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  1. Thanks @slorinc - great to hear!
  2. Good, and I only missed by 150 days. Let's see about Keg Three.
  3. Day 11 Summit Day. An ugly one, windy. I give up waiting for better weather and sacrifice some condition for the privilege to actually do something. At the plane, I add a ski jacket, a toque, a wool ear wrap and a pair of wool socks to my wardrobe. There's a new hacskaw, which is nice, because poor Hackmoril is about as good as two pieces of scrap metal after opening all these containers. Unusually, I leave the flare gun and ammunition untouched. Why bother with it on this run. Day 12 Another windy day. I search the area of Eric's Falls and apart from mushrooms and cattails, I also find another piece of birch bark - so I can make tea again. Evil wind plays its usual games and eventually I get surprised by a blizzard late at dusk, far away from shelter. As I said though, I know the area by heart. I find my way to Deer Clearing and its cave even in poor visibility. I think I can conclude at this point that the Wing is the only place with good amounts of birch bark in TWM - which is not very useful in normal runs because it is always heavily patrolled by wolves (+ bear and potentially moose). You can also find some at Landing Gear and at the rabbit run at Crystal Lake. There's still a corner or two of the map I haven't visited but this seems to be about it.
  4. Ha - now I know where it comes from - I'm too young for a 80's game, in addition I come from the other side of the Iron Curtain where PC's were unheard of at that time. For me, these words embody the boldness of the early practitioners of extreme TLD
  5. I'm not sure I recommend this mode - it is good for exploration of hidden/wolfy places but as others mentioned, without wolves and crafting, there's not that much to do. But if you find it interesting, go ahead
  6. Day 10 I start a fire early in the morning and have to invest nearly all of my sticks to overcome the cold - a blizzard has struck again. I wait until the afternoon for the blizzard to end. I try to pass time repairing my ski jacket again, but I fail and have no more cloth. Following the blizzard it is still windy. I make my first short exploratory trip to some birch trees I can see - there are saplings but only one piece of bark. Back to the fire and warm up, then to the container: 3 tomato soups, 2 cloth and 3 scrap metal. No rabbit pelts The weather gets better in late afternoon as I move to the Secluded Shelf. I get 1.1 kg meat from a carcass on the way, then pass through the cave and take all coal I can find. I end up on the shelf below the Summit. I'm not completely tired yet, although it is already night, so I start a fire in the "prep cave" and get meat from the carcass there. While it is cooking, I pay a visit to the rope attachment point and deploy a rope there. Finally, I'm exhausted, so I feed the fire with sticks and coal and go to sleep for 12 hours.
  7. Day 9 Drifter Man stands in the Cave of Engines, looking East. The Ice Fear is mild. Drifter Man is utterly bold. He has with him his hacksaw Hackmoril. All wolves are gone from his world. He yawns again... Boring day, too cold and windy in the morning to go out, and afternoon ruined by a blizzard. Drifter Man, still utterly bold, rips apart some old clothes and fixes up his fashionable ski jacket. Then he sleeps some more. In the afternoon he walks out of the cave and builds a fire to turn his plentiful 'shrooms into a liquid 1000-calorie bomb. Drifter Man stands in the safe area of the cave mouth, but he is as stupid as he is bold - he builds the fire just out of the protected area and the blizzard blows it out soon. He shrugs and builds another one. His position at the cave mouth lets him light a torch from the dying fire, so no match is wasted. The blizzard ends after nightfall. Drifter Man is determined to make at least some progress today, so he drinks a coffee, grabs a torch and heads out into the night. Ice fear is still mild as it isn't very cold. He stops at a carcass near the rope to Deer Clearing and puts Hackmoril to work. He leaves the guts and hide on the carcass though. It is too inconvenient at the moment to harvest the carcass completely. Up the rope to Deer Clearing, and Drifter Man finds the cave in the darkness. He knows this area by heart. It is warm enough in the back to sleep until the morning, although he knows he will have to burn fire later.
