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  1. Here is a guide I put together that introduces the basic survival mechanics of TLD. It is aimed at new players, or those wishing to try out Survival Mode. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Thank you! About your questions: 1) Oil in jerry cans weigh less than oil in bottles. Plus it looks nicer! 2) Yes, these tips are not meant as replacements - they are just what you CAN do, not a BETTER way. You can, of course, aim down the sight. The only caveat is that if a wolf is aggroed on you and you aim down the sight, then you will trigger a charge from the wolf. The campfire trick avoids this. But to be honest it's just a gimmick
  3. Yes, that's right - there is preparation involved so it wasn't "figured out" in one hour. That being said, though, I didn't spend days. My first playthrough of Episode 4 was mostly exploring and ignoring story. It took about 6 hours to complete. Second run was a scouting run for the speedrun and took maybe 3 hours, and then the third run was the speedrun itself. So maybe 10 hours total experience+practice+execution for this video. Normally, though, I'd say "days" is accurate - my speedrun has numerous errors and it can easily be done 10-15 minutes faster by just polishing what I did, so i
  4. Well Raph said he won't even look at any speedruns of Episode 4 He respects the speedrunning community, but isn't interested in seeing how all their work can be completed so quickly.
  5. If you are interested in speedrunning, here is a video outlining the world records for all the challenges, as well as the speedrunning community itself and the Hall of Fame concept. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Thank you for finding my video inspiring! This trick you use here is quite neat, but there is an even easier way to do it. You can place a rock cache at the pier by the workshop itself (the one that has some stairs going down, just outside the entrance to the workshop). If you place it there, you can reach the cache from the ice beneath and stock up with stuff which you then loot on the other side. Ultimately, it is the same result but less walking while heavy. I do appreciate the ingenuity here, though - very clever to think of placing a cache there! Great job!
  7. Thank you! Haha, yes I did manage to reach the bear but parts of it fell through the wall after quartering. I hate that bear - its my nemesis. I have killed it 5 times and it mauled me 4 times.
  8. I make TLD tutorials, but these are very specific and people have asked for a more practical approach. To be fair, you can go to any interloper streamer starting a new run and get a good experience. But here is a complete walkthrough from start to bow hunting on interloper, narrated all the way, and without any stream chat stuff. Alternative, you can fall asleep to my voice. Aimed at people wanting to try interloper or struggling to master it. Hope it is useful!
  9. So, I believe this is the world's fastest Darkwalker run as of today. I could be wrong, but have not found any faster times than this (except some using cheats). If you want to see the VOD of how this was done, I have not officially released it yet, but it is viewable through this link:
  10. Purely for style points. Not worth it in any practical sense.
  11. Here is a compilation of the many deaths of The Long Dark, featuring the Twitch Community. They suffered for this video.
  12. You need it to rock-jump out of the ledge you land on. Looking down and selecting a cache and cancelling will move the character slightly upwards.