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  1. Okay, sure. But we are making people change for what benefit - I thought the OP suggestion was nice, but not vital. Also, by making the other substitutes you suggest to be for this use, it has an unknown further effect on each individual's gameplay. Maybe they are relying on them for other things. Good ideas are good reasons to alter player behavior and this is a nice suggestion, but again, it's not vital. I was in favor of it, if it otherwise affected nothing. Good point, but maybe they are using them as markers when leaving, too. Not sure. It's a good way to know the areas you
  2. I like the abstract concept of a time sensitive perk being randomly generated at the start of a run (of course the early days are the most exciting) to create some variety and an immediate extra risk/reward calc. I think you're right that it makes some sense on a game level and adds to decisions. That said, I think for it to be a dying campfire falls for me some on a thematic level. I don't have the sense that there are warm bodies or dying campfires, but a frozen over quiet apocalypse. Sure, not everything is ruined, so its not like it's been years and years, but it certainly has been eno
  3. Yeah, if they are being used for marking and other tasks then, probably they should be as is. Maybe it will give those who don't like them scattered on the ground an extra thing they can do and find a container.
  4. Sorry to see you frustrated. I wouldn't try As the Dead Sleep until you are quite comfortable at Interloper difficulty. Until then, it's an unforgiving and near impossible task in an already harsh game. It's really a challenge that's a bit of a gesture to the sliver of experienced players. There's a crate at the top of the Maintenance Shed (at the end after you walk up a ramp) that usually has a stim. On Marsh Ridge in Forlorn Muskeg there is also a stim, by the firepit. Those are the first two that you'll probably encounter.
  5. I support the suggestion of the original post as is.
  6. Hi all, just a minor thread for a suggestion to Hinterland (with the thoughts of the players adjoining below) about improvements to Fluffy the wolf in the Cannery Workshop. Currently she's a threat, but as long as you sort of waddle in crouched with a firearm/bow primed, it's usually able to be handled fairly routinely. I feel bad for Fluffy. She kind of stands three and waits for her imminent death. A minor improvement would be to increase her spawn spots within the Workshop. But you could still sort of waddle over. I think it could be cool to give her a chance to spawn out
  7. Sorry, yeah you said as much in the OP. I got lost in the weeds a bit reading the replies after reading your initial post forgetting the sources. That said, I like the simplicity and cleanness of just having this added in exclusively rather than in addition to the other suggestions of different fire starting bonuses.
  8. See this thread: Also, one that I created lately that isn't on that list is Bleak Existence, which is a variant of the "one region" challenge. In this one you have 24 hours to collect things before going into Bleak Inlet to survive for as long as possible (with loper settings, but low recovery). But you could do that sort of "time deadline" setup in a variety of start or target regions or timelines. Gives a nice choice between more gear or push your luck with time deadline/condition. This game has been the source of a lot of great creativity from the fan base in ter
  9. This is what I’d like to see. They can be used as fuel at any time as well as tinder, 1-2 mins apiece at 0.25 degrees. That would give them use after fire 3 and could add extra choices in early game too.
  10. Good suggestions, but with psychological effects you have to figure out what mechanic is going to be impaired. And what is that? You've seemed to target sleeping which does make sense, but I think from a game strategy POV, there would be overlap with Cabin Fever and Intestinal Parasites. I'm not sure we need a third element in the bucket. I do like the idea of adding some sort of psychological element and they have blurring of the frame with pain, which is ok-ay.....a valiant effort and pretty cool, though not exceedingly gameplay compelling. I've yet to find something really satisf
  11. Nice to hear! I've been playing a lot more Bleak Inlet the last 3-6 months because I was doing some Bleak Inlet only runs (Bleak Existence!) (and watching others do similarly) and I've come to appreciate things. I wouldn't mind seeing some Timberwolves sprinkled in some other areas at this point for sure - especially since BI is uniformly Timberwolfy (leaving out our friend in the workshop). It would be fun to see some regular wolf and timberwolf mixes. BI is a unique map, plus with not only the Timberwolves, but also the unique tools available at the Cannery, and maybe the harshest wi
  12. What a generous haul for the next survivor at Spence's who will find it looted, but not cleaned out, and a great help for themselves in their own survival. It's truly in the spirit of Christmas. That it was preceded by peril just prior to arrival infuses it with even more empathy in my mind (of course the next survivor will never know, but could maybe imagine the possible stories of one that came before or who may still be out there).
  13. The proposal is not believable - they value it, will continue do so, and many players find it both enjoyable and valuable. I don't you can truly explore "should they just drop story mode" with any believability. They are committed and it's important to the game. I think the OPs main reason for posting was therefore not that in any way, but really just to present their feeling or opinion and associated analysis on why they dislike story mode. Thanks for your opinion.