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  1. crunch crunch crunch ROAR - I hear the birds no more. (interloper, duplicated)
  2. ElvisHunter

    A tent

    I wonder what they sleep in on Mt Everest.
  3. Perhaps "I wish we never evolved!" could be a suitable alternative?
  4. ElvisHunter


    Now I've been banned from the steam forums for posting the very same thing I've posted here. The counter was an awful thing to do to the community, do not compound it with suppression of our freedom to express criticism. @Patrick Carlson
  5. that paycheck smells so tasty and we already have your money.
  6. ElvisHunter


    Re-read Raph's statement. They clearly placed an emphasis on building the anticipation for the ps4 community exclusively.
  7. ElvisHunter


    Isn't it clear hinterlands just used the PC community to fund their early development and how now abandoned us for the consoles? That countdown wasn't for the chumps who already paid it was for the new potential PS4 customers.
  8. ElvisHunter


    Hey guess what's behind the timer guys?
  9. ElvisHunter


    the theme from startrek enterprise?
  10. ElvisHunter


    I think we should be entitled to a refund at this point. Keep your story mode, give me my 20 bucks back - I'll find a different sandbox to play.
  11. ElvisHunter


    Just changed my steam review. After seeing the devs move the goal-posts so many times with such a buildup of anticipation and lack of communication to quell that anticipation i find them disingenuous and unworthy of praise for a project they claimed to have hinged on community involvement. Boo.
  12. ElvisHunter


    month long counter to announce a 3 month counter... and i thought(could be wrong) we were getting 1 and 2 at the same time, this looks like 1 is coming alone?