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  1. So, following up on my brief report a couple of days ago from the South of Cologne in central Germany: We are experiencing the first Covid-19 cases nearby, the virus got into at least one retirement home here (we have 3 close by). Also I am hearing about people in my personal sphere getting the virus here and there (like the son of the sister of a friend of mine, not in the direct social vicinity, but still people I know and get to see every couple of months), though all who reportedly got it who I personally know did not have a problem and are OK again. Healed, in other words. Most of what was off the shelves lately is available again, not at all times, but it's not difficult to get anymore. I have seen toilet paper, noodles, liquid soap, flour etc. in various supermarkets during the past 2 days. Haven't checked disinfectant. What seems to still be in short supply are protective masks (not a usual supermarket commodity). People are still able to move about freely, but most keep their distance, and some are wearing protective gloves and face masks (few though, also due to the aforementioned shortage). Some supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies are limiting the number of customers who may enter their premises at the same time, so there are queues in front of the stores here and there. From what I saw, people are showing discipline, and the queueing works nicely. For those of you outside of Germany: You may know or not know that Germany has so far not ordered people to stay at home. Instead, people are basically forbidden to make "contact" with others, with a number of exceptions (shopping essential items, living under the same roof as usual etc.). Further, non-essential shops and services are closed down temporarily.
  2. Cheer up, man. It's important to see the positive side of things... Consider how blessed you are that you HAVE a family. There are people out here who have always wanted to have kids, but somehow it didn't happen. Like me. Think about how you would feel if Covid-19 was deadly for kids. Luckily, it's not - for all we know kids are hardly affected. From earlier posts you made I assume you are in a safe place and have enough food in storage. That sets you apart from a lot of other people in the world. You should feel lucky, as I imagine there is hardly anything so bad as if your family is going hungry and you can't provide for them. And a short story, maybe it makes you happy: Yesterday, I found a bumble bee in the staircase of the house where I live (we share the house with 2 other families). It was completely exhausted and covered in dust, and probably close to dying. I was on my way to work, but decided I had to attend to the bumble bee first. Picking it up carefully, I carried it back to our flat. First, I tried to put it onto some flowers on our balcony, but it wouldn't move from my hand. Too exhausted. Then, I tried to feed it some honey (acquired from a friend who is a beekeeper). And it worked! It was too cute - the bumble bee was licking the honey off my finger, I could even see & feel its tiny tongue. Very slowly at first, but as it gained strength, it got quicker and quicker. After picking up some honey and water this way, the little fella climbed into my hand, apparently to warm up. After about 10 minutes, it re-emerged and started cleaning itself with great care. Deftly, it wiped off all the dust and curled it into a little ball, which it kicked away with his hind legs. Really cool, it looked brand-new afterwards. And then it started pumping its abdomen and lifted off - over to the flowers where it started collecting nectar from them immediately. Saved. All this too about 45 minutes. I arrived at work late, but I am my own boss, so nobody cares. It was well worth the time to have saved the little bumble bee.
  3. Haha, brillant idea, I like it!
  4. There can be no consul commands without a consul. So they would first have to add a consul to the game. However, that might destroy the atmosphere of loneliness.
  5. Good to see disciples of the notorious @Drifter Mantaking their first steps to stardom. +1 Some more screenshots would be cool. And you should carefully read the master's AARs to pick up more vocabulary and start speaking 'Driftermannish'. Like calling Coastal Townsite 'Wolfen Wolfsite' and so on. I'll be following this...
  6. Brief report from the Southern parts of Cologne, Germany: Toilet paper shortage, but not catastrophic. You can still get the moist & expensive toilet papers, also kitchen tissue and other stuff. No need to panic, you'll get your ass clean. Desinfectant is still available, prices are steep though at the moment. Spaghetti were short for a couple of days, but noodles weren't out. We all asked ourselves why toilet paper of all things is running out in the scenario we're in, what people will do with toilet paper, noodles & disinfectant in a potential lockdown. A satirical German online magazine has published 10 recipes for delicious dishes you can make with the named three ingredients. If you can read German, have a look, it's hilarious: 10 Recipes for noodles with toilet paper (in German) A lot of shops are closed now, but everything you really need (supermarkets, drugstores etc.) is open. Some of the closed shops have switched to home delivery. People are calm and can move freely, but are advised to stay at home. A medical institution and telecoms providers are reported to be currently scrutinizing mobile phone data to check which portion of the population is actually following the advice (interesting, huh?). I think people have understood here that it's not about avoiding the virus altogether, but instead slowing it down so we don't all get it at the same time. In order to allow hospitals to cope with the patients who have severe problems with it. The economic side is a different beast. Nobody knows how much lockdown can be practiced around the world before we spin into an economic downturn which spirals out of control. That is really my concern, that all the health precautions will trigger something which goes wide and deep in a way our generation has not yet seen. Well, we'll get to know more as time passes. Take care out there. Let's hope we don't meet in a Long Dark scenario after all.
