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  1. Do we know if there are any plans to make a part 3 for the Hunted Challenges? If that's the end of be fine with it, but the " to be continued..." Is a bit misleading if so. Still really enjoyed both challenges. I tried searching the forums for an answer, but the threads that touched on this are years old. I'm interested to know if anyone has some hot new intel.
  2. Also the Ravine zone just next to Mystery lake often has lots of saplings of both kinds AND don't have wolves. It's a great resource gathering/hunting spot. Just past the Dam along the railroad
  3. @mayimbe same! I love forcing my survivor to stay in these more barren areas. It's a nice challenge!
  4. Best birthday present ever! Thanks Hinterland! ❤️
  5. @ManicManiacthanks! I mean, what are the odds!?
  6. I cannot believe that it dropped today because, it's my BIRTHDAY! Thank you for the best present ever Hinterland!
  7. The beauty in the world Hinterland has created sometimes will still strike me so abruptly even after 600+ hours of gameplay under my belt. I got caught with some bad weather rolling in at dusk on Timberwolf Mountain, so instead of risking getting lost in a zero visibility blizzard and gathered some quick firewood and found a cozy nook in some rocks and snuggled into my bearskin bedroll. When I awoke it was just before true dawn and the sky was some breathtaking that I walked out, despite the cold, just to enjoy the slow change of colors as the sun rose. This game is fun and all,
  8. Of course it does! 100% emersion baby!
  9. @odium Me too! I like to start a new stalker while too drunk sometimes just to see how far I can get. My husband really gets a kick out of it "shhh!....SHHH!...I think there's a f*ckin' wolf....shhh!"...aww...good times
  10. I really want a Hinterland coffee mug, that looks just like the ones in-game. One day!
  11. Now that we have the auto-walk toggle, my current favorite is if I'm trudging across long open areas. I also drink when she drinks... It's not usually water >.>
  12. Nice drop! I've just recently opened up to TWM. For some reason I'd be avoiding it. I'd been there and I'd climbed the summit, but I had never gone back, and the time I had spent there was rushed. Now I'm on interloper and have learned the TWM is an essential early stop for good gear. So I started a Stalker run to learn the map better and OH BOY! this is a great map. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long. As for 'meat to your door' I've recently learned the trick of luring wolves into bow range with rock throwing. I'll sit inside the hut and lob rocks until I catch their attention.
  13. I personally am a fan of the real-time feel TLD has. I can understand why folks would want features like 'fast travel', but to me, that's part of the game I'd be missing out on. Even when I play games like Skyrim, which has several fast travel options, I typically choose to walk or ride a horse to my destination. Sure it means that I could play for the 1.5 hours I have free before work and not accomplish a whole lot on 'on paper' but I still enjoyed the journey. I also don't know how you'd mitigate the potential dangers that you're, in essence, skipping. or (with the time sped up) you'd l
  14. Fun tip. you can throw rocks to lure wolves to or away from you! So, how you mentioned leaving the bait and wanting to shoot the wolf when he goes for it? Instead get in a good spot to shoot from, throw a rock to land roughly where you'd like the aim your shot, and the wolf will go to where the rock lands! sometimes you need a few to lure them if they're farther away. This also works on bears. You can also do it to distract them so you can more easily sneak past.