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  1. Heh, I suspect that whole thing falls into a "consistency is a hobgoblin of little minds" kinda zone.
  2. I have noticed that my breath cloud is often red now; I see that you've got that too. I'm wondering if that's a bug because it doesn't really make sense.
  3. stratvox


    I like the charcoal maps; I think the art dimension of them plus the fact that they're really a map without things to tell you where you are outside of committing a mapping action (i.e. they behave like a paper map you hold in your hand) is good. I'd be very very disappointed if they started putting map HUD stuff on it, personally. One of the truly winning aspects of this game is that it refuses hand-holding. This makes you need to figure out how to navigate the way you actually would in a similar situation... by learning the lay of the land and navigating by landmarks. Just Say No to a location and direction marker!
  4. He probably meant "induce" which would be accurate. You seriously haven't seen what it's currently like in the native linux version of the game. Given what I know about the kinds of things that can induce seizures I wouldn't be surprised if the effect was easily measurable for an epileptic: it's that bad. I was unable to play the game for more than about half an hour after the most recent sets of updates because I'd get a headache.
  5. A very weird era indeed. I'm thinking of trying it with some of the other games I have to see if it ends up being better. Interestingly, there was a period of time in the mid-nineties where that was true of some games but with OS/2 taking the place of linux. Descent w/ kali for tcpip networking on OS/2 ran rings around the windows versions. After the leaked quake sources resulted in an unofficial OS/2 port (97 maybe?), quake on OS/2 was also really really good, definitely way better performing than quake with windows 95.
  6. Aye, I agree completely, which is why I haven't complained. I imagine that if they were to update to a more recent version of the engine that'd fix it, but of course that's a HUGE job for them. Maybe we'll see it with the December survival update... one can hope
  7. @jeffpeng That's exactly what I'm seeing when I'm running the linux version with -force-vulkan. It all looks pretty good except for shadows, which bear a strong resemblance to a really bad trip. The shadows are the only thing broken about vulkan with TLD, which is a shame.
  8. I've generally found that as of about two or three weeks ago, the open source radeon stuff surpassed the AMD drivers at least when it comes to my 5700xt. It's a seriously impressive card. Fun facts... it's actually better to lock the framerate to my output device for pretty much any game I play because the card is so fast that it's updating frames several times every sixtieth of a second!
  9. Yeah, I'm pretty convinced it's Unity too. Currently I'm playing the windows version using proton; it's a much better experience. I hope that Unity manages to get it together and that Raph and Hinterland manage to get themselves onto a non-broken version of unity soon. The proton-dxvk-windows version runs well, but my experience so far is that performance overall is better with the native linux client... plus I don't have to go spelunking deep into a wine tree to find the screenshots I've taken while playing.
  10. This is really the reason right there. The Lee-Enfield .303 is an iconic rifle of Canada's north; it was in continuous use by the Rangers (a CF unit that patrols Canada's north) for over a century, only being obsoleted within the last twenty years or so; IIRC that was in 1997. ETA: that said, Raph's point about the firearms' function within the game is well taken.
  11. I had that experience also. I reported it on the bug tracker; you may want to do the same thing.
  12. You want to get on kernel 3.5 and the latest'n'greatest mesa (19.3), as well as the latest nvidia drivers. If you're using radeon, the open source drivers are doing a great job. The recent updates coming out of the mesa people are killing it.
  13. Thanks for the shoutout, @jeffpeng
  14. Which particular version of linux are you running? Ubuntu? Debian? Centos? Are you running nvidia or amd? My main area of familiarity is ubuntu; there are things you can do that can radically improve the library situation through the use of PPAs.
