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  1. Thank you for your input, I'm sure this will help future survivors
  2. I know the maps were done ages ago, as like I said above, I have been editing my copies as I explore and noticed that certain things have been added/removed or just moved in general lol. I asked about the fireplace in this location as I didn't know if it was a random fire spawn per map or if there was a permanent one here as I don't want to have to make a load of new saves over and over to see if one spawns or not. So it's good to ask to get others experience of that area This is as far as I have edited her map on CH so far (still got a fair bit to go) :
  3. I was thinking about setting my fire up there actually, once I knew for sure I wasn't going to be wasting materials lol
  4. No worries, just wandering if the marking on the map is wrong, if so, I'll edit it out. I update my copies of the maps as I explore
  5. I'm in that house right now, so it's not burnt down and there is no fireplace
  6. According to the map on the Wiki there is a fireplace/barrel or stove available at the Log Sort in Coastal Highway, but I can't see one. Can anyone confirm if they have seen one and if so where abouts?
  7. I'm hoping to gather easy to read information/statistics regarding finding/not finding items in visors over the last year (2018/2019) I myself have searched through the forum and most people who say they found items, found them a couple of years back or earlier. So I made a poll for any instances in the last year. Please answer honestly as this information can help others. Thank you
  8. I think turning cans into scrap metal would be a good idea, but it would have to be about 5-10 cans per 1 scrap metal to make it seem balanced. I also think that turning sticks into a firewood item would be good too, but I think the 80 sticks is far too extreme, when you consider the weight, 10-20 seems more reasonable