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  1. Hello Quiet Apocalypse Survivors! I'm assuming the battery spawn amount is tied to the baseline resource availability? It's low on Interloper, Medium on Stalker, and if you do a custom setting the battery spawns will be decided by the baseline resource setting - the amount, but randomly distributed. Is that correct? Does anyone know the approximate amounts that spawn on Loper and Stalker? Thanks for your help! Murph
  2. I like the sentiment in the original post, but in my opinion there are plenty of survival/crafting games that fill the need to just find/craft/survive indefinitely. The Long Dark to me is a poetic exploration game in the midst of certain (quiet) doom - a meditation on the transience of you and an age. Both the struggle against it and the acceptance of it sort of generates the energy of the games identity and playthroughs. If anything, it should be harder than it is in the later game. People survive wayyyy too long. Difference in philosophy I guess, then.
  3. I agree it would be fun to have something like some musical item or something. I have a hard time with late game. Some, like the suggestions above, have a fairly easy go of finding the excitement to chart every corner of the map, break everything down, find cairns and such. I'm genuinely happy for them. I can't do that. Even in the "chill" state of mind...I still can't do that. At some point the activities that some find satisfaction as a relaxing obsession, becomes to me like filling out a tax form. So I wouldn't mind something to be added that's chill-specific. Maybe it will
  4. As you said I think Story Mode is more lore centric, but I do sort of like the feeling of your idea. I'll put my own spin on the version of it that I would prefer. First, I think too much lore or a type of lore that's too defining of the world, with broad reach is not preferable. That's because the core element in survival sandbox is "creating your own lore." You wouldn't want lore within the world that would run into conflict with that to any degree. Really, you don't want to threaten that vision at all. That said, I do like the idea of adding some very minor lore in a way that woul
  5. That's kind of a cool idea, ajb. Though I actually rarely use a feat, too, lol. I guess I'm just looking for reasons to make experienced players map - myself, or those I watch. There are a handful of other things that are done much less as experience grows and mostly you just chalk it up to another thing for the curve. Though I think the mapping is kind of a cool feature.
  6. No problem! I wasn't sure if mine was conveyed incorrectly or you were giving a complementary point - it was the latter. I'm glad you did. And, yeah, HRV is tough!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I guess I didn't make it clear - but I think there could be chances for perks in each instance of mapping to find a stash or something (not only on completion). "Mapped out" only referred to the difference between mapping and not - not a map being completed entirely.
  8. The Long Dark twitter just asked about cartography, and got me thinking a little. At this point with so many hours cartography is pointless to me - I know the maps and it gets me cold. I think it's fantastic for early players who are determined to not look up the maps (highly recommended because it gives the best experience) and use it to carefully plot their steps. I think a fun idea to add something ONLY if it's mapped out. Meaning if you charcoal a certain area, only then will some bonus thing become available. Even better would be to randomize it to some degree so it couldn't just
  9. The survey was great! In the Milton Mailbag the random map gen question has been answered in the past - #1 it can't be done with the way the environments are set up to be created and #2 they also like the handcrafted nature of the maps with recognizable landmarks and learning about the place. That said I do like your sentiment and I share it. Being lost and learning about the map is a great part of TLD that eventually you can't get back. My favored mix would be some degree of set map (because I do like the sentiment of known landmarks from handcrafted maps and sometimes there's a s
  10. Yeah there was just talk on a stream tonight that the bunny trap engine could use a bit of adjusting IMO. There has to be an endpoint for the rabbits just popping into reality from the ether to be trapped. They are basically not traps, but generators. Also to change gears, variation in wolf behavior could use touching up as well. Torch tossing, fires, flares etc work every non-aurora time.
  11. Climber's Cave is such a funky cave that I keep waiting for some secret passage to open up leading to the top. There's gotta be a false wall or something!
  12. Moving past the whole OP issue of reloading saves, which doesn't need touched on further, to talk about difficulty levels. I don't they will add another. The % of people who play Interloper is low and the % of people who find Loper not too challenging is even lower. This percentage isn't reflected in such things as the forums here, because people who play a lot of hours have a greater chance to both being in those percentages and being on the forums. That said, deadman is a great challenge, but I think in some way it detracts from the natural nature of the game. It feels a little
  13. There are lots of great TLD players. I might be driven less by comparison than the average person, but I think it functions even less effectively in a game like the Long Dark. Sure, there is a sense of competition because the test you are under to survive as long as possible in the sandbox in a game that's fairly difficult. There's a certain achievement involved, but it's more within. I don't find what draws people to the game is competition and comparison, so it's not innately that type of experience. It's just human nature playing its role. Interloper is difficult. But with enough
  14. I see Pete - yeah the part I discussed is already well known by everyone in the thread, now that I take a longer look. I wasn't sure. From that area there's almost a way to get up higher, but despite all my efforts haven't been successful. Not sure if the part of the mountain directly above/adjacent to the climber's cave is possible to get up on. You may be able to map from that area after Runaway Bridge or maybe goat across the rock face a bit from it towards climbers cave and do mapping while stuck on the rock wall to clear up that black patch.
  15. There's a plateau above the pond on the opposite end of the pond from Climbers Cave - but the same side of it. It's the one you can access via Runway Bridge. If you start from Angler's and head just left of Broad Falls (past Wolf City) and keep veering left until you get to BirchLand. Stay on the left side and sort of climb hills up and you'll see a rope. That rope puts you on a level that you can cross Runway Bridge and be just above the Climbers Cave pond. There's a rope tie off for down that you can see on the map (the one just above the black area in the charcoal map above). There's a