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  1. Nice project, @fauxjargon, +1 here and there. Also a shoutout to the old goons chiming in here and kidnapping the thread! Yeah, I'm not playing much either recently. So much to do elsewhere. And it looks like I'm going to be a father in December, so from that point onwards it'll rather be changing diapers than conquering the world in video games...
  2. The snow shelter used to be a necessity on Interloper in earlier versions of the game to achieve certain things. For example, to start in TWM and go straight to the summit without a bedroll. I don't know if in today's version that's still a necessity, since a number of provisional beds have been added to the game later.
  3. Hi, I am not familiar with the story leaks of TLOU2, but personally find it hard to believe that an established producer like Naughty Dog in collaboration with a huge company like Sony would actually make a statement against any specific sexual orientiation in any game they develop/produce. Considering that apparently only parts of the game's story have leaked and people do not yet have the full picture, can you already deduct with certainty what the game's message is?
  4. The Milton Mailbag was a cool thing, but I think it's not fit to be a permanent service. One reason being that it's difficult to know whether a question one would like to ask has been asked (and answered) before or not. The longer the Mailbag exists and the more Q&A threads there are, the more it is likely that the same questions will be asked over and over, and the thing becomes repetitive. I used to follow it closely for a while, but then got distracted by RL. Coming back now, I am reluctant to ask questions, because I fear they have been answered already in the past, and I don't want to ask redundant questions. Not sure if a video blog would remedy that. Maybe it's just time for something else. But thanks anyway for running the Milton Mailbag for so long, and thanks for this update. Stay healthy all.
  5. Thanks again @jeffpeng and @stratvox for the technical insights. I'll let this sink in a little and then see what kind of system I'l get.
  6. Thanks a lot @stratvox & @jeffpeng for the explanations. Although some of it might as well be written in Chinese. When I was a student in the 90s, I built all my PCs myself, and I knew all about the technical specs, where to get the parts at the cheapest price etc. Times long gone, now I am happy when I have a dim notion of what 'cores' are or what 'SSD' means (yay!). @Aurimas: Why don't I assemble the thing myself now? Because I have a job which allows me to work more (to earn more) or less (earning less as a consequence) as I need/want. If I work a couple of hours more and this allows me to pay for a stylish new PC to be assembled by a professional whom I've known for many years now, I would prefer this to spending three times the hours to re-familiarize myself with building PCs and then many more hours of trial and error, returning parts to the store, getting replacements, and then potentially ending up with errors I can't explain without help. As you get older, you start allocating your resources to get the most out of them. Time is such a resource. Well, I'm conflicted now... @stratvox, is your top-end configuration necessary to play in 4K? Or is your reduced version sufficient for that?
  7. Grrch... shouldn't have looked into this thread, now I want to upgrade my rig. No, I have to be more precise: I want a new one. Since you guys here are presumably ahead on hardware knowledge: Any tips? How much approx. would I have to invest to get there (I'm in EURO country)? And: Better buy it ready-to-use? Or better have it assembled by my dealer?
  8. Hotzn

    What Now?

    Imagine yourself as a saturated individual of 55 years. You have a big house, you have a fast car, all mortgages are paid off. You have a family, but the kids have grown up already and live a life of their own. You have financial security. You have traveled the world aplenty. If you are lucky, you have some 20 good years left. What do you do?
  9. So, following up on my brief report a couple of days ago from the South of Cologne in central Germany: We are experiencing the first Covid-19 cases nearby, the virus got into at least one retirement home here (we have 3 close by). Also I am hearing about people in my personal sphere getting the virus here and there (like the son of the sister of a friend of mine, not in the direct social vicinity, but still people I know and get to see every couple of months), though all who reportedly got it who I personally know did not have a problem and are OK again. Healed, in other words. Most of what was off the shelves lately is available again, not at all times, but it's not difficult to get anymore. I have seen toilet paper, noodles, liquid soap, flour etc. in various supermarkets during the past 2 days. Haven't checked disinfectant. What seems to still be in short supply are protective masks (not a usual supermarket commodity). People are still able to move about freely, but most keep their distance, and some are wearing protective gloves and face masks (few though, also due to the aforementioned shortage). Some supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies are limiting the number of customers who may enter their premises at the same time, so there are queues in front of the stores here and there. From what I saw, people are showing discipline, and the queueing works nicely. For those of you outside of Germany: You may know or not know that Germany has so far not ordered people to stay at home. Instead, people are basically forbidden to make "contact" with others, with a number of exceptions (shopping essential items, living under the same roof as usual etc.). Further, non-essential shops and services are closed down temporarily.
  10. Cheer up, man. It's important to see the positive side of things... Consider how blessed you are that you HAVE a family. There are people out here who have always wanted to have kids, but somehow it didn't happen. Like me. Think about how you would feel if Covid-19 was deadly for kids. Luckily, it's not - for all we know kids are hardly affected. From earlier posts you made I assume you are in a safe place and have enough food in storage. That sets you apart from a lot of other people in the world. You should feel lucky, as I imagine there is hardly anything so bad as if your family is going hungry and you can't provide for them. And a short story, maybe it makes you happy: Yesterday, I found a bumble bee in the staircase of the house where I live (we share the house with 2 other families). It was completely exhausted and covered in dust, and probably close to dying. I was on my way to work, but decided I had to attend to the bumble bee first. Picking it up carefully, I carried it back to our flat. First, I tried to put it onto some flowers on our balcony, but it wouldn't move from my hand. Too exhausted. Then, I tried to feed it some honey (acquired from a friend who is a beekeeper). And it worked! It was too cute - the bumble bee was licking the honey off my finger, I could even see & feel its tiny tongue. Very slowly at first, but as it gained strength, it got quicker and quicker. After picking up some honey and water this way, the little fella climbed into my hand, apparently to warm up. After about 10 minutes, it re-emerged and started cleaning itself with great care. Deftly, it wiped off all the dust and curled it into a little ball, which it kicked away with his hind legs. Really cool, it looked brand-new afterwards. And then it started pumping its abdomen and lifted off - over to the flowers where it started collecting nectar from them immediately. Saved. All this too about 45 minutes. I arrived at work late, but I am my own boss, so nobody cares. It was well worth the time to have saved the little bumble bee.
  11. Haha, brillant idea, I like it!
  12. There can be no consul commands without a consul. So they would first have to add a consul to the game. However, that might destroy the atmosphere of loneliness.