  7. I am quoting myself, since I will try to dig a little deeper into the SSA (or Steam EULA, as some people in this thread are calling it). To avoid the discussion running in circles. Be informed that I know something about law, and therefore I reiterate: Giving answers here is not easy. It's also tricky to find the exact questions which need to be asked. So, I established above that a Steam customer does not "buy" and "own" a game acquired on Steam, but acquires a license to use it under specific circumstances, which are mainly defined by agreements concluded by the Steam customer Valve, and - potentially - further agreements, also potentially concluded between third parties, and applicable laws. Especially the 'applicable laws' part can be complicated, since these laws may depend on where the customer is situated or living when acquiring the game (eg compulsory consumer protection laws). But for the time being, we shall assume that the SSA gives us answers, and that no laws are applicable which overrule them. Now one interesting question might be: Is a Steam customer entitled (or: does he/she have the 'right') to install and run the Steam client and a game acquired on Steam on a virtual PC (meaning on hardware owned by a third party), using his/her Steam account on that virtual PC? According to 1.C SSA, you are - among other things - forbidden to "share" the password to your Steam account. I would assume that by accessing your Steam account on a remote PC via a service provided by a third party (here: GFN), you are entering your password into an interface of that service, which at least opens up the possibility that the service provider can technically get to know your password. On the legal side, I would then assume that this means "sharing" your password. If my assumptions are correct (you may of course debate them), then a Steam user is not entitled to install and run TLD via GFN on the basis of 1.C SSA alone. But let's look further: According to 2.G SSA, you are - among other things - forbidden to "transfer reproductions of the Content and Services to other parties in any way", further to "emulate or redirect the communication protocols used by Valve in any network feature of the Content and Services". I would assume that playing TLD via GFN technically requires either installing another copy of TLD on your virtual PC or emulating Valve's communication protocols to use some other copy of TLD already existing on GFN servers (I might be wrong in these assumptions, if so please correct me, tekkies). I would further assume that the former represents 'transferring a reproduction to a third party', and the latter represents 'emulating or redirecting the communication protocols used by Valve'. So, if my assumptions are correct, playing Steam games on a virtual PC would also mean violating 2.G of the SSA. Please don't take this as a final legal opinion, but a rough sketch of where my preliminary thoughts are going. Make of it what you will.
  8. Quite a number of people in this thread - and elsewhere - repeatedly write that they "bought" TLD on Steam, and that they consequently "own" the game. However, section 2.A of the STEAM® SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT (herreinafter: SSA) contains the following passage: "The Content and Services are licensed, not sold. Your license confers no title or ownership in the Content and Services." So it would technically be correct to state that you acquired a license to use a software (in this case, TLD) from Valve. HOW exactly you may use the software depends on the license agreement (in this case, the SSA (and - potentially - additional agreements/terms you have accepted from Valve and/or the developer)), further the agreements concluded between Hinterland and Valve (Valve can likely only grant a license as far as their agreement with Hinterland permits) and any other applicable laws. I will not dig deeper into the legal side, as the question whether Steam customers are 'entitled' to use GFN is not easily answered. Personally, I rather doubt it.
  9. Awesome. This post and your preceding one, @jeffpeng, were the technical explanations I was looking for to complete my understanding of the whole issue. Thanks a lot.
  10. * Booming voice * Headshot! Double Kill! Triple Kill! GODLIKE!
  11. Thanks to all for the tips on quartering, rep earned. I'm working my way back into the game. It's been a while.
  12. Nice. Concerning some of your questions/comments: Foliage beds are now also found in some places in survival mode, plus you can sleep in the hay/straw in some barns. Not sure if all foliage beds from the story are also found in the sandbox. Food poisoning risk has not changed in a while. It used to be 1% -> 4% -> 9% for every time you start eating 'bad' meat, and still is so now.
  13. Unfortunately, I can't explain the deer OP found. But I remember wayyy back in some earlier version of the game, shortly after bears had been spread on the other maps (at first they were only in PV, then they also appeared in CH and ML), I once found a dead wolf in CH. At that point I had not yet shot, stabbed or otherwise interacted with a wolf in CH in any way which could have killed it. For a moment I thought that maybe some kind of interaction with a bear had happened, that a bear might have killed that wolf. I never found out though. What I wanted to say is that it is really intriguing that we sometimes find things in the game which are hard to explain, isn't it? Imagine that in the stone age, legends may have sprung up from such inexplicable findings.
  14. Sorry, but I disagree. The rule you are quoting says that comments are "automatically removed" (whatever that means) if they are EITHER short OR 'low effort'. However, the mere length of a comment does neither determine how accurate nor how useful it is. Often - especially if a specific question is asked - the shortest answer is the best. If such answers are 'automatically' removed (let's say by an algorithm measuring the 'length'), the forum in question would cripple its own content. And concerning 'low effort' - that term is entirely subjective. What is 'effort' here? Who should decide that? Not sure in which part of these forums you experience comments which you perceive as too short or of too little effort, but the parts I am frequenting do not seem to be suffering from any of that, and I am quite content with how these forums are moderated.