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  1. The stim in that box is one of the 8-10 guaranteed stims in the game. I haven't seen confirmation on any stims in BI, and although I found one in the new challenge, I can't remember where or verify if it's in survival mode. While the other 7 stims are always in the same spot (with some local variation), there can be 1 to 3 stims in BR. Knowing these stim locations is crucial to survival in As The Dead Sleep and Deadman mode. That MRE looks delicious.. been a while since I've seen one of those!
  2. Hate it when this happens! I've had a run of bad luck with deer on the ice lately. I swear the bow hits have been nerfed a bit with this recent update, because I used to be a one-shot killer with deer but now it seems even perfect shots sometimes result in deer taking off with your arrow. When I find them, sometimes it's only the antlers poking out of the ice and nothing to harvest. Super frustrating.. loss of time, meat, and arrows. My other favorite is when you shoot something on the ice, only to have it come to rest on thin ice where you can't harvest it. Nearly lost a bear at DP recently due to this.
  3. There are several crates in the game that have guaranteed goodies in them. I always work them into my early game loot routine. BR Shed, as described previously by @ThePancakeLady. (2 crates, food and stim/gear) FM Spence's, near the safe (dog food or accellerant) TWM Hut, in the corner near the door (soda) DP Hibernia, to the left after entering large downstairs room (canned food) TWM Summit, plane (loot/clothes) I'm sure there's some that I'm forgetting
  4. Loper 600+ day run currently still going. Got all the achievements like Frustrated Cartographer long ago, so doing personal challenges now. Did the "50 Days per Region" challenge recently on this run, and looking for my next challenge. I'm hoping to get to 1000 days on Loper for my first time ever. Pretty well set with main base stashes, tons of water and skins, cattail stores totaling 500+, 3 bows and 50 arrows, 13 boxes of matches still, and plenty of crafting supplies. Been practicing with the new wolfies near my CH base at Fishing Camp. Now focusing on clearing all natural resources from each region, just cleared ML and planning on CH next.
  5. I'm extremely conflicted about the revolver being added to Loper. On one hand, it's like how the hell do we deal with these timberwolves? Nearly impossible to hit with the bow, very erratic pathing, hit-and-runs, pack hunting and morale, fire doesn't work, bait doesn't work... Really, the only thing I've had any luck with is those marine flares, and even then that just buys you some time. I want to kill these jerks, not just run away. A gun would help. On the other hand, I think guns go against the spirit of Loper. Flare gun is already too much, firearms of any kind seem to be at odds with the "craft everything you can to survive" mentality of Loper. I was hoping for the bear spear. This was a shocking discovery. Dozens (hundreds?) of Loper runs with me never once thinking, "I could use a gun". The only time I've fired the revolver was EP3, and I can't remember the last time I fired the rifle. Much like @Salty Crackers said, I think the only way Lopers will be ok with the revolver being introduced into our world is if it's a fully crafted solution, like the bow and arrows. I would take it a step further, though. As in, any revolver you find should be broken and unusable. You should need to find everything to craft bullets, and there should be no usable bullets in the world, only casings. The hope is that, much like crafting the bow and arrows at the forge, you should need to visit BI at some point to fix your gun and craft your bullets. You should NOT be able to use the revolver without a trip to BI's cannery. I've been exploring BI on a custom spawn, but I think it's time to fire up my 580 day Loper run and start exploring for revolver stuff. I'm interested to see how this shakes out.
  6. May we see a screenshot of this, please?
  7. Just voted. In my nearly 4 years of playing this game, I have never, ever found anything there. I've heard tales of lore regarding fantastic visor caches full of many glorious items, but that was back in very Early Access. I guess I was just never lucky enough to come across any. Those things have been empty for years since. I really hope they take either of you up on your ideas 😄 Ahhh... I've been marking my cars with the open hood forever. Now I'm paranoid after reading this! Maybe I'll just start going with the trunk instead. I like having something I can see at a little distance.
  8. I have issues with plant harvesting. I harvest all cattails, mushrooms, rosehips, etc. even if I don't need them. Just something about the game giving us resources and me not taking them seems wrong.. I'm compulsive in this regard. I'm at nearly 600 days in my current run, and I'm trying to harvest all plants on Great Bear Island. I've gotten all of the cattails (have stashes of hundreds at multiple bases), mushrooms, and rosehips, and I have nearly all of the saplings. Only thing left in any volume is old man's beard, and I have a lot of that to harvest still. At this point in my run, after accomplishing my 50 days per region, it's my main personal objective. I was just reminded to re-harvest PV since the update... another objective to add to my list! 😄
  9. True, all we know is Fluffy was relocated, per Raph's tweet. Some of us call the wolf at HRV Sketchy, some of us call it Fluffy 2.0, some of us have made up our own name for it as well. One thing's for sure though, Fluffy isn't dead. Raph likes to watch us debate these details, he almost never gives us hard facts. 😄
  10. Sorry, no. This has already been answered, so many times. @ThePancakeLady posted the only answer that matters, straight from Raph. Check the Twitter link.
  11. I can confirm. I have the Hinterland logo mug and take it camping with me. It conducts heat like you wouldn't believe. Great for early morning coffee when it's still chilly out, gloves do help.
  12. "These pretzels are making me thirsty" Seriously though, it would be awesome if we got some kind of bonus for combining food items, like peanut butter and crackers. Sardines and crackers? Tomato soup and crackers? Crackers seem to go with everything. Granola bar and coffee? Put some condensed milk in my coffee and pretend it's a latte? The possibilities are endless. This 1000%. Never throw away 0% food items, you can always eat them one day. Food is at a premium, at least on Loper. Voyager, however, is a grocery store. Like I was saying lol.. You'll never use half of that stuff! Definitely set up bases or caches in each region, it will minimize the need to haul all of that stuff around.
