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  1. I had exactly the same feeling, but I knew Hinterland would ship both episodes so I fiddled with the menu to start episode 2. I must say I found this way to present things extremely confusing (maybe because I usually don't play episodic games). On the thread topic: Well, I guess we all know the answer. In my opinion, this question is not being explored at all. For me, the story mode is not really bad, but nothing special so far.
  2. It happened to me as well, in version 1.0. With the second patch ( ) it was fixed (at least I haven't experienced this problem again).
  3. I read (some time ago) that the sandbox mode wasn't even thought to coexist with the story mode and therefore would be suppressed by the story mode. But it seems that this "little extra mode" became the real game. After the release, I read a lot of people writing about Wintermute being just a tutorial and Survival Mode the real deal.
  4. Oh, so that's the case? I'm planning to try and finish episode 2 tonight. But I still think it is strange to be able to craft the hook and the line and not be able to knot them together (which intuitively seems easier than the other two). Maybe all the three should become available at the same point. EDIT: actually I'm able to craft fishing tackles. I was looking for it in the wrong tab... my bad. Also thinking intuitively here, it wouldn't make any sense. It would be like we could never get Influenza until we discover such a disease exists.
  5. Which I found really strange, considering that we can craft both the hook and the line.
  6. I don't want to sound like a complainer, but as I already said about the Faithful Cartographer update, design should prioritise functionality over visuals/beauty. That's my two cents. Also, I could not agree more.
  7. Players afraid of the evil developers that like to remove possibilities of the game (and doing so removing fun and will to play as well). I thought any developer would consider players their allies... but I've changed my mind.
  8. I thought it was impossible for a person to die from cold, hunger, or thirst while sleeping (I mean without waking up before). However, apparently, if you develop hypothermia you feel drowsy and really sleep to death. From hunger and/or thirst although I still doubt one can die without waking up. Anyhow, what I do in the game every night is to check my condition, eat/drink as necessary, sleep for around 5 hours, check my condition, eat/drink as necessary, sleep for the remaining hours. Up to now, I never died during sleep doing this (although I once died from hypothermia because I kept fishing for too long ).
  9. Wow, 10 days without melting ice! That's impressive. Usually, the first time I play any game, I do it on Normal Mode (difficulty level), so I was on Voyageur. But after that lame death, I decided to play on Pilgrim so that I could learn the game without dying so fast.
  10. Your posts are always a good read, Carbon. Thanks Do you mean before the Faithful Cartographer test branch? I noted this phenomenon only from the test branch onwards. I have the impression that Hinterland was "selling" the idea that it would be for rabbit hunting. But you could be right. And snares allow you to kill rabbits without having to endure their cute face looking at you About the sleeping system-related implementation questions, I agree that are many things to be decided (specially if tackling the sleeping on the floor feature and the sleeping when fully rested at the same time). But that is what the process of creating a game is all about, I guess. You decide these "answers" and implement them. I understand that Hinterland is a small studio, and I would never expect they expand the sleeping system before the story mode. Most of us understand that this would take some time. Well, that's all we have to the present date: the sandbox mode. These changes in the sleeping system is applicable to the story mode as well (I don't see how they wouldn't be), so it's not a sandbox-exclusive-feature effort, at least. Indeed. I agree with you. As I said in other comment, I love simulators and I have never considered the possibility of The Long Dark being a simulator. On the other hand, as you said, there are worldly elements (many of them), so the player can feel more close to the game's reality. I mean it's more palpable than, say, science fiction, and because of this, I think that it's more likely that people feel like doing in the game what they can do in real life (as long as it is plausible in the game), like sleeping on the floor, and sleeping even when rested. I believe that this reasoning also explains why people complain about the AI. We know rabbit, wolves, deer, and bears in real life, and albeit the disaster changed their behaviour, we may find some actions by the wildlife ridiculous and not realistic. Yep, I guess you're right, my friend.
  11. Thanks, @Carbon! I can say the same about you. If you are talking about the developers' effort, yes, the sleeping system change discussed can be seen as more demanding than the climbing system one, as I said in other comment. However, this doesn't make this feature request less valid. I think I get what you want to say when commenting about the "dependencies". What I wanted to say with "needs" and "wishes" is that the game already have many things that I really can't see as needs, as I wrote in the previous comments (on the other hand, it's hard to imagine this game without, say, wolves or weather), so, in my opinion, one can't dismiss a feature request by saying it is not needed. The developers already put in the game unnecessary things like stone throwing (the rabbit hunting was already addressed with the snares), so why dismiss a feature like sleeping on the floor? Of course it's up to the developers to choose what they want in the game and what they don't want in the game. There's a gigantic pool of ideas in these forums, in the Steam forums, in the reddit, and in the Hinterland's roadmap, and for me the stone throwing feature (for instance) is no more "needed" than sleeping on the floor or climbing heavy. These ideas are all valid candidates to be implemented. As for the game's reality, we know that the real world is just one, yet every single person views this same world through a different prism, right? Because of this, I understand that you want to judge feature requests using the game's reality, which is much more limited and thus unified than the real world. But I see a problem in doing this: by requesting a new feature we are requesting a change in the game's reality (usually an expansion of it), so that you can do something you couldn't do before. Another "problem" is that the game is not finished, so it's reasonable to think that the game's reality is not complete, and subject to changes. Thinking in this way, we feel the need for a kind of immutable superset of the game's reality, which happens to be the real world (mixed with Hinterland's lore, but since it's a bit of a secret we can't comment based on that). In this way, we come back to our subjective, personal and limited view of the real world (I hope it makes some sense)
  12. My pleasure. More nice (and historic) images
  13. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. I didn't know it (my mother tongue is not English). I found it very beautiful. Also, this version by Johnny Cash made me quite emotional: Also, the images used in the video are quite similar to the game's environment. I share the same opinion. For me, it would make the game even deeper and more beautiful.
  14. I agree with you. But being disappointed is a feeling, a subjective thing. I was expecting a more objective reason. Yes, it is subjective. That's why I wrote "I still think that removing player's options that way (in both cases) is not good design". I can see value in most people's opinions but I can only share my personal opinion, which is the only one I have, and, of course, is not more important than any other user's opinion. I don't really think that anyone can say that any particular feature needs to be in the game, not even the developers. Many of the game's features are wishes, desires and not needs (again, my opinion). Examples of these things? Cabin fever, intestinal parasites, mapping, stone throwing, to name a few. So I really don't think that any user's request is less important just because is not a need. This game is set in the Earth, and while the disaster could explain (?) some things, I doubt it could explain the planet being absolutely different from what we have in real life. So I don't find foolishness comparing the "game's world" with the real world. Of course, we cannot expect a faithful copy of the real world (not even simulators can deliver it), but that doesn't make invalid comparisons or wishes based on real life and what we, human beings, think it is logical. I'm afraid we'll never know the answer. I don't need to say that, but of course I respect your opinion. In the same time, I think giving options for the player to choose is more akin to what Hinterland has been saying. The player would have to choose between searching for a bed/car/bedroll or sleeping on the cold floor, which obviously wouldn't have all the benefits of the former option. Hmmm... I'd like to think it's the second option. But maybe only the OP could answer this one.