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  1. First time I experienced the aurora. Went down in Mystery Lake.
  2. Nice, rep earned. Keep it going.
  3. Wow. Didn't know that you could crit a wolf with a crow bar...
  4. Ahhh... I'll try to follow this. Trying meaning we have a baby in the house which thwarts just about any plan I make these days. Anyway, I returned to the game recently after a long hiatus and am getting back into the groove with a Stalker run. I'm interested in reading about your experiences with custom settings in particular, since I have so far never tried them, but am intending to do so in the foreseeable future (as far as the baby permits any intentions). Of course little adventures like bear maulings are also welcome. Keep it going, +1.
  5. Good to see this, thx @Hinterland for the continued effort. Also a shoutout to the folks of olden times and TLD science, e.g. @stratvox and @jeffpeng! Did the survey, but I doubt its results will accurately reflect what the general TLD audience thinks. However, the results might still be interesting.
  6. Dropping in here again after a longer hiatus. Nice to see people are still writing survival stories. Good one here, keep it up. Also to my taste screenshots add a lot to the story, so do not hesitate to add some more.
  7. Nice project, @fauxjargon, +1 here and there. Also a shoutout to the old goons chiming in here and kidnapping the thread! Yeah, I'm not playing much either recently. So much to do elsewhere. And it looks like I'm going to be a father in December, so from that point onwards it'll rather be changing diapers than conquering the world in video games...
  8. The snow shelter used to be a necessity on Interloper in earlier versions of the game to achieve certain things. For example, to start in TWM and go straight to the summit without a bedroll. I don't know if in today's version that's still a necessity, since a number of provisional beds have been added to the game later.
  9. Hi, I am not familiar with the story leaks of TLOU2, but personally find it hard to believe that an established producer like Naughty Dog in collaboration with a huge company like Sony would actually make a statement against any specific sexual orientiation in any game they develop/produce. Considering that apparently only parts of the game's story have leaked and people do not yet have the full picture, can you already deduct with certainty what the game's message is?
  10. The Milton Mailbag was a cool thing, but I think it's not fit to be a permanent service. One reason being that it's difficult to know whether a question one would like to ask has been asked (and answered) before or not. The longer the Mailbag exists and the more Q&A threads there are, the more it is likely that the same questions will be asked over and over, and the thing becomes repetitive. I used to follow it closely for a while, but then got distracted by RL. Coming back now, I am reluctant to ask questions, because I fear they have been answered already in the past, and I don't want to
  11. Thanks again @jeffpeng and @stratvox for the technical insights. I'll let this sink in a little and then see what kind of system I'l get.
  12. Thanks a lot @stratvox & @jeffpeng for the explanations. Although some of it might as well be written in Chinese. When I was a student in the 90s, I built all my PCs myself, and I knew all about the technical specs, where to get the parts at the cheapest price etc. Times long gone, now I am happy when I have a dim notion of what 'cores' are or what 'SSD' means (yay!). @Aurimas: Why don't I assemble the thing myself now? Because I have a job which allows me to work more (to earn more) or less (earning less as a consequence) as I need/want. If I work a couple of hours more and this allo