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  1. A consul command would be some sort of edict, like, “the game may have NO mod support.”
  2. If the timberwolves that ran off with arrows in them actually bled out as the mechanic is supposed to work that would be fine and you could retrieve your arrows. However despite a patch that was supposed to fix this, wolves that flee are still disappearing and taking the arrows with them. Previously they had been glitching below the map. I do not know what is happening to them now. But I have killed twice as many timberwolves as I have found bodies.
  3. Timberwolves ad interesting play variety to the game, but the mechanic is broken, or at least incomplete. There is another thread on this HERE.
  4. I can stand inside a shelter and map an area around me like I am using short-range sonar or something, but I cannot draw this valley on my map when I have climbed up here to a vantage point where I can see it all. I wish I could map what I can see.
  5. Hmm, I think random trees are looking like a bridge that is not there. This is looking east just south of Heartbreak Bridge between Lower Falls and the bridge. Just standing up from the east side of the river looking across.
  6. I was tired and it was foggy, so I took a moment…
  7. dahemac

    Cured Leather

    I have quite a bit of leather in Pleasant Valley I have discovered. But probably less than 20. RNG I guess. I was in Broken Railroad when a wolf attack damaged gauntlets and moose-hide satchel. It suddenly occurred to me that I could repair one or the other. I traveled through to Mystery Lake and had like three leather there. So I put aside the gauntlets and made rabbit gloves. I am also now a rabid moose hunter so can make more satchels and neglect repair of them. I have also been trying to keep my gear over 90%. But perhaps I need to lower expectations to 80%.
  8. The camera rotation stop values are arbitrarily restrictive and unrealistic. They really are frustrating, to no gaming purpose. “I can’t turn my head,” is a design mistake, not a feature.
  9. @Gracia_WolfSlayer Sorry. Never was good with names and the initializations do not help.
  10. @EjectedCasings Balance is a tricky thing and I think Hinterland do pretty well with it. I doubt my custom settings, which I do not remember, and I have no idea how to check, but I doubt they would satisfy an hard-core max-difficulty player. I would probably like to build an igloo in HRV to use as a base. But perhaps they are unnecessary because players are just going from building to building, or cave or whatever.
  11. I think it would make a great skill tree. And yes, especially for novices it should take a long time to make a so-so pile of snow with a hole in it. At level 5 it should take, as it does in reality 3–6 hours to make an igloo. And while the quinzhee should be for just a night or two, an igloo should last for weeks, unless there is a chance a marauding bear or moose stomps it, or a wolf moves in. Moreover I am not sure why anyone should care if another player wants to spend all their time building igloos all over the map. How would that affect your gaming experience?
  12. Or, err, lol, Pleasant Valley.
  13. EDIT: lol, I was thinking of Pleasant Valley lol. Cant think of a reason to go through Hushed River Valleys again. lol I am currently back in Hushed River Valley searching the new buildings for books of matches and stump remover. It is nice. Lots of tasty easy-to-kill bears. Gonna go see if the plane crash changed the map any at the north end. Nice place, but stormy.