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  1. I don't think that's true. From what I remember, a bearskin bedroll has a chance (not a guarantee) to make a wolf flee when they come near you. I'm pretty sure a bear will attack you when you are sleeping inside a bearskin bedroll. That said, the bearskin bedroll is very handy when you set up base inside a cave. The extra warmth can be essential to keep you from freezing, and you also recover condition more than a normal bedroll. One very important thing when living in a cave is to make sure you drop all smelly stuff (meat, fresh guts) ASAP when you get home. This also applies to coo
  2. If you hear a wolf barking at you, don't panic. If you keep moving towards a shelter, you can usually stay ahead of him/her (unless you are encumbered). Wolves will typically run towards you, then slow down and walk when they get closer. If you simply keep walking, you can stay outside of their attack range. You don''t even need to run.
  3. For me: - Wolf attack - My own stupidity - Hubris Bears are fairly predictable, and cold damage is predicable/manageable.
  4. You could always make it impossible to use the candle to light another fire or a torch. A bit unrealistic, but it solves the problem of using candles to maintain a fire. Using a recycled can for a candle is also a good idea, but it might make the programming code a bit too complicated. Maybe there could be specialized candle holders that can be found in the world (inside houses), which you can fill to make a candle. I think you should also make it impossible to walk around with a candle, as we have a storm lantern for that already.
  5. I agree with you, even though objectively it's a great place to live. You have a Forge, workbench nearby, plenty of resources (coal, metal, wood), enough food (bear, deer, wolves, rabbits, moose maybe). And the bear can be avoided by always exiting on the deck, where it's safe and you have great overview. But it's such a dark and depressing place, and I need a cozier place to live. Maybe I will live in the lighthouse next time I'm in DP, which should be doable if you kill the two wolves that can be between the church and the lighthouse.
  6. Agreed. The inability to copy-paste codes is something that has always baffled me. It looks like an oversight, where Hinterland simple forgot to enable it. If it is somehow intentional, I would be interested to know why.
  7. There is a guaranteed rope at Lake Overlook in Mystery Lake, close to Camp Office. It is deployed so you can climb down, but you can recover it and use it somewhere else. As a bonus, the cave at Lake Overlook might hold a firestriker.
  8. I like this idea. But I think the stacking of affliction from 1 to 10 is too complicated, a fixed penalty would be easier to implement and understand. Something like 20% less maximum condition and maybe 20% more time to recover stamina. And maybe some temperature penalty, like 2 degrees Celsius lower feels like temperature (the reverse of the cold fusion buff). These mechanics are already implemented in some way, and the consequences are mild enough so that long term hibernation still remains a viable gameplay option.
  9. The game is automatically saved when you sleep, and when you go inside a building (when you see the loading screen). You can see a small walking wolf icon in the buttom right (or left) that indicates the game is being saved.
  10. I also like this idea. You can make it possible to read a book by candle light in the evening when the sun is down, or do other stuff for which you need light. I can imagine long burning candles will affect game balance. If I can maintain a fire permanently using candles, I would need far less matches, thus making the game easier. So I would suggest making them burn 3-4 hours or so. This is enough to do some chores in the evening inside a house, but doesn't allow you to carry over a fire towards the next day.
  11. I think the whole cabin fever mechanic works fine, except for one thing. I would like the opportunity to pass time inside (not sleep, just pass time). I mean, I can pass time inside by simply letting the game run and watching TV or reading a book. But this is kinda silly. You don't get any benefit from passing time, no recovering stamina or health, so it doesn't affect the balance of the game. I would rather call it a quality of life improvement.
  12. I have a feeling that some fleeing animals (after you shoot them), sometimes drop arrows while fleeing. A few days ago, I was hunting the Misanthrope bear in Coastal Highway. I shot him and quickly went inside the house. Later I found an arrow where he was the moment I went inside, not where he died later.
  13. I'm actually having decent results with starting a fire (on a sunny day so it doesn't cost me a match), and luring a wolf with scent. He will then pause and growl a few meters from the fire. If you then draw you bow he will flee, but not fast enough. I can usually get a decent shot in, sometimes a critical hit (torso). Not sure if this is 100% safe, but we'll see. I have a hatchet and decent protection, so a wolf struggle is unlikely to fatal. My run is going great, losing my bedroll proved to be an interesting challenge. Survived 70 days without a bedroll, and never even had cabin fever
  14. Hello from the Netherlands. Not new to the game, nor to the forums (reading along for a while). I play Interloper exclusively, and achieved my "Will to Live" achievement in Interloper by surviving 500 days. Granted, it was with the old exploitable wolf AI where you could just throw down bait and shoot them in the head with ease. The new wolf AI in much more challenging, especially as they now frequent areas where they didn't go prior to the Errant Pilgrim update. Currently in my new Interloper run (30 days in), having just crafted an improvised knife & hatchet, plus arrowheads. I only
  15. To me, this looks like a path finding issue. Yesterday I was at the Riken on the deck, while there was a bear nearby. He saw me, stood up (preparing to charge), then froze like in the video. Not a critical bug in my opinion, it just makes bears more unpredictable (which is not necessarily a bad thing).