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  1. No idea about that. But they did chance HRV a bit in a sense that you dont neccesarily need it anymore. There are a few caves in there now that have the "bedding" in them and can be used as beds to replenish your exhaustion meter. Not sure about the lowest area - I think there might be a cave that has a bed but I am not 100% sure of it. Id still bring a bedroll. I never heard of this bug. But the game treats bedrolls like clothing so leaving them lying around makes then deteorate overtime. Could that have been the issue? (I tend not to leave any bedrolls in any of the outdoor caves because I am never sure if the game treats it as "outdoor" or "indoor" and outdoor locations destroy clothes quite fast.
  2. I think there is a point to traveling far in The Long dark - the road itself is an adventure. I get that sometimes, especially if you are dragging a lot of gear from A to B, it may not be very fun experience if its repetitive. But that is the game, and in itself that discourages from hoarding which in my opinion is only a good thing. Also, it would not be very immersive if you ask me, and less immersion is not really a good thing. While I myself am not a big fan of the idea, I dont really mind it. If it is in the game, I can simply chose not to use it (although I think I would be tempted in some cases), but I would prefer development is focused on other things instead. Would make for a very good mod once official mods are a thing.
  3. This works for me. It may not be visible on the recycled can visual, but the lid might still be partly attached to it. After all, Id say that if you are going to "boil" water in a can, using that lid to semi-close it would means there would be higher temperature faster within the can. Also you can assume that bits of metal sheets would be easy to find. I dont like the lead suggestion for the lead poisoning argument. I dont think anyone in their right mind would use lead for this reason when various scrap sheet metal can be found around Great bear. I do like the idea of recycled cans used for this as after all, that is the trade-off - you would need to bring the cans as well to can the meat. In turn, you would get food that spoils much slower and does not smell, also can be "heated up" before eating it. Still, not a particularly big reason to go there. How about an ability to turn your improvised tools into a non-improvised version, using the Milling machine? I reccon a lot of people would be willing to make that trip on Interloper if they could turn their improvised tools into non-improvised ones, as the non-improvised tools require less time when used, this means less time spent in the elements, harvesting your kill? Also, they are lighter and I think they also are more durable. One would still need to get to the cannery, get past the workbench and have Aurora present to use the milling machine. I think it would pose a lot of challenge but the reward would be significant. (another idea would be that rifle and revolvers can spawn in Interloper but always at 0% durability so in order to use them, you would need to make that trip to Cannery. But I am sure most people would not like this idea as they like Interloper without guns, and I wouldnt blame anyone. Still, "All firearms spawn at 0% condition" would be interesting Custom setting.)
  4. This is an interestesting topic, and Id say it is still quite relatable. I skimmed through a lot of the previous posts, but I tend to agree with most people here. The bar itself is quite immersion-breaking - what I think would work the best with the bar is to have it only show up when you press the Tab button to check for your othervise hidden UI. Id like this much better as it would make it more natural, in terms of like when you check your temperature of tiredness, in a manner that you need to "assess" the situation on how much the pack is willing to pursue you. Also, welcome to the forums, Brylyth! I agree, the music is quite loud, and I would agree with the initial OP that it is a bit in contrast to the other game mechanics. While I really like it, it doesnt really fit the enviroment that well. I think it should pick up slower, and should only pick up after the first wolf actually charges you... because they do howl at the start of their encounter, and that should be the first initial que a player gets, instead of this intense music instantly playing. There were some issues Id see with the OP suggestion, as it would be only for Wintermute. I do like the Molly additions, to tell the truth - but for Sandbox players, the wolves could be explained a bit more subtly anyway - as a lot of things in Sandbox are about that initial 1st-time experience. I am pretty sure this was a bug. I had it happen to me as well once, reloading an earlier save fixed it. I think this is a matter of gameplay mechanics - the marine flares are less of a "light" and more of a "weapon" I would say - as Marine flare burns brighter and a lot faster then usual flare. The way I rationalized this is hidden in the game lore - the marine flare burn immitates electricity in its looks. Id say the wolves are much more affraid of it because of how unnaturaly they are affraid of electricity. But, I agree that a revolver or signal gun at least should have more of an effect. This also may depend on current settings.
