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  1. I love the way you put that... 👍 From what I've seen, that makes you THE winner by Hinterland's standards. The "Challenge Completed" Best Time screen tracks your longest run record, meaning they regard it as like a proper Deadman run, in that the longer you survive, the better. It's rather amusing to see everyone treat it as if it were a speedrun, like the other challenges.
  2. Correct on all points! Well done! (except it's Roy, not Rory)
  3. However, there is another reason for casting as many bullets as you can... maxing out to level 5 gunsmithing.
  4. Yes.. best condition tool is always selected, for whatever use, not just weapons. Really annoying when you don't have a can opener and want to preserve your knife condition, and it won't even give you the option to use something else instead. Having to drop your knife (and/or other tools) just to open a can is a nuisance.
  5. It's what I do... And, it's as my name suggests. Just Another F***ing Observer*. 😀 * Bonus points if you get the reference.
  6. Bingo. This really needs doing.
  7. Hinterland has always favoured the storyline. The story was what Raph wanted to tell... the sandbox (that became Survival Mode) was merely intended as a testbed for getting the underlying mechanics worked out, after which it would be dropped. It was never intended to be part of the final game, and Raph was astonished when it became even more popular than the story.
  8. Bears a striking resemblance to your avatar, no?
  9. On that, I couldn't agree more.. As I was reading Raph's words on the subject I was saying "We don't need jumping, we just need the ability to step over 6 inch obstacles."
  10. Hmm.. then maybe they are a little different. I've yet to kill one myself, so was basing my comment on that of several people who'd reported no more meat than usual. Good to know!
  11. Yep.. it is a kind of short(ish) range thing.. I've never pinned it down, but as I mentioned above, I'd estimate it's maybe 20 or so metres range..