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  1. they would deffinantly need a way to separate the fuel if they all added up.....like if someone wanted to be able to run, but they only wanted to drop .06kg, instead of the whole 1.3kg
  2. Iv learned the hard way that you really got to keep an eye on weight.....ask yourself what could you leave behind and it wouldn't be a problem. Can't tell you how many times I look into my inventory and I go ape over the fact Im lugging around fir or cedar pieces, or a gallon of water. 18 lbs??? What is wrong with me? I can literally find 3 sticks anywhere and have water cooked up in a matter of no time.
  3. Yeah, DP isn't a good place to hang out at. its nice to visit, maybe keep you going to get a nice fat haul out of the forge, but beyond that, your actually doing much better than I ever have. Typically I get 20 arrowheads, 3 knives, and a hatchet, then lock up trying to get out of there. "Im overweight, but I need food, so I got to quarter up this deer and slowly walk back to the church. welp there is 5 wolves, a blizzard, and Im screwed..." Ill learn to pack light sooner or later. >.>
  4. Sadly the map creation was really lost on me.....Yeah, I could figure out where Im at and so forth if given an already completed map, but as for cooking one up on the fly? Im hard wired memory, I know how to get where I have already been.
  5. wizard03

    Coop Mode?

    Honestly I think it could be possible. Im not saying they need to go fallout 76 or anything, just the ability to invite and host other players to your own game at its current time frame. I mean most of the time there is double the amount of neccisary items and whatnot. The only things that I could see a problem with is when the bear or moose pins someone down. That whole animation sequence would be lost as the second player could just shoot wildly as the first person gets mauled.
  6. I approve of this idea! I already tend to stay away from holding onto caught fish as they provide a strong scent and seem to decay faster that the rest of the other foods, this just might make me rethink that theory!
  7. I have good news, if your patient enough to do it that is.....hunting a moose is possible, but you may need to prepare yourself for it. Iv done this multiple times now on stalker and if the same holds true on loper, then all you got to do Is the following. Step one, locate the infamous scuffed trees that indicate a moose spawning area. Step two, install a snow shelter in an area that has great visibility over the area where the moose spawns into. Step three, pass time. It can take a day, sometimes two, but more often than not the moose will spawn into the area after the weather clears up. Oh and he typically pops up early morning, so don't sleep in.
  8. While there is a couple pet peeves that most would understand, sometimes its something that breaks the lore for me that gets me.....was searching through the plane crash in PV and I kinda started crafting some story lines for some of the victims that died there....this is skater bob, his mom made him a lucky scarf for the big tournament....This is peg, she was wearing her fancy light shell to her Alaskan get away trip......this is George, he was.....illegally holding onto a liter of lantern fuel??? Just how did he get this past security???
  9. Iv gone through 4 stalker runs now and I must say that there is no "perfect" matching of necessary compounds....one time I had 8 Sulphur's and 2 stump removers, another I had only 4 sulfur and 3 stump removers.....Im almost done with the closest of both Iv ever been on a new run again and Iv got 4 each, but Im not done with FM or the maintenance shed area....but yeah, Im guessing its a little RNG rated. Your only going to get so much ammo, then that's it. Good luck after that.
  10. Hey, had a legit complaint in the forums where a member could not obtain batteries in certain cars where the hood can not be opened and I just thought I would provide video evidence of this problem as well. Im in pleasant valley at the point of disagreement and as you can see here, the truck by the tree has a visible battery under the hood, but with no way to get to it.....kinda of a wasted spawn point for a battery to appear in my opinion, I tried to get to it, but sadly its stuck there. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/86878268 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/86878270 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/86878271
  11. typically no, however here lately most wildlife is ignoring the laws of physics and are levitating/going through walls in order to try and get to people now......Iv personally been molested by a moose that somehow got through the entrance of one of those storage sheds in PV that hold the hay bails, and a bear got me "through" a storage container on TWM.....both times, the animals just went right through a solid object as if they turned on the ability to clip through walls.
  12. well that sure does suck.....must agree, this is a bummer if the batteries can spawn in vehichles where the hood is un openeable.
  13. Have to admit, it tilts either direction for me. Either I go full blown tank, or just enough to keep frost bite at bay. Admitedly, Iv been leaning harder and harder towards the light weight setup tho. Current revolation is Canadian tuke, ski mask, ski jackets, thin wool sweaters, wool mitts, ear wrap, satchel, combat and snow pants, the red undies, mountain climbing socks and just plain sneakers. Seems to be really nice thus far as I can carry quite a bit of stuff so far. Which is good. I plan on trying to drag as much stuff as I can to BI to set up a lill bit of a shop there. Im even going to bring a bearskin bedroll so I can sleep in the cannery.
  14. Iv had an issue where I got frost bite while sleeping in the train car.....took a look and my feet endured multiple frost bites because of frozen socks and shoes. But the rest of my body and feels like temp was in the 60F, or 30 above freezing! wtf?
  15. Sneak up the lil ramp to the right after you turn towards the main part of the cave, take some flares, some wood, and the ability to either craft a shelter or a bedroll. Also, something to actually kill the wolf with. {bow n arrow, or firearm} Walk in with the flare lit, walk up the ramp, drop one flare along the way to the top, wait at the top for mr wolf to find you, and he will come up to the flare you dropped, but will not attack right away.....Draw your bead quickly or anticipate his movements cause he will do something after you aim, take a shot, hope you hit him. If you did, throw down the bed or install the shelter in the mound of snow, take a 4 hour nap, he should bleed out. If not, wait till he returns and try again.