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  1. It worked. No parasites, and this time I find my way up: Here is where I missed the cave entrance to the lower left and started climbing around wildly: I reach the summit and sleep in the cave. The next morning I am greeted by a wonderful sunrise: I get my expedition parka, the flare gun and a couple of other goodies. I'll spend a couple of days up here eating up most of the food and reading the books I found. I'll take some firestrikers and matches, most of the rest (including a rifle) will stay here. So what should I do next, hmmm...
  2. So... coming back to the game after quite a while, I have started a Stalker run to hunt for missing achievements. Saw a couple of nice additions to the game. Starting in ML, I soon realized the wolves are now able to pass through the door in the fence around the dam entrance. Haha, imagine my surprise! Nice. Second realization: Man, Stalker is overflowing with loot. I felt like finding practically everything in the dam. Except... the expedition parka. Which I would really like to have. I figured the next best chance to find it might be in TWM, on the summit. So I crossed CH and went through the mine, to PV. Boy, Rural Crossroads has changed! Even the name. Finally made my way a little up the mountain. I must admit I haven't climbed it too often. Found Deer Clearing without serious issues, but then really managed to get lost. I remembered I had to walk up to the container near Deer Clearing, then turn right and follow the slope upwards. Evaded the bear, turned left and followed the slope further. Then kep to the right and at some point found a rope which I climbed. And at the top there was nowhere to go really. Started goating around the rocks, it started snowing, wind picked up. Before I knew it, I was lost in a snow storm, just not a blizzard yet. Crawled around the mountain here and there, got sprains, found even terrain, ran into a wolf fight. Under Interloper conditions, that would have been it, but in Stalker you can hardly die it seems. After much ado, I found myself back at Deer Clearing. Now I am taking a break in the cave there, thinking what to do next... Here is my current clothing: The tricky bit is that I'm low on food and losing condition. I've got the revolver on me, but neither bow nor rifle (I found the latter twice, but left them behind as too heavy). Ate a bit from the wolf which attacked me when I was lost and brought another 1 kg of its meat into the cave. Eating 1 kg gives 4% parasite risk. Wasn't that lower in the past? Anyway, I think I'll eat the other wolf meat for a full night of sleep-healing and then make another push for the summit...
  3. Would be funny if it was your crosshair... yes, I know it's not.
  4. Not sure I understand the question correctly. In any case iirc encumbrance is gradual in this game. So even below the threshold of your 'maximum' carrying weight, weight slows you down and tires you out. Or, in other words: You move faster and tire less quickly with 10 kg of luggage than with, let's say, 20kg. At least I remember it like that. When setting out on expeditions, I try to take as little with me as possible for that reason. For smaller hunting or exploration trips which are intended to bring me back to base within a day or two, I try to stay below 20 kg, often around 17-18 kg. I move considerably faster than with all the gear, and I have room to bring back loot without becoming over-encumbered (meaning without going above 30 kg).
  5. Hotzn


    If you do a forum search on this topic, you will find numerous threads, in the wishlist section and other sections, some of them ancient. For example this one from 2014: Ancient thread concerning seasons
  6. The challenge to acquire and fire the distress pistol was created after a corresponding sandbox community challenge on these forums, so I would doubt that it contains any hints to the future story. Concerning the 'showdown', I would personally be disappointed if the story ended in a shootout. In my view, the 'showdown' should be... quiet.
  7. Interesting, +1. Shall try that out sometime.
  8. Yes, as others have already answered above. One might add that it has become considerably easier to survive without bedroll over the last updates, as "natural beds" have been introduced to various places (I've seen them in some caves and barns so far). But even before that, you had snow shelters and cars as potential sleeping places without need for a bedroll.
  9. Bumping this. I would not consider this as necroing, as I saw that the torch-pulling/brand topic is still/again being discussed in other places, and I never found the reasoning behind killing the brand and reintroducing torch-pulling. Not intending to get onto anyone's nerves - as I said earlier in this thread, I was and still am genuinely interested in the reasoning behind it. Knowing why the devs did this would somehow put my mind at rest. If the reasons have been given in other threads which I missed, I would be grateful if someone could put a link here. Thanks.
  10. I remember those times very well, the brunt of my TLD playing time went into those versions. Remember you could not outrun wolves at that time, breaking line of sight was not (yet) a viable maneuver, and the wolves came running at once and never slowed down to walking speed. However, the astute player had one way to get free deer: You had to calculate the angle at which to chase a deer into which wolf, and where the wolf would then probably bring the deer down. If you could manage the deer to be felled near a structure, you could lure the wolf away from the carcass and shake it off by entering the structure. Free deer. This worked especially well in CH on the ice. I also remember that the routes of rabbits, deer and wolves overlapped largely, so you would have freak chases occurring quite often. All of a sudden, a rabbit or deer could cross your path with a wolf in its wake.
  11. Played some more stalker yesterday, and I think I had a wolf (a living one) underground on the TWM map. I was crouching over the lake in front of the Mountaineer's Hut, looking for cattails and at the same time trying to avoid the attention of a wolf on the left (looking at the lake from the hut) and the bear on the right. Suddenly, near the fishing shack I was barked up and heard a wolf's footsteps approaching at a gallop, very close. I almost jumped off my seat, as I had watched my surroundings closely, I could not imagine how I could have overlooked a wolf so close by. Then the footsteps stopped and the wolf growled as if standing right next to me. But invisible. My only explanation is that the wolf must have been moving under the ground. Then, later, I made my way up to Deer Clearing (traveled there at night during a quiet snowfall with torch in hand, very beautiful) and stabbed a wolf with the knife. That wolf did NOT sink into the ground, but collapsed about half-way between the containers and the Deer Clearing cave. However, harvesting the wolf with a fire next to it seemed to attract and repel another wolf. I heard it approach (growling) and take off (whining) several times. Not sure what caused it to take off, I did not aim at it. But I had wolf meat cooking on both cooking spots of the campfire, maybe that is also repelling wolves.
  12. Ah, so wolf carcasses can sink into the ground now? Good to know. Tried out a stalker run these days after a long hiatus, knife-stabbed a wolf and couldn't find the carcass afterwards. So maybe it sunk into the ground. On another note - I saw some wolves in PV patrolling behind the red barn which looked bigger than usual. Didn't move closer, but would be interested whether Timberwolves are already in PV. My information was that at this point they are only on the new map. Or maybe I just misinterpreted their size and they were normal wolves.
  13. Congratulations. Good read, as always.
  14. Can't wait to meet the first Timberwolves. To be afraid again in this game, ah... the pleasure.