  8. I think he was playing TLD until he froze.
  9. Day 7 A blizzard starts in the morning, so I'll have to keep the fire going. Interestingly, it's the old familiar blizzard, with howling winds at all. The silence of the blizzards I've survived post-update must be a bug then. The only difference is that this blizzard started while I am "outdoors". I've brought a piece of scrap and quality tools, so I use the time to repair my hacksaw. Then I put four pieces of cloth into the bedroll to get it up to 90%. A bit of sleep, then I attempt the ski jacket - but this time I fail. The blizzard ends in early afternoon. I've been resting in the meantime, so I am ready to go. The winds are still strong but I think I'll be fine. Headed towards the Wing, I check out every group of birch trees I can find. There are lots of them but not that much bark. In the end I find 8 pieces. The container has tea, coffee and canned food, as always. I even visit the Forest Cave - a place I used to avoid because of wolves - but find nothing but some firewood. Warmed up with birch bark tea, I continue across the fallen tree bridge to the next cave. There are no carcasses on the way. I stay at the cave, sleeping for a few hours, waiting for winds to subside. Then I head out into the bright, cold, starry night. After another warming fire near the Cave of Engines, I check out the cave in the Echo Ravine and the container at the lower Engine. Wool socks and a thin wool sweater are good finds. I dispose of the rest, only keeping some cotton socks for cloth. It is a strange feeling to be there without wolves. There's a dead guy in the cave with an open laptop in front of him - I wonder what his last google search was. Day 8 Today I search the area of the other Engine. Lots of reishi mushrooms, no new birch bark. There's a deer carcass on the shelf on the way down to Crystal Lake - I work on it into the night and harvest everything, then drop the guts and pelt in the cave to be ready for collection on my way back. My condition is 49%, I lost a fair bit to freezing due to failed firestarts - I'm still at Level 1. That would have been worrisome for a Deadman. For a birchman, no big deal.
  10. Yes, it is a little empty. I don't expect to go very far with this run. The good thing is that I've already visited numerous places that I haven't seen in a while. I don't feel very strongly about it. As @Looper noted, I don't ask anything from the Devs. I like the update and as you can see, I eagerly try out the new birch bark thing. I just noted that the Deadman challenge - where you are given a code of custom difficulty settings and see how far you can make it - is gone. So be it - I'm already making new adventures.
  11. Day 6 I wait in the bunker. When I'm starved down to 23% - the night is not over yet - I realize I cannot afford losing any more condition. I still have some rosehips, resihi and coffee on me, and I need some water anyway. I climb into the cold night and light a fire in the stove close to prepper's bunker. I spend all morning keeping my stomach above zero with tea and coffee, making water and taking short naps in my bedroll. It isn't until the afternoon that the weather becomes tolerable for the transit to Mountaineer's Hut. I make it without having to start a fire - although barely - and collect around 40 sticks and 5 pieces of birch bark at Landing Gear. Fortunately, in the hut it is felt +1C. I start a fire nonetheless and soon I'm making magic medicine. I find a ski jacket and some old clothing in the hut, along with the usual matches and firewood. The warmth of a cup of birch bark tea fuels my first expedition on Crystal Lake - I collect around 20 cattails and crucially, a sixth piece of birch bark. Then I warm up at the fire and go for another round - more cattails and sticks. A third, short run around the hut to bring in more sticks and I decide this is enough for today. I don't see any more birch bark trees in the vicinity, but I'll definitely be looking for more at the Wing tomorrow. I know they're there. Two stale granola bars - 23% - before bed, fortunately no poisoning. I let the fire die down to save fuel and restart it after midnight, when temperatures drop below -5C. It was a busy day, even without wolves. My condition is back up at 37%, which is much better than the day before, but I'll need to find more birch bark to be out of the woods. However, a pre-update deadman would be practically dead by now.
  12. Day 5 Things are taking a bad turn. The fact is, my condition is 34%, I'm out of food and the world is unusually cold for an early interloper weather. My first idea is to climb up the rope to Skeeter's and warm up halfway at the carcass - I heard crows yesterday. It is felt -34C, my temp bar is running out before my eyes. I almost grab the rope when I check my fuel: 30 sticks. I won't even be able to make it to positive temperatures. Two hours later it is minus 28. I climb up to the shelf but the deer is not there. It must have been other crows. I don't take a break. Instead I climb the second rope and run to the basement at Skeeter's. I find quality tools on a shelf, a can of dog food (which I eat immediately) and a pair of socks in the washer. I sleep in the bedroll until I'm fully warmed up - it is afternoon now so the temperatures should be more tolerable. But the winds are still strong and I can't stay outside. I just check the corpse and containers around Skeeter's - I get a bit of food or two - and return to the basement again. In late afternoon, felt -19C, I transit to the bunker. I eat whatever food I found, determined to go on to TWM as soon as I can, even at night. I earn my well-fed buff for now. Three hours of sleep. The sun is setting. I peek outside, it's a blizzard. I wait a little more in the bunker, still blizzard. I lose my well-fed buff. I still have a can of pork and beans as my last reserve. Sure enough, the blizzard rages all night while I alternate between sleeping and waking and spend my last calories. I can immediately tell when the blizzard ends from inside the bunker - the near silence of the blizzard gives way to thundering roar of a "normal" snowstorm. It is morning of Day 6, my condition is 25%, I'm starving and it is felt -40C outside.