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  1. I imagined the yackity sax theme playing over that clip.
  2. The big difference between the the moose respawning and every other animal, is that the Moose is a sort of random- wandering spawn. The moose respawned, just maybe not in that region again, or in the spawn spot in that region. As said above, with the moose, it's best to not wait for them to return. Instead continue your journey and maybe you'll cross paths again.
  3. I tried to do Interloper+ Endless Night and barely survived 1 day. It's really hard to loot the interiors of buildings in the dark, without matches....
  4. That super sucks dude. Though, IMO, I wouldn't call either of those cases you mentioned a "glitch"; you were going somewhere the player wasn't designed to be able to to go, and got stuck. Crappy, but eh...
  5. I kinda like this idea. Maybe at the very least make it a custom setting you can change that adjusts your survivor's starting knowledge.
  6. I think right now the option is to use the custom mode to make things much harder. You can even making it nighttime all the time now (very difficult on interloper settings if you don't have a light source. Makes it almost impossible to loot the buildings) I haven't heard of them making a hard standard difficulty though
  7. ....really?! (sits down to think about the decisions she made in life to end up here)
  8. I agree about the Challenges needing a better understanding of where everything is. But there are a few tricks to help you navigate in game while you're learning the regions. Surveying with the maps can really help you visualize the areas. And once your map is filled out, if you're still lost you can use spray paint! Several of the symbols will appear on your charcoal map after you apply them. Remember the sun rises in the East and Sets in the West
  9. You could spice things up by restricting the supplies you take to the next region, especially regions you're unfamiliar with. This can give you a bit of that excitement from early game. The struggle to find that one item that'll help you survive. For instance... take some ammo, but not the gun. Will you find the rifle in that zone?! Oh the drama! take just one fire starting method ( 1 striker, 1 box of matches, or 1 magnifying glass) This will force you to be careful of starting fires needlessly while you hunt for my supplies. pick either the knife or the hatchet but not both
  10. Sorry for the tragic end, but damn that was epic! This was amazing and thank you for sharing this project with us. What a journey!
  11. I have actually made arrows in real life for the traditional style archery I do in medieval reenactment. I can tell you it is fairly difficult even with specialized tools and supplies for making the shafts and fletching. I've always felt that they made arrow and bow crafting too easy really. Just making a shift that's balances and won't shatter when shot. Same with the bow actually. The distance the in game bow can achieve while still having enough stopping power to kill a moose? That has to be damn near a 100# draw! I could go on, but I know it's a game and I'm happy with TLD as it is. J
  12. This is lovely! Thank you for sharing it with us. ❤️
  13. Same. In some of the regions I don't play in as often I'll whip out the in game map and survey a bit to get my bearings. But I know these areas so well now, it's not often needed.
  14. Man, that'd be kind of cool though. Maybe only with bears, but a special type of wound affliction that requires a sewing kit or fishing tackle to cure. Then a status called "stitches" and if you climb or fall you have a RNG chance of ripping your stitches and having new bleed out and need to re-stitch yourself! It's take a few days to go away.... Just a fun "what if" I by no means think Hinterland needs that, but it would make things challenging