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  1. I have and they don't... the light's steady. That said, ISTR Raph saying that that's not intentional so it may well go away sometime. OTOH, it may well not... Only the Shadow knows!
  2. It's wrong, but it's really nice when you crest that hill leading from the Deadfall and see those lights gleaming out. Just wish that Trapper's had more wildlife around it in the deep game.
  3. I just want them to sell the posters you can find at various places in the game (like the Coastal Highway one in the dam) so I can buy some and/or all of 'em. They look great.
  4. Simple and Quality tools significantly speed up the crafting of arrows. This is nowhere mentioned, but if you have them in inventory when crafting arrows (not arrow shafts) you can use them to reduce crafting time by 25% and 50% respectively. I think a nice buff for those tools would be to have those tools save time at the crafting table, AND allow crafting arrows without the table, but with no time bonus from simple tools and only a 10% time bonus for quality tools. N.B.- allow crafting of arrows, not arrow shafts.
  5. Well, you asked, so.... Americans living and working in Canada is pretty reasonably common; I don't know any that renounced their citizenship. And come back up for a visit; if you ramble through Kingston Ontario you can look me up and I'll show you where the good bars are.
  6. Yes, sprinting is all about the fatigue, that's for sure. You can wind yourself right out in pretty short order by sprinting a lot. Heh, ditching the sprint bar etc kinda reminds me of how fatigue worked in Doom 3, where while you're on the hell levels it doesn't exist and you can run to your heart's content. Being able to endlessly sprint during an aurora could make the calorie burn of it really matter though, esp. to people who are trying to maintain the well-fed buff. I can easily see a situation where you suddenly realise you're about to hit empty on the calories and there's no food nearby so Well Fed is gonna go bye-bye. Hmmm, another interesting tuning to it: if you're starving during an aurora, you can still run but while you're sprinting your condition damage doubles from 1%/hr to 2%/hr. This is because the "on speed" effect of the aurora will allow you to run while starving but you'll be using up your body while you're doing it, albeit with no discomfort. As a side note: since they separated Pain and Sprains as afflictions, if you're wandering about with a sprained ankle and the pain wears off, the survivor should stop complaining about how much it hurts while he's walking.
  7. Yeah, I mean, it's possible to have passage to another region right by there with the road still being closed off by a landslide.
  8. I have some input for you, with the caveats that I'm not a US citizen, I'm a Canadian, and I Am Not A Lawyer And This Is Not Legal Advice: It's pretty much pointless to try to revoke your US citizenship as a Canadian, because our record keeping is good, and we (i.e. the Government of Canada) will share information with the US for tax purposes. This is because the US is unique in the world in taxing their citizens that reside in other countries. You can revoke your citizenship until you're blue in the face, and Uncle Sam is still going to come after you for taxes. My Mom's friend Barb holds dual citizenship, has lived here for decades, and still pays US taxes, albeit at a much lower rate than US residents do. The general process is to gain working status in Canada and a job, and then apply for landed immigrant status. That's a process that (as I understand it) generally takes a couple of years to finish. After you become a landed immigrant, you can apply to become a citizen after five years. By this time and assuming there've been no crimes or anything like that this is pretty much a formality with a low rate of denial. This process is distinct from what happens for refugees (that is people who've been accepted as asylum seekers) who have a shorter process due to their inability to return to their country of origin (otherwise they don't qualify as refugees), but I suspect it's going to be a while before Canada starts seeing the US as a place that people can seek asylum from.
  9. Actually a really cool mechanic might be to just simply ditch fatigue as a concept once the aurora is active. You're awake, you can run without getting tired, with the only cost to running being the greater calorie consumption, but no sleep during the aurora so no condition recovery outside of drinking birch bark tea... or permit sleep but you can't recover condition from sleep during an aurora. You could counter balance the buff to fatigue by amping up the predators just a little bit more than they already are during the aurora. Could make for some interesting gameplay choices.
  10. I have one wishlist item for sleeping, and that is to permit cancelling sleep when the aurora starts, so if you want to you can get up and experience some of the beauty. It also makes sense from the game perspective because it would just be affecting you in the same way that it affects all the other animals in the world.
