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  1. I would guess that if a mental fitness aspect was added to the game, there might be reason for alcohol as a morale booster (you don't feel the pain of the sprain or broken ribs, but anytime you move you stagger all over like when in extremis at less than 5% condition *), or maybe a temporary palliative for cabin fever (i.e. you can sleep indoors if insensible drunk but it resets the "cure" time outdoors to max again among other effects). * While drunk you can shoot yourself or just discharge the firearm, repeatedly, if you handle a loaded firearm or try to clean it or try to unload it. Attempting to craft gives a real possibility that you'll destroy what you're crafting including all materials. Don't forget setting yourself on fire or burning yourself while trying to light a campfire or stove. Ruining your hatchet or knife if attempting to maintain it with a whet stone. I leave out the possibility of amputating a hand or several fingers while chopping wood.
  2. UTC-10

    Railroad Lantern

    I like that railroad/storm/hurricane lantern but it represents a duplication of light sources albeit with differences. Now if the game differentiated between lamp oil and kerosene (or had gasoline) that might then justify having two lanterns - one lit by a match or burning ember but lasts a long time, is not extremely bright, and the fuel can be readily obtained by cooking fish and the other uses a petroleum-based fuel, perhaps not a scarce as has been experienced in the game (there can be a use for abandoned cars and fueling stations and more jerry cans), but uses a mechanical striker to light it and it burns much brighter. But the game is not in early access (and there is always the problem about how much light does something produce and how large an area does it cover), so a moot point. It would fit into a mix of older and modern technology.
  3. The basic idea is easy, the implementation would be time consuming and extensive. Sleds, skis, snow shoes, containers, permanent shelters, tamed animals, stews and soups, more animal-hide clothing, etc. are all easy concepts but the ramifications of implementations and possible limitations of the game structure kind of say those will be a long time coming.
  4. UTC-10


    I see no reason why not other than it was not implemented as part of the game. With limited resources, the devs have to pick and choose what should be a part of or adds enough to the game to justify implementation. I think the devs have a reason for not providing any timepieces in the game. Part of emphasizing how the world has changed due to the aurora's effects. I don't think the aurora's effects were quite as serious generally as MM's stated, but for now that's about as good an explanation as any.
  5. I know that when a blizzard starts, like when I am at Three Strikes, at the fire barrel, or the front maintenance office in Broken Railroad, at a campfire, time for cooking food or making water accelerates relative to the decline in fire duration. Typically it seems to double the speed of cooking or slow fire burn down by about 50%. One relative to the other. When the blizzard ends, times revert to more "normal" rates. I know I have run into similar experiences when in a cave (outside zone) and a blizzard came up while I had a fire up cooking with it. These were all "outside" experiences. I do think that the timers for related activities - fire duration, cooking, and making water - do not seem to completely sync up. Two things like fire duration and making water can initially start with the same time remaining, but by the time the water was boiled, there was more than a couple minutes left to the fire and it was not embers either. As for warming buildings, I would expect that buildings keeping a generally consistent temperature was a game-simplifying decision. Same thing with radiant heat effects. Passage of time can seem quite irregular.
  6. Ever walked around, in game, with an unlit torch equipped (in hand) and matches in your pocket? That was the equipped "revolver" of its day. You learn quickly that there is a balance between immediate availability of something and inadvertently using up a resource. I understand what the problem is, but it still boils down to a trade-off - immediate availability versus inadvertent use - and one that the player has to make.
  7. The mountaineer's cabin has a +10 C (at least in Pilgrim) interior temp over outside ambient air temp. Of course, there is no windchill inside. So it can still get pretty cold inside the cabin based on ambient temp but given you were in the cabin, had a fire in the fireplace which the most violent blizzard could not blow out, was fed, hydrated, and not suffering from an affliction that could cost condition (such as food poisoning), your demise seems inconsistent with normal game play. If you were stumbling around, then your condition was likely like 5% or less. While you can die from condition loss due to exhaustion especially in extremis, if you went to sleep that pretty much puts an end to exhaustion and that condition loss. One way that you could have died from exhaustion, in this circumstance, would be if you inadvertently selected or carried out pass time instead of sleep. With pass time, you'd not be resting so would continue to be exhausted and lose condition that way, about 1% per hour, until your condition reached 0 and you 'faded into the long dark'. Don't know what killed you, but this would be one possible way it could happen, given the stated circumstances.
  8. None that I can recall. Forlorn Muskeg seems to be the closest source of appreciable amounts of coal.
  9. The game used to have a "clock" albeit as part of the game log. I made a lot of use of it. Then it got changed (was removed) and I adjusted to the change. So rancid0 you're doing exactly what I do since we don't have a watch or clock in the game. A watch might be more trouble for Hinterland to implement than it might be worth. There is hasty time that can occur in any number of ways which would make coordinating the passage of game-time and that of the watch or clock maybe a bit of a puzzle. If it becomes important in game-play of story mode, I am sure we'll get something but otherwise not.
  10. UTC-10

