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  1. Arrrgh... the notorious @Drifter Man quitting? This cannot be real! You are one of the reasons I keep coming back to these forums. It's been a while, I have taken an unintentional break, but it's important to know that people keep returning here from the early days...
  2. Ha. I didn't actually place mine (said I would place it) ... but would still let it count against me as lost. @jeffpeng, you still alright? I also owe a continuation of my AAR, dammit. Since I became a father in late 2020, time has been slipping through my fingers since never before. If I had written a chapter every time I changed da baby's diapers, the story would be longer than 1000 days in the dam by now. Well, almost maybe.
  3. It is dusk, and it would be unwise to pursue the bear now. So I pass a cozy night in the farmstead, doing some mending and whatnot. The next morning, I check my journal. Apparently the bear has not died. I also see that I neither experienced a bear nor a moose attack: It seems an "attack" is only counted if the beast actually gets me, not when it is aggroed. Hm. Anyway, I decide to do a small tour to the little barn by the roadside to check my snares and collect some sticks on the way. Today, one snare has caught a rabbit. So it was coincidence, and stoning all visible rabbits from
  4. I will definitely search for the bear and expect to find it dead somewhere. However, even if I manage to find it, TLD science may find it difficult to establish with any certainty that it died from the revolver shots. Because there are also a number of arrows sticking in it, and there is room for argument that the arrows were the cause of death. So, if I wanted to promote TLD science here, I would have to go after a different bear, and only with the revolver. That in turn might prove counterproductive concerning my goal to survive 500 days in this run. But then again... no risk, no fun. N
  5. What makes you think so? I would place a bet it isn't.
  6. Revolver Firearm and Gunsmithing might turn out to be problematic when trying to raise all skills to level 5 in this run (to get the according achievement). I still have a lot of locations to cover where books could be waiting, and fortunately these books do not decay. I am considering using the revolver more on bears than wolves, because bears do not zig-zag and are therefore much easier to hit. Anyway, I am expecting Gunsmithing to give me the most trouble - I have never been to any gunsmithing facility, there have been rumours that there is only one such thing in the game world, and that it
  7. When I'm ready to go, I hesitate... which route should I take? I could go back the way I came, but that would be boring, would it not? If I take another route, I might rediscover Draft Dodger's. It still exists, does it not? Further, I might get lost and into trouble, which could be interesting. So another route it is. Naturally, I don't find Draft Dodger's, it starts snowing heavily, and I seem to walk in a circle. At long last I end up at the half-open barn with the deer carcass that I did not want to touch on the way to Three Strikes. From there, I take the known route back to the Farm
  8. Hey there. The game feels both familiar and new. The long development time has kept it fresh for me - I could always come back after a while and there would be something new to discover...
  9. The second deer (behind the bus) does not fit my definition of photobombing. Photobombing - as I understand it - means someone appears on a photo although he/she is not meant to be there. And both deer may be there, I would think, since the prison is likely deserted by now, and on top the access road seems to be still outside of the prison proper. I have searched the picture for a couple of minutes now and am completely mystified. Is it the fuzzy thing on top of the tree to the right? Hard to make out what it is, could be a regular part of the tree. Maybe @Raphael van Lierop can bring lig
  10. Approaching the rabbit grove from the bunker and a little up to the right, I come across this interesting feature: Three hollow trees with their openings facing in different directions. Hmmm... something to do with the Three Strikes Farmstead? The cursed number three which brought down the once wealthy Strikes family? Thinking of hollow trees, I thought they had potential when they were introduced long ago - as hiding places for hunting, or to crawl into to hide from a blizzard. But then they never amounted to much, or at least I did not find any use for them. Is anyone actually usi
  11. Oh, and of course: BAM not only like the fish being dropped, but also the expression of the wolves on Crystal Lake seeing @Drifter Man emerge from the fishing hut pantless (according to @Ruruwawa et al. etc.). Yes, old Hotzn remembers. To tell future generations...
  12. The next morning, I have to get moving early, since my fire runs out. Still, I managed to make it to sunrise with the warped-time meschanics that magically prolong fires. Beyond the rabbit grove (in olden times there was often a wolf there) I see a fallen tree pointing further on like a giant finger. Is fate trying to tell me something? I follow the pointing. And then... can it be true? Can you see it? Off in the distance, between the trees? It's the bunker! I am not a bunker-expert and cannot distinguish properly between type A, B, C or whatever. But maybe the discreet r
  13. In the early morning, I set out towards the road, collecting sticks along the river until I hit the road and the small new barn. There are rabbits about, and I set up the snare. While walking back to the Farmhouse, I deliberate whether the bear (food at your doorstep) might still be coming for visits. And... there it is. Change of plan? Hrgnhh... changing plans on the way often results in problems... but my fingers are itching to learn about potential new bear behaviour. I approach and Mr. bear turns around as expected. I try to lure it back to the car (somewhere to the left from th
  14. What would be a Hotzn AAR without the benevolently watching eye of the one and only @Drifter Man? I actually alrady knew the rabbit stoning & neckbreaking mechanic, that is definitely much older than maple syrup or moss beds. I also have had the 'Stone-age Sniper' achievement for a long time...
  15. Going back the same way I came, I return to the road and am barked up by a wolf there. I pull the revolver (which I have never used so far), as legend has it that it was introduced as a means to fend off wild animals. But first I try to shake the wolf off. Hmmm... I break line of sight several times and try to get some distance betwenn the two of us, but it sticks to my tail. Not sure whether anything has been changed here, but in my memory there was a time when it was easier to shake off a wolf (and then again, much longer ago, shaking off a wolf was completely impossible other than by enteri