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  1. A while back, I got to 100 days on Interloper and told myself that I would never play interloper again. Since then Stalker, even without a rifle, has become less of a challenge so I broke my promise to myself and started playing Interloper again. Yesterday (in game) I was within sight of a good game, but not sure I could bridge the gap. I barely got back from the forge in FM with my life. I had the components for a bow and arrows, but it would be five or six days before they cured. I used up the last of my cat tails not dying on my way back from the forge. I got a couple of rabbits with stones, but had to use a match to cook the meat. I was down to 18 matches, so using this solution for another five days was not a good option. So, I had a crazy idea. Since it was a clear day and I had a magnifying glass, I made a really big fire. After warming up next to the fire, I went after a deer with my flare gun. The first time I hit a deer, it ran away in a panic. I could see it's glow against the nearby trees. Unfortunately, it ran a long ways off and I never found it. Being none too bright and waay over confident, I tried again. Amazingly, I got a critical hit and the deer dropped in its tracks! It took two trips, each trip I cut out half of the meat, took it to the really big fire, and cooked the meat while warming up. Afterward I got the hide and guts. Unfortunately, the wind blew out the fire before I could make enough water. I've got enough for a day and a half, so if tomorrow is calm and sunny, I might be able to make more water without using another match. A critical hit on a deer with a flare gun--how lucky was that!
  2. I've been playing with the female character. Every once in a while, she says something like "Can you eat treats?". Since that doesn't seem to make sense in context, could it actually be something like "Can you eat trees?"? If you have heard it, what do you think she is saying?
  3. I'll keep this short as there has already been a lot said on this subject already. First, as has been pointed out by others, if your mode of playing represents a very small part of the total population, it stands to reason that that mode will get much less attention in updates. Second, there have been updates to Custom Mode, although many are subtle. For example, in the Rugged Sentinel (1.37) version, playing Stalker level, there was always a storm lantern and a broken arrow next to the dead guy just when you entered the lower part of the Carter Hydro Dam. I like to play Stalker without the rifle, so tried Custom mode, starting with Stalker but removing the rifle. When I did, I noticed that the broken arrow next to the dead guy was absent. If my memory is correct, the storm lantern was also gone, along with the hunting knife near the bottom of the stairs to the second dynamo. When I got an ultrabook, I updated to Vigilant Flame (1.47). The broken arrow, storm lantern, and knife we back where they were in standard Stalker mode. These, and many others, aren't in you face changes, but useful just the same.
  4. I received a response from Hinterland today related to my request for support on how to update without loosing badges and saved games. They said: "Updating The Long Dark to Steadfast Ranger (v 1.48) will not effect your badges or save files...". Although several have posted on this thread that they thought this was the case, it's good to see it officially confirmed by the publishers.
  5. Hi Hawk, As I mentioned in my OP, I did contact GOG support. They could not help me unless I wanted to use Galaxy, which I do not. Thank you for the other information.
  6. Hi Hawk, Yes, I am aware of that. The issue, as I said in my OP is, if I do a full install, do I loose my badges? That's what I'm trying to find out. Hopefully, someone from Hinterland will answer in the next day or so. For the patches, I definitely don't. Unfortunately, as you can see, GOG has no patch for 1.37 forward.
  7. Thanks @ajb1978, I found that file on my system and saved it. I'll wait a day or so to see if I can get an official answer to my original question. If not, I'll try installing a new game and using that file--after I finish my current game. I've got a promising Interloper game going right now. If I don't die, I might be at it a while.
  8. If the answer to the title question is 'Yes', wonderful. If not, it looks like I, and others who are running Rugged Sentinel (1.37) and bought their game from GOG, are stuck at Rugged Sentinel forever. GOG has patches from 1.33 to 1.37 and 1.47 (Vigilant Flame) to 1.48 (Steadfast Ranger), but no patches from 1.37 forward. I wrote to Hinterland Support, but haven't heard back yet. I do understand they are quite busy with the new update right now. I did hear back from GOG support and their answer was a polite tough luck, you can always install Galaxy. If they don't have a patch to download for 1.37 forward, would they have such a patch implemented in Galaxy? The issue, of course, is the badges. Although I didn't keep track, it must have taken me more than 200 hours of game play to earn the Fire Master badge. Who would want to do that again? Even at Rugged Sentinel, The Long Dark is a wonderful game, although I really would like to play the latest.
