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  1. It sounds cheesy, but it is the quiet beauty. It creates a context without which the survival mechanics would be far less interesting. Quiet apocalypse indeed.
  2. Yes, so yes. How can eating rotten peaches be the only way to get them out of a can you need? What happens if you overcook the food in the can until it is just burnt stuff?
  3. When I am at the Cannery Workshop to use the machine I now just sleep in one or two hour increments. You are right that would wake people.
  4. It is odd that the camera rotation, when you are inside a car prevents you from turning your head and looking out or into the back. There are probably camera rotation angle limits somewhere set to far too small an angle. I do not need to be able to spin my head like in the exorcist, but the left and right rotation should be enough that the views overlap and I can see what is out, or in, the back. While playing, while sleeping, especially at the Cannery Workshop, I have jumped at the aurora starting and everything kicking into life. Probably this should disrupt your sleep. This would have the gameplay advantage of sometimes making getting enough rest problematic, but also allow you to get up and use the power-on time if you need to.
  5. This story is that I was at the Cannery Workshop during an aurora, however I had finished all my machining. And had slept fully. So I got my camera and took a bit of a walk about. Pretty.
  6. Good lord! Does the cooking XP work like that? Number of tiny bits of meat you cook?
  7. Breaking down a campfire would be more useful/realistic if as an aspect of that mechanic there was a way of putting out a fire you were done with and recovering the unspent fuel. This is what you actually can do when traveling in the wild and finishing a lunch break. Damp down and extinguish the fire. Recover the unburnt wood and put it to one side.
  8. I worry about parasites. At one time I was stuck in Broken Railroad for two weeks, sick as a dog, boiling Reishi tea, as much as I could find. It was not the best experience. Wolf meat can stay where I find it.
  9. The map design really does need more storage containers in most locations, certainly some storage for food outside anywhere you would have a base. What cabin would not have an outhouse (mega-locker) or wood bin? It is mad that I am making piles of meat on the porch at Mystery Lake. And with the new lost and found boxes mechanic I am finding that piles of wood or water or whatever that I have cached in the open are getting magically transported to distant map exits. I am not sure that the crates need to be caches, but you ought to be able to store your collected resources where you are camped.
  10. It was fine the first time. It had an element of exploration and of the unexpected. I was generally quite nervous finding the path, more so because even though I had just driven them off, the Cannery timberwolves went mad when I was above them and would have torn me to ribbons had I fallen. However now that I am established at Bleak Inlet I traverse that circuitous path multiple times a day. No one would keep doing that, particularly the jump down onto the boat, if they could just move the climbing point or lean one of the ladders somewhere. I find going all the way around, every time, the worst part of that region. The game should just allow a shortcut once you gain access to the Workshop. Going all the way around over, and over, and over and over… adds nothing to the game.
  11. I am fine with them topping out at 0.50 Kg. So those four bottles should be three of 0.50, 0.50, and 0.30.
  12. A while back, three timberwolves west of the cannery came within a hair’s breadth of killing me before shooting them repeatedly in the face drove them off, none of them dead. Today I headed back that way and made my way up onto a fallen tree overlooking the path to the trailers along the coast. And I waited. Soon they came. Snarling and bloodthirsty. So I loosed arrows at them, always trying to hit the one that already had arrows in it. Soon the first wolf went down. My last arrow pierced another attacker, but still they raged. Perhaps more so with the death of their pack mate. Out came my rifle. One shot, two. Finally their moral broke and the two survivors fled east. I climbed down carefully as I had already gotten one sprain getting into position. I took to butchering my prize, during which time the second, wounded timberwolf saw fit to come up behind me and die. So I harvested it as well. Perhaps the survivor will now think twice about menacing me as I go about my Bleak business.
  13. Please, for the love of sanity, let me move the step ladder that is in the Cannery Workshop, or the climbing rope that is uselessly on the other side of the yard, to here. I even have a spare climbing rope. I would gladly rig it right here.
  14. Some items in inventories, if they have the same %%, they stack or consolidate. Is it a bug that four small containers of lantern fuel all with 94% remain separate? I would wish that these four 94% bottles of 0.50 Kg, 0.25 Kg, 0.40 Kg, and 0.15 Kg, were a single bottle of 1.30 Kg. Probably the lantern fuel should operate like the water mechanic?