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  1. Did you know that if you accidentially right-click with a torch in your hand you spend a match? – Don't hold unlit torches unless you plan to light it immediately! I guess a lot of people know what I just wrote, but I thought a thread like this could be useful. This is mostly such a friendly community, so I thought it would be nice if we could just give eachother the odd tip here and there (without getting flamed by people saying "everybody knows that!"). Hopefully we can all learn something here. Stay warm and safe everybody!
  2. They said we would keep our saves (as survival saves) but the badges can't be earned anymore. I don't know if the event difficulty stays the same (colder weather) or is changed to Voyageur.
  3. musrass


    I think gaiters would be an excellent addition to the (rather disappointingly small) selection of accessories in the game. I imagine them giving a small boost to mobility, maybe even warmth – but mainly mobility since no other clothing item does that. And it would be great if there was a craftable variant...
  4. Ok, thanks. But when I watched a streamer (Zisteau) he got to keep his lantern – maybe that was a bug...
  5. Did the lantern disappear for anyone else after the mine collapsed towards the end of the episode? I was using it when the collapse happened, and afterwards it was gone along with all the extra fuel I was carrying. Or is it a bug that I should report?...
  6. Are you planning to improve the hitbox(?) on items when placing them with right-click? Sometimes it can be really annoying to get the "invalid location to place the object" when it seems like a perfectly valid location to place the object. But as always: thanks for a truly great and engaging game!
  7. Thanks both of you for helpful and informative replies. I'll have to look into that eGPU thing!
  8. Well, TLD is pretty much the only thing that requires more computer power for what I do, so I can't quite justify the investment. But I'd be happy to know if I can tweak the machine I have just to improve my gameplay just a little bit. Thanks for replying though!
  9. I really enjoy playing TLD, but my 2015 Macbook clearly isn't quite up for the task. I have to play on the lowest graphic settings but the game still performs rather poorly. Can anyone give me tips as to what to upgrade (if possible)? I'm not very computer savvy, but not computer illiterate either – and I have changed a couple of harddrives, added RAM here and there, so I know how to look up HowTo videos on Youtube... What I believe to be relevant stats of my computer: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB Any help would be very much appreciated!
  10. Thanks for replying. I found out you need to press the Function key (fn) as well, but you got me on the right track!
  11. I know I did this once, but I can't for the life of me figure out how it's done. Any help from the wonderful community?
  12. Sad, beautiful and true... Good luck on your way to 500!
  13. One little thing regarding light levels inside of houses I (think) I noticed, is that it gets slightly brighter after I rip up curtains. Has anyone else experienced this? In caves I find it varies from cave to cave – some have plenty brightness, but others are complete blackout.