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  1. Good day :).I don't know if it was an idea or not.If Yes then I'm sorry. But here's the idea. Here in the game there is no bird so well, the ravens. And the owl's voice is heard. And what if you could put snares and catch them with the help of bait birds. And that and meat and feathers.And then it was possible to cook soup from poultry meat. It would be rich and delicious.
  2. I think it will be soon.I remember them talking. That through one update there will be an update with the new region.I hope there will be a mining town. If Yes then I think it's full of mines. And that means coal. And I hope those mines aren't buried.
  3. Thank You.): You know me oddly inspiring game. So I write different ideas :).
  4. Hello. My idea. In the game because there is a can of peaches, pork and beans, and so on and so forth. Say what product is good quality and what is not right ?. What if .by passing the written .It could be for example. A bad can of peaches if the product is long overdue and the can is deformed. Immediately it would be clear that the product is really spoiled. A fresh can of peaches would look really fresh and appetizing.
  5. Thanks for the update.Personally, I'm more of a survivor :). But sometimes I can play history. But I'm waiting for more things for survival. Um. I wonder what can be done with the skins of the new wolves ?. I'm for intrigued :).
  6. Are you serious ?. Well, gasoline helps to light the fire, it is still useful for the torch.And what else is the use of it. Experienced players will tell you.
  7. Hello everybody , I don't know were this idea from someone else or not.If anyone has such an idea then I apologize .I don't follow other players ' ideas. Here's the idea As far as I know the game the village on the coastal highway there's a gas station. It would not be bad residual fuel that was left at the gas station how it would be possible to drain into the canister.Can all, the remnants of and remained.People who lived there still do not need. And survivors not necessary.
  8. And don't forget the wolves. There only a fur coat can be made from wolf skins. And then the wolf is useless. Because to eat meat you need level 5 cooking.
  9. Are you serious about moose pants ?.And the bearskin cap must be very heavy. I'd use that skin for more than anything.I know it is better to let even more will be able to sew and wolf skins something. And the fur Coat made and all.And so many skins sometimes wasted. You can't eat meat yet because of the risk of intestinal parasites.
  10. Well, there is coal for this :),It helps to draw a map.
  11. Hi. Good morning , evening and night I do not say , because I do not know what time of day you have now.I thought you know what ?. By the way you notice that this game teaches people . I mean what ?. And about that there are for example people living in countries where all year round summer , and snow can not .And it happens that the inhabitants of such countries have never left their countries and never in my life have not seen snow.And this game gives them a chance.Because once it is clear that once it snows , and you start to freeze , then you need to dress warmer. It's you and the snow.Bec
  12. You know a revolver is difficult.I first could not understand how to use it. But I think I found a way to shoot it.At first I habitually shot directly. And then I realized that you need the barrel of the gun lowered a little below and then aims. Summary of a few wolves , the fur of the wolves will soon :).And on account of the animation is certainly interesting. But do you think that the survivors will be similar to the arrow from the movie the dark tower ?.Well, a master of revolvers .