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  1. Hi everyone I recently survived 500 days, and here is an edited video showing the many highlights. This includes early struggles, close calls, funny moments, glitches, achievements and more. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Thank you for this video, DoppelGamer. Great content, and glad to see some more TLD editing. Best of luck on your awesome stream. I will tune in when I can (especially when you stream TLD, hehe)
  3. Did you know that a wolf will not attack you as long as you hold a flare? It will just stand there and show teeth. Once the flare goes out, the wolf will charge (campfires work the same way).
  4. I earlier posted about an instant spawn bear. Yesterday, I encountered a bear that clearly glitched out at Mountaineer's Hut. It started teleporting all over the place and it was complete chaos. I am guessing it was a pathing issue to do with the pier on Crystal Lake. One viewer also said that when a bear glitches out, you can "guide" the teleportation with the aim. Here is a clip of what happened: Glitching, Floating, Teleporting Bear PS: This same bear was glitchy before the events in the clip. I kited him down from his den, up the river, and he got stuck on a rock. He did not move at all until I shot an arrow, which caused him to get free. He then jumped/teleported up and down rocks until finally settling on the icy river. Don't know if this is related, but it was a glitchy bear to begin with.
  5. During an interloper run, I was walking along Mystery Lake looking for the bear. Could not see it. I turn around, then turn back, and now he is suddenly in my face. I presume this is a bug? The bear either teleported or instantly spawned right in front of me. For a clip of the event, see this link: Teleporting Bear
  6. This detail should be top priority to fix in The Long Dark
  7. Two questions: Will using this test branch affect feat progression, just like time capsules reset them? For those of us who stream TLD, can test branches be streamed or would you prefer not to?
  8. A TLD player recommended the book "Edge of Collapse" by Kyla Stone, which has a certain TLD feel to it. At some point, I read this: I have never tried this myself, but I asked around and several people told me they had done this and it does work. I think this would be a neat little thing to add to the game. It will not impact it in any major sense, but will be a small quality of life addition, where a player can find a bag of food which can also act as tinder (or firewood, akin to a stick) in an emergency. Similar to Birch Bark.
  9. No, harder difficulties are harder also because less feats can be used. Inverting it would not make sense to me, although I understand your reasoning for suggesting it.
  10. In my opinion, seeing a rare polar bear would not break the immersion for me. You could argue that the polarity reversal that caused (?) the silent apocalypse may have messed up their navigation, hunting grounds, or some other excuse. It should be rare - rarer than moose.
  11. Your most consistent source of rifle shell casings is after firing your rifle. Here is how it works: - When you fire your rifle, the player ejects the casing and it falls on the ground. So whenever you shoot with the rifle, look down and the casings will be on the floor. - For the revolver, this happens when you reload. As the player ejects used casings and inserts new ones, the empty shell casings will be on the floor. For a visual example of how this works, see this timestamped incident: Shell casings for rifles and revolver You can use these casings to craft more bullets at the Milling Station in Bleak Inlet (I recommend not going there until you feel like you got the hang of the game - its infested with wolf packs known as Timberwolves). For actual bullets, follow the tips already mentioned in the thread You find them here and there, plus at the summit.
  12. I think this sound true. I have been attacked by wolves and bears a few times when I did not think it was possible. I think the animals glitch through walls, and whether they attack you or not depends on whether the player is within biting distance. Shortly put, I assume that bears and wolf are not meant to attack you in fishing huts, but can if glitching.
  13. I will explain what I mean below, but this clip illustrates the issue nicely: Canned Food and Recycled Cans are not weight compatible In essence, what happens is: Ever since the Vigilant Flame update (June 2018), canned food items no longer make sense in terms of carry weight. This includes Pinnacle Peaches, Tomato Soup, Pork and Beans, Dog Food, and Condensed Milk. This is because consuming them grants the player a Recycled Can for future use. The problem is that the weight of the Recycled Can is not incorporated into the weight of canned food. This means that you can have a half-eaten canned food item that weighs LESS than the can it eventually produces. The implication is that players could deliberately cancel eating at the last minute, leaving e.g. a can of peaches weighing 0.01 kg. Whenever a Recycled Can is needed, the player can eat the remains and suddenly carry weight will have increased by 0.14 kg since the Recycled Can was added to the backpack. This exploit is minor, however, and I have never used it. For me, it is more the game immersion that is affected. The easiest way to fix this is perhaps: - Add 0.15 kg to all canned food - Make it so that canned food is "empty" at 0.15kg, e.g. an unopened can of peaches weigh 0.65 kg and an empty one weigh 0.15 kg The reason for this is basically because some canned foods are already quite light. For example, if the weigh is not added on, then a tomato soup is really just 0.10 kg of food (0.25 kg weight minus 0.15 kg can). However, I can see that making such heavy canned food might add too much to the player's carry weight, as well. The other way around this would be to manually adjust each of the five canned foods to something appropriate, and maybe reduce the weight of the can to something like 0.10 kg. Either way, I think this should be fixed, so that half-eating a canned food does not leave you with an item that weighs less than the can-to-be-added to your inventory.
  14. I was planning on actually playing during 4DON, but due to a busy schedule I did it the boring way: Day 1 I gathered all supplies I could and eventually settled in Thomson's crossing. The remaining days I logged on my character and just left the computer for two hours idling. I checked every 30 min or so to make sure he had food and water, but that's it. Then the badges popped. Very boring way to do it, but it worked.