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  1. So excited to get in and play with all these new features! I feel so spoiled, all my survival games seem to be dropping updates.... How do I choose!?
  2. If you haven't tried the game "Stranded Deep" you should. It's still working the bugs out, but it's gorgeous and tropical and has lots of sharks. Sharks... you know... water wolves!
  3. Oh boy... you got me so excited for a second there! "New stuff in HRV!?! I must go play!!"
  4. As much as I get the feeling behind the want for a random map generator, I doubt it would feel as polished as the handcrafted maps. I've been playing TLD for a while now and there are still occasionally hidden corners of some maps that I've either forgotten or have found for the first time. They also give us new maps from time to time, which is always a nice treat. There are plenty of other survival games with random spawn areas where you can go scratch that itch.
  5. @ManicManiac TLD is for sure most of my game play. Stranded deep has a ways to go in development before it's a really solid game. But sharks are scary and when it's a rainy winter irl, it's nice to hit the sun and sand occasionally. If you didn't know, the Beam team on SD has started getting great updates out on a good schedule again. Check it out if you haven't.
  6. I'm torn between "Aurora Scavenger" and "The Night Sky".... Leaning towards "Aurora Scavenger" Nice pics
  7. I gotta say, I'm with you on this. Sure there are things that occasionally off putting (like the inability to jump, but I'll admit that is more due to playing another similar game "Stranded Deep" that allows me to jump, then I switch back to TLD and am momentarily flabbergasted that I can't hop over a log) But nothing that makes me upset or mad. The game is gorgeous, the music is haunting and overall I'm happy with the latest mechanic adjustments (I really like the newer cooking system) Keep is up Hinterland! Your updates always feel like Christmas!
  8. Are you aware of the cave the exits BI and takes you to FM? That's my preferred way to come and go from BI now that I've looted the upper area of the level and got the code for the workshop. This avoids the rope climbs and takes you to the nearby forge in FM.
  9. I've always found the that the in-game map gives you a decent idea already of where the connects will be. Example: if you look at where the Bleak inlet sits in relation to the Muskeg, the connection is likely on the bottom right quarter of the area. Sure, you don't have an exact spot, but you have a reasonable sized area to search. Some connections are not as intuitive, but overall this has worked for me. I like the hunt! Otherwise I'd say just Google the connections and you'll find all sorts of maps and written directions.
  10. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll add a rope deployment spot for the workshop in the next update. Is it likely? No, but it's possible. (Crosses fingers)
  11. I agree. Doesn't look exactly right. Maybe it's just a pervasive bug. I would be cool if this was a new behavior though.
  12. Somewhat on the same topic. Does the wolf-skin and/or bear-skin coat deter wolves at all? I feel like I heard that somewhere but never confirmed.
  13. So that wolf will re-spawn? I guess that makes since... what with all wolves in game re-spawn. Thanks! I'll have to name mine and keep an eye out. You sure saved me a fright!
  14. This, absolutely this. The game is so immersive that sometimes I throw on a fleece blanket because I'm cold!