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  1. I really wish that it was possible for the post above to contain spoilers. However even I have no idea what was in that conversation in the game. It would be cool if someone were to (Spoilers) tell me what the caller said, and what my character said.
  2. Spoilers . . . In episode 4, just after entering the dam, there is a phone call. That too too quiet audio for that call is almost completely drowned out for me by ambient noise, the sound of rushing water. I cannot tell what Jace is telling me, or what I am telling Jace. I think she is giving me a quest, but I cannot hear what she is saying. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. The scripted struggle animation has a vertical height. I have had the opposite happen where a wolf below me while I was standing on the end of that big pipe out behind the shop in broken railroad. I was out of reach when the animation started so suddenly I was moved down inside the pipe when the animation started, cause in my case the wolf was attacking at its height.
  4. Winner for most The Long Dark tattoo. https://www.facebook.com/Lirka77/photos/a.1916667041993052/2925959977730415