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  1. Yeah me neither, but I saw the video on Facebook and it's well edited (they try to kill a wolf by shooting upwards). Waiting for a follow-up - a YouTube link would be great!
  2. Thank you! Yes, I tried to show guaranteed spawns very sparingly to avoid this. I think there are only 5 item spawns I show - the rest are mentions of potential spawns.
  3. Glad you liked it! In my opinion, go to FM forge IF you have enough scrap metal or a hacksaw. You need 5 scrap metal for hatchet, 3 for the knife, and 1 for 2 arrowheads. You can find some scrap in FM, though. If you have enough, go to FM. If not, maybe go to DP. You already have the hammer and matches, so you are set - once you have the bow it gets a lot easier Regarding your health: 60% is fine. You can recover up to 32% from sleeping on interloper if you sleep 10 hours. Check out my previous video on 10 Tips for The Long Dark, where I explain the sleep mechanic. Sleeping is on Tip
  4. Here is the sequel to the previous 10 Tips video, this time focusing on Interloper. However, players on all difficulties may find it useful for general survival. The community was a big help in making the video, and many streamers are featured (with permission). Also thank you to Hinterland Games to help me find a post I was looking for. Hope you enjoy the video:
  5. I put a disclaimer in the video now, as a few people seem to have misunderstood this. To be clear: aiming at a wolf WILL cause it to attack you. It doesn't matter what you aim with, it will trigger a charge (sometimes it flees, but rarely - this is RNG). However, aiming at a wolf eating a prey will always cause it to flee, once it growls. Aiming at the wolf is not a universal mechanic - it's important to understand the context of when it is used.
  6. Thank you! Glad you liked the clip! The technique requires some timing and precision, as well as archery level 5 (very difficult without it). It did not take me too long to figure it out - this deer was after about 20 min of practice. When shooting straight up, the arrow lands a few meters behind you. So you need to have your back to the target. The easiest way was to estimate the deers path, then turn around and use the footprints as directions, and shoot straight up. The clip is not my first attempt - usually I got the distance just right, but aimed slightly too far left or
  7. Haha your norsk is great! And thank you for the sub and the link. I watched it and I think it was probably a bug, as it is the only instance I have seen. Hinterlands do not tend to mention animal changes in their patch notes, presumably to encourage exploration, learning and mystery - so I wouldn't be surprised if this was either a one-off bug or an issue that later got patched. I will look into it, though Thanks!
  8. Interesting - wolf behaviour is patched all the time, without being mentioned in patch notes, so this could have been done recently. So far both me and some interloper friends have had 100% success rate with this, but even if your case was a bug (and I am not saying it was) then I wouldn't be too surprised if this is changed in a future patch. I have for a long time planned to make a wolf video, but it is difficult but their behaviour often changes across patches (remember when dropping decoys stopped the wolf from stalking you?)
  9. Haha yes, I am from Norway. Glad you liked the video All the full-time interloper streamers I know all say the Moose does not bleed out, even after days of testing. So if the moose bleeds, I imagine its either a bug or possibly a recent update hidden in a patch. But even it is true, I imagine portions of this video will be obsolete over time, especially after Raph tweeted about it said it was a reminder that they need to fix a few things
  10. After much editing, here is my first Top 10 video with tips on how to survive in The Long Dark, on any difficulty. Hopefully this will be useful information, but if not I hope you enjoy the video aesthetics anyway.
  11. Very interesting idea, I like it! I was a bit surprised that you started off with a bandage and antiseptic, rather than having to secure them in the wild/loot. On the other hand, it might be too hard if you don't have this in the beginning, unless its stalker difficulty. Anyway, great idea and hope you catch Fitzgerald. Need 'ma pelt!
  12. Flares and torches are not the same thing
  13. Thank you for this update! While not in the changelist, this patch has fixed the following for me: - Game now launches without -force-glcore in the launch options - No graphics are stuttering - No fps drops - No save delay Great job!