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  1. @jeffpeng, I agree. Besides the recent changes in wolf behavior discussed here, the new "improved" sprain system was introduced in 1.56 Steadfast Ranger (the first update after Vigilant Flame). As I, and many others with significant experience in the wild have posted elsewhere, the new sprain system is not realistic. Worse, the constant warnings and alerts add unneeded stress and discourage exploration. It is unfortunate that the "bad" changes decrease the value of great changes like the complete rework of Pleasant Valley plus many subtle improvements, such as slight increases in light level in many interiors. In Vigilant Fame, even in the middle of the day, you really need a torch or lantern to navigate inside the PV barn, while the later versions increase the lighting just enough to enable navigation without a light source. This is probably my second to last post. I haven't kept track of the number of hours I've played TLD, but the sum of the in-game days of my current saves is 1369 days. I truly believe the Vigilant Flame version of TLD is one of the best PC games ever made. I've really enjoyed the play and this forum. I've been a part of several topics here where there was wide disagreement, but everyone was polite and respectful of other's opinions. I wish that was true everywhere. I will make a last post about my "Warm Interloper" soon. It is the closest I have found to a viable level intermediate between Stalker and Interloper. As a famous frog once said "It isn't easy being green--but being orange is far, far worse".
  2. @darkscaryforest, no I do not. I was concentrating on surviving. Like you, I've never seen anything like this in all my time playing TLD, which is part of the reason I made this post. @haft2doit, based on what you say, you should definitely try Warm Interloper. If you do, it would be great if you post your experience with it. Good luck.
  3. Although just surviving isn't exactly boring (especially on Interloper), it's usually less intense and satisfying than the early game where every day you are finding or crafting new clothes, tools, or weapons. Depending on the level and your skill, somewhere between 30 and 80 days, you have all the tools and weapons available and your clothing is maxed out or nearly so. Why go to Bleak Inlet if you know there is nothing you will find that you don't already have? Additions to the game that would address this would be welcome. As a specific example, let's say that there are legendary stainless steel cooking pots that weigh only 40% as much as the cast iron ones--but they can only be found in Bleak Inlet. Or maybe, advanced arrows that have a 50% chance of an instakill, but they are only available in Hushed River Valley. Another possibility is especially dangerous portions of regions where there are unique items or books that aren't available elsewhere. The danger could be dense wildlife, thin ice, falling rocks, or something else. The idea is the regions would become known by notes left around, signs, or similar. The player would know they need to be skilled and well equipped before seeking the rewards there. Of course, this is just my 3 cents. (Inflation)
  4. @Azdrawee, I may have missed something. What are the late game improvements included in the last two updates?
  5. I discuss two things here: a custom Interloper that works surprisingly well and a wolf bomb (really). I've been playing Stalker without a rifle for a long time. Barring a surprise attack by multiple wolves, I can survive as long as I want (> 200 days). For me, Interloper is possible, but very depressing. I did 100 days on Interloper a while back and recently started a new one. I quite after 60 days although I had no immediate issues. I had warm clothes, including a moose-hide cloak, and all the weapons and tools available in Interloper, except a magnifying glass. It was just that my attitude responding to the world is against you of Interloper was starting to affect my real life. So I tried again to find a custom mode intermediate between Stalker and Interloper. This time I tried a custom Interloper with the only change being three weather parameters: Weather variability, Blizzard frequency, and World gets colder over time. For Interloper, they are: Very High, Very High, and High. I changed them to High, High, and Medium (these are the Stalker values). I expected this would provide a small, but welcome improvement. I was wrong, it made a profound improvement. I call it "Warm Interloper" and would recommend it to anyone who is ready for more than Stalker, but not for the every moment struggle of Interloper. So I was playing Warm Interloper and just made a hatchet, knife, and some arrow heads at the forge in Forlorn Muskeg. As it looked like a fog might roll in, I decided to avoid the islands and go back along the western side then the railroad tracks to ML. As I noticed wolves to be less prevalent than in Stalker, as I had in previous Interloper games, I expected to encounter a couple along the western edge and 2 or possibly 3 along the tracks--wrong. I encountered 18 or 19 wolves between the forge and the Mystery Lake office! In all my hundreds of hours playing TLD, I have never before seen anything like this. Rather than the 2 or 3 I expected, I encountered 8 wolves between the western end of the railroad tracks and the accessible rail car. I encountered another 8 between there and the office in ML. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Although I made some arrow heads at the forge, I didn't stay to craft a bow and arrows, so my only weapon going back was the flare pistol I got from the Ravine basin. So I sneaked by all the wolves by crouching. Because of the number of wolves, all together this took several game hours. On regular Interloper I would have frozen to death several times over. Due to good weather and the Warm Interloper changes, I survived just fine. Right now I'm waiting for Moose and Bear hides to cure.
