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  1. My crashes recently have always been back to desktop. I have to restart TLD then resume the save game. Since I now email the crash.dmp, error.log, output_log.txt, and (now) the Unity crash files, to support@hinterland etc. , generally before restarting the game, I figure that ensures that the old crashed application (Unity) has been cleared from memory. Restarting TLD should be enough to get a fresh setup of Unity in memory without whatever memory structures that crashed but I keep on bombarding Hinterland with my crash files anyway. I don't reboot my computer when TLD crashes. I might give that a try if the crashes to desktop become more obnoxious. I also see an audio problem, aside from the times when a raging blizzard is absolutely silent, where when I break branches, and I break a lot of them, I will come across instances where the progress circle has completed its rotation but the sound of a breaking branch continues for a few more seconds. I wonder if this might also be a transient issue due to memory management. It is mostly annoying for now.
  2. I would like the devs to give us a slightly better capacity to pick up our feet. Being unable to walk down a dock because part of the dock is tilted so a beam is an inch or two higher or not being able to step over a railroad track (of course you can shift left or right and get past the obstruction) can get a bit annoying.
  3. UTC-10


    Most single meal MREs tend to be about 1,200 calories. There has been discussion about just that kind of MRE and components somewhere. The real problem is not the idea, which sounds nice, but the cost on Hinterland to implement. One problem for the devs is they don't want to upset the applecart too much for that would require them to rework episodes 3 through 5. Maybe once the last episode goes live they can look at changes like that.
  4. Question: Are there any plans to upgrade TLD to 64-bit? Windows 10 indicates TLD is a 32-bit program. My windows 10 is the 64-bit version. I realize that would likely be a substantial effort but to paraphrase the bounty hunter in The Outlaw Josey Wales, "I had to ask".
  5. I attributed my crashes usually to my habit, when doing a cook fest, to running in and out of the Camp Office to drop cooked meat outside and pick up something else to cook on one of the stoves. I started to keep an eye on the wolf icon during transition and if it got irregular I would go "okay time to log off and do something to clear memory". Lately, I have been getting crashes somewhat unexpectedly. I had three crashes over July 4th and seem to average 1 per day (I play almost every day) always (it seems) when I exit a building. Just checked the last two error files and the problem modules were unityplayer.dll and mono.dll. Before I could see a problem with allocating memory, now I see access violations which seem to be writes to certain memory locations. I don't have any idea what changed. Oh well... My save games (I have three Pilgrim ones) are almost 17 MB each. I wonder how much of that is related to my writing in the journal almost every game day and sometimes a page or a page and a half or so.
  6. One possibility is that the save game function failed several saves ago (I assume survival mode). You still see the hatchet indicating saving game but that does not happen. Why? I don't know. I have had several instances where game progress was not saved and in one case it was an hour, two hours, I forget, but I lost several game days of progress. Now I have the folder where the save game files are and check them when I am about to log off. The user001 file, so far, has always saved but if the save game day/time stamp is more than one minute different than that of user001, I am pretty sure I am about to lose some game progress and the game is about to crash if I try to force a save. I have been sending the crash files and the unity crash files to Support but I don't expect them to fix the problem anytime soon. This propensity to crash can be rather frustrating.
  7. Yes it happens momentarily.
  8. Cleaning firearms (rifle or pistol) do not result in skill points. Initially, when the skill was introduced (rifle), it did but since it was not uncommon to find several rifles, all in need of some degree of cleaning, often a lot of cleaning, it was felt that the skill advanced too fast for too little effort so that got changed.
  9. I play Pilgrim. I tend to wear the best clothing I can find. I do tend to craft the boots, pants, hat, and mittens when materials become available (or too much on hand). The heaviest of the animal hide clothing that I would craft would be the wolfskin jacket. I don't consider the bear skin coat (though I did craft one before the save game apocalypse) or the moose hide coat to be worthwhile (but Pilgrim lets me make that choice easily). I do tend to make, and my sandboxes have gone long enough, the boots, pants, hat, and mittens at my various bases since, if nothing else, they can be mended using materials I can collect indefinitely. They also provide a back-up in case of need, say I need to swap soaked/frozen gear (after trying to join the polar bear club on Coastal Highway, for instance) for dry stuff. It is part of my thing to leave crafted clothing in my bases on the "just in case" idea.
