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  1. Looks like a pretty solid guess. I cannot wait to see if it's true!
  2. I've also found it on the dash board inside the pick-up truck in the sheds near the house
  3. I know some of the 'hit boxes' in the game are a bit off after the last update, so maybe try moving you cursor around the areas right next to the parka.
  4. TLD doesn't have any dlc that I'm aware of. Just updates.
  5. Hushed River Valley is really immersive to me, and one of my favorites because of it. The wacky terrain and lack of man made structures can make you get lost even if you know the area. Good times in HRV.
  6. C'mon dude. I agree it's not a great idea, but ease up a bit huh? There's more constructive ways to convey this sentiment.
  7. I believe I know as well, it is also a favorite of mine on Interloper. Danger free food!
  8. Yikes. I've never understood when people get that aggro about a game. It's a game. I LOVE TLD, and sure, I'm super eager and ready for that update to drop, but it's not something I feel upset over. I have other hobbies, and games I can spend my time doing while I wait. With the custom mode it's hard for the game to get stale. Hinterland, Ya'll are golden, and I'll be here to enjoy the update, regardless of how long it takes ❤️
  9. WOW! That's clever! I'll have to try that sometime. I haven't found the climbing/over encumbered bit of this area that big of an issue, but I HATE the parkour course. It makes my hands sweaty. So any way around that is awesome in my book.
  10. I can't take credit for this gem unfortunately. I saw this a year or so ago on here from another user. I tried to find that thread but couldn't. It is a great hack though!