it. By the way, there is no other general purpose work bench in the region. Good luck.
  15. As currently structured, especially when one has Cooking Level 5, there is no limitation on consumption of ruined cooked meat and fish or of ruined modern type foods. It just takes an extra step. Since Survival mode was the test bed for mechanics for Story mode with the game-play of Story mode being a relatively constrained period of time, there was no need for any specific food preservation method or skill. It was not worth the trouble. Now if food preservation became important to episode 4 or 5, then we will see it in one form or another. With the advent of Lost and Found, which has the capacity to sweep up everything "outside" into a Lost and Found container, long-term players have found their previously abundant supply of ruined raw (because it could still be cooked) and cooked meat and fish to be mostly just tossed into the bit bucket. How that impacts a given player depends on their particular situation and circumstances. In a world of Lost and Found, a food preservation method to help long-term players would be helpful even if the capacity to consume ruined cooked meat and fish remained a viable game mechanic.