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  1. This map is freely available with a Google search, apparently someone named Kai made it. I've always loved this map and was hoping it would get updated with the addition of BI. You can tell where it fits in the world map, though. I just really like how the connected regions are depicted in this map. That's pretty cool.. I never thought to open the world map after the update and have a look at the addition of BI. I'm so accustomed to the layout of the maps that I really never look at the in-game world map. Nice.
  2. Been a while.. I think I've only looted it once, can't remember much about it. I was just about to ask you if the loot is worth it on Loper/DMC. Nice, I'll check it out on my way to the Q. And just curious.. wouldn't the elevator take us up, not down, since it was bringing us from the PV mine and that's significantly uphill? I was alwasy wondering this, and keep seeing people talking about taking the aurora elevator down. Semantics, I guess, but I obsess over such details. 😃
  3. They added that mine entrance in CH when story mode dropped EP3. People have been getting claimed in there by the aurora more often than that old bunker in EP2 near Hat Creek.
  4. That spot's pretty sweet.. Whenever I see him coming, I run up to the topside and size up a headshot. It's awesome to be so close to shelter when you're hauling heavy meat bags after quartering. If I miss the header, at least I can see for miles up there and track him easier.
  5. This is my favorite place to base when I'm in MT, for all the reasons you mentioned. You can live there a really long time with the nearby bear and moose, there's a workbench inside, and HRV is close by. Much better than super wolfy Grey Mother's or the always exciting Paradise Farm. Be careful with the fire barrel though, I'm not sure if the new changes to the wolf AI will make them pause at the fire barrel like they do with the campfires.
  6. It used to be that when they couldn't path to you, they would flee. Now, they just freeze? Sounds like an exploit to me, and I wouldn't be surprised if they correct that asap. My testing last night didn't go so well, but I was testing with fire. I will check this out testing pathing instead when I get home.
  7. What are you dying from? Cold? Wolves? Maybe just spend a little more time gearing up before you take on some of the harder locations. I forget where all of the spots are because I haven't done the challenge in quite some time, but I know some are harder than others. Like that one in FM at the radio tower out in the open.. sketchy. Loot easy regions like ML and get some good clothes and weapons before taking on the hard spots. Good luck!
  8. What is giving you trouble, maybe we can help. It's literally just going to places on the map.
  9. Very intrigued, so I tested this out last night at Trapper's. Flat ground, roaring fire, shot the bear at distance, he ran right through the fire and got me. Maybe I did something wrong, but it seems like the same old behavior. More testing is definitely needed. I will test in multiple situations tonight, I have two old saves near bears that are disposable. If this is a thing, it would make bears as easy to hunt as moose used to be. I can't imagine they would do this intentionally. They did remove the moose's fear of fire.
  10. Hard to nail it down to just one, they each have their own charms. I used to hate DP because of CrH, now I love it. It's small, has lots of loot, coal in the mine, metal in the trailers, beachcombing, bear and deer to hunt, minimal wolves, a forge, multiple bedroll spawns, and a stim! Close second for me would be HRV and CH.. CH has a bit of everything and HRV has tons of mushrooms/rosehips/saplings to forage as well as good loot in the ice caves. Most hated for me would be BR. Always seems to turn to fog or blizzard when I get there, bad sightlines and sneaky wolves, and the Shed is very wolfy. I've littered the ground in front of the Shed with 9 wolf corpses and will still hear barking. It's insane.
  11. You said it yourself.. it's about gameplay balance. Things may make more common sense when analyzed logically, but for the purposes of gameplay and balance some things aren't going to be realistic. This effect is more pronounced for harder difficulties. It's just the way it is.. you can either suspend disbelief (much like watching a movie) and enjoy the game, or get frustrated with things not being the way you want and don't enjoy it. This game is not going to be for everyone. Personally, if I am not enjoying a game, I simply move on to another one. I think the real issue that TLD suffers from is people expecting too much realism from it due to it being based in reality. Many games are based on sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc. With these types of games, you never hear people complaining that things aren't realistic enough because there's nothing in reality to base it on. Nobody ever says, "Wow, this plasma rifle sure doesn't fire like the one I have at home!" With TLD, it's all based in reality, albeit with an apocalyptic twist. Every detail gets over analyzed against reality. "Hey, my feet aren't making a realistic sound when I walk on the snow!" It's a bit exhausting. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Create some canon for yourself that explains all of the inconsistencies and unrealistic things in the game. Well done, @upupandaway, this is precisely what I do as well. Giving little stories to the things you find in the game will help you develop your own narrative in Survival mode and will close any loops that may exist. Max in ML got attacked while trying to make a fire, that's why you find matches or a fire book on him. My take, anyway. I've got tons more. Well said regarding Loper too. Things are going to be out of balance because Loper is hard and it wants to kill you.The realism argument is less relevant as the difficulty mode increases.
