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  1. Im inclined to disagree. It depends on what your playstyle is. For a general interloper player, this might be it. Same for probably most Stalker players. I personally would not like it. I do play with a progressive world, as in wildlife becomes more scarce and game becomes colder over time, but I dont think that dwindling everything would be the way to do it. I personally would really love to homestead it up. Play off my Dick Proenneke dream, just quietly living off the land in the long dark. Im sure some players would appreciate it - but I think the endgame in the game is at the point wher
  2. I think it would add to it. While I dislike the idea of taming, because it is so overused and just flat-out unrealistical, a sure-way to murder the immersion in so many games, I think that if by a random encounter the player could befriend a dog, the game and the sense of loneliness would not be disrupted, it just would get different feel to it. Having a canine companion could just make one wish for a human companion more. And when I say "chance encounter" it is not a figure of speech. If there simply was the option to help a dog one comes across, there is also a chance not to do it. Which mea
  3. Always a big fan of your ideas, regentRelic, though I find myself disagreeing with this one. Simply because I believe there is a better way to do it. Its quite simple, really. I think that at level 3 of fishing, one should be able to create fishing snares/traps. So, while the option to fish would still be there, one could also just break the ice to set up a fishing trap to leave it there for a long time, with a hope of catching from 0 to 5 fish. As these fishing traps are usually a cental line with a lot of lines and hooks to increase a potential of getting a catch, even multiple catches. I
  4. Individual projects were suggested before, I do like the concept. The radio idea is not bad, but it's not about building it as much as it's about fixing it up. Also remember Aurora is a thing so in the end you will fail but at least you tried. Honestly, could be a good badge in game. The probably most commonly suggested late game goal is building of one's very own cottage. Which, assuming it's done realistically, would be a pretty amazing goal. Hard no to events suggested in original post. Any sort of scripted event of that sort would murder the immersion. That said, the general id
  5. That actually is probably my fault I believe it is fixed in because I quoted the reply, its all good tho!
  6. I didnt say that, plx fix the quote so there is no confusion just to clarify, that bit with the reaction was posted by Lord of the Long dark. Quote selection didnt take in consideration quoted messages, sadly. I am not going to continue this discussion past this point cause I dont really want to devolve this into a fight. Its not a good attitude to consider people who play "easier" difficulties just being worse. Advanced levels arent in any way harder, its all just a matter of rinse and repeat, and with enough attempts even an average player will learn to survive in Interloper. Some
  7. I struggled with responding to that without picking a fight. It really comes down to how you play. I dont do vegetarian runs, that said I do a lot of very early exploration, I meta the crap out of a game, usually. By the day 50, I would have over 90% of the world visited. Simply so that I can run by, collect things like skill books, and make the most use of them. I dont hunt or scavenge animals that much in the first 50 - 75 days of the game because I often live on the bits and pieces I find while exploring. I do occasionally harvest the meat of the pre-determined carcasses to boost my inta
  8. Stream was a bit low energy on my side, and the early tech issues with audio didnt help, but I had a great time! The game is a struggle, had me on edge the whole time! At some points dropped down to as low as 20%, and with my current settings, I can recover 5% condition per day! Still, I have plans to move from the succesful trip to TWM summit after spawning randomly at Mountaineers hut in just the WORST clothing, but somehow struggle through all the way to the top! The low condition and very serious threat of death will not stop me! I have serious intentions to move over to the Ash Can
  9. Mroz4k


    Game balance, mostly. To make the player really think about whether to carry the binocs for their use or not. If the design was the really old-timey massive mostly-metal binoculars, those would fit both the theme of island and would fit well into the game when it comes to itemization!
  10. Interesting. Might go and see. It would make sense. What I am fairly certain on is that one cant get up from the river at the bend on the map how the maps shows it. But if one can get up just a bit backwards, I woudlnt hold it against the map, it doesnt need to be THAT precise. Thanks for letting me know! I learned something new today.
  11. Title basically says it all. Started streaming recently, for now focusing on variety of games. You can expect me to make dumb jokes and troll in games. But I love this game a lot, and I havent given it the time it deserves in past two years. I do wanna play this game pretty seriously, with my personal spin on it, of course. So, Im thinking about killing two birds with one stone - but having the community feedback means a lot to me! I am going to start streaming in about 50 minutes from now, and Im thinking The Long dark might be a good idea for a game. Im also thinking about str
  12. Oh, interesting topic. Ive thought about the 2nd and 3rd option before. 2nd one could be great if done properly, 3rd one I understand why its not an issue. But, it could be combined with an idea I have for the 2nd option. 1. I dont think this is neccesary, or even wanted. Having to click that button a few extra times for some actions just brings player involvement. Take that away, many actions in the game woudl become about stacking the action and making it automatic. In a bit, you would barely even play the game. Sometimes, inconvinient and annoying = good for the game. 2. This one
  13. Style points? I am not that familiar with Ash canyon, havent really played TLD all that much since it was added. Although Im probably gonna start playing it more again soon. The issue with community made maps is a common one. There are times where you find a route that on the map shows as an untraversable , whereas some of the paths they show dont actually exist, or they would end up being a very risky goat path. The brown arrow shows a dead body spawning there - maybe thats why? To suggest an angle of approach to loot the body? To point to one issue when the Whiteberry toarta styl
  14. Mroz4k


    Yep, Scopes were done many times before. Your idea is better then most, but I still would not like to see scopes for firearms. Especially not for the revolver - each weapon in the game has its uses and unique benefits - revolver is a defensive weapon for instance. While nothing is stopping you from hunting with it, its really not what it was designed for (albeit being called Hunting revolver). I am a big fan of binoculars, for the same reason Glflegolas pointed out. Also, I can see their use in specific tasks as hunting, if it increased a rendering distance for entities in the game, thus allow