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  1. did you try to harvest the wolf? it might just be dead, but still glitched at that one spot
  2. Hunt a Rabbit (or two), keep the guts and use them to go hunting wolves. Drop the guts (lure), backaway and get a bit on side, sight in on the wolf as it is going for the lure and shoot!! That and killing may wolves in fights bagged me so many (wolf) pelts that I had filled two file cabinet drawers and I wasn't even harvesting them any more.
  3. I have had several Wolves and Deer entirely disappear, if I wound too many within a time frame.
  4. I've gotten two copies of "Surviving the Outdoors" fire starting guide book, AFTER having gotten to Level 5 (Master) at fire starting, making them useless. It would have been nice to have gotten them much sooner in my run. Voyager difficulty, Current build, Starting in Mountain Town. Found both the Books in HRV.
  5. Not only should tinder add a percentage chance to start a fire, no matter if it can be used to start it or not, if you have piles of them, you should be able to add them to a fire so as to add a bit of time to it. Also, adding lots of charcoal to a fire, while not adding time to a fire (or very little time, like a minute), it should help to make the fire hotter, for a while. Also, leaving charcoal in a burnt out fire should allow the newly started fire to burn slightly hotter, for a while.
  6. I like the idea of a crafting skill that increases when doing various crafting things. When you get a higher crafting skill level, it will take less time to craft different things as well as make durable crafted items (items that have a percentage -or charges, would not be at full percentage unless the crafter was highly skilled when they made it). Things like when you make line from guts or hooks from scrap metal and then combine them into fishing tackle, you always get 3 hooks and 2 lines and then the tackle is at 100%. Have the lower skill levels make only 2 hooks and 1 line, until
  7. E_T

    ankle braces

    Make something similar to the hand wraps, have them provide 1 Degree of warmth - when done correctly (could be a skill thing, that could improve over time), as well as provide a slight decrease in sprains, especially during falls. BUT, at the cost of slight decrease in sprint speed as well as gun aiming (although, they should help with using a bow - for the wrist splints). From what I see of the way some rolls are done (like rolling a d20), it would add 1% to 5% (on a d20, a +1) to the roll for sprain. One way that it could work is that if you get a sprain AND the percentage roll for the sp