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  1. Great to see that you carry the torch of extreme interlopism (or outerlopism, in this case). It is a bad weather day in the TWM. I'm sitting on 30 kg of bear meat in Mountaineer's Hut, rifle on the floor... should I finally fix my expedition parka tonight? Its condition is only 79%... no, I'll leave it for tomorrow. Let's just read Stone's zero challenge journal and go to bed.
  2. I can tell you - it is possible, and also not all rabbit groves are created equal, i.e. some will replenish fast and some more slowly. A spot like Jackrabbit will probably be one of the good ones, and on Voyageur you may not be able to deplete it. All spots in the Ravine (except maybe the Basin, which I haven't checked) deplete fast and take long to replenish. Trapper's Homestead and Marsh Ridge, on the other hand, have lots of rabbits.
  3. Yeah, after a while Voyageur can start feeling like being in a supermarket... Thanks for giving me an idea what to do with those rock caches ūüĎć Have a good run to 500.
  4. Right, I've also seen deer "slide" - move without any running animation - on a few occasions when on the run. Well, anyway - I just wanted to share the observation.
  5. Yes, it looks they keep tweaking animal behavior and movement but this time something went wrong. Today I even noticed a wolf fleeing at full speed with my arrow stuck in one of his legs - I look away for half a minute and the wolf stops in place. I look back and the wolf resumes its flight.
  6. I've recently gotten back to TLD after a long break and noticed something I'm sure wasn't there before. Wildlife will not move when outside of player's field of view but well within sighting range. Wolves and deer that are not aware of the player just freeze in place in some default position. When you look back at them, they suddenly and visibly 'unfreeze' in a fraction of a second and get back to their normal routine. It looks unnatural - humans are good at extrapolating movement, so I can immediately see that something is wrong. In addition, it makes wolves easy to avoid - just don't look at
  7. It's not from my experience but it is my understanding that wounded or fleeing wolves can attack in self-defense if you get too close, on any difficulty. Just tell your niece to keep some distance until it drops
  8. Yes... bears are known to have an appetite for rare clothing items and bedrolls. I used to be an obsessive hoarder of spare wool toques and bedrolls that I'd keep stored and repaired in a locker - because on day 455 you hardly get a chance to find another one that hasn't turned into dust. And bearskin bedrolls are so heavy and repair-hungry that I've never got to like them... Good that you made it! Now on to 500
  9. Thanks! I've noticed the new birch bark option. One day, perhaps, "Number 10" shall return....
  10. Ah yes... I did that once in Deadman mode when I got cornered by a gang of rabbits. I jumped off the rail bridge over the Ravine. I even took a picture.
  11. I haven't thought about it. Cloth-limited challenges in climbing areas have become more challenging. Fortunately @fauxjargon chose relatively flat ground for this project. I agree Let's return control of this space to the rightful owner
  12. Good to see you too! I remember reading your "many deaths" journal when passing time in the Dam. I don't play anymore but I keep returning from time to time - like you, I guess.
  13. The main problem with FM-only Interloper was the missing hammer. You still can't have the hammer only in FM, right? That's why @fauxjargon's recipe with BR could work. In TWM I made my living out of fish + an occasional stolen deer kill. It ended up being quite comfortable - unless you go Sasquatch of course But the game has changed since, maybe this wouldn't be possible anymore. And I've heard that wolves can now even draw you in from a cliff with their powerful geomagnetic force.