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  1. I've never watched the series, but I did binge watch season 6, The Arctic. This coulda/shoulda been 20 - 30 episodes to do it right. I ended getting more out of watching the contestants relate their experiences on YouTube. Their accounting of events and their experiences there were so much better that the poor editing job the show producers did. That shelter that Wionya built with the double walled construction with the peeled bark interior was bushcraft shelter building taken to extraordinary levels. I can't watch bushcraft shelter building anymore on YouTube without thinking how ama
  2. LOL, you beat me to the punch. I was just gonna post here my wish list to be able to at least bury the dead people outside. They could make it a craftable mound much like a snow cave, right? I'd keep the materials list doable...20 stones instead of 200, and utilizing at least 4-6 pieces of wood, maybe a piece of cloth or two if you wanted to do something decorative. something like this?
  3. Oh.... I get it, now. Thanks for the explanation. I kinda didn't notice that the first time around on account everything happened so fast and I didn't know what to look for. In my game, after I saw the other wolfs bolt, I took the time to harvest the downed wolf in bits and pieces while waiting for the other two wolves to return. They didn't so I ended up going back inside to drop off my goodies. Subsequently when I left the building the two wolves had returned and so the dance began again. This time around I did see the "moral bar" but still not fully realizing what it was telling me.
  4. Hello Community, Apologize here in case I spoil anything for anyone. Finally got the opportunity to start Episode 3 today and so far I've been having a fun day. After talking to priest and getting all updated about the plane and after taking the phone call, i spend some time getting situated to go on my next quest. I probably should mention, Astrid is pretty well clothed and armed. By this point she's got a rifle, a pistol, survival bow and arrows (not many but some), the hatchet, hunting knife and prybar. As I prepare to leave I go to equip the rifle only to be prompted tha
  5. I'm actually looking forward to the time when Hinterland launches their User Generated Content project for modding. One of the first things on my wish list would be a hand tool craftable work bench. This is something that you could build in a cave and then use it to craft clothing and what not. Simple mods like this will add elements and function that will make this beautiful yet deadly region just a little more appealing and hospitable.
  6. Yeah, I found that food cache once right where you said it was. It was okay and all, but overall I was kinda disappointed. It was definitely a while back and when I went to PV, I never did find the one. It was well before this last update, probably closer to when the first episode had just come out so I probably just couldnt find it. Question is does the glitched food bunker show up in story mode during episode three? If so, that might impact gameplay? I dunno, haven't had the chance to play it yet.
  7. Battery Jokes... Where does a mountaineer keep his airplane? In a cliffhanger!
  8. LOL, I wasn't sure what I was reading when I came across this... At first glance I wasn't sure if this was a spell from a Harry Potter book or a sexual position from the Kama Sutra.
  9. To the left of the bear cave there's a lookout area looking down on the clearing near the the cave with the laptop. If you go further left, around the rock outcropping, if memory serves is an anchor rock for a mountaineering rope. I didn't have a rope at the time, being loaded up with food just in case i didnt make it down the steep slope before sunrise. I managed to avoid the bear but crouch walking around the rock out cropping and then duck walking down the steep cliff side by traversing left to right with a series of "controlled" falls until I reached the bottom, pretty bruised and sprai
  10. Not sure how often or if the corpse at the signal fire always shows up here, but it did for me today. Got to wondering what happened to this guy? When I got up to top, there was food, clothing, a campfire with plenty of fuel and an intact snow shelter. Not to mention the moose leather satchel and a backpack with some additional goodies like a whetstone, chocolate and some assorted ammo. The corpse yielded a good condition hatchet, some sardines, a rifle bullet and a pack of matches. I lit up a fire and started some rosehip tea before I looted all the goodies. The snow shelter repai
  11. Thanks for asking! I decided to approach my goal via CH. Once I left the Ravine, I pretty much traversed CH without incident accessed PV via the mine network and easily retrieved the record from the convenience store. Subsequently made it to Pensive Pond where I was menaced by a moose. I skirted around the old road where I had my one and only wolf encounter on the PV map leading up to the transmission tower. Got that one without incident as well. Ended up crossing the map straight across, had the revolver out in anticipation but didn't run into any trouble as I made it to the hatch
  12. Thanks for all the great comments. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I didn't find the firewood hatch! lol But the whetstone is a good and the energy drinks very useful. Not sure if there's food for a month like @ManicManiac mentioned but the foodstuffs will certainly keep me fed until I can find some weapons and get to hunting.
  13. I find myself pretty banged up having just survived another attack from yet another marauding wolf, as I am trekking thru Mystery Lake on the way to the dam to see if I can find a hacksaw. As I am trekking into a head wind, my condition was starting to drop pretty low and with that gnarly head wind holding me back, I seek temporary refuge in the old train car near the log sort. As I am administering to myself, I hear that "uuhh" sound the wolf sometime make when they are close by and drop dead. As I am looking about from the inside of the train car, I see this black shape up the side of