  9. Well? Did you load the game again? What happened to the arrow then?
  10. Hello and thanks to all of you that responded. The message I get is I really should give it another try. And I will. However, I do have a teensy problem unrelated to the cooking system. In Rugged Sentinel, when you do things like chopping a branch or passing time, the fauna freeze in place. If you don't use a rifle and depend on a bow and arrows as I do, this provides an exploit that I use that saves a lot of arrows. When you shoot a wolf, especially at the lower skill levels, often the wolf (with my arrow stuck in him) is not killed instantly, but runs away to bleed out. As he can run as much as half a kilometer before he drops, even with a blood trail, it is often difficult or impossible to find him, or the arrow fell out as he was running around--so one more arrow lost. If, as soon as you see that he didn't drop instantly, you pass time for an hour, the wolf continues to bleed out, but doesn't move. So when you finish passing time, you will find the dead wolf and your arrow close by. Although I do plan to update, I'll wait a few days and update to Steadfast Ranger. However, once I do, there will be some games, such as the one I'm playing now, that will no longer be practical. Right now I'm playing a Stalker game restricted to one region that does not have a forge; Pleasant Valley in this case. At day 52 I've killed 1 moose, 1 bear, and 39 wolves, 4 via struggles and 33 with a bow. I found a total of 8 arrows and (partly due to the exploit) have only lost 1. Without the exploit I'd be out of arrows by now. I understand that this non-forge region challenge is not a standard game and joining the modern (Long Dark) world has significant benefits--which I look forward to enjoying soon. Just the same, I've spent many hours, often fruitlessly, looking for wolves with my arrow in them before I began using this exploit. I would be glad to hear any new ideas on how to loose arrows at a slower rate. BTW, I would not normally hijack a thread with a new subject. However, I am very satisfied with the feedback I've received on my original question and think this new subject is worth discussing.
  11. I realize I may be in the minority, but I really don't like the new cooking system for survival mode, although it certainly makes sense for story mode. I tried the Vigilant Flame version and noticed several subtle improvements. Also, for normal day to day use, the new cooking system didn't seem that bad. I tried it for about a week. However, when I killed a deer and had to cook over 20 pounds of meat, The Long Dark became a cooking game. I didn't sign up for that. Fortunately, I bought The Long Dark from GOG, without Galaxy, so I was able to revert to Rugged Sentinel. Don't get me wrong. I've been playing RPGs of one kind or another since The Magic Candle, if anybody can remember back that far. Even in that long list of RPGs, The Long Dark is a high point. I don't expect Hinterland to go back to the old way, but it would be really awesome if the old way was an option for a custom game. Do let me know what you think. I'd like to know if I'm the only one that pines for the old cooking system for survival mode.
  12. @ThePancakeLady, thanks for the suggestions. I'm trying a one region challenge in PV right now, but do plan to try Desolation Point again. Like you said, I'll be better prepared next time.
  13. I decided that my 3 region challenge, even without a rifle, was not that challenging after all. So I tried a one region challenge in Desolation Point. The region is smaller than most, but does have a forge and is probably a better bet than Forlorn Muskeg. I explored Katie's Secluded Corner; Abandoned Mine #5; the Stone Church; the Lonely Lighthouse; the Riken; and Hybernia Processing, including the boat at the end of the tube and the trailers. Surprisingly, I found a bow, a couple of arrows, a heavy hammer, but no knife and no hatchet. Clothes were marginal. I harvested a deer carcass by building a fire next to it, so had a decoy. 'Killed three or four wolves with the bow, so was rather pleased with my progress--until I entered the cave near the waterfall at the north end of the region. All of a sudden, there was a wolf attacking me! I fought with the heavy hammer, but had minimum protection from clothing and fell into the long dark. I've played the game a lot and never seen a wolf, or any wildlife, in an interior cell. I've heard of Fluffy in the hydro dam, but that was an earlier version. Any suggestions on how not to die would be appreciated.
  14. You didn't mention what level you've been playing. Interloper? For me, I really don't find Interloper to be much fun. For me, it's a struggle all day every day. I made one Interloper run to day 100, quit, and probably won't go back to it--at least not for awhile. So, I had a question similar to yours. I've been playing Stalker without a rifle. I've made it more than 200 days and stopped because there wasn't much left to do. So I asked myself: "How can I increase the challenge of Stalker besides not using a rifle?". I've decided on a 3-Region Challenge. One can not use a rifle and can only travel in three regions, one of which must have a forge. Right now I'm doing Pleasant Valley, Coastal Highway, and Desolation Point. My biggest worry is not finding a heavy hammer. If anyone reading this tries the 3-Region Challenge, I hope you will post how it went.
  15. Hmm. Exactly what were you aiming at?