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  1. Hello my question dose hinterland have other types of survival games in the works? Like a desert survival game That takes place in the south west. Because in the lond dark world most of the population of North America and south America will kill it's self and from the nuclear power plant exploding across the western hemisphere. After TSHTF the world will be quiet some what. Just my thoughts to make The Long Dark Universe bigger.
  2. Lol will there be new craftings in the future
  3. Will there be future crafting like clothes or anything else??
  4. Thanks FrozenCorpse for your word. You always have good feed back and information.
  5. Could there be a cellphone in the world of the TLD.
  6. I wonder if the new region is perseverants? Remember what was written in blood in the prison bus. Correct me if I'm wrong. The old lady said Perseverants is a good size town.
  7. Do natural resources respond after sone besides animals.
  8. They should have added cougars and new crafting clothes
  9. Awesome thank you. I don't do Twitter what other way to you share update news?????????
  10. So hinterland what inspired you to make the long dark? Like movies or books?
  11. I hope new clothes can be crafted from their hides.