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  1. Yes... bears are known to have an appetite for rare clothing items and bedrolls. I used to be an obsessive hoarder of spare wool toques and bedrolls that I'd keep stored and repaired in a locker - because on day 455 you hardly get a chance to find another one that hasn't turned into dust. And bearskin bedrolls are so heavy and repair-hungry that I've never got to like them... Good that you made it! Now on to 500
  2. Thanks! I've noticed the new birch bark option. One day, perhaps, "Number 10" shall return....
  3. Ah yes... I did that once in Deadman mode when I got cornered by a gang of rabbits. I jumped off the rail bridge over the Ravine. I even took a picture.
  4. I haven't thought about it. Cloth-limited challenges in climbing areas have become more challenging. Fortunately @fauxjargon chose relatively flat ground for this project. I agree Let's return control of this space to the rightful owner
  5. Good to see you too! I remember reading your "many deaths" journal when passing time in the Dam. I don't play anymore but I keep returning from time to time - like you, I guess.
  6. The main problem with FM-only Interloper was the missing hammer. You still can't have the hammer only in FM, right? That's why @fauxjargon's recipe with BR could work. In TWM I made my living out of fish + an occasional stolen deer kill. It ended up being quite comfortable - unless you go Sasquatch of course But the game has changed since, maybe this wouldn't be possible anymore. And I've heard that wolves can now even draw you in from a cliff with their powerful geomagnetic force.
  7. Sound like a good challenge. I've tried before to define a survivable outdoor-only region including the Muskeg and HRV, but it didn't work very well. This one isn't outdoor only, but could be interesting. From my experience, the bunny run at Marsh Ridge is one of the high-yield ones - on par with the one at Trapper's. And there's another, smaller run just around the corner in Milton Basin, if you need to top up. Alphabetical order... "Birch" comes before "Cattail", just like "Magnifying lens" comes before "Wood matches", independently of the current state of the cloud cover.
  8. Oh yes, I think anyone can relate to these "I left my bedroll at..." moments of realization.
  9. I agree, it is great to see more practitioners of extreme interlopism and deadmanship turning up to report their adventures. Needless to say, I keep coming back to read @DsnowMan's account. Everyone is free to explore their own writing style and vocabulary though! Many landmarks still wait for appropriate names...
  10. Congratulations to the Ultimate Survivor, who, as we all know, is not distinguished by the amount of fur he's wrapped in, but by having two pairs of underwear, as opposed to one.
  11. Enjoy the run! As a hardened survivor, no matter how rusty, I found As the Dead Sleep a little less challenging than I expected, but still fun.
  12. Maybe that's what she was trying to figure out with those limits?