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  1. Oh yes, I think anyone can relate to these "I left my bedroll at..." moments of realization.
  2. I agree, it is great to see more practitioners of extreme interlopism and deadmanship turning up to report their adventures. Needless to say, I keep coming back to read @DsnowMan's account. Everyone is free to explore their own writing style and vocabulary though! Many landmarks still wait for appropriate names...
  3. Congratulations to the Ultimate Survivor, who, as we all know, is not distinguished by the amount of fur he's wrapped in, but by having two pairs of underwear, as opposed to one.
  4. Enjoy the run! As a hardened survivor, no matter how rusty, I found As the Dead Sleep a little less challenging than I expected, but still fun.
  5. Maybe that's what she was trying to figure out with those limits?
  6. Excellent plan Professor. You can also quarter it while you are at it, with the new improvised knife and a stopwatch
  7. I never quarter carcasses, either. For one thing, I prefer not to move around stinking and attracting predators. But I'm mainly concerned about getting stuck in a time-accelerated activity for more than a hour without the option to check what's going on around me. I think the idea behind it really is to move your kill somewhere safe where you can process it - not saving time.
  8. I don't remember when each change appeared but wildlife animations have been improving over time. And sound! Makes walking at night can be pretty spooky. This didn't use to be. Also agree about coal, that was one change for the worse.
  9. Achievements! So that's what makes Professor Hotzn get up from his warm, comfortable chair at the Department of TLD Science and once again brave the blizzards of the Great Bear. Good luck! Wolves fear Hotzn and his hatchet Hackmoril.
  10. A wise choice. Norman is a good interloping citizen of the Great Bear. He has no use for underground predators.
  11. Congratulations! I guess it depends where you choose the end to be
  12. In addition, shortest completion time is something people can compete for. There used to be a leaderboard of longest-time survival mode survivors, until it no longer made sense and Hinterland removed it. I agree - they managed to make it as bleak and depressing as they could