    Better Campfire

    As a possible substitute for the "no tinder needed" maybe there is a case for an enhanced campfire that has better wind resistance. Starting at Level 3 where the "no tinder needed" benefit kicks in, the player may then have the option to "build" a better campfire. So this "enhanced campfire" replaces the "no tinder needed" benefit. For starters, at Level 3, you can build a campfire that has a 90 degree arc (45 degrees left and right of where you're facing when you construct it, plan carefully) where wind by anything short of a howling blizzard would not affect the campfire as far as blowing it out. The player spends 30 game-minutes constructing it and, obviously, it has a different graphic (so not a trivial thing by devs requirements). It appears out of nowhere when the time is spent. At Level 4, the campfire has a 180 degree arc (90 left and 90 right) and requires one hour to construct. Again, anything short of a full blizzard would not put out the fire. At level 5, the campfire takes 1-1/2 or two hours to construct and either has a 270 degree arc or maybe still a 180 degree arc and is now proof against blizzard winds from the protected side. Naturally the campfire appears in the middle as usual, the footprint of the enhanced campfire is also restrictive like how a snow shelter can be placed in only certain places, and it does block you from walking over/through it conversely it does not hinder animals. This might actually beg for an option to deconstruct the enhanced campfire with nothing but charcoal to be salvaged, perhaps. Of course this is not a trivial issue thing for the devs to implement so I highly doubt it would show up anytime soon.
  11. As best I can figure and I walked up and down the road leading to the crossroads village, the community hall would probably end up on the map south side of the crossroads village and on the map west side of the road. It might replace the always burned out house that's across from the crossroads store or be somewhat further away from the river nearer the snow road that leads to the Barn.
  12. My crashes recently have always been back to desktop. I have to restart TLD then resume the save game. Since I now email the crash.dmp, error.log, output_log.txt, and (now) the Unity crash files, to support@hinterland etc. , generally before restarting the game, I figure that ensures that the old crashed application (Unity) has been cleared from memory. Restarting TLD should be enough to get a fresh setup of Unity in memory without whatever memory structures that crashed but I keep on bombarding Hinterland with my crash files anyway. I don't reboot my computer when TLD crashes. I might give that a try if the crashes to desktop become more obnoxious. I also see an audio problem, aside from the times when a raging blizzard is absolutely silent, where when I break branches, and I break a lot of them, I will come across instances where the progress circle has completed its rotation but the sound of a breaking branch continues for a few more seconds. I wonder if this might also be a transient issue due to memory management. It is mostly annoying for now.
  13. I would like the devs to give us a slightly better capacity to pick up our feet. Being unable to walk down a dock because part of the dock is tilted so a beam is an inch or two higher or not being able to step over a railroad track (of course you can shift left or right and get past the obstruction) can get a bit annoying.
  14. UTC-10


    Most single meal MREs tend to be about 1,200 calories. There has been discussion about just that kind of MRE and components somewhere. The real problem is not the idea, which sounds nice, but the cost on Hinterland to implement. One problem for the devs is they don't want to upset the applecart too much for that would require them to rework episodes 3 through 5. Maybe once the last episode goes live they can look at changes like that.
  15. Question: Are there any plans to upgrade TLD to 64-bit? Windows 10 indicates TLD is a 32-bit program. My windows 10 is the 64-bit version. I realize that would likely be a substantial effort but to paraphrase the bounty hunter in The Outlaw Josey Wales, "I had to ask".