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  1. I think you don't actually understand just how much work a new chapter in the saga entails. They are not the kind of thing that can be knocked out in just 2 or 3 months. Not for a game publisher as small as Hinterland, anyway.
  2. Nope.. This is the + they were referring to...
  3. Thanks for posting this.. I'd forgotten how hauntingly beautiful it was. BRING IT BACK, HINTERLAND!
  4. This ^. The very worst weight problem item? Water purification tabs. Those things are ridiculously heavy, compared to the real thing.
  5. Well, there's always Deadman's Challenge...
  6. Paper used to be more useful way back in the early days of the game, when there was a lot less of it around. Now, there's so much of it to be found that it's just an annoyance. Personally, what I'd like to see is that, if you collected enough of it, you could stuff it inside your clothing as insulation, giving you a warmth buff. Of course, it would probably make a hell of a lot of noise when you walked around!
  7. Do you miss the old days, when you always knew your health status down to the nearest 1%? Do you look at the daily min/max stats for health, and wonder, thanks to your hectic misadventures that day, where exactly you fit between those two points, right now? Do you miss not knowing any more exactly how much damage you took falling down that hill, or when that wolf chewed on your head? Fret no more.. as I present to you the ultimate healthbar mod.. Inspired by an incident during a round of Deadman's Challenge being played by Youtuber Loonsloon, I was motivated to find
  8. That's great to hear that she's doing ok.. thanks, everyone!
  9. I love the way you put that... 👍 From what I've seen, that makes you THE winner by Hinterland's standards. The "Challenge Completed" Best Time screen tracks your longest run record, meaning they regard it as like a proper Deadman run, in that the longer you survive, the better. It's rather amusing to see everyone treat it as if it were a speedrun, like the other challenges.
  10. Correct on all points! Well done! (except it's Roy, not Rory)