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  1. I would tend to agree. If you want a crafting table nearby, there are only three locations. The Cinder Hills abandoned coal mine is pretty far from everywhere else. Only a mad man (or Bean ) would want to live at the Quonset Gas Station. The remaining crafting table is just behind a small cabin in the fishing camp. However storage is limited to two lockers and there is no fireplace. Also, crafting outside, where you can't watch for approaching animals, doesn't appeal to me. For me, the best home base is the Carter Hydro Dam. Besides crafting tables and plenty of storage inside, there is a large, safe (wolf free) area outside for a snow shelter. Having the safe Ravine nearby, with a semi-infinite supply of deer and rabbits is a plus.
  2. Hi @Serenity, like you I thought there would always be a rope some were in the Ravine, but apparently not. I did end up using the rope at the destroyed lookout.
  3. I've climbed down to the Ravine Basin many times. However, recently I've played several games where I couldn't find a mountaineering rope in Ravine. Usually the rope is in the accessible railroad car or in or near the cave on the far side of the break in the railway. If it's not in one of those two places, does that mean there is not one in the Ravine, or am I not looking in the right place? (I also check the cave nearest to ML, but not there either).
  4. I finally made it! I was able to meet the challenge in under 20 days--19 days & 17 hrs to be exact. If someone had told me a month ago that one could get this far in under 20 days, I would have thought they were daft. 'But it is possible. The game is much more intense and I would not want to play that way all the time. Yet it has an appeal and requires more focus and planning. You have to push the limits and that means doing useful things after dark and during blizzards. I walked from the PV farmhouse to the cave to ML in a full out blizzard. 'Did the same from the farmhouse to the signal hill station and back. I would recommend to anyone to try it once or twice. Being stubborn and less worthy, it took me five tries to finish in under 20 days. 'See the screen shots below.
  5. @Bean, I'm sorry you are having troubles. Actually, I didn't know that The Long Dark was available for the PS4. I hope you try again and miss the glitches.
  6. Hi @Bean, I don't see a problem if your weapon of choice is a revolver. I would treat it the same as a rifle. Also, I hope you didn't miss the change in the rules relative to clothing. It was too late to edit the OP, so I added another post where the (warmth+wind) bonus requirement was reduced from 38 to 36 and the protection bonus requirement was reduced from 36 to 34. Good luck. I'm on a new try at day 17. I've got everything except the things I need to craft. I've got the necessary components. but not sure I will be able to craft them all by day 20.
  7. @Bean, Glad to hear that you are working on it. Also, thanks for the cooking skill tip. I'm on day 19 and about to craft a Moose-hide cloak, however I still need to get my carcass harvesting skill to 3. 'Next time, I'll do cooking using your tip.
  8. Finally, I made it. It took 25 day and 9 hours. Besides what's shown in the screen shots below, I've got enough wood and coal to keep a fire burning for most of a day, plus five fire strikers and a magnifying glass. I've got more than enough food and, although not relevant to the challenge, I've got another moose hide cured and ready to be crafted into a satchel, plus a half dozen birch saplings to fix my broken arrows for months. 'Livin high on the hog I am.
  9. I would recommend my "I've Got This" challenge (see topic). I finally finished it myself and discovered that what was typically taking me about 90 days or more can be done in 25 days or less. It makes for a more intense game as every minute counts. There is also the lure, maybe I could have done it just a bit sooner, maybe I should try again.
  10. @Jimmy, Congratulations--job well done! I won't be a threat to your time. I'm at day 21 and although I have the warmth+wind bonus at 40, my protection is only 33, one less than the requirement. I have a cured moose hide, but making the cloak will take a day or more. 'Hope to complete everything by about day 24. 'Will report when done.
  11. Hi @Jimmy, I'm glad to hear you are making progress. Relative to the arrows, I got mine in the same places you did, just not so many. In your first post on this topic, you mentioned that the real challenge may be getting to level 3 for your weapon of choice and two others. I've can affirm that that's true. By the 29th day, I had everything: the clothes (see screen shot), tools, fire wood, magnifying glass, food--except the skills at level 3. I have fire starting at level 3, bow close to level 3 (about 2.8), but mending is still about 2.5. Just the same, skills are an important part of being prepared and avoiding the Long Dark. I'll see how long it takes me to get the skills. I'm assuming you don't have three skills at level 3 yet either?
  12. I'm at day 17 of my second try at this and making progress, but not nearly what Jimmy stated. My clothes meet the warmth + wind bonus criterion at 39, but do not come close to the protection requirement of 34. I need a moose-hide cloak for that plus, possibly, gauntlets or combat pants. I have all the tools, a bow, and seven arrows, but no magnifying glass. I can see that there is some luck in this due to not only the random nature of the loot, but also that of the weather. There were all day blizzards three of my first four days in PV. My first try satisfied all the I've got this requirements, except none of the usual places has a magnifying glass. Of course, that's the nature of the game. In my second try, I've checked all three haunts for a moose in PV, but found none. 'Will try ML next which also includes at least three places where a magnifying glass may be found.
  13. @Jimmy, looking at your first post, that's impressive. So you have ten arrows by day two! I assume "Misty Falls Picnic Area" is the same as the one listed as "Mystic River Picnic Area" on the Whitsberry map. Assuming you got 2 arrows at the cave there, possibly as many as 4 at the target near the PV barn, and 1 or 2 at the Mountaineers Hut in TM, where did you get the rest? Since two days isn't enough time to cure birch saplings, I assume some of the arrows are broken? Also, did you find the magnifying glass under the bed in the Mountaineers Hut? Relative to your question about in the inventory, the answer is "yes". If this turns out to be a contest (and that would be fun), screen shots would be used to show that you meet the I got this requirements for success. Items need to be in your inventory so you can show screen shots of your clothes, tools, etc.
  14. OFFICIAL CHANGE TO RULES - Rule 6 was "You must have clothes with a total bonus (warmth + wind) of 38 or greater. They must have a total protection bonus of at least 36. All clothes must have a condition of 70% or greater". Rule 6 is now "You must have clothes with a total bonus (warmth + wind) of 38 36 or greater. They must have a total protection bonus of at least 36 34. All clothes must have a condition of 70% or greater". This is in line with the more modest requirements expressed in the other rules for this challenge.
  15. @Bean, remember the 38 is the sum of the warmth and wind bonuses. It isn't that hard, although if others respond as you did, maybe I could lower it to 36. See the attached image showing the sum of the bonuses at 43.