  15. It was really simple, actually. You get yourself on the Steam beta so you can access the "Steamplay compatibility tool". Then you open TLD's properties in the Steam client, and on the bottom of the first tab you'll see an entry for "Force the use of a particular steamplay compatibility tool". Pick the latest version Proton in the drop down. It'll download about 350 MBs for Proton, and then it'll download about another half gig for the Windows executables, then when you start the game it'll load it into Proton, which is a tool that combines Wine with the VKDX tool, which translates DX calls into Vulkan api calls. The player's save files aren't quite in the same location. I used a soft link to link the windows save game directory to the linux one in the file system, so they're always in sync with each other. Proton works incredibly well; I've played Prey, TLD, Homeworld Remastered & Deserts of Kharak, they all work well and with good performance... which is not to say that I don't want the native linux version of TLD to work properly because proton does cost some performance. You can go check out on the latest reports on game compatibility at if you're interested in a game that's only available on Windows.
  16. Sure. I'm going to have to wait until this evening though. I'm also running an unusual setup; I'm running the windows version in linux using the steam compatibility tool w/ VKDX because there are rendering issues in the linux version wrt opengl and z-fighting on distant terrain which ends up leading to a lot of eyestrain after playing for an hour or thereabouts.
  17. I have seen the character hitting the ground thing.
  18. I've also noticed that every once in a while the camera will suddenly drop to floor level and then come back up again slowly as if you're coming out of a crouch, but without the crouch button getting pushed. Noticed it a few times; once while wandering about in MT in the back "street" that goes to the bank manager's house(I'm playing all three episodes from the beginning) as well as once inside when coming to the top of a set of stairs in one of the MT houses.
  19. I've seen that guy in one of my playthroughs before. Poor guy.
  20. Are you able to comment whether the outstanding OpenGL rendering issues in linux have been addressed?
  21. Hey @Raphael van Lierop, is there a Unity engine update in this release?
  22. The main games I'm playing these days are TLD, KSP, and CS. Old games? Descent was a serious fave. I have Overload, but I need a better joystick than the one I've got; the one I have is not fun to play with. I'm planning to upgrade my machine sometime over the fall, so after that I may look at getting a better one. Doom and Quake, of course; Quake in particular is one of the funnest deathmatches going. Quad Damage + Invuln = Gibbing Heaven. The OG Syndicate was a lot of fun, trying to figure out how to get the missions done with maximum collateral damage. ETA: How could I forget the Half-Life series! Some excellent gameplay there. I was sorely disappointed when they finally got around to announcing that there will never be HL2: Ep 3. I still think they should make it; if they actually did it I'm sure they'd make a TON of money. I've never played consoles, so there's a pile of games there that I know nothing about, but I did play Pong on the original hardware in my friend's basement when I was in grade six in 1978. I've also played some C64 and Amiga stuff, but what they were actually called... well, it was a long time ago
  23. No. The cold bonus is a time bonus, not a heat bonus. It's based on the environmental temperature of the player while both the player and the fire are outside. If you're within range of the fire, it's based on what the player's environmental temperature would be if there was no fire present. The fire itself gets as hot as it gets based on the amount of fuel fed into it; for example one stick equals one degree centigrade, one cedar equals four, and so on. However, when you put the stick in it'll show you a "time left" on the fire. If the temperature's cold enough, it won't tick down on a one second per second basis; as the environmental temperature drops, it'll do so on the basis of say .8 second time left per second of time passing. Let's say for example that the cold bonus means that each second passes eats .75 seconds of the time left on the fire; if the fire has one hour left, after one hour of time passing in the game, the fire won't go out; instead it'll have fifteen minutes left because 60*0.75=45 minutes consumed of the hour, leaving fifteen minutes showing on the time left on the fire. The fire will in fact last for one hour and twenty minutes before it goes out, because 20*0.75=15, meaning that it'll take twenty minutes for the fire to consume all fifteen minutes of the time left. The further the temperature drops, the more that factor increases. This makes judging exactly how long a fire will last while outdoors harder to figure out, but the benefits far outweigh this unpredictability.
  24. Hey @jeffpeng I pulled the trigger on going with the open source drivers; upgraded to 19.04, installed the mainline kernel tool, the graphics-drivers ppa for the latest'n'greatest mesa stuff, and uninstalled the closed drivers that I installed from AMD. Performance in the game is significantly better with the open source drivers than the proprietary ones. The flickering is still there, unfortunately. If the Oct 22 update fixes that problem I'm very much looking forward to spending a lot more time on Great Bear.