  5. Not a good interloper player, but the essentials are pretty much the same regardless of difficulty. You should always try to down your prey with one shot if possible, and when hunting big game, you wanna do it in an area that is beneficial to you - for example near a tree that you can climb high enough not to be reached. (I havent played the game in a while, but does moose still run away even if it charges and get close to a campfire? If so, you can use that to your advantage instead of a car - just shoot it, and turn to run to a campfire you created not far away to scare it away. Works with wolves and timberwolves too, and I know this as I recently used this a lot during my play of Episode 3. Wont work on Aurora wolves tho) For deer hunting: I prefer to hunt deer head-on. Either by sneaking a bit closer to try and shoot their head of heart (both have decent chance if you approach it head on) or I hunt them similarly like you do with wolves. In some areas (Ravine - the forest on the Mystery lake side) for example, have deer in a somewhat dense forest. If you scare them, they quite often bounce back and start running straight at you, or slightly to a side from you. At that point, its a matter of drawing your bow and shoot a bit ahead to hit them as they pass you by closely. Almost always an instant kill). Lately I have been developing this method further - it is a bit more difficult to do, but I found out with a proper use of stones, you can do this everywhere, even in plains. I use the radial menu to select a stone, and position myself quite far from the deer. I throw the stone in an arc so that it drops behind the animal. This in 60% of the times scares them towards me. As soon as the stone is thrown, I use radial to select a bow and almost instantly draw it and shoot as the deer comes close. This method is pretty elaborate and takes some training to do. Predator hunting: You can also use stones or make the predators spot you and lure them into an area with a good terrain, like the downed tree.
  6. Hi and welcome to the forums! These are pretty interesting options! You really like to punish your character, dont you? It would be interesting to see a world without any plants. While I usually prefer to have a lot of them in my world, having none would certainly bring nostalgia back to the game when there were no plants to begin with, back in the very early alpha. (small question for my own curiosity - did you remove fishing as well, as in, made sure no fish can be caught fishing?) However, I dont think the 2nd one is going to happen. There is always a variety to weather, part of what makes the game so much fun is how unpredictable it can be. Setting it to Always also makes it impossible for other weather to occur. I am not entirely sure how it works, but I think twigs in the forest spawn with the change in weather. But it is possible there might still be changes in weather that would trigger this - like the change of winds direction. The main issue is probably the "Feat" that means you need to spend X amount of days in blizzard to be rewarded with the feat that makes wind affect you less. Setting it to always in a Custom mode and making the weather very forgivable would make it easy to get this Feat done. However, I like the 2nd option as well. I think it would be very interesting, it would be like playing in the "Whiteout" challenge after the "long blizzard" already hit.
  7. Hello there, @ManicManiac long time no see Hope you are doing well!
  8. Hello! As most mentioned here, jumping is problematic. While I dont think its impossible to jump in a full gear (I mean, Im pretty sure soldiers do it, might not be a long jump but sometimes it is neccesary, even during hiking to pass some obstacles) there are also mechanical issues to be considered. (although, jumping in snow is generally pretty difficult) First of the mechanical issues I havent seen anyone mention is when you are being pursued or stalked by an animal. When the predator is after you, and you reach a certain area where they cannot reach you, they instantly switch to "flee" mode (only exception are timberwolves). So, in itself, if you jump and arent considered to be "on the ground, reachable" that would in theory reset pursue. And, even if it didnt, simply using the jump to get into areas that are not accessible by animals would. This would make hunting significantly less risky. Then there is the matter of possibly using jump to travel faster, avoid areas where you would need to make a huge detour othervise, and so on - but I think these could be fixed if jumping make you tired much faster and sapped your other resources like hunger and thirst faster. That said, I really agree with some of the people here about vaulting. If this allowed to traverse some obstacles like small piles of snow, fences burried almost entirely in snow, branches and logs... you name it. It would make sense, and I agree with @oplli on the fact that it should carry a significant risk of spraining an ankle and also should not be possible with a sprained ankle. The amount of gear should also increase the risk of spraining an ankle, and at certain weight (10kg over non-overencumbered state, so 40kg-50kg) it shouldnt be possible. It would also take about 15% of your current stamina bar. It would be invaluable if you want to make a shortcut in some areas and to be able to get yourself out of some trap areas as there are still quite a few of those left in the world, the map is not perfect. I am all for the ability to vault. I see a lot of benefits to it as a mechanic.
  9. Hello! Some of you may remember me. About a year ago, I decided to quit the forums as I had gotten myself into trouble, being in a very bad place with one of the members. And at the time, I was a bit disinterested in the game in its state. So I took a break. Im back to playing the game, recently finished the Episode 3 (even though it was out for so long already) and am currently enjoying myself in a new sandbox game. And given my past forum history, I wanted to return and contribute to the forums again, if a bit less often because of how busy my life usually is. For those who dont know me - my name is Martin, I have been playing this game since early alpha and I quite enjoy the community here. However, I admit that I have not always been very good member - I have argued with other members and have been quite mean to some as well. I will do my best to ensure that does not happen.
  10. I havent really been around the forums for a long time. I am certain I would not be welcomed. There was a time I was putting together a case with proof case-to-point to point out to most of the subtle manipulating that has been going on for a while, at least at the time.

