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  1. @Dan_ and @jeffpeng Super agree! Hyber realism is cool n all, but nothing takes your breath away like a well timed glance at the sky at sunset or sunrise in TLD. You're survivor will be freezing their toes off but you'll look around and say "wow"
  2. The fact that regions become impassable after the fog rolls in could make for some sticky situations if you don't plan your route across great bear right. You could literally be cornered
  3. There is a dead deer, wolf, and bear in the header image for the event.... Do ya'll think there will be any wildlife in the event? If so, will the wildlife flee in the presence of the Darkstalker? So many questions! Squeee!
  4. I'm beyond excited for the Halloween event! I've often thought of how creepy TLD would be if there was something spooky or supernatural in the darkness. AND and new region and gear!? Holy cow! Hinterland is earning that holiday break! Thank ya'll for putting this extra work in for the special Halloween event and new area. I know we were all disappointed in the delaying of the new episode, so this is a very nice gesture. <3
  5. I agree! Both of the houses on the islands are too risky in my opinion. Wolfs occasionally wander up there and there's no sight line. They're good for looting an a quick refuge, but not much else for me.
  6. I seldom actively try to unlock feats. To me they're something that unlocks over time and normal game play. It's a nice surprise when the badge award lights up the screen. I could see if you played with a particular badge as your goal, that the game would start to feel like work. Not my style.
  7. I don't often run into an issue with food spoiling too fast, and I feel the rate of meat spoilage is moderate compared to some other survival games. Now, I like the concept of the jerk being less smelly to predators and lighter weight... That's something I could get with. Maybe it's less of a craft-able thing (the drying rack) and maybe a spice that you can find in the world? You "craft" with the preserving spice blend and your raw meat and it has to dry in a certain type of location( like inside or something) Needing the spice+the time it would take to dry (like with the furs and guts) I think would balance pretty well. Neat idea, and one I would likely enjoy. But can happily play without it.
  8. Thanks a bunch @ManicManiac! This looks like loads of fun! I hate that I've missed out on it in the past. I don't get a lot of time to game, so sometimes I go weeks without even opening it. I'm glad I'm on the forums now though! I can hop on real quick any time to see if new stuff is going on.
  9. I've some how missed that 4DON was a thing and I've never caught it. When does it drop? Is it every year? So excited!
  10. @ManicManiac I agree completely. I've never save scummed, and I figured the game out. I didn't even need the tutorial that sorta comes with story mode. Most of it is intuitive, IMO. "How do I kill a bear?" well bullets or arrows, and from the numerous games I've played I know that likely shooting it in the head/neck area will do the most damage. The only thing I had a tiny problem with was the controls when I played my very first run and all I had to do was look up the key bindings in the menu screen. I'll admit to google the odd thing on occasion. Stuff like, "does time of day really affect fishing success?" or "does a bedroll spawn in in ____ map?" But as to the OP's question, do i think save scumming makes you a bad player? Nah, not really. I don't personally think it's the way to play TLD, but if it allows the game to be fun for you, then go for it. Just like how some people play RPG's with the strategy guide open in their lap. Games are for fun, so do what makes you happy. Now, I would say if you go bragging about a really long Loper run that you did a bunch of save scumming on, I think it'd be proper to make that info know when talking about your achievements
  11. Welcome! Ugh, Pleasant Valley. Anytime spent there is too long imo. If I die from the weather in a run, it's usually because I thought it'd be a good idea to go loot the valley. Good luck!
  12. @Megaloceros I 100% agree. To say the Timberwolves are a deal breaker is a bit much. They're such a minor part of the game, aside from Ep. 3. I died several times rescuing the survivors, but truth be told, I loved it! I was frustrated sure, but it was something very new and challenging. I actually would love the timberwolves to leech into all the areas to some extent. They could spawn like the moose does. There is not often a pack in said area, but there is a chance of it and they won't be there every time. Just adding that level of uncertainty and danger would be wonderful. People that hate on difficult stuff in TLD (cabin fever, Timber wolves, item decay...) I think have missed the point of this game. The desperate fight against the odds is what makes this game great. Also they have a ton of tools to customize your game play, so...maybe just tweek it a bit instead of having a hissy about it?
  13. save scum = cheating Let's call it what it is folks.