  12. Oh, just helping out in case you didn't know where they were. Yeah, not much help on the ATDS speedrun. Had to clarify on the BR stims too. Just doing my duty for the community. 😁
  13. I always thought it was odd that deer carcasses can be perfectly preserved by the cold, lasting forever on 100% frozen status. But, if you harvest that meat and drop it right back in the snow that preserved it so well, it now decays and will reach 0%. Frozen is frozen. As long as temps are below 0ºC, your harvest should be preserved indefinitely as a meatsicle. But then again, I remember to suspend disbelief to maximize enjoyment.. this is a game. They have to keep us moving somehow.
  14. That mine shaft is a trap. The risk/reward ratio is not high enough. There's a few items in the lower part, and some mushrooms & rosehips out front, but other than that I don't see the point in risking it by taking that elevator. Maybe one day they will link that elevator ride to something worthwhile. Until then, I wouldn't bother.
  15. 100 days and no hammer? That's insane. I always find one in the first 10 days, and have crafted tools and weapons usually by day 20. How many locations have you discovered in these 100 days? Maybe you just haven't covered enough territory to find one. There are specific spots that are very likely to spawn a hammer. It can spawn in at least 4 places in ML that I can think of.. ML is one of the best places for hammer hunting. There's also some very specific places to look in CH, PV, and MT. They're out there, trust me. Also, hammers don't spawn near forges on Loper.
  16. FYI regarding stims, there are a total of 8 - 10 in the game. There is a minimum of 1 in BR, but there there can be a total of 3 that spawn. The 3rd spawn point is at the bottom of the ravine near a corpse. Be careful though, that climb is the longest and most dangerous in all of Great Bear. Your list is missing the one in MT and the one in TWM. 👍
  17. Try practicing in Voyager, wolves are easier. What specifically are you having trouble with? There's a lot of variables involved in killing wolves post Errant Pilgrim, and the technique varies greatly depending on which weapon you are using. Of course, bait no longer works like it did in the past. Are you having trouble with the bow? With fire hunting? If you're asking for advice with the rifle, my advice would be to just shoot them.
  18. So good... I haven't seen that video in a long time. I just spent the last 5 minutes watching this over and over at work and laughing out loud like an idiot. Reminds me of another good old one..
  19. So I went up again this weekend after a great storm and lots of snow. I always take pics when I'm up there, as well as GoPro video from my helmet mount, but sometimes I see something that reminds me of TLD and just can't help it. Here's a few more. Mountain Farmhouse This immediately made me think of the PV Farmhouse or the MT Farmhouse. Snowy Road After a heavy snow, this road is looking just the one in PV. Signal Hill should be just around the corner! Hidden Cabin More PV vibes.. reminds me of Draft Dodger's Cabin.
  20. Seeing that really makes me wish I could go rolling around Great Bear with that fire harpoon on a shoulder harness. I would fear neither bear nor wolf! I'd feel like Robocop cut loose on Old Detroit. Very nice.
  21. Nice achievement run so far! I miss achievements, I would love some more to hunt.. 😥 To assist with a few of your comments: Parasite risk is 1% with the first piece and 4% with the second piece, regardless of skills. Only L5 cooking affects this. I can't remember how much after the 3rd piece, I'm not that risky. You are correct, it's not the weight but the frequency. If you have to eat one, make it a full 1.0 kg and not a partial.. you will get the same risk % regardless. I could be wrong, but I believe the timberwolf pack achievement is for story mode. The moose marks simply imply that one can spawn, unfortunately it doesn't mean one has spawned. If you are looking for a moose and don't see the marks, I would move on to the next spot. No marks = no spawn. I'm pretty sure lines break at random, not due to durability. Higher fishing skill levels reduce the chance the line breaks. I usually use my lines to mend clothes until it's at 10%, then use it for fishing. It has the same chance of snapping at 100% as it does at 10%. Good luck on your run! May you get all the achievements.
  22. If I could enter that ship at the docks and find one of those orcas to harvest.. I would definitely go to BI for that.
  23. LOL well done! I need to go hear that now..
  24. I'm just not sure what pull BI has for a visiting Loper. The Cannery is cool, but without the need to craft ammo, I'm not risking death by timberwolves just to sharpen my imp hatchet and get FP from some spoiled sardines. Sure, there's some neat places to loot, but on Loper there's just not enough risk/reward to visit the Radio Tower and Lookout. When they added HRV, they filled it with loot but made it treacherous and difficult to find. When they added BR, they added a stim at least, and added a forge later. What is the overriding reason to visit BI on Loper? I guess I need to just approach it like HRV and BR, loot once and never return. I seem to remember finding a stim on a practice run when I first played BI.. is this true or was it just a fever dream? Anyone else found one there? If so, there's my reason.. at least when playing DMC.