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  1. I haven't played any interloper since the new update. I briefly popped into an old stalker game and watched the wolves back off, drift away and amble around when they got close to the decoy I dropped. And run off too, but I think that was after I raised my weapon. That was one time a couple of weeks ago. I've been playing story mode, which I hadn't done yet and was waiting for #3. And I haven't been even trying any decoys, since I have more than enough food to eat and have the flare gun and rifle for plenty of defense. Can you describe what the wolves do now exactly and how you approach the situation that makes it 100% easier? From what I've gathered, they don't respond to the bait and back off when dropped. Then they will approach based off distance only but when coming at you they go only straight now? Is that right?
  2. Really great point, and I know they want the game to be a strategy game much more than a shooter type game. I'm not sure if the current iteration is final, but in some way they need to make it a probability game with the wolf behavior and add some unpredictability and risk, but not too much. If they had just added some extra variability to some of the previous bait behavior, maybe add more elements it was based off of like size of bait or other things, then that would have been cool. But maybe they will do something similar to the current rendition. I would prefer it a game of strategy and choice with some arcade rather than flipped the other direction.
  3. Good thoughts. I agree re: options, but they have to be good options and not overlapping as even some of the good points you make here - like the fire. You're right there...I can see some overlap and the flare gun still takes some work at times, but it's out there and not "rare" with known locations. But the past one was too easy. But as you say this one is weird. I think we are pretty close on it. You can get really oddly close while crouching. Honestly, I couldn't mind if the whole decoy thing was scrapped altogether. You pointed out the overlap. If I had my way I think the decoy and traditional baiting after engagement would both be gone. But then the wolves would go after meat on the ground AND on person. You could bait them in by having it on the ground before engaging. But then you have to fix the meat in the snow thing - maybe a craftable container that has limited space. So then hunting becomes dropping a meat on the ground and waiting for them - for good game theory there needs to be some risk so maybe it's you don't know where they will come from or if you get multiple. However, someone could do it in a defensible location. I don't know - those would need solved and it seems like more legit baiting then sort of taming them in the moment with bait after growling. I don't even know if that's good. Just spitballing.
  4. Having the only options after wolf detection to run or risk a struggle is the point I think. Many don't see a negative that you can't have a low risk encounter with the wolf after they detect you (and extremely high risk for them). You can still try to take them out after detection (with risk) or hunt them pre-detection at greater distance. You can get somewhat close with crouching. There's some difference with decoys re flares, flare gun, and fire. Flares only sort of keep them at bay but still aggressive (unless changed); flare guns are not common; fire's take time and can fail. Also with decoy there's to be a cost involved. However, if that's now changed, I think that's a weakness in the current implementation. They may be between things with stopping the teleportation because it wasn't believable, but now keeping the decoy present doesn't have the cost any longer (as Jimmy said) and loses in gaming theory. I think it's a strong positive they continually work on the game and are willing to tweak things. I could work with the new bait mechanic but it feels a little funky. If you're using "bait" to stop wolves in their tracks and to break stalking then maybe change the object to a smell they dislike. Fruitcake or something. Or maybe we start dropping some of the other food and rename the decoy to "repellent." Maybe the tomato soup or some other harvestable! I'm only being half serious. ALTHOUGH, there have always been discussions about being able to story meat in the snow without worry of other animals taking them. Maybe with changing the bait mechanic it fixes that too - the event caused them to hate and repelled by any meat anywhere harvested by humans
  5. "Getting used to things" goes a lot of ways I think. I remember when I first saw you could just plop that decoy down and take a shot it felt a little hokey and easy to me. I had already used one for fleeing (one of my favorite times of playing initially included one of these escapes), and this was the original main/only intention. But I got used to using it for hunting and then it felt natural to the "how to play" canon and didn't feel hokey any longer. So this takes me back to my original evaluation a bit, and I can sort of see what they're thinking. I feel just "okay" with how it is now, I guess. I'm sure I would accept it and get used to it. Waiting to see how things play out isn't an unacceptance, though,. because it's a new change and there's an update coming out soonish, and with those facts it seems like it's a situation that's actively being evaluated and updated (even if maybe this specifically doesn't get change, which, who knows could be true). We can get used to most anything but I know they want it objectively good as well. But I know people get ruffled with change only for change's sake. I'm hoping they do add a bunch of updated wolf stuff. Even changes to things like the patrol routes as I mentioned. It's an amazing game that balances sort of this immersion/narrative/realism with a logic game of choice/risk-reward/push your luck. I know if they change some things it will be a delicate balance as well as some added variability here and there (say with the patrol routes) could actually increase choice making (risk/reward, etc) (and immersion), but if you add too many variables and consequence, it will flip suddenly into making choice less involved because it's too random. Plus there's a satisfaction curve with learning information you don't want to completely ruin. It was satisfying at one point to learn where the most dangerous spots on the maps were.