  13. Fellow TLD survivor, brothers in arms. Enemies in all things confectionery and gelatin. Both can be true. Cheers! 😄
  14. I'm really excited about a new difficulty mode or an official challenge designed around DMC. Really tired of entering that code every time I start a new run (and I die a lot) or having to update the code every time there's a hotfix. More than that, if true, I'm grateful that Hinterland genuinely listens to us and is willing to implement some of our suggestions. Birch bark tea ruined vanilla DMC, it would be nice to have it back. Please let us keep the tea though, just remove the recovery. Renewable sources of heat are invaluable on Loper and DMC. I've always been curious about this as well. Everyone knows the majority plays Voyager, but I'd be interested to know what the percentage of us out there are Lopers. I'm guessing 10-20%? We Happy Few. Marshmallows are nasty.🤢 I have spoken.
  15. At first I thought it might be the trailer on the hike up to Cinder Hills mine, but after further review I believe it's the first trailer down the hill from the Log Sort, to the left of the bend in the road. Nice pic!
  16. No guaranteed match spawns in ML. Places I've found matches in ML: Dam on shelf near back door Dam in cabinet in room with elevator Dam on shelf in room adjacent to lobby Lookout Tower near Camp Office On cabinets in multiple ice huts on Mystery Lake On table in cabins on Mystery Lake On table inside of trailers at Logging Camp Deer blind near Alan's cave Firestriker in cave above Camp Office Not saying I find them here all the time, but I have found them in all of these places at one time or another over the years.
  17. Very nice, thanks for posting. I love reading good survival stories with screenshots! I like to write about my adventures as well, I've posted about many in the Steam forums. I posted a pretty long journal of my first Loper run some time ago, much like you did here with Deadman. I struggled to get past 30 days for a while on Deadman (DMC). Then they introduced BBT and it changed everything. Now it's Birchman.. true Deadman can only be played with a self-imposed ban on using BBT. I got to 100 days playing Birchman, but it's significantly easier than DMC as it greatly reduces the need for stims and allows you to lose some condition here and there. I really wish Hinterland would introduce a 5th game mode of true Deadman and remove the regenerating properties of the BBT. Simply having a renewable source of warming and calories on Deadman with no healing would be nice. Vanilla Loper is no longer the hardest mode, let's add Deadman please HL! I've been playing a long Loper run (~550 days) and wrapping up a personal challenge of 50 Days per Region, but I intend to get back to DMC after that and see if I can improve on my personal best of 46 days. Just getting past 50 would be an accomplishment for me! You story has re-inspired me. Thanks for posting your story!
  18. Upstairs on the table near the lockers Upstairs on the table in the office Upstairs on the bottom shelf of the table Some people also swear you can find them downstairs at the workbench, but I've never found them there. All the location pictures are in that linked thread. @Ernesto_Sorona While I have found matches many times at the locations you listed, I don't believe all of the locations you listed are actually 100% guaranteed spawns.
  19. Nice! I'm a big fan of custom challenges. I really like your descriptions, like a movie tagline with game mode highlights. Nicely done, @jeffpeng I might have to give Outcast a go. It sounds like Deadman with a little recovery and less animals. I'll likely turn the rifle off though, I only use guns for 4DoN and Story mode. Thanks for posting these!
  20. I wouldn't disagree with this at all. ML on Loper can be frustrating if you don't find matches, the Dam is pretty much your only source of toilet water. Of course, on vanilla Loper you don't get to start in ML, MT, or CH. If you get to MT or CH relatively quickly, you can live on toilet water for quite some time. My quote regarding excessive matches was more of an aside. The meat of my post was that it's hard to come up with zero matches in a region.. they're always somewhere. But yes, getting to that first box is very important, and it helps to know where the guaranteed spawns are.
  21. They post the release notes, but yeah these aren't a traditional changelog. I feel like they do this on purpose. They want us to know that they clearly addressed some things and changed them, but other things they change without telling us so we can figure it out for ourselves. Sometimes, this can be fun! Other times, it can be maddening. As for this change specifically, I'm all for it. I also hated having to lose condition while my fire got mature enough to accept my coal. Hopefully, it was intentional, and it's not an error that they eventually "fix".
  22. Anything that isn't a guaranteed spawn is a gamble. True, you can easily come up empty, but it's been a long time since I've found zero matches in any region. ML has been nice to me, CH and MT too. Gotta check all the cars! HRV and TWM always have several boxes, even though it would seem these regions should be lacking supplies, due to their remote and rugged nature. One thing's for certain.. you end up with more matches than you know what to do with, even on Loper. I'm on my longest Loper run ever currently, 530 days and running, and I have like 13 boxes left, not to mention 2 firestrikers. I've never run out of matches on a run before.
  23. Bedroll also disappears as well. I thought I just forgot the bedroll, but when the lantern vanished from inventory after the "event", I realized it was all scripted. It all makes sense when you reach the mine exit.
  24. There was a lengthy thread about this very topic a while back on the Steam forum.. for anyone who's interested, there's some good info: https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/3264459260603737819/ tl:dr - Here's the consensus on guaranteed spawns: PV Farmhouse - Basement TWM - Hut/tail section/open cave (all 3 locations) DP Hibernia - upstairs (1 of 3 possible locations) FM Spence's - workbench HRV - cave on Hushed River And even though they aren't guaranteed spawns, you can usually find 3 or 4 boxes in HRV and ML each.