    Then my exams hit and I just did not have the time to keep up. Well, exams are over, yet I still feel no desire to return because I would likely not feel welcomed anymore.

    I am content with how much I did for the community, even if it were behind the scenes and never recognized, getting credit for it was never important to me. Making the community better was. And even if there are those in here now who perverse that to boost their own egos, I know that there are some amongst you who care for this community and are keeping it going even if its behind the scenes and without any gratitude. This is how these forums always worked.

    This is not a goodbye of any sort, but I figured some people might expect me to come back at any time now - this is me letting those who care know that I am not yet ready to do that. I have also stopped putting cases together to prove the manipulation, because I feel very dispirited to keep trying to do that.

    In the end, I dont believe it would stop the manipulation and intriques anyway.

  11. Not a bad collection of ideas. I would agree with @Fuarian, if there were some small enviromental changes for the game, I think it would make the game much more interesting. To expand on that - some of the region transitions could be blocked off, and would require shovel to clear a passage through to access other regions. Of course, this would have to be the case only for certain transitions which allow an alternative way in, say for example the tunnel in Ravine transition between Mystery lake and Coastal highway. There could be more rubble fallen in, and you would have to climb that rubble, and by the top clear a passage through with a shovel to be able to crawl in through it. If you possesed no shovel - tough luck, but you can always walk around through Pleasant Valley, it would simply be a very long detour. I doubt we will see igloo, though. The shovel already exists in the game files, in the code, and was likely intended to be a tool that made building of snow shelter faster, like a knife with carcasses. I would like to see some more durable player-made shelters, but I doubt we will get that option. Look at the current show shelter. It is fairly quick-to-build, but takes a lot of rare cloth, and once it is build, it will degrade very fast. Considering that, I doubt they will allow us to make more "durable" shelters, even at cost of needing a tool and more time to build them. @Jimmy there is much more then just artwork for them, they exist as unused files within the game´s code. If you dig through old forum posts, you might find the actual person who discovered them. Until recently, Revolver was one of these files. Other objects include ball cutters and fire axe, and others. Ball cuters were later used in the predux version of the Wintermute. It is possible that shovel is, like Revolver, an item currently in development, or rather it was at one point in development, but was postponed for later. If you used the unofficial mods for TLD in the past, there was a game file editor that was quite popular, which listed these items and even allowed the player to place them into the game (or so I have heard, I never used any TLD mods myself). For sleight idea - Im not going to get much into that, I have posted my opinion on this on the 100 other topics of this sort. I dont think this is particularly neccesary. First, it makes quartering kinda pointless option for the smaller animals. Then there is the issue with smelliness level. By quartering and picking up the quarters, you are basically alerting every predator in half the region to your presence. Putting the smelly items on your sleight, what happens? Are they attracted to the sleight? Or are you just ignoring it? Also, do the predators then go and "eat" the cargo from your sleight if it's smelly? How would it work with pulling? How would it work when pulling it up-hill, and how would the gravity affect it when going downhill? There is a lot of questions to be asked about the specifics of the sleight. Consider this now: With the satchel and well-fed bonus, you can already carry about 60 kg of items, although very slowly. If you instead loaded the 40 kg of equipment onto a sleight, and carried 20kg of equipment on yourself, would you move faster? Maybe, on a flat terrain. Might be worth it for Forlorn Muskeg. But for hilled