  11. In hudless mode, you get no names at all. When you pick it up, you see the little 3d revolvable model, but no name, no condition, no mass, no calorie count... nothing. That's why the visual cues are crucial; you can only see the actions you can take (take = rmb, eat = space, leave=lmb) and the model for the item. It's actually really interesting how it makes you handle what's happening... you're only cues for condition are the little sayings and sounds you get from the guy (e.g. "The guy who drank is own pee doesn't seem so crazy right now" means "you're about to start losing condition due to thirst so drink some water moron"). I think the menus could also use some re-working in hudless mode to make them more copacetic with with the hudless philosophy of how you experience the game... and it would be to take certain classes of information away from you.
  12. I have tried playing with the HUD turned off, and in fact those kinds of cues are crucial in order to make that viable; right now if you're playing hudless you have to take it and look at it in inventory to know what the condition is because there are no cues at all when you pick it up. I'd prefer it to be the other way around; you can look at it and get a general idea of what the condition is, but even looking in inventory won't actually tell you. Turns eating things into much more of a lottery for the player... ...and I can say that playing hudless is quite cool, but the inability to get a handle on item condition that's not super precise (looking up the condition in the inventory screen) by looking at it makes hudless playing not really tenable in the long term. And that's unfortunate because, as I said, playing hudless is very cool indeed.
  13. The problem with this is that lamp oil is a significantly better accelerant for lighting a fire than gasoline is in the real world.
  14. That's interesting. I'm running it under linux and it's definitely an x86_64 executable. There are two executables that ship with the linux version of the game. Here's their readelf output showing the file header info: jack@mimas:~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/TheLongDark$ readelf -h tld.x86 ELF Header: Magic: 7f 45 4c 46 01 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Class: ELF32 Data: 2's complement, little endian Version: 1 (current) OS/ABI: UNIX - System V ABI Version: 0 Type: EXEC (Executable file) Machine: Intel 80386 Version: 0x1 Entry point address: 0x808bce0 Start of program headers: 52 (bytes into file) Start of section headers: 26739372 (bytes into file) Flags: 0x0 Size of this header: 52 (bytes) Size of program headers: 32 (bytes) Number of program headers: 9 Size of section headers: 40 (bytes) Number of section headers: 30 Section header string table index: 29 jack@mimas:~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/TheLongDark$ readelf -h tld.x86_64 ELF Header: Magic: 7f 45 4c 46 02 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Class: ELF64 Data: 2's complement, little endian Version: 1 (current) OS/ABI: UNIX - System V ABI Version: 0 Type: EXEC (Executable file) Machine: Advanced Micro Devices X86-64 Version: 0x1 Entry point address: 0x45a578 Start of program headers: 64 (bytes into file) Start of section headers: 27125040 (bytes into file) Flags: 0x0 Size of this header: 64 (bytes) Size of program headers: 56 (bytes) Number of program headers: 9 Size of section headers: 64 (bytes) Number of section headers: 30 Section header string table index: 29 jack@mimas:~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/TheLongDark$ That second program (which is the one that is running when I'm playing the game: tld.x86_64) is definitely a 64 bit program. Take a look in particular at the "Class:" and "Machine:" lines. Maybe you're just launching the wrong executable when you start the game? AFAIK Steam should pick the arch-appropriate program when you run it; it definitely does for me when I do fire this game up (and other Unity games like KSP) under Windows. Are you launching from a desktop icon? If so, check which executable you have it pointed at. Either way, there's no question that TLD has a 64 bit executable that ships with it, so the problem is almost certainly within your system.
  15. For me it's just weight that has very limited usefulness 95%+ of the time. I have them scattered at my main bases in the various regions so if I happen to be up, need to go out, and there's an aurora on I can pick it up to use it, but by and large they're just on the shelf.
  16. Loot should not be totally randomized; who wants to find a hacksaw in a dryer? However, as the wildlife "die-off" continues into the game by extinguishing spawn points that used to produce wildlife but don't any more (bear caves that stop being bear caves, deer spawns that stop producing, rabbit groves that die, wolf spawns that disappear), as well as by reducing the spawn rate of animals to replace the ones lost to predation, the selection of which spawn points to keep and which ones to flush is definitely a good candidate for total randomization. For example, say a map starts with five rabbit groves, and they decide over time to reduce that number to two. From one run to the next, there's no reason not to completely randomize which rabbit groves fall to the population decline knife. This is quite different from which loot goes where when the game is created.