  6. My thoughts on the topic: * I've seen it discussed that decoy is an actual hunting term meaning to lure in prey while hunting. However, I suspect the association of that specific use of the term and that this game employs hunting (and that this tactic was hunting wolves) to be partly coincidence. I bet the dev team more likely considered "decoy" to be in the military sense like fighter planes and such - "deceptive device used to draw an enemy away from a more important target" (Britannica Online). So it's a semantics situation with that. Especially since decoys in hunting are often used for like deer and bird hunting and the wolves here are even more aggressive than your average wolf. * The current implementation of the wolves drifting away and for some recently the bait disappearing, is unsatisfying to most. It feels a little off-putting even for those who are fine with the change. But as others have said I think it's still in development especially with a large survival update coming up. * The current implementation was likely done because it was the most streamlined correction. It allows the use of the decoy as a running away tactic to function with no other changes - if you're running from a wolf you don't notice the decoy was teleported or the wolf just started ambling around. And it fixed the head shotting by not drawing them in. I think it's sort of that simple - it was the most straightforward fix for them. Though it may not ultimately be the best. * It's difficult to think of a version that fits the vision of allowing the running away but removing the headshot play. Having them immediately charge is better with more risk...but I think skilled players will still be able to quick shot with an advantage. I think the distance thing mentioned earlier might be the best. I see a wolf literally ignoring the bait if a player is not far enough away from bait. They just keep pursuing as normal (stalk or charge). For players using the bait as they want in running away, you don't have to just sprint for distance ASAP - I think you can have the wolf turn around from player pursuit and go back to the bait once the distance is achieved. This all makes narrative sense to me as initially the wolf would ignore the bait and see the player as more prominent (and threatening their bait like a kill). Once distance is achieved the wolf would go for the "easier prey" (the bait), especially when a player is not close enough to threaten its ownership. The required distance would make a headshot difficult. And getting in closer for a better headshot after the distance would be achieved would be tricky - might lose the bait and have to catch up. That said, I think the implementation is not easy easy, but doable, but the trickiest part is players being on the edge of the required distance fiddling with the wolf response. If you make the wolf amble/jog back to the bait, a player could still pursue for the "exploit" (as they see it). I think the best change would have the wolf immediately charge if the player re-enters the distance within a certain amount of time after a bait instance. This is my best idea currently for a fix that's both compelling and fits what they are wanting. * It's clear they are really tinkering with wolf behavior. This decoy fix and there's a survival update coming and wolf packs down the road. Also devs have reacted positively when asked about mixing up patrol routes and such. I think this is something they are interested in. * For some the game is easy now, even on Interloper. That probably chafes the devs to no end. You see some running such things as the Relentless Night Mod to get their fix, with its permanight and -115 temps. Or things like Outerloper and Deadman. While on one hand you can think if someone has achieved enough hours for this to be the case, the game has already fulfilled its purpose. But I like how TLD was great early and can be fun if experienced as well, in a different way. And it's possible by what I'm seeing and if I'm an optimist some difficulty will be increased by changing some of the game systems itself, not by just making certain current settings more difficult or amped up/down. Or just by pure addition or subtraction. Some of the wolf changes could be indicative of this. I certainly hope so. I was fine with the bait hunting just because that's how I saw the game as a best practice, but I'm open if there are changes that will ultimately work better, for newer, moderate and experienced players. There's also the issue of late, late game boredom in survival and the ability to survive for very long times. I think these are sort of incorporated in this, possibly, as well. Best of luck everyone on surviving!
  7. I think Pilgrim is fantastic for just a little relaxing immersion and just living the life and exploring Great Bear, with a little RP, and no stress.
  8. I started playing right in Voyager. But I've played Pilgrim a few times (oddly) after starting Interloper play, just so I could understand some map locations slightly better. Not spoiling yourself with maps is the best way to enjoy the game, especially early, but after you switch to the "knowing the maps / play hard modes" style I felt like I wanted to know some of those map details slightly better in some spots. So I played some Pilgrim there.
  9. dbmurph22


    Good luck! I like the mixing it up. Watch dem wolfies.
  10. Thanks Rancid - these have been a big help. I've even watched a few playthroughs of some of them. Bits and pieces. Good stuff. Thanks again for posting. Trying to think of what all could have been done with the survival/ sandbox mode besides base difficulties, custom settings, and these challenges. I guess maybe you can put in some sort of arbitrary narrative overlay. Maybe I'll think of something else, but these have been helpful. If you or anyone think of more, please keep popping them in here.
  11. Awesome. Thanks! Yes, this is some of exactly what I was looking for. Anything related to a custom game mode, community made challenge, or a way to play around a certain idea. Thanks for these. Interested to hear more.
  12. Hello fellow freezing friends. I wanted to start a topic that is basically a request - a one stop list of the better community known survival experiences/modes/initiatives. Of course we know what's in the game in terms of pilgrim/voyager/stalker/interloper for survival (and of course story mode and challenges), but I've heard many other custom modes and ideas. The ones that come to mind first that I've hard are Sleepwalker, Deadman, and Snowball Stories. I know the first two are custom modes that are even more difficult than interloper. The latter I think is just a moniker given for an Interloper run series. So that doesn't really count. But, I'm not just interested in a list of custom game modes (but of course it is maybe the main one), but also any ideas for group plays with custom goals, or any other community initiative to play a certain way or at a certain time in survival. I haven't seen a list, but If I've missed, then apologies. Ideally it would be a list with each item having a short description of the defining characteristics following. I can maybe later either edit this or add another post putting them together. TLD has a great community and I look forward to hearing more about this. -Murph
  13. Have really enjoyed this game and don't have a ton of suggestions/ideas. I agree wholeheartedly with the thought that this should likely never be a multiplayer game since it compromises the core idea/vision of the game. However, I thought there could be some room to have both - both being the only player and having some mp elements. That would be if players could share a world, but never at the same time. Just some idea in players could be in a world that was previously randomized and then altered by previous play in some way. I'm not sure how that could be implemented given the timeline and entropy - and also the consumables. But it's the only shape or form I wouldn't mind seeing a players paths crossing if secondary ideas come along. Also a way to find immortality because I keep dying in this game (j/k).