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  1. A Travois is a simple sledge made from two poles and some binding rope. Just picture an "A" frame laid down. A deer or bear hide stretched across the frame could be used to drag a limited amount of cargo, be it fire wood, fish, meat from a kill. It could be crafted from the basic materials in game, just as they were in real life. They were pretty common in the part of the world the game is set in and most people with a bit of bushcraft knowledge know how to make one. This isn't something you would move fast with, but you could move more, and over snow and ice they are almost ideal It'd be nice if this was part of a general expansion of items crafted from wood. Wood is plentiful in the game as are the most common tools to work it in a bush-survival setting. Snow shoes, wooden lances, hide or meat drying frames, etc. Maybe add a book that unlocks some of these skills. Just a thought. Love the Game. Probably the most beautiful survival game I've played.
  2. Okay, just curious how I get these updates. I bought my copy over at GOG.com. Do I need to go there?