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  1. If there is going to be a long dark 2. I hope an up to date crafting like tools and the environment.
  2. Good day. A couple questions. When will a more clothes be available for crafting or a sled be added to tranport stuff? Well thank you all at Hinterland and happy holidays to all.
  3. I just finished episode 3 . It was a very good game except for a few things. The first thing is the timber wolves they where like a last minute add on and they where rushed to be programmed in the game. And the game was short and not enough missions. The legendary books are an awesome idea and wish their was more or some legends from the first nations people. Why are no first nationas people included in the game hinterland? Over all it was a very good short episode.
  4. I'm not trying to win friends lol. Hinterland should of did players have 13 days to finish the 4 days of night challenge. And why doesn't hinterland respond to my question?
  5. Apparently everyone has something to say but nothing useful.
  6. I am personally disappointed with hinterland for making the 4 days. In the real world adults have jobs and can't just sit down after work and play to relax. Hunterland was saying how busy they were trying to finish episode 3. They should know how life is for us who work. 4 days of night should be 13 days of night so everyone can play. It's the time of season the the roads are more dangerous with snow or storms it's not healthy to stay up late at night and work the next day.
  7. It should be longer than 4 days. In the real world adults have to work. I personally am disappointed with hinterland for making the 4 day it should be longer
  8. Why is the bear spear not available in survival mode?
  9. Raphael van lierop when episode 3 is released will the update mess up any saved items or stock piles of items collected?
  10. Dear Hinterland why is the time capsule only for steam? Is the time capsule coming to other platforms soon?
  11. Thank you. I have it on Xbox. I'm surprised hinterland didn't make the time capsule for Xbox one and PlayStation communitys. Laziness on hinterland i guess. Why make the time capsule for only one platform. Well thank you very much.