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  1. Hotzn


    Cool, thanks Hinterland! Haven't played in a while due to loads of work, but will get back to it when Ep. 3 is out!
  2. Is it just my impression, or has it become somewhat quiet on the forums? May we expect another dev update anytime soon? Any rumours? Anything?
  3. Hilarious. The wolf on top of it all...
  4. I laughed a lot seeing this reference to the olden TWM run II. The wording is actually from Lords of Midnight - to me one of the best video games ever, with an AI of a couple of bytes steering the forces of evil in a manner which I find baffling until this day. The author and programmer (a one-man team, those were the days) was a phenomenal writer, too. Shame he died.
  5. The dead guy with the laptop is an interesting find. Wonder if the laptop will fire up when an aurora is on. Maybe it will display what the guy was doing there...
  6. Following this, obviously...
  7. Intense ending. Rep handed out, well earned. Due to time restraints, I am currently unable to read survival reports in detail, let alone verify hypotheses according to the principles of TLD science. But I skimmed through it, and the end result speaks for itself - 50 days in muskeg with these settings should catapult you into the Hall of Fame of TLD. Which means your name may also be occasionally whispered at a campfire.
  8. Barkman - excellent. I advocate that future Deadman runs including Birch bark tea consumption shall henceforth be titled 'Barkman'. Should the notorious @Drifter Man start new adventures in this field, a new thread titled 'A few Barkmen' should be opened.
  9. That sounds really interesting. And yes, there would need to be some indication that a long-lasting blizzard is on its way. Otherwise, the risk of being hit unprepared would be too great. Even if you have stashed away enough resources to make it through a long blizzard, you might still be caught while travelling around somewhere else, and that would be it. But 'events' in the sandbox could be cool - there could be an automatic 'story writer' like it is advertised for Rimworld. In other words, the game could make a string of special events which would then occur in a sandbox game (like a long blizzard, or a big bad bear stalking you (like in the challenge), or a message from another survivor forcing you to race across the maps to another location in only a couple of days).
  10. Hotzn


    Candles must be one of the most-wished-for features in TLD overall, second only to multiplayer mode (arrgh) and a sled for hauling around a gazillion items (hrrrch). I remember the devs explained at some point that candles are difficult to program as the game would need to track a potentially high number of candles burning in different places and their current status. But I may be mixing things up.
  11. There should be more variety in toilets. Like there being really filthy toilets with non-potable water, and clean toilets with potable water.
  12. +1, would be a quality-of-life improvement. And yes, the stalks are slightly OP (although I appreciate that they don't decay). They were even more so when they were introduced, their caloric value was reduced later.
  13. The tablets have been the most redundant item ever since I have been playing this game.
  14. Has been suggested multiple times and might be a cool feature. However, I have no idea how much programming effort this would require in relation to other changes.