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  1. I think the Ravine is an instakill too.
  2. Seems like a tough fix but maybe the easiest solution would have the carcass disappear entirely if stumbles to it's final resting place on weak ice. At least that would remove the temptation.
  3. Yep, I 've found a Mackinaw there. And I think in Stalker you can find an Expedition Parka there. But I can't remember how consistent they are or if it's a static spawn. I don't think so - since I think I've not found them there before, too. But I'm not certain. It might be a high level RNG spot.
  4. Nice. I did this same method just today, almost exactly in the manner you spoke of though in PV. And...it charged. And I happened to miss (I thought it was fairly flat terrain, but there was one small rise I missed). I dunno...there's some risk until you get Archery 5 and can potshot crouched, but you need to be using the bow to get that level! I guess trying to improve on long shots is something one could do.
  5. This is a good method, though the changes to animal behavior also included the deer and bunnies. They are harder to drive to the wolves. They seem to have almost a preset horizontal preference at times.
  6. Hey-o, look out. Yeah I actually do walk under the bridge as the ice is fine there and it leads me to laying low past the cannery woofs. However, my subway joke wasn't about that. I was caught in a moment and the fix to the shortcut to remove the wall-walk to get past the scrub led me to thinking about other things they fixed like the predators who were underground previously. I was just saying that now maybe we put our survivor underground and move about, now that the preds seem to be gone from that tract. But it's probably closed for business for everyone.
  7. Just take the subway. Now that the preds are removed from it, the coast is clear.
  8. Great to see in action. One thing the clip didn't show is the survivor staring at the trailer, pulling out the spray paint, and putting something new on the trailer to help anyone else who came along both for survival and for poetry - thanks to these events.
  9. This was the most excited I've been today, getting to this part of the account, the boogaloo about to kick off.
  10. How about the trestle too?
  11. My mind is dizzy and life is so busy to counteract the dizzy, that maybe you guys could clarify things here. Where did things end up with this? There was another thread discussing this as well, but can you elaborate on the settings (Baseline, Loose, Empty Chance, Density). I know some, but I don't feel like I have it down perfectly. Also, how does the new hotfix impact this and if there are any gameplay verification on it, would be great as well. Thanks.
  12. Getting lost is one of the best parts of the game.
  13. It's been nice to get this journaling of past versions so we can see some of these other improvements. My feeling has been that pre-EP there was a lot of tweaking and improving and that EP did some bigger changes. Given it's almost like a new chapter there were new bugs, some old ones reappeared and there were still some of the unfinished ones. So to a degree I know it's still sort of in process (though everything is always in process, but you know what I mean). I know you said you'll return to EP if you feel better about it. But pre-EP and pre-bigger changes, there was definitely a scaling and sharpening up of the previous iteration if you buy into that more seismic shift. Good points were made in regards to some things like the lighting and UI. Remember how awful it was in the PV farmhouse. Some places were eerily bright, even during night, and some oddly dark, even during day.