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  1. Hello All! The Moose is finally here! So happy! What an amazing December update we got from Hinterlands! Moose, new accessible region and this new awesome custom mode! In this video I search for a moose, find it and do a bit of "science". ;-) The Long Dark - Moose Hunting - Rugged sentinel Update Really hope you have a good time watching People!
  2. Hello there People! Let's Play Hard Custom Mode! Starting a New Let's Play adventure with the awesome new possibilities that custom mode offers us! Thank you @Hinterlands!!! Love The Long Dark! The Long Dark - Let's Play Custom Survival Mode Day One The Long Dark - Let's Play Custom Survival Mode Day Two (Intermoose) Really hope you enjoy watching People!
  3. Very, very interesting. Love the scenario! Thank you for sharing it @Samsonguy920 !
  4. Wow! That Poll! Interesting Idea there Steve. You are so right so close to the 5000 and that's something. You've been bringing in your support pretty much since the beginning, a one of a kind awesome support! Thank you very much my friend much appreciated!
  5. Haha! @Carbon The beauty is worth it So happy you enjoy watching the videos. Thank you @M.Godfrey
  6. Thank you for the awesome support Steve, putting this post up to date! INTERLOOPER 11 ;-)
  7. Hello People! A kind of Spoof based on a movie I really enjoyed! Have Fun!
  8. Sorry no Interloper in Timberwolf yet. Now you might have an other new fav map with the new region!? Thank you for the kind words, hope you enjoy the content. Sorry for late reply. Have a good one!
  9. Glad you found the Channel! Thanks a great deal for your support @Mortan1234 , happy you enjoy the videos. Really kind of you to say @SteveP Thanks my friend. Thank you for watching guys!
  10. Thank you @Mikeyd0577 Glad you enjoyed!
  11. I'm finally starting an Interloper Adventure. Feel free to check it out. Hope you Enjoy!