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  1. I like to think that upon being evicted from the dam due to lack of space via renovation, fluffy packed all her things and moved out to coastal highway where she found a mate and had lots of puppies and had a long and fruitful life. I miss you fluffy. Forever in our hearts 😢
  2. It was a dark, but much simpler time. I can't remember when they updated the dam - did you ever get to meet fluffy? I miss fluffy. She was my first death!
  3. Of course we all prefer the game in its updated state, but it's very important to remember where we came from! I'm so glad that I was lucky enough to hear about the game and buy it in game preview early on in its development. I remember watching Jacksepticeye play this on YouTube thinking "man this is never gonna make it to Xbox." And a month later it was released on game preview! I jumped at the chance. And I can't help but reminisce on the old days as I play the game as it is now. I would love to some how get hold of an older build of the game just to go back and experience that again
  4. +1. I love that thing too. It reminds me of The Edge. I'M GONNA KILL THE BEAR! SAY IT!!! the flare gun works wonders against the bear btw, if you're having trouble with bears. Bottom of the ravine or top of timberwolf mtn. Idk how the revolver fairs - I haven't been unlucky enough to NEED to try it and I hope I never am. I try to give bears a wide berth
  5. So what you're basically saying is that the game needs to be made easier for newer, or "average" players. When has this ever been the essence of the long dark? Up until now the long dark has been VERY punishing and unforgiving to newer players. Before wintermute it just threw us into the sandbox in a "swim or drown, good luck!" Fashion. And that's what made it such a great survival game. And now we really have people saying it should be easier on new players? Oh how the times have changed. This.
  6. I disagree whole heartedly with this statement. I refuse to just "not pick up" the rounds. Because this is a survival game and I'm going to use every resource provided to survive. That's my role as a survivor. It's hinterlands role to make sure survival isn't all that easy for me and I don't get TOO many resources
  7. I agree, the only way to make the forge make sense is to play on interloper, which basically makes it an interloper only tool. But not everyone prefers interloper. More power to you if you do, I personally can't last 20 days. Stalker, which I prefer to play on, is hard to me. Interloper is just sadistic haha! The only issue with this is that the forge was introduced before interloper was. But it has absolutely no balancing for any other difficulty except interloper. Maybe once they add the bear spear I'll have some reason to use the forge but until then, I've played this game for almost 7 years now and I have only used the forge twice, and those two times were just because I wanted to mess around with it, being a new addition at the time. The idea of superior tools isn't as bad as it sounds. It's definitely something that would come with a new skill. As your skill goes up you would learn how to make more professional grade stuff and your steel would hold tighter. Which is very very typical to smithing your own blades - forged blades are typically much higher quality than what you'd buy at John Deere. And by superior I do not mean supertools. I mean SLIGHT buffs. Like downing wood chopping time for cedar to 35 minutes instead of 45. Downing carcass quartering to 45 minutes instead of an hour. Things like that. This would give you incentive to take up that metalworking skill and use the forge more. And using stag, your tools would also be heavier and degrade a little faster, so there's also still incentive to use the basic tools, if you're worried about the weight of your pack.
  8. That's what I'm saying. Even if the timberwolves do balance the revolver rounds out, that means we're gonna pretty much have a survival shooter on our hands. And like I said before the long dark is NOT A shooter and never should be
  9. I'm curious, what's your clothing stats at with this setup? I crafted my bear skin coat yesterday, and I do love it simply because it's badass and it has a high chance to scare wolves away. But besides that I'm not sure if it's practical, as far as the stats to weight ratio goes. I'm sitting at 34f with 14f windproof bonus. Which really doesn't seem worth it since I had to lose a bunch of extra layers to make up for the weight of the coat itself.
  10. Well that's really not true, realistically. Knife handles are made from deer antler all the time. Just bought one for my dad for his birthday, that's what gave me the idea. But I do like the idea of making it another moose hunted item, to balance it out
  11. Well I wasn't saying any of those things about custom sandbox, and I have no quarrel at all for people who do enjoy it. I DID say that it feels like cheating to me. That's just how it feels to me specifically, obviously the custom sandbox has a huge following and there's nothing wrong with that. The custom sandbox is a great idea and I'm still totally for it being improved on, and may try it again some day. It's just not my cup of rosehip tea. I prefer playing the specific difficulty experiences hinterland themselves tailored for the game, and that's just the way I enjoy playing. I didn't mean to bash the custom option in any way. Anyway this discussion doesn't seem to be going much of anywhere. Only time will tell if this was a mistake or intentional for the addition of new predators. And a new topic in the future may be opened up to debate on if the timberwolves make the game feel too shooter-esque. Lets hope that hinterland is smart about the new addition and tunes the timberwolves as to not just be zombie wolves.
  12. 100 rounds was an overstatement, of course. I should really refrain from using sarcasm in such a way when I know hinterland is gonna be reading this lol, I apologize. The more accurate number is 60 - 80. But do you know how many rounds I've found for my rifle? 12. That's a huuuuuge difference, for a survival game. Those two numbers for this game are the difference between day and night, and they've just made wolves a complete non threat. To be fair, in my experience flares don't work AT ALL on wolves anymore even when stepped on, so it is nice to have another reliable wolf repellent added. Maybe timberwolves will balance it out. But let's look at what that means - if you have to use THAT many rounds of ammo to keep threats away, you're bordering on a shooter game. And the long dark is NOT a shooter game and should never feel like one.
  13. Well the other day I shot a bear like 8 times. 5 with the revolver, 3 with the rifle. It tried to steal my moose meat. Last mistake he ever made. And he did not go down with those 8 shots, but instead fled back to the unnamed pond where I found his still warm body the very next morning. Either it got confused and spawned in his body still warm, or it literally took him ALL night to bleed out. So I don't believe it does stack initial damage
  14. I've done this just to scare some wolves off before and there isn't anything particularly interesting about it. It just places a very inaccurate blind shot vaguely where you were pointing. It does scare the wolfies though. Some of them at least In my latest game, the wolves seem to be getting more aggressive. As I stated I've been pretty much killing them for fun and now they don't seem to scare off with a warning shot. I pretty much HAVE to hit them to make them flee.
  15. I didn't experiment with it at range at all, unfortunately, these are great questions! I did however discover that it makes a decent tool for hunting deer, despite the description specifically pointing out that it's NOT a hunting tool. I think they changed the description though. Either way you won't be dropping a deer with one shot or anything but it's good enough to make it bleed out with one well placed bullet at 100 percent condition, if you're hurting for a rifle and don't mind tracking. If I find another dozen or so rounds I definitely will experiment with range and get back to you!