  6. @WillemD, thanks. I had forgotten that one. I need to go to the lake anyway with the hope that I may find a bed roll in the lake office. If I go the back way to the overlook, I have a good chance of not encountering any wolves.
  7. @Danielviomusic, thanks. Although I knew most of the locations you mentioned, I was hoping there was one near the Ravine. For the one near the ML destroyed lookout tower (usually in the big box), I asked myself: does the risk of going there with no weapon out weigh the added protection (by enabling me to get a flare gun) on my way to the forge in FM? However, your answer reminded me that I made a serious mistake in this current game. Usually I play on Stalker, often starting in TWM. I always see the rope in the Mountaineer's Hut, but don't take it because I couldn't afford the extra 5 Kg due to the climb down to PV. On Interloper, I got so little loot I could have easily carried the rope with me, but didn't. I'll try to remember that next time.
  8. Although I climbed down to the Ravine Basin in my last long Interloper run, that was a long time ago. So far this time I haven't found a rope. I've looked in the explorable rail car and the cave area beyond the break in the rail line to no avail. In the previous Interloper run, I used the flare pistol as a temporary weapon on my way to the forge in FM. I know the Ravine area well (before the addition of Bleak Inlet) and have run out of places to look. I did check the snow pile on the second floor of the bay area of the hydro dam, but don't remember finding one there after Steadfast Ranger. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I guess I'll start subtle: I hate the current sprain system! Besides the strains themselves, the constant alerts and warnings add significant unneeded stress to the game and it discourages exploration. You don't have to be a mountain goat to get a strain. I got a strain while collecting twigs in the enclosed area in front of the Carter Hydro Dam. Another player posted recently that he got a strain while harvesting a carcass--twice! More importantly, from my personal experience, the current system is not realistic. For a couple of years a long time ago, I and two friends went backpacking almost every weekend, with a few extended expeditions. We were planning a two week trip to the Snake River region when my friends suddenly got married and escaped to Texas. All together, we spent several hundred hours in the wilderness. Although we certainly experienced many issues, none of us ever got a sprain. @ManicManiac, spoke of the power of player choices--I agree. Personally, I would like to see either an option to disable the sprain system (like that currently available for the auto walk feature) or the ability to earn badges in Custom mode. Although there would likely be those who would abuse it, they do not harm others, so I don't see a downside to it. // End of rant // Actually, I should add that in a separate post, several of us discussed this issue. Although we did not all agree, all were courteous and respectful. I just wish we could have more of that in the real world.
  10. That certainly wasn't on my radar when I asked the question, but you're right I certainly did benefit.
  11. I saw a post in the survival subforum where a new member posted a question about wolves attacking while in a fishing hut. I thought the question was pertinent and clearly worded, so tried to bump up his reputation by 1. I left clicked the '+' button next to his reputation, but nothing happened. I was logged in, so don't know why that didn't work. I think I've used that method before, but my memory is fading. So, how does one bump up the reputation of a fellow forum member?
  12. If you play at Stalker level, you will need warm clothes and supplies to build a fire when necessary. This can be a challenge as you need to keep your carry weight no more than the maximum (30 Kg at full health), since you can't climb a rope while encumbered. As a general clothing guide, the sum of your combined warmth and wind bonuses should be at least 35. If significantly less, you will need to warm up in a shelter frequently. You should not need to find a hacksaw before you go. In about a dozen playthroughs, I've always found a hacksaw in the Mountaineer's Hut next to Crystal Lake. Most of the cargo containers are guarded by wolves, so you will need to either kill them or build a fire next to the container to protect you while you saw away. Good Luck!
  13. Hi @piddy3825 and @ManicManiac, I've read your comments relative to earning feats in custom mode. "Sorry for not responding earlier. Sometimes RL gets in the way. @Daymo said he prefers a custom mode between Stalker and Interloper. So do I. I find Stalker not quite challenging enough and Interloper doable, but every day is a depressing struggle. I understand that if feats were enabled in custom mode, there would be those who would use that to cheat. However, other than cheating themselves, I don't see the harm to the general community. It is certainly possible that I've missed something, but I don't see a downside. I would like to hear from either of you, or any one else, relative to downsides from being able to earn feats in custom mode -- other than it just isn't done.
  14. I agree, although I would like it a lot better if we weren't penalized by not being able to earn feats.