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  1. There most definitely would be. It is one of the most suggested features there ever was. At the same time, its one of the least realistic ones, as given the nature of the game, it would probably be less work to code the whole game all over again then it would be to add the multiplayer option into the game. As much as I woudl enjoy multiplayer in TLD, the game is simply not build for it. At least that is the general understanding we have as a community. Long time ago, there was a message on Twitter about Hinterland looking for game developers with experience in Co-op games of this sort. But
  2. I agree with this suggestion, like most people I imagine. The thing here is - the extra added fire starting chance is there for game-balance issues. As Firestarter itself is much rarer then the usual matches. That said, having a lit torch in order to conserve matches is a very common strategy by players. Also, I think we could explain it as firestarter being more precise in starting fires then a lit torch. When starting fire, first step after preparing the fire for ignition is to light the tinder. That might be easier to do with a firestarter then with a lit torch. Then again, just placin
  3. Hi! Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay! I dont think this is a bad idea at all - in fact, as k0s0ff implied, the idea of a salt is quite popular, it shows up here and then! (And that is a good thing, if past experience on forums tells me something, the things that get suggested often usually eventually make it into the game! There is soo much uses for salt past just meat preservation. And I definitely dont think it would be "irrelevant" - salted meat will last longer, at least inside, which could have its uses. Also, eating a salted meat would make one thirstier, and in
  4. Thought more and more about this idea, I am going to refer to pup as a dog, as I dont think we could get away with it being a wolf. That would mean putting a whole update´s work into a single challenge mode. Dont think thats likely. Would put a lot of work into a limited result. I understand a lot of people would not like to have a companion of any kind in TLD, for the reasons most tend to state when argumenting against NPCs - that they enjoy that feeling of being "alone" and having a companion would break it for them. (personally I think most people would enjoy it in the end, ki
  5. As promised, I dived a bit more indepth into your suggestions! Here would be my notes for it: As mentioned before, I think it would be better if the pupper was a dog, rather then a wolf. First of all, it means different textures, which makes your pupper more distictive from wolves and timberwolves. Could be one of the "big" races of a doggo - German shepperd, for example, or Husky, maybe Bernardine... Could be a decent idea for a poll what would community want the most. Either one of these dog races could stand up to a wolf in their adult stage, in my opinion. Features: One per game? I
  6. Socks are not important for your survival if at the end of the day, you can wear the deerskin boots. And yea, there are some items you cant ger that get ruined by a single mauling. Socks, Wool wraps especially, some of the hats, gloves... That is just life. Which is why you should maintain some spares at your base. There are loads of copies in the world, finding them, maintaining them and replace them if they get destroyed is just something you gotta do. Its not ideal - but that is survival in a nutshell. It doesnt hold your hand That said, I do believe the game woudl benefit if the pla
  7. Mroz4k

    Will and Astrid

    I dont mind either of the survivors. You can in the end just turn off the survivor comments, if the one you are playing gets annoying. But as a big Mass Effect nerd, ye... Im gonna play Will. I can never have enough of Mark Meer. (well, of course, Jennifer Hale, who is female Sheppard in Mass effect also happens to play Dr. Astrid in TLD, so I guess both options would be kinda fine... only really played male Sheppard tho) I guess this is a bit of a Story mode spoiler: In the Story mode, both characters are actually asymetrical - they have their set "strenghts" which fit in with their real
  8. Hi! Personally, I dont want it to work this way. The whole point of having a clothing piece item ruined is hidden in not taking care of it in the first place. You need to maintain your clothing items. If one of the very rare items is about to become ruined, and you cannot afford to repair it, unequip it, or even better store it till you can repair it. Items need to be maintained and those who fail to do that are punished by having their items destroyed. This is perfectly in-tune with the Permadeath game design TLD is.
  9. Hi. Well, k0s0ff is not wrong, and that is not the point. The game is perma-death. That alone and basically all the game has been since Alpha shows that the game is all about being non-renewable. You are supposed to run out of some materials if you are going for a long term survival... and yet you very rarely do, especially if you play conservatively. Even still, most items are actually renewable - in a sense that you can find them washed up on the coastline, and the beachcoming items respawn every few days. And these items rarely include items like meds, even ammo, or green saplings. Th
  10. That is why, in my opinion, this suggestion solves it all. It does make "primers" a thing, but since you dont actually need to "gather" them, because there is just such a huge surplus of them at the only ammunition table in the whole game, including them in the actual crafting would just make it unnecesarily difficult, and subjective to RNG, as you could theoretically get so much gunpowder and lead plates, but then be screwed on the amount of primers due to RNG. This solves all these problems and neatly ties it into something that would be quite immersive to a perceptive player, who realizes
  11. Yea, you should not try to push it any more then through the Forums - maybe on the Reddit and steam forums as well, but not by approaching Hinterland. Being here for a long time, I can say with a certainty that the things suggested by community the most are the ones most likely to be implemented. With that said, best way to increase the chances is to keep your thread alive, or revive it from time to time to gain more opinions and feedback from other community members, increase interest in the idea to make it more popular and more requested. Some examples: Ammo crafting, Birch bark tea, ra
  12. Yea, sorry if it seemed like I was snapping out. Not my intention - all feedback has merit. But I do believe it is important to differenciate between domesticated and wild animals. I would agree that a wolf in itself would, even if domesticated, still probably be hostile during Aurora. After all, you cant just unlearn its genes and instincts. But, for that same reason, a dog who was born into domestic environment, left or fled due to various reasons and even if abused by people, it can later be rehabilitated to live and love people again. Due to the centuries of domestication that happene
  13. I remember an idea long ago, to add a fox as a bit of a "mysterious animal" - it was something about it just being an artwork animation in the game. I loved that idea too. If the owl was the same, it would be incredible. To elaborate on what was meant - basically, very rarely, when you would leave indoor locations, you would have a very short animation played, of like a fox, peaking from behind a hill not far off, noticing the player, and just booking it into a little hole, way to fast for the player to react. It was basically just supposed to be there to give more depth to the game.
  14. I know that is what it used to be back when Custom was added, but that could have changed over the time. After all, there really is not that much difference you can do between playing on a Pilgrim difficulty which counts, and on creating an easy Custom mode. I am currently testing this, we will know in just a bit.
  15. In Hushed river valley, Id say just about all the Ice caves provide a good spot for survival. I would scatter some water, firewood and matches at every entrance so that I can use them as a safehouse should the event turn real unfortunate. I do the same with outer caves, but I tend to leave more firewood in those as that is neccesary to get thru the night in them should I be forced to hunker down, and sleep without attracting predators. I think HRV is mostly about the map knowledge. There is a lot of places where you can "hang by the thread" if things go unfortunate, but you kinda