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  1. Awesome job.if only there was an open world where everyone can find a spot to live and Talk to each other. Kinda like the sims but it's the long dark
  2. What timeline is the long dark in? To bad we can't read the newspapers before burning the. How do I find out?
  3. OST? It doesn't show in Microsoft store? How do i purchase it?
  4. Hello admin so your saying the longdarks story mode will not be free? From start to finish shouldn't that be included in the game. I would understand to pay for extended stories to be added but the original story should be included in the game from start to finish when purchased. Why would someone buy a game where you only get half? Thank you
  5. So wintermute story mode from start to finish isn't free? That's messed up if it isn't it should come with the game. I'm going to contact someone about this.
  6. Has Hinterland commented about episode 3? And how many episodes will there be? And will perseverants be a new map ?
  7. Hinterland should think about add DLC's to the game. Like alcohol and tobacco products different types of foods. And more craft ables like snow shoes and to make a bigger bag or backpack or find bigger backpacks to trade inplace of your smaller one. And to build a slead. And other new locations. The island has to have a big town. New animals. If only online was available to play with other players a long dark community on the island.
  8. It sounds good to add alcohol and tobacco. Hinterland should sell an add on to introduce it to the game.
  9. Cool thanks for fixing the problems. So when do you think episode 3 is coming out?
  10. I'm happy with the updated. I didn't loss anything in the update. Thank you to everyone working hard to bring the updates.
  11. Awesome thanks you and everyone at hinterland. I wish co-op was added to the update. And thank you all again.
  12. Thank you for the information on the future updates.
  13. I don't know if this is appreciate or to soon. With the zombie viruse affecting the dear population and other animal populations in the united States. This would be a good update or add on. The CDC warrning that humans can and will catch the virus and take emergency steps to avoid at all cost.
  14. Hello everyone. I'm 36 a native American from Arizona and i have been playing video games my whole life. And the long dark is my number 1 game of all time. And where I'm from it's best and safe to stay indoors in the summer. Work all day and relax playing the long dark. Thank you all for welcoming me.