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  1. I believe that one has the option to choose to sleep and pass time (obviously not at the same time) in vehicles, beds, or bedrolls. Take a look at the top center of the UI when you've clicked on a bed or a bedroll or selected the semi-pseudo bedroll (or the bearskin bedroll if you have it in inventory) while in a vehicle. It defaults to sleep on the left side of the icon, but you can switch it to pass time on the right side of the icon. In that case, when passing time, you get the warmth bonus of the vehicle, bed, or bedroll while that is in progress. Take a look. It is easy to miss
  2. There is inside and there is outside and where the meat/fish is placed matters. So it is location that matters. Using a house as an example, anywhere inside the house is inside and meat/fish degrade faster (for me in Pilgrim typically 3 or 6% a day for cooked or raw meat). Outside, in the snow for instance, meat/fish degrade slower (for Pilgrim, typically 1% a day) YMMV. Refrigerators don't count (no power). Freezing temperatures inside a house don't count. There is no explicit food preservation in the game which probably is a result of story mode being the focus - story mode
  3. If you can, try to get to a point where the moose cannot get to your (or that you could do something like go down a bit of a slope that it cannot negotiate) location. This has its own risks, i.e. sprains, but you're hunting something that if it gets its hooves on you will take you about a week (was it 120 hours?) to recover and requires bandages and pain killers to effectuate the heal- the broken ribs will limit what you can do or the extent you can do them - it would be an idea to take that into account. You would want to try and hit the moose's head. Neck would be second best and the
  4. Looks like a fairly normal average (by meat content) rabbit to me.
  5. Interesting. There being that many discrete items looks like a glitch. Much like the polaroid in a container on the top of the inaccessible butte in Ash Canyon which Hinterland later said was a mistake.
  6. There's at least one, maybe two in Coastal Highway which serve no purpose other than to be used for climbing. One can walk around on the snow road easily enough. Always found climbing (up or down) to be pretty taxing on fatigue. Might be an activity that could benefit from even some kind of climbing skill.
  7. UTC-10

    Riken light

    Perhaps for a ship that is going to be far far away from resupply (notwithstanding modern communications and aerial or surface supply drops) and have to fashion forgings from scratch, but you're right. In modern day society, unless one was specifically going somewhere out of reach of supply, which would take some serious effort, there would be no need and the facilities needed and space available (to work metal and make it usable) on the Riken would not be enough.
  8. I took a look at my profile and think that if you want to change the profile name that shows on the forums you may have to create another log in. I didn't see any option (didn't look hard) that might have led to doing what you want. Maybe account settings? Might ask on the technical discussion forum.
  9. I have noticed that animals do seem to not be around, sometimes for several days, at times. In some cases, like near Miner's Folly in Ash Canyon, the bear is generally always there but a pair of deer that sometimes browse around the slopes near the camp will turn up across a bridge more towards an area where a campfire and (sometimes) a snow shelter (ruined for me, given the passage of time in the sandbox) and (it seems) sometimes not even then.
  10. Ruined (0% condition) raw fish can be cooked to 50% condition (the act of cooking adds +50% to raw fish and meat condition) which would still be "edible" for full value. (IMO) It would be silly to waste time and effort to separately impact lamp oil content and not do something similar to the basic calorie content. In a more seriously oriented survival game, such as after story mode/Wintermute was no longer a consideration, that could change. But I don't leave raw fish to decay to 0% condition so never really ran any checks on that. ūüėź
  11. I would defer to other people's experience. I just know that I haven't and would admit that I wasn't even trying.
  12. I hypothesize that the moose in the game will spawn at random in one of the locations (across the entire world map) it can spawn in for a while then disappear and spawn (nominally) in another random location it can spawn in. Of course, if a moose spawns in another region that the character is not in does the character know? As opposed to a bear, which will spawn a certain amount of time after it was killed and disappeared, and then remain in its area indefinitely until killed again, the moose seemed to get shifted around to different locations and was therefore largely a target of oppo
  13. I tend to alternate though I can lean nowadays toward Astrid because of an otherwise very minor thing he sometimes does as a preface to a "gotta drop some gear" comment which sounds like clearing his throat. Most all other comments I just take in stride, but him doing a kind of clearing his throat before commenting just drives me WILD. I usually take his comments as sotto voce but that one comment just rubbed me so wrong when I heard it. A few times I have gone onto a rock and jumped off (non-lethal height) and did it repeatedly until he had all wrists and ankles sprained, lost 50% o
  14. That was the decision made by the devs a long time ago and they have not revisited that decision. I would suppose that their point of view at the time would fall along the lines of being careful and decisions have consequences including wasting time for no gain. If you could get credit for any time spent reading a book, mending clothes, or crafting something, then the obvious course of action would be to just do it and let the game (darkness) shut you down because you would unilaterally gain, from the reading, mending or crafting, for the time spent so there would be just about no ris
  15. I have seen stones respawn in Ash Canyon. By the Angler's Den cabin, near the partially destroyed ice fishing hut, near Miner's Folly, among other places. Naturally I am talking about general locations like on nearby hills, icy shores, etc. It does take a while like probably at least a week but I have seen them reappear (I play in Pilgrim, btw). They seem to take longer than sticks. I haven't been outside Ash Canyon so do not know if that was an Ash Canyon specific event or more applicable generally.