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  1. A wise choice. Norman is a good interloping citizen of the Great Bear. He has no use for underground predators.
  2. Congratulations! I guess it depends where you choose the end to be
  3. In addition, shortest completion time is something people can compete for. There used to be a leaderboard of longest-time survival mode survivors, until it no longer made sense and Hinterland removed it. I agree - they managed to make it as bleak and depressing as they could
  4. That's one way to put it I guess... I wonder what the dead would think about a mourner passing by their graves in such haste It is indeed ironic that the original goal of Deadman - "survive for 30 days" - was turned into "survive for less than 3 days". However, finishing in record time takes different skills and a kind of willingness to waste your character that I don't have, so it is absolutely an achievement for itself.
  5. Deadman 14 / Day 22 About time to put an end to this challenge I wake up in the cave and use the time and daylight in the early morning to repair some clothes. They don't need repair but I have nothing else to do. Then I drop what I'm not going to need - ever again. Whetstones, sewing kits and excess supplies. The afternoon grants me some great weather, with winds nearly still and clear skies. Almost unheard of in HRV. After visiting a snow camp - out of curiosity - I make one warming stop at Stairsteps Lake next to a hollow tree and listen to wolf traffic. I hear nothing, but a little later, when I'm on the way, I do spot a wolf nearby. It howls - and I listen for reponses. A lot comes from the other side, but nothing from the direction I'm going. Is it going to be this easy? I'm still on my guard as there could be a bear, or a silent wolf. Indeed, a wolf is guarding the path to the Many Falls Vista, as usual. I could easily get past it with the flare gun, but for some reason I want to keep my zero-wolf-encounter record in this challenge. So I start another fire and wait for it to move off. Unfortunately, it seems intent on hanging around, so eventually I grant it a permanent buff of improved rest: The rest is just a walk in the park. I claim the title of the laziest deadman (longest completion time)
  6. I have to say one thing for TLD - this game turns every player into an expert in probabilistic calculations
  7. Her actual plan was to kill you
  8. Deadman 14 / Days 19-21 The events of the following days would bore a Norman, but a brief account is in order. I did get a sprain on my descent from the cave above Camp Office to the railway tracks. I fixed it straight away with a bandage because a long way was ahead. In FM I only stopped for a few cattails. The weather was perfect and I only spotted one wolf far in the distance. After a warming pause at the derailed train at the exit to BR, I crossed the Landslide and gave a preventative flare shell to a wolf guarding the entrance to the Maintenance Yard. It didn't threaten me but I wouldn't want to end this challenge without even firing a flare gun! After making a stop at the fourth grave, I went to the shed for the night. Next day I returned to FM and made my way up the Hat Creek and via cave to Marsh Ridge. The ridge was lifeless, there wasn't even a deer carcass. I grabbed the stim though. It's my last and I'll save it for a real emergency. Then I returned to the cave and processed the freshly spawned deer carcass (1.9 kg meat, unusually fresh meat at 80% and not even completely frozen). The next day saw me crossing the Milton Basin and climbing up to Milton. I passed through the Barker Farm, avoiding a wolf patrolling the farther end, and then the Chruch, which required even more sneaking around wolves. But I managed to keep my clean zero-wolf encounter score. I didn't stop at the trailer and went straight for the HRV cave to make camp for the night. If all goes well, the challenge should be over tomorrow.
  9. Oh no, you were already staring down wolves in TWM, the first to walk the path of extreme interlopism that many would follow...
  10. I didn't try in 1.69, but the entrance to the cave to Milton is 100% protected from winds as far as I know (and I used it a lot - a lot). I also tried to attract wolves to that spot by loading up smellies but they wouldn't sniff me out while I was right next to the cave. So I think the place is wolfproof just as it is windproof.
  11. I understand the struggles haven't changed, just they occur more often as players grapple with the wolves' new behavior. I used to get past that icy wolf by laying campfires in the cave. Wouldn't work anymore.
  12. Deadman 14 / Day 18 I build a campfire in the cold part of the cave at daybreak. Not that it is cold but I need to cook the deer. When I'm done, I sleep a little more before moving on. At the top of the rope I'm half tired. I take a short break in the cave on the way to ML. Then, fighting the Evil Wind, I make my way past the trailers (wolfless today) and to the river. During a warming break the winds die down and give way to fog. I walk on, collecting cattails, and sneak past the wolf that guards Northern Access. The fog thickens and now I can't see a thing. I proceed carefully to the opposite side of the lake where there should be no wolves, then head to the rope at Western Access. After one more break at the nearby cave, I stim myself, climb the rope and make a dash to another cave at the top, between Mystery Lake and the railway tracks. There I'll spend the night. Tomorrow things could get tricky. First I need to get down on the other side, so I'll sprain a bunch of limbs. Then I want to get from there to the Maintenace Yard in one day. There is no suitable shelter along the way I know of - Poacher's is too close. There is a reasonably covered hole in the ground in BR where one of my Deadmen slept once, so I could camp there if the weather turns nasty - I hope. At least food shouldn't be a problem.
  13. Deadman 14 / Day 17 I wake up with the fire still having 3 hours in it. I use it to make some water, but not much - the rope from Signal Hill is weighing me down. Before the fire is out and before the temperatures rise outside, I do a bit of wood gathering and also repair my mackinaw to 100%. Just as the fire is about to end, I drink hot tea, pull out a torch and leave. Old home. For 900 days or so. I used to run a spreadsheet back then, with a list of supplies, consumption and degradation rates. I knew when my knives and maple saplings would run out. Around day 8000 if I remember. The game has changed a million times since. I've changed too. I used to be a TLD scientist, then became an astute interlopist. And as it usually goes, I ended up being a dead man. Although one thing that hasn't been touched in a while are these textures. The back of the dam is a museum of what TLD used to look like. It's funny to think how well I know this place, as if it was a real location. I believe this is one of the reasons why Hinterland never went with procedural world generation or how is it called when the game just generates new environments for you. Because this way you never create real places - places you come back to a thousand times, places that live in the minds of the community although everyone goes there alone. I pass through the Dam, already looted, and a while later I am climbing down the Ravine. At the bottom I pick up four spare shells for the flare gun - I intend to use them to blast my way through the wolf patrols in Broken Railroad and HRV. There also is a stim, two chocolate bars and a ruined soda in the train. The back of the cave is very warm. I intend to stay for the night but it would be a waste of fuel to start a fire now. With the third grave ticked off, I harvest the carcass (1.8 kg) without fire and return to the cave to warm up. Then I sleep in 1-hour intervals until the morning.
  14. Keep boring us, Norman. It seems to me that the wolf-human power balance has shifted a fair bit on Loper. The deer carcass in the cave at Marsh Ridge indeed spawns the second time you enter, together with a hole in the ceiling. It took me a few of these "how the heck did I miss a dead deer?" moments to realize it.