  17. One thing I can add to this; when you get into the deep game (after say 150 days) and the wildlife population declines really start to bite you can find that places where one expects an animal may very well not have them any more. I've only really had one deep game (~745 days now) and it's been interesting seeing where they die. I expect that the "death" of spawn points is randomized... and is actually a really good candidate for total randomization.
  18. Happen to be cruising around TWM right now, filling in some blank spots on the map. There's some serious terrain up here: It's interesting. This particular survivor is over two years in, and the dropoff in wildlife has been pretty steep, but the Deer Clearing on TWM is apparently going great guns: there are four deer in this shot, and I saw a bear wander through here as well. On my way back to the Mountaineer's Hut, came across the odd couple near the wing: So two bears, a moose, plenty of deer... I'm thinking when I retire this guy (assuming I don't end up killing him off in a fit of hubris) that TWM would be a good logical place for him. I was originally thinking of Trapper's, but the simple truth is that there's just not much wildlife left around Trapper's any more. In fact I'm pretty sure that there are no bears at all left in ML, and given my clothing that's a non-starter; I need to kill a bear approximately once a month or so to keep my bear coat and bedroll in shape: This outfit is great; I can take a bear mauling and still have over half my condition left when it's over. Anyway, I've checked off all the spots on TWM for Faithful Cartographer; tomorrow I will once again leave this place. I've also completed PV, and have only one thing to map in ML. Once I get that done I'll be heading to HRV via MT as I've found I'm missing one or two location triggers on that map. Hopefully that'll be it. If not, it'll be time to go through the maps and the list again to figure out what I screwed up....
  19. I guess for me the problem with random loot is that the loot distribution will not "make sense". It makes sense to find a lot of tools at the Maintenance Yard and at Hibernia. It makes sense to find firearms at the Hunting Lodge. It makes sense to find storm lanterns and magnifying glasses at the Camp Office (for summer science field trips). It makes sense to find a snare at Trapper's. It makes sense to find a boatload of stuff in the cargo section of the plane on TWM. It makes sense that the only reasonably densely populated regions in Great Bear (MT & CH) are places where lots of clothing and cooking utensils can be found. Random loot distribution will mean that they will stop making sense. It's similar to why I don't want to see procedurally generated maps; they won't make sense. While there are some howlers in the geology of the area, by and large the handcrafted maps and loot tables make the layouts of the place make sense, and that adds a lot of versimilitude to the experience of playing the game. Personally, that whole "making sense" thing is part of what makes the game really great. I completely echo what you're saying about HRV. I got my ass kicked the first time I went in there and had to go back to MT to recover; after I went back in the second time I was able to get a lot further in. It was a most excellent experience discovering the place for the first time. I imagine that in a year or two when all the episodes are done and modding tools have been released, there'll be a rush of new regions designed by the community that will help create that experience over and over again.
  20. Aye, I understand, that's why I reported there first. On the gripping hand, I also know that it's the squeaky wheel wot gets the grease :). Yeah, I don't know. I don't have 4K capable hardware here so it's a little hard for me to know if it can do 4K or not. It'd be great if it did. I kind of suspect that at least in the backend it can (the hi-res screenshots are 7680x4320 which is significantly higher than 4K) but whether the hooks are in to deliver 1440p or 2160p to a monitor is a separate question. The hi-res screenshots certainly seem to show that it could be on the roadmap if it's not capable now... and a wee bit of googling shows people in the Steam forums talking about running at both 1440p and 4K, so I guess we're good if we want to examine the nose hairs in painful crystalline detail on the Old Bear.
  21. Personally, I think that if the textures are up to it this game would be amazing at 4K. OTOH, the price tag is not so amazing.... I'm currently running a 55" 1080p Sony Bravia... it's great. Still... getting a 4K monitor is down the priority list for me. Maybe this winter....
  22. One thing about running it on Proton; it crashes on exit and must be killed. I'm curious about whether it's syncing to the cloud or not.....