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    Stone Tools

    I was suggesting this as a means until you found relevant items or could make it to a forge as they are located in only 2 zones. A dedicated toolkit is not necessary as the knapping can be done with other stones this was done prior to any set civilisation. Stones of all kinds could be found in caves.
  2. Bolt

    Stone Tools

    My main point was for cutting meat and stone arrowheads. I couldn't see a stone axe chopping rocks I assume you mean chopping wood
  3. I'm a relatively new player but I'm enjoying the game immensely. I Don't know if this has been suggested or addressed previously however have you thought of stone Tools created by flint napping? You could create arrowhead, knives and hatchet's I would suggest those have a low % chance of breaking which would increase when the condition % is decreasing I would also suggest that these items lose condition faster than normal items due to being made out of stone. And lastly I believe that a new suitable type of stone can be added to the game that would need to be searched for. As I say I am unsure if this has been suggested or discussed but I do believe this would be a useful addition to the game.