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  1. MRE is the colloquial term used by most English speakers when referring to packaged individual field rations. So technically Canadian MREs exist, as do British MREs, as do Japanese MREs, etc.
  2. Sounds like you have a story that would be a great contribution to this thread:
  3. There used to be an bug that allowed this to be done. And yah, before there were backup cameras, you had to turn and look out the rear window to be able to maneuver safely while backing up. A fair point OMHO.
  4. Mutual indifference... IMHO Hinterland could do a better job at wildlife interactions with each other.
  5. I do agree that you don't just accidentally eat raw meat. But in the case of first aid situations, I do believe the current system has merit. I remember when the first aid system was first overhauled, I wasted a few uses of peroxide, first due to my unfamiliarity with the new system and later due to carelessness. I was annoyed one time after one of those incidents, I thought, "You're going to apply it on the wound anyway. How could it possibly be wasted?" Then I was reminded of a time when I knocked over a bottle of povidone-iodine (Betadine) as I was rushing to bandage a wound I had because I needed to be somewhere. Cleaning that up wasn't hard but it did use up more time than it would have if I'd just slowed down for a minute. So now I make sure to never rush when I'm applying first aid in game.
  6. When you pick fish up from beachcombing, it's most likely going to be at 0% condition. It's the only way to renewably forage for edible fish in DP without having to leave the region.
  7. Woke up one morning to a world that looks like this: I just had to take snapshots of this. You can see the pictures slowly becoming brighter too as the day emerges.
  8. Even in interloper players have access to the forge and are able to make steel tools. Being able to make knapped stone tools would only add wallhangers into a game that already takes quite a bit of effort to develop. There are a lot of layers that will make this impractical to implement. How will you find chert, obsidian, or glass in a world that is covered in snow? Are you going to need a kit made up of an assortment of knapping hammers and pressure flakers and how will you put it together? It's the 21st century, the chances of finding a knapping tool kit in someone's home is practically nil. And most importantly, how can this be made practical in a game where steel tools are abundant?
  9. For a game set in a boreal forest during mid winter, it's actually quite a colourful game.
  10. I'd say that whatever locations you've based at while playing another experience mode would work well. I don't actually play pilgrim, but from what I can remember while learning to play voyageur is that it's very important to learn to use ranged weapons and the skills that accompany them which are: stalking, positioning for a shot, controlling prey and predator behaviour using your weapons, spotting animals while you are outside of their detection range, etc. So taking this into consideration, if you are using the rifle, starting at any location you've based at before will work well. But if your weapon of choice is the bow, I'd recommend the Hibernia area in DP. This allows you to forge arrowheads at the nearby Riken and craft arrows inside the processing facility. Katie's Secluded Corner has a guaranteed bow, arrow, and broken arrow if starting off early with a ranged weapon is important to you. Once you've forged a good lot of arrowheads (12 extra at your main base), then basing anywhere with a workbench wouldn't be a problem. Ultimately, it depends on your play style. You've logged more than a hundred hours of play time already, so what I've said might already be irrelevant to you. If you die, don't worry, starting a new game is quite fun for most people and with each death you learn a thing or two.
  11. Oddly enough, this does seem work. Problem is, bleed out from the rump takes a while. Just like what other players have said, there are no guaranteed crits. Actually, all damage from ranged weapon hits are rolled. You can shoot a wolf in the chest with a bow at level 5 archery and not have it result in an instant kill. It's rare, but it does happen. From what I can tell, all hits fall into a bell curve. Medium damage shots are common while both low and high damage shots are rare. And from what I've experienced, the shots with the lowest rolled damage bounce off of the animal. When it comes to shot placement, it does matter. Hits at certain parts of any animal in game produce a certain amount of damage to that animal. My recommendation would be to aim for the upper part of the neck. This is where I always aim to hit when shooting to kill any animal, apart from rabbits. From what I can tell, they produce the same amount of damage the head shots do while usually being having a larger area to aim for.* There are several reasons why I do this but two of them are particularly important. My weapon of choice it the bow and since arrows are usually on their way down when they hit their target, I makes it a lot easier to hit upper part of the neck.The second important reason is that when I'm hunting a dangerous animal, I aim to shoot it when I am not in its line of sight to reduce the chance of it attacking me. This makes it a lot harder to hit the head since this target becomes either very small or inaccessible when an animal is facing away from me. You don't have to copy the way I hunt, or the way anyone else hunts either. But when aiming to hit a dangerous animal, consider the likely hood of hitting your chosen spot and consider what the animal will do when it gets hit. *The lower part of the neck doesn't seam to produce the same mount of damage as the upper part of the neck.
  12. @Jolan Did you try to harvest it?
  13. I used to do the exact same thing... But man, it took so much time. Eventually I just got tired dropping and redropping items. While at the moment, I'm not really too invested in keeping my living space overly neat, I do agree that the mountaineers hut just has too little container storage. A trunk, a few more metal boxes and a weapon rack would be nice. Also, it would be better if the first aid kit were to be moved to the shelf or the workbench.
  14. Step 1 - Enter harvesting UI Step 2 - Select 0.5 kg meat Step 3 - Click the harvest button Step 4 - Halt action by pressing the esc button when the ring indicator moves by 72 degrees/20%