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  1. The rifle is quite adequate given the circumstances (it is a game) that it was intended for. The actual characteristics of the ammunition do not matter as consideration of bullet weights, types, powder charges, and loadings would be likely far beyond the scope of what the devs wanted in the game. For simplicity, a bullet is a bullet, fmj/sp/hp is all the same, and so a round of 303 ammunition is just a round of ammunition. Given the animal model used for hunting in the game, one might postulate that a 22LR could be as effective as the 303, or even the 50 BMG if the devs chose to imple
  2. Does the game do the same thing when using the rifle? Given the description, it should have the same problem thing you described. It does sound like something is cycling (on/off) with respect to the RMB input. If you have access to another mouse you might install it and try again. That will confirm whether it is something inherent in the mouse itself (which then should probably be replaced) or somewhere else in your computer (like something in the mouse port or usb port is messing up, a probably more difficult repair). Suspect it may be more the mouse than the computer.
  3. I do not know if the "shortcut" to the Deer clearing level had been fixed (it comes down in the other arm out of that "cave" shown but some time ago people would occasionally get cut off from the summit because they would take the rope to climb up to Deer clearing and deploy it at the shortcut (which when it was broken meant you could climb down but could not come back and get to the rope to climb up). Then they goated their way down from the Summit. So this demonstrates that yes you can if you're mumble enough to cut yourself off from the upper levels.
  4. UTC-10


    The proposition for a "disaster" event was predicated on it occurring where the player was and not at some random location. Part of the discussion would be what path would be preferable to those who might want a significant event to occur that could materially affect their survival process. Random disasters wherever and whenever they happen or one focused on where the player is when it occurs or something in-between?
  5. UTC-10


    Not that I want the devs to actually implement such an event, I would expect that there would be other parameters associated with the possibility of "disaster" to soften or harden the disaster. Why I made this a discussion rather than a suggestion. As part of a customized game, the player would choose to subject his character to the problem. The possibility of a disaster could even form the basis for a new challenge or maybe even a new event.
  6. UTC-10


    Once a player becomes familiar with the game mechanics and has their routine in what they do, the act of surviving becomes much easier. One has tools, weapons, clothing, and other supplies. For some this leads to wanting more of the desperate early days of scrambling for survival so that leads to suggesting more dangers to enliven the day-to-day survival process. How about disasters? Nothing like that (the aurora) which presumably put the character into the current survival situation but "darn the jerry can of lamp oil spilled and the spill caught fire and the base is burning down, G
  7. I would suspect that the devs decided, probably quite a while ago, that having an active affliction was sufficient to block certain activities because that made having an active affliction something to avoid. They also included in that certain actions like freezing, starving, thirst, and exhaustion. The devs have not chosen to revisit the matter and make any "distinction" among the previously settled category of "afflictions" and their effects on things like research. They have no incentive to do so at this time. One can agree or disagree with what they have done or not done.
  8. Probably the devs decided that Molly in Crossroads Elergy had to plausibly be able to get beyond the teeth and claws of the wolf she would kill in that little barn. In my Pilgrim games, I have never found anything useful up in that space nor does it seem to have any utility value like having a better bed (i.e. not sleeping on a cold straw covered floor) or even a container for storage.
  9. Keep in mind that the game has evolved over the years in development and issues like memory requirements and processing power (CPU and GPU) would seriously influence just how much could be done. Certainly top of the line computers could do more, but what about those who did not have such computers to use? I remember back in 2019 when I was having problems with the save game function not working and not being obvious about it and occasional crashes because the game ran out of memory to put stuff (I had 12 GB of RAM and 2 GB of VRAM). 32-bit address space was kind of limiting back then.
  10. To be honest, I do not see any reasonably compelling reason why such a device would be needed in the game as currently structured. It remains a discretionary decision for the devs and I do not see any issue in how bears operate that would require or suggest the need for such a device. Admittedly I would be a poor judge of need since I don't play in Voyager and higher difficulty modes.
  11. Why would the devs choose to introduce such a device into survival mode gameplay? Since game-play tends to be predicated on the character being aware and careful, so thereby avoiding bear attack, the provision of a special purpose device for one specific purpose may seem to be a significantly lower priority than many other possible things. There would also be the necessity to work out how such a device would be used, how effective it would be under various circumstances, and the consequences that may result from it not working. Not to say that they would never introduce such a
  12. The only legacy save game wipe I recall was when Hinterland decided to redo the manner in which the save games were handled. Any future occurrence would likely entail a much more substantial structural change in the game that renders the previous save games substantially or completely invalid than any kind of updates or new game mechanics. I can't say that something like that couldn't happen, but I don't worry about it at all though I would be upset if it was for anything less than some HUGE structure change.
  13. I would use a bed if one was available instead of a bedroll since beds do not suffer condition loss with use and slowing any condition loss of my bedroll would be worth it to me. I would use the leaf beds that appear in caves and the more "make shift" beds that appear here and there (like the one in the Last Resort Cannery fire barrel annex) though in cases like that I would practice "exposed weather protocol" of not sleeping the whole night (doing it in a couple of sleep shifts, at least). As for which, if I have a choice of beds available, I don't bother. Convenience matters, though
  14. I don't believe that they will send you an email about whether the issue was fixed. At least, I have never seen that. You'll find out if there eventually is a hotfix or maintenance update for the game but not before.
  15. Quartering was the mechanic that Hinterland produced to answer the suggestion "I want to move the carcass" in a way that was consistent (as best I can tell) with the existing game mechanics for carrying things. Presumably, the bags consisting of meat and bones rather than just meat was likely the devs forestalling any "the bag only contains meat why do I have to harvest it?" complaints. They also probably thought it was realistic since quartering was not going to be harvesting. The hide and guts being then available for picking up, after quartering, was likely their concession to not m