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  1. It is hard to see in the screen shots, but all the rabbits were gently glowing.
  2. The frozen orca pics have been around for a year (?) Can’t be much of a spoiler at this point. Now telling people about the Yeti who you play poker with in the church basement, now that would be a spoiler.
  3. This is what you see, in-game, at the end of episode 3.
  4. I wonder why that spear is not in the survival game.
  5. Cried a bit when I headed back down to Pleasant Valley with a load of supplies. I will be so pleased to be done with TWM.
  6. Hey hey Timberwolf Mountain, pushin through the overhanging trees. Make way for the Timberwolf Mountain. The snow is comin’ down, it’s a mighty tight freeze.
  7. Honestly, since there is not infinite leather but there is infinite deer skin, I think I will stick with the deer skin boots.
  8. I am fairly sure I have have checked all those locations. I don’t think any spawns are guaranteed. I was just not lucky I guess.