areas, dragging it uphill would probably make you slower... keeping in mind that most of the game has varied terrain, I doubt there would be very notable difference in loading up sled, or just carrying it yourself. For the idea to "ride it downhill" - I guess that would be one possible use for it... but is it neccesary? You would then need to drag it up another hill to make a use of it, which would slow you down in ascension... so whats the point? I am not against it, I just think the countless hours of development that would go towards this could be better spent on other ideas. For the sanity idea - made a pretty lenghty post here on similar subject:
  12. Dont re,ally spend much time here anymore, but this is something that caught my attention. I have nothing against this discussion, but beside the general term "sanity and what it might be in TLD" - I dont see much of a "suggestion" in here. No specifics. Kinda hard to put my opinion on the actual idea. As for the concept - as it was already said here, this could be very, very controversial to people. First place to start with making this idea better would be a change of name. We still live (sadly) in a society where mental health is ultimately perceived negatively, calling it that way would contribute to negative feelings for this mechanic, and also for the game. Another term "sanity" is not much better. I made a concept like this in the past (well, I explained it very broadly, I never spent much time trying to balance it out, so if you do read it, keep that in mind, I dont actually suggest the "numbers" I wrote in there, that part needs to be carefuly considered), and I called it Morale. This is the best, neutral term we can use for this type of mechanic. I am not a huge fan of the Sanity meter in Dont Starve, I will admit I enjoyed the game more before that need was added. That said, it fits into that game due to it horrorish nature. It does not fit The Long Dark. The last thing I would like to see is some mechanic where you would lose your mind and start seeing hallucinations or some such. For me, the idea for "sanity/morale" concept is that it should be very subtle, but ultimately very important, and if neglected, very deadly. This was a general concept I made for a new need called "morale" which was an idea on how to combat the Hibernation tactic in TLD. This was before Well Fed bonus, which is a nice extra boost, but does not ultimately deter people from hibernation, just rewards them for not using it. It would need some balancing, but I think it could make the game better, push the players to keep their needs up, take their injuries and illnesses more seriously, and most notably, have a very realistic Cabin Fever affliction which would not drive miserable survivors out of their shelter outside, nor push out players who are actively crafting or reading or doing other tasks indoors that would realistically prevent cabin fever from kicking in. But I am hardly against any kind of concept that would mimic mental health issues, as for people who have these conditions, seeing it in the game could be perceived as mockery. Quote from the Roadmaps: I doubt this is what we will ever see in TLD. The lockets were a backer-only item, if they served an actual boost for the game, I have a feeling a lot of players would be very unhappy with it, saying that the game uplifts the backers compared to regular players. The release of a rabbit already serves a purpose in the game, so you have a choice between killing a rabbit and sparing it, I would not look any harder into it. I think it would be a nice touch if releasing the rabbits did boost a morale a little bit, but I would not consider that to be an indication of some future sanity mechanic, it already serves a purpose in the game, it gives people a choice. For the roadmaps in general: Keep in mind that tons of the suggested stuff in there are most likely never going to ever be added - things like gunsmithing, spring-to-winter weather changes, horse and cannoe traveling, fast travel mechanic etc. And these short term goals that were eventually added have been added over the course of last 3 years. There is a reason Hinterland removed Roadmaps, people were relying on them way too much. No, please no. For a game like TLD, which has very sparse updates over a long period of time, this is not a good idea. Anything that they could add into the game which would be for "everyone" is instantly much better development project choice than any kind of an idea that would be only for a part of the community. Either it is for everyone, or it should be put aside and then let go off as a "mod" project for someone once the modding support is added.
