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  1. I have so much moose and bear, and rabbits are so few in calories by weight, that I only take them for pelts in snares. It is so not-worth-it to cook the rabbit that I have been leaving the meat out for scaredy wolf at the Cannery.
  2. Sometimes I think about how much more versatility gameplay would have with a cargo sled. And what are all those hundreds of pallets for in-game anyway?
  3. Cook your mountain of dead bears and level that cooking up.
  4. So, eventually you build a wall of bear quarters around the garage? I think parasites go away at level 5 cooking. Is this not so in Stalker?
  5. Wow, you have been grinding. Episode III in the first week. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  6. Blood-red dawn at the Cannery Powered Tower Are the stars out tonight?
  7. I have more moose and bear meat at Bleak Inlet than I can easily store, so I have stopped cooking rabbits. And I feel bad for the terrified wolf that runs away every time I come back to the cannery. So I have started dropping rabbits and rabbit meat for her in the front yard next to the road. And it looks like she took two rabbits. Unless they despawned. Dunknow. I like to think we are friends now and I can share some food with her.
  8. Lately in CH there is a regular bear delivery service at the garage. No need to look for bears. Every week one just walks into the garage yard. Because you can crouch-attack (level 5 bow) and duck into a car, two or three shots safely get that meat.
  9. Every time I kill anything, some of my arrows disappear. And birch saplings seem to be in limited supply. Three hits to a moose that only has two arrows stuck in it. Two hits in the face to drop a bear. The dead bear only has one arrow in it. I would dearly love to know how to repeat this splendid glitch you have found. Do you remember how many arrows you got out of that porcupine?
  10. We were lately discussing this in the topic “I have stopped carrying the rifle.”. It really is the weight that you should consider. Moreover when choosing to encounter a bear or moose or timberwolves you should always choose your ground. If you are not in a location where you can use the terrain, a half-fallen tree, a car, a hunter’s blind, to protect yourself, do you really need that particular kill right now. I got stomped by a moose I was bow hunting in the NW of Bleak inlet the other day and had to return to the cannery for five days of recuperation. I got a moose hide out of it, but was it really worth it. Probably not.
  11. That is a lack of animation, not the diabetes. The game would be less weird if they moved around and chatted.
  12. If all the trunks of cars are not full, you do not have enough meat. ;D