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  1. Don't get me wrong, I think TLD has at least the framework to be a truly great game. But until the wolves/bears/possibly other wildlife becomes a lot more unpredictable as to where you will encounter them I'm afraid the end result just bores me after a while. Certain locations I know there may be a wolf, other spots I know there won't be one, not if I keep going back there a thousand days in a row. And in the spots where there is one it will just march back and forth and never go anywhere else--very annoying should I need to get past it. Also, not sure whether it might already be this way (pretty sure it isn't) but I think the lower your calories are the faster your fatigue should increase. Constantly going around ravenous is an exploit. Anyway I still have hope for this game so I'll be checking back every now & then to see what's been done. The rest of you have fun.
  2. A couple of things that bug me: 1. It would be nice if you could while sitting in a vehicle turn 180 degrees & look out the back window. I'm pretty sure if I was sitting in a car I could do that. 2. Does anyone besides me think that wolves just running up and insta-killing a deer like it died of sheer fright is, well let's face it--completely and totally silly, as well as exploitable? What if when the wolf attacked the deer it continued running but started bleeding out as they do now when shot? The wolf of course just continues to chase the deer until it dies at which time it starts eating it. This would make things a bit more challenging than 1. Watch wolf slay deer instantly in almost comical fashion, 2. Shoot wolf in the middle of his meal, 3. Profit! This annoys me so badly I've taken to playing with deer set to "none" and moose set to "very high"--what I call Moose Mode!
  3. Hey guys, been playing TLD for a pretty long time now but this is my first question: Is there any possibility that at some point in the future wolves, deer, or possibly rabbits will roam more naturally through the maps using waypoints or something similar instead of walking back and forth in the same small area in which they spawned? Bears already do this I know, I'm not sure about moose. Will they ever get longer paths so it's harder to predict where they are? Thanks!
  4. Exactly how do they suicide at your doorstep? I smell an exploit...
  5. So did I, the deer was dead before I entered the office and saved
  6. The animal doesn't disappear, I just now tested it. Loaded my save inside the office, went outside, the deer is still there.
  7. For that matter, wouldn't meat that was left outside for any length of time, especially overnight just be eaten by wolves?
  8. First, the situation that made me see the need for this idea: While playing survival yesterday I was about 2 days in and based in the camp office in Mystery Lake. I was playing with fairly unforgiving custom settings and was already out of food but had lucked into finding a rifle nearby. There was a deer along the railroad tracks next to the office so I tried my luck. I of course had not had time to upgrade my rifle skill so not surprisingly the wounded deer went bounding off into the hills, where I followed as best I could until the trail disappeared. I had no idea where it had gone and was close to freezing so I returned eventually to the camp office. I was also starving and low on water but had managed to get a rabbit along the way so I harvested it, started a fire and cooked it/thawed out some water. Upon going back outside I immediately heard the sound the deer make when they die and sure enough over the slight hill you cross before reaching the rr tracks leading towards the trapper's cabin there was the freshly downed carcass. This was either 1) the biggest coincidence in the history of such things (and if so, one I've encountered before) or 2) a case of the deer, still being alive when I entered the office, not only postponing it's death until the exact moment I came back outside but also simultaneously reverting to it's original spawn point. Good bye immersion, it was nice knowing you. What if instead of the animals spawning at points and then just endlessly patrolling back and forth across that same area you had several, or at least a few, connected routes of combined spawn points/waypoints in each map for each animal type? The map would spawn a randomly determined number of each type of animal, adjusted by game mode/custom settings and would then determine which point on the map spawned each one. The spawn points double as way points so the animal then determines which direction it's going to follow the path and sets off. Upon something happening like being wounded/detecting the player/detecting prey the appropriate AI takes over. When the AI completes whatever action it's going to the animal then just goes on to it's next waypoint as before. I suspect the animals position presently isn't kept track of when the player enters a shelter and they start again at a spawn point when the player enters the outside map again, is this true? If it is could the animal be made to spawn at the last point it crossed along the path? Returning to the problem of the wounded deer, what if when the player enters a shelter while the animal in question is wounded: 1)If the wound isn't fatal the animal respawns at the next waypoint it would have reached on it's path upon the player exiting the shelter and continues. Or 2) if the wound is fatal the animal moves in a random direction, the distance being determined by how much health it had remaining and dies prior to the player exiting shelter. This random movement should prevent an exploit where the player wounds an animal and ducks into a shelter, immediately emerging to find the dead animal where they left it. This is an excellent game and I wouldn't bother to post these things if I didn't enjoy it as much as I do, but that being said it also isn't without it's problems. If something similar to the above was done (which would also fix the predictable/persistent obstacle wolf problem) this game would improve tenfold, going from a good game to a truly great one, something I would very much like to see.
  9. I think it would be difficult to switch from the front to back seats or vice versa if you were carrying much gear but I fully agree you should be able to see 360 degrees from where you are sitting, no reason why you couldn't
  10. I guess for now I'll just refuse to carry torches unless A) they're newly crafted, or B) I'm already carrying a lit torch (can you light a torch with a lit flare?) to light the non crafted one with. That way I can't forget and use a match for what I still hold to be an exploit which I'd rather play without.
  11. Ok, say you want to light a fire and only use 1 match. Your skill is low, you have no accelerant, but you do have a "magic" firelighter: an unlit torch--not a new, crafted one but one you've extinguished after either crafting it or removing it from a previous fire. All you need do is light your torch with 1 match , and presto! You can now use your magic firelighter to repeatedly try to start your fire until it lights. This obviously defeats the intent of the game's fire lighting system and should imo be fixed. The fix is simple: only allow torches that are newly crafted or previously unlit to be lit with a match, all previously lit & extinguished torches must be lit at a fire. This is really how it should be anyway--irl what would allow you to light a torch with a match is the fuel-soaked rag wrapped around the end, which immediately burns up. Just try lighting a half burnt stick of wood that size with a match, you'll see what I mean. But since you can light a new, crafted torch with a match due to the fuel soaked rag still being present you would (and should) totally still be able to use it for repeated fire lighting attempts on 1 match. This would make it a little harder to drive off wolves but would really just make things more interesting: you would have to either have a new torch handy to light or carry a lit one around with you. Imo it would just make gameplay a little more immersive.
  12. Only if I'm in the mood for a very, very bad case of food poisoning
  13. I'm noticing lately that occasionally there will be a limb/log that won't bring up the prompt to be able to harvest it, I have to just leave it and move on to the next one. Has anyone else noticed this?
  14. How about an option in the toolbox that makes it so that cooking meat/other foods no longer improves it's condition? This would add quite a bit of challenge for players that desire it. I know I wouldn't try eating a piece of rancid meat after cooking it irl.