  13. Just my theory right here, but its something to consider. I assume you mean the outdoor cave where the backpack and box and fireplace (and sometimes a corpse) spawns in, right? I think whether or not it is 100% windproof in TLD when it comes to outdoor shelters, it depends on the first notable temperature drop. I think this the game treats as some sort of "barrier" where you are transitioning from the 100% outdoor weather into the decreased outdoor weather area, and I would guess this area is no longer affected by the wind. At least that would be my guess. (in fact, the drop in itself could be a transition from wind-affected area to windproof area) To demostrate what I mean: Imagine your general outdoor cave (for example the one in Ravine, close to Mystery Lake entrance). If you placed the fire by the very entrance, where the temp doesnt recognize cave yet, it would not be wind resistant. If you place it a bit into the cave, it is still fairly cold there, but already less cold then before... and in this instance, I have never had the wind blow up my campfire, even if it was straight blowing "into" the cave. Of course, best is to place it in the back of the cave where its the warmest. But I havent done any tests to specifically confirm this. however, if that place is not treated as an "outdoor" cave but only as a hole in between two rocks, and there are no temperature drops, I think that in theory, if the wind blew straight in, it could blow out your fire. As someone who actually died to this I can confirm this is not always the case. A fire can be blown out by wind if its placed in the hollowed out trunk. Although I admit it could have been a bug on my part - happened only once to me when I placed a fire into the hollowed out trunk in a patch of trees under the final rope climb to Summit. You can place it during the blizzard - but if the wind shifts from a certain direction, I am quite confident the fire can be blown out. Still, the chance of that is probably very small, thus I think that as a last case scenario, fire inside a hollowed-out trunk is not a bad plan.
  14. Should you need to contact me for whatever case, you can usually find me these days on my Steam account Mroz4k. In case you dont have Steam, you can also try your luck at Twitter, also Mroz4k, albeit I have not spend a lot of time these in these past few months. I do check in there from time to time.


  15. I know I have not been active on the forums for a long while, I barely ever pop in here and there to post a quick comment or so.

    I had plans here on the forums, most excited I was about my collab with @DarKube and @SneakySquid, and I hope I get that chance, but if I dont, I am sorry to my fellow collab partners for leaving them with it. Should it happens, I will try to get my ideas to them via someone else, and they have my full blessing to take over my idea in its entirety.

    I have been spending a lot of time on modded Skyrim, I had an itch for a more RPG centered The Long Dark survival game, with the correct mods, Skyrim has provided just that. I love and will always love this game for what it is, but there is also a lot of satisfaction in walking the frozen tundra of Tamriel, shooting bow to hunt deer, bears and trolls, camping by a campfire in a tent of leather or hides, and just enjoy the freedom in it, with its RPG and random encounter features to spice things up. I will get back to TLD eventually.

    But right now, I am having so much fun with the Skyrim. I initially wanted to try it out because I was inspired by all the talk of mods, and because I long-since suspected that should TLD become open to mods, it would solve their entire problem with lack of "features", because as soon as they would open the game up to modding, the community could have their own features made for the game, and everyone could eventually be satisfied, because even if the Devs did not share the same outlook for the game with these particular players, these players could get what they want via a community made mod.