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  1. I don't think any company can honestly claim that. I'm happy for the team's health, and I hope it stays that way. I'm not enjoying 100% remote work as well, but that is a small price for helping the world to recover from this pandemic as fast as possible. Peace and love.
  2. May I ask you why you don't like it? Edit: sorry.
  3. You got me all excited for a moment... Improvised tools are an option, of course, but they are not the same as the standard ones (after all, they are improvised), as they tend to be heavier and slower.
  4. Oh, I had no idea. One of the few things I dislike in this game is climbing. I avoid it like the plague, so I'm definitely taking your advice. Thank you very much 😀
  5. How can you craft new ones? (not improvised ones)
  6. I've never been there 😬 I suppose it's beyond my level, so I never brought me to go there. I'm trying to learn the regions in the order: ML, CH, MT, PV, DP, TWM, FM, BRR, HRV, and BI. I think that's more or less in increasing difficulty order. At the moment, I'm at PV, cursing the weather for the almost daily blizzards...
  7. That's neat! Actually, I have a similar "problem" using items that degrade, such as the axe and the knife, because I know they will end some day (that happens with pretty much every game, I wonder how common this is). So I try to use sticks as fuel and harvest with my bare hands. But I never thought about grouping the sticks. I drop them in one "pile" and that's it. One thing I noticed is that doing this way I lose the notion of how many sticks I have after the pile has about 50 sticks.
  8. @ajb1978 Wow, I had never seen so much water and sticks! 😮
  9. Thank you for the event! Transferring our Winter Embrace's saves into the standard Survival Mode, as @Jolan pointed out, was lovely ❤️
  10. Thanks @ManicManiac. I will harvest the deer and then search again for that sneaky wolf.
  11. Thank you for your responses! I checked this wiki: and it says that a wolf will take at maximum one hour to bleed out. Assuming this is correct and since I spent one night sleeping, the wolf should be already dead, correct? Just to confirm: once an animal gets hit by (only) one arrow, it will surely bleed out? I paid attention to the crows but found only human corpses and the deer the wolf killed. Do you think the wolf got really far away? And if it does really bleed out and die, how many days we have until it disappears?
  12. Hello, everybody. I hope you are well and safe. So, I am living in Pleasant Valley to learn the map. I was going to the Pleasant Valley Outbuildings when a wolf found me. Then, I walked/ran towards Thomson's Crossing. Before we got there, the wolf got interested in a deer and killed it. While the wolf was feeding, I shot it near the neck with the only arrow I had. It started to bleed and ran away towards Thomson's Crossing, so I tried to follow the blood trail. Apparently, it crossed the river, but I could not find the trail on the other side, so I crossed back and the blood trail was gon
  13. Music touches our soul 🎶 Especially the music in this game.
  14. I hadn't played TLD for a long time, so I thought this event would be a great opportunity to get back to it. And I had a blast surviving the 25 days. I'm not a good player, like [probably] most players here, so it was a challenge for me, even though it worked in my very first run (thanks to the kind random spawn, that dropped me in MT, a map that I know reasonably well). But (yeah, there is always a "but"), when I realised I was not going to get those syrups just by playing normally, I got disheartened. I know some people enjoyed the run for the syrups, while others definitely didn't. I happen
  15. I had exactly the same feeling, but I knew Hinterland would ship both episodes so I fiddled with the menu to start episode 2. I must say I found this way to present things extremely confusing (maybe because I usually don't play episodic games). On the thread topic: Well, I guess we all know the answer. In my opinion, this question is not being explored at all. For me, the story mode is not really bad, but nothing special so far.