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  1. I have just noticed that the calorie content of raw meat is different in a few cases from before and after the update. Raw Before After Cooked (Lvl 5) Wolf 700 800 875 Deer 800 900 1,000 Bear and Moose 900 900 1,125 Since most people do not eat raw meat the Before and After for raw meat does not really matter that much, but note that the cooked calories content then e
  2. Well that is new and a change. Conventional wisdom up to that point would be never touch a ravaged animal carcass that spawned with the sandbox unless you expect to harvest it. Don't even look at what it contains that is touching it. This has been the case for several years. I do not dispute that the devs can change things at their discretion. I would only think that they should mention that they were making that change. In general, I play easy mode so it really does not hamper my game play. Good luck to everyone. Hmmm, I recall that the spray paint marks were supp
  3. The loss of ravaged animal carcasses that were spawned when the sandbox was created would be a major change of something that was long-standing. Implementing such a change for a story mode update, as opposed to a survival mode update, which lacked any kind of patch notes would be unusual but not impossible. It is unexpected changes like that which can seriously handicap a player who is unaware of the change and needed those carcasses for survival. I would hope that Hinterland would eventually make reference to that change if change it is.
  4. Depending on your temperament, you might want to prepare very well (if cabin fever would be a factor that kind of limits how much preparation you should do) and/or be prepared to scum the effort and either give up on it or try again. I went in prepared for up to 15-20 days and willing to scum it because I can't stand losing in that fashion. I got all my searching done on the first day after entry then settled down for a potential long wait, as aurora events tended to be infrequent, when the mine lit up that night and I got out with all my loot. I did notice, FYI, that when it is
  5. As I noted, food poisoning from cooked meat and fish (and even canned goods) tends to be infrequent or fairly rare, so it would not be any surprise that you could eat a lot of non-ruined food prior to level 5 and not get food poisoning. Of course, some folks can't look at ruined food and not get food poisoning but then the RNG must hate them. 😐
  6. The only revolver, in my current sandbox, I found in Coastal was in the Cinder Hills Mine AURORA annex. It was in a backpack down one of the tunnels from the elevator area. I also found a rather decent condition rifle next to a body down there. I believe I found a rifle in poor condition while out and about in Coastal but forget where I found it.
  7. Well you can eat cooked mouldy meat at any level. Whether you can do so without any other consequence is another matter. When you ate the cooked mouldy meat were you at Level 5 cooking? Level 5 confers immunity to food poisoning (and intestinal parasites) for any cooked food regardless of the cooking skill level it was cooked at. So the bear meat cooked back at level 1 could be consumed safely when at Level 5. Raw meat/fish does not come under this benefit. Food poisoning even from low condition cooked meat tends to be a fairly rare event (IMO, as I know that some will dispute
  8. I have noticed that with what I presume was the episode 4 update that the ravaged deer carcasses that have always been at Waterfront Cottages and on the ice near the Coastal Townsite have disappeared. This was in Coastal Highway. I don't touch the one at Waterfront Cottages as I don't need to and I used the one at Coastal Townsite as a source of crow feathers (until I got too many of them) so never touch that one either. I noticed the Waterfront Cottages missing carcass first but now as I went out to fish I noticed that the carcass that should be near the line of campfires I put down
  9. Probably, in the current cultural time, the depiction of a SMLE on the cover of a fictitious magazine/book was considered too provocative. After all, because it shows a firearm, a fictional Will could be driven to seek out potential victims on Great Bear Island to commit mass murder. 😲 I suppose that the initial layout may have been thought to be kind of close to how a real magazine might do a cover layout and be subject to copyright or trademark infringement claims. Seems very unlikely but who knows what lurks in the dark mind of lawyers and their clients. 😅 Anyway, somebody got
  10. I have found that when placing from the radial menu that the item may retain an orientation that would not be obvious to the player. It can mean that the item cannot be placed in the spot where the player wants it even though it looks like it should. It can mean that when 'rotating' the item that the increments seem quite off. I have resorted to putting the darn thing down nearby (obviously it has to be "green" to be placed) and then try placing it from that spot. I have found that, often, not always, one can get the item a bit closer (some items the graphics footprint is just too bi
  11. Quartering yields bags that decay (in Pilgrim which is the only reference I have) about 2% per day. So in something less than 50 days or so, since the bags do not typically start at 100% and bag condition matches that of the meat contents, the bags would disappear as their meat contents reach ruined (0%) condition. The bear hide and guts would have still been there but degrading in condition until cured. Everyone has to make their own decision, but I would think If one has to leave a carcass then harvest as much as one dares - the meat, hide, and guts - and drop it all in the snow. All
  12. You broke the script sequence somehow. Since it is basically impossible to figure out what action you did or did not do that caused it, if that save you used ended up not allowing you to proceed (you did try again just to make sure it was not a chance glitch) then maybe you will have to delve farther back and try to carry on. I watched a play-through where the character died of suffocation so the player went to an earlier save (autosave in a deadly atmosphere might not work too well) and then space barred through the dialog (skipped it) to find himself pretty much where you were. He h
  13. There was a fair amount anomalies about when (and where) certain events took place. Can't be helped I guess.
  14. I have to thank the crows for dropping feathers. I shot a wolf with an arrow in the Coastal Townsite. It ran away to the west (i.e. roughly across the townsite towards Log Sort). I was following the tracks and blood drops then blood drops then had a problem finding the blood drops. Sometimes there would be a blank area five or ten feet across but then I would come across more blood drops. I kept following the blood drops when I could find them. The trail led up into the upslope area from the coastal highway. Then I noted (using the journal) that the wolf had died (I didn't h
  15. Be glad that the car batteries can be harvested for the lead plates, it would have been worse if the fifteen 15 kg car batteries had to be moved to Last Chance Cannery then be broken down. 😨 I have been doing similar in Coastal Highway and Desolation Point. Got 72 lead plates (I am in Pilgrim) that I have to move to the Camp Office (and eventually to Bleak Inlet). After that it is onwards to Pleasant Valley and hopefully those car batteries whose lead plates I'll have to tote to Camp Office. Hope that will be enough for I have, so far, only found one gunsmithing book and will