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  1. Apart from taking a HUDless screenshot, F10 also takes a screenshot with a resolution that's usually higher than gameplay resolution. Would be nice if Hinterland would make something similar in console editions.
  2. I have a feeling that somebody reported the post and Hinterland didn't look any deeper. They might not even know that it's a bug. It's only ever happened to me three or four times in 2k+ hours of gameplay. I have no idea what causes it. I hasn't happened to me since the rugged sentinel update at all so I didn't even know that it still happens. It's just so random.
  3. The guy who fell through the world and took a screenshot of Quincy's interior from below. It's a bug. Not really mod related. I don't use mods and I've had it happen to me a few times. It happens after the loading screen when entering interiors. It's completely random apart from that fact though. Good thing is that when you exit and load, you're no longer falling.
  4. Patrolling around your base... But don't try to hug the bear, it's bad for your health.
  5. I'm all for this. Rust on metal cans, damaged labels, mould and discolouration on meat. Just like with clothing, you can tell its condition with just a glance. I have a feeling that the devs already have this on their to-do-list, it's just taking time to implement.
  6. Interesting pic... Do you have a link to this guy's IG or something?
  7. Cooking meat was faster but making water took longer.
  8. This has been suggested many times before:
  9. This is most probably the mountaineers' hut at TM. The general rule is: if it requires a loading screen to enter, then as long as you're above 0C while sleeping then you won't freeze. Places that don't have a loading screen are affected by the weather outside. This means that even if you're above 0C when you go to sleep, the weather might turn and get colder, causing you to freeze. But that doesn't mean that you can't sleep safely in places without a loading screen. In stalker, no matter what weather, if you have top tier clothing, you will not freeze while sleeping in a bed in the mountaineers' hut, while in a cave, top tier clothing matched with a bear bedroll will keep you from freezing.
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    Yes and it's already been discussed in this thread: And welcome to the forums @Wobiee!
  11. 👍😲😨😱💩💀 Based on what the dev diary says: Seems as if their main buff is that they hunt in a pack. Maybe when one detects you, they'll all know where you are and come running. Maybe because they hunt in a group, they're not as easy to scare away. Maybe when you kill one, they'll actively try to find and kill you (they'll spread out from their fallen sibling, following a gunpowder scent or the scent of the arrow). It's difficult to say with the limited information the devs have made known.
  12. Only admin can close or delete topics... You don't need to worry about it. BTW, welcome to the forums!
  13. Seems a little odd. Come to think about it, I've never seen one myself. Shouldn't be so though, ferrocerium and piezoelectric ignition systems are both compact and cheap. Maybe due to the underdeveloped mining industry in Great Bear, the islanders prefer self igniting lanterns. Would be important to never have an exposed flame in the mining tunnels if they have high levels of flammable gas in them. Maybe the islanders had even produced their own versions self igniting lanterns at one time.
  14. Far as I know, Epic Games' store only features games that use the Unreal Engine. The Hinterland team had their reasons to choose Unity as their engine for The Long Dark. Sorry, but in this case there's no putting the toothpaste back in the tube.
  15. Best place to start a fire in the maintenance shed extension. This way you don't accidentally step on it.
  16. MRE is the colloquial term used by most English speakers when referring to packaged individual field rations. So technically Canadian MREs exist, as do British MREs, as do Japanese MREs, etc.
  17. Sounds like you have a story that would be a great contribution to this thread:
  18. There used to be an bug that allowed this to be done. And yah, before there were backup cameras, you had to turn and look out the rear window to be able to maneuver safely while backing up. A fair point OMHO.
  19. Mutual indifference... IMHO Hinterland could do a better job at wildlife interactions with each other.
  20. I do agree that you don't just accidentally eat raw meat. But in the case of first aid situations, I do believe the current system has merit. I remember when the first aid system was first overhauled, I wasted a few uses of peroxide, first due to my unfamiliarity with the new system and later due to carelessness. I was annoyed one time after one of those incidents, I thought, "You're going to apply it on the wound anyway. How could it possibly be wasted?" Then I was reminded of a time when I knocked over a bottle of povidone-iodine (Betadine) as I was rushing to bandage a wound I had because I needed to be somewhere. Cleaning that up wasn't hard but it did use up more time than it would have if I'd just slowed down for a minute. So now I make sure to never rush when I'm applying first aid in game.
  21. When you pick fish up from beachcombing, it's most likely going to be at 0% condition. It's the only way to renewably forage for edible fish in DP without having to leave the region.
  22. Woke up one morning to a world that looks like this: I just had to take snapshots of this. You can see the pictures slowly becoming brighter too as the day emerges.
  23. Even in interloper players have access to the forge and are able to make steel tools. Being able to make knapped stone tools would only add wallhangers into a game that already takes quite a bit of effort to develop. There are a lot of layers that will make this impractical to implement. How will you find chert, obsidian, or glass in a world that is covered in snow? Are you going to need a kit made up of an assortment of knapping hammers and pressure flakers and how will you put it together? It's the 21st century, the chances of finding a knapping tool kit in someone's home is practically nil. And most importantly, how can this be made practical in a game where steel tools are abundant?
  24. For a game set in a boreal forest during mid winter, it's actually quite a colourful game.