  10. I think the problem facing implementation is going to be how it could be used without blowing up the game and what consequences for use and misuse there should be. I would expect that its use would turn out to be much less advantageous than one who has used one in real-life would expect and perhaps much more troublesome. A lot of thought, a lot of programming, and the end result may be a toss up whether it would be an effective device for the purpose it was created for or better to just shoulder the pack and walk.
  11. I suspect that the idea being requested is to be able to change game settings (environment, health, etc.) while in the sandbox. I don't think most anyone considers the settings that you can change either while in a save game or when at the beginning menu to be that critical to playability, but I could be wrong.
  12. A single cleaning of the revolver at base skill results in a 5% improvement in condition with each improvement given skill increase being on top of that. Excepting level 1, each additional level boosts the improvement by the amount indicated for that level, so level 4 giving a +4 to condition improvement should then be a total of up to +9% to firearm condition. So cleaning the revolver which was at 91% results in it being 100%. As for the degrading of the cleaning kit, it might be worth remembering that the game is displaying integrers (whole numbers) and not decimal fractions, so it rounds the number displayed. I have found that things like the condition loss in items can be not truly consistent, for whatever reason, and the 16% kit might have been at 15.5% (rounded to 16%) and after losing 5% (or possibly because of the sometimes inconsistent way these things seem to go) maybe a tiny bit more than 5% resulting in a kit condition of 10.4 or 10.49% which gets rounded to 10%. It might be a function of how hard it is for computers to deal with fractional numbers, but for practical purposes, it just happens.
  13. With a new menace, there might be the need for a new remedy/defense. It would seem to be burdensome to have two different versions of otherwise the same item - a road flare - except one is used against wolves and the other against Timberwolves. It might be that there will be a discrete item that converts a road flare from the red flame to having a blue flame and that item has to be applied before use or it might be a powder you can sprinkle on a burning flare or torch to make its flame blue for a little while. The number of those items you have determines how many time it can be used.
  14. If I have nothing else to do, I collect sticks. Lots of sticks. I had so many sticks in a neat pile that it would take me about a minute of delay between clicking on the front door of the Camp Office (any exiting door really) before I would actually appear outside. It appears I was stressing out the game engine because of so many sticks in one compact pile that it had to account for when I left the building. Fixed that by splitting the stack into eight stacks of 100 sticks. I think I try to treat the sandbox like something that I have to manage. Check on outlying outposts, shelters, and bases. Every two or three hundred game-days, I set out on an inspection tour of the regions and the installations ... I mean outposts and bases. I may detour to places like Desolation Point to check out what I left there and to see if anything interesting washed up on the icy shores. I also have three Pilgrim sandboxes that I can rotate through. If it got really bad, I still have Mountain Town/Milton and Hushed River Valley to visit. I have stayed out of those regions specifically to think that "there be dragons". I look forward to new regions as additional places "there be dragons" and am interested in what changes Episode 3 will make to the landscape in Pleasant Valley. The survival mode update adding the revolver and birch bark tea was a godsend in giving me something to boot the sandboxes and check for stuff.
  15. The game has three switches that may be relevant. They are accessible when starting a custom game. 1. Environmental: Fire (automatically) overcomes ambient air temp. Any fire (within a certain range of effect) will raise air temperature to above freezing (i.e. +1 C). The description also says that will happen regardless of the amount of fuel put on the fire (basically true) and regardless of how cold it is (true). Windchill is not affected. 2. Health: Fire prevents freezing. Player can become colder while sitting next to an active fire, but will never begin to freeze. 3. Health: Wake player, when freezing, near a fire. If you start to freeze when resting (i.e. sleeping) near a fire you will wake up. Only applies to resting near a fire. (I would assume an active fire). All three are ON for vanilla Pilgrim and Voyager. Off for vanilla Stalker and Interloper. The only discrepancy I know of is that for #1 it is possible to make the fire hot enough, by adding enough fuel, to get air temperature higher than just above freezing. Note that #2 and #3 both require there be a fire present to get the benefit.