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  1. Why isn't the way sprains and bites handled intelligent? You're turning this into a micromanagement game and it's seriously making me upset that I spent money on this game. You're supposedly making advancements on the story that you keep rethinking and adjusting and stalling on delivering on. But I think I could handle that if you weren't fucking with the survival game so much. (pardon my language). When you get a sprain or are hurt from a bite, if there's pain, why the hell do I need to indicate that pain medicine is to resolve the PAIN? Seriously, Or that antiseptic is for the infect
  2. A) When I load my old game, as opposed to starting fresh, I still encounter objects floating above the ground or they're half in the ground in the case of boxes. I only have a couple pictures because they were just encountered too often. (first five images) I will repeat, this is only found in a game I was saved before your floating object bug fix, and is not encountered (yet) in any fresh games. B) The sprain system may be fixed, but the last game I played all of the sprains were in my hand. The left hand to be specific. Each time I've encountered this I've had the pistol equipped. (no p
  3. Smoker suggestion: I watch a gent from Canada that has a YouTube channel called My Self Reliance. In the latest video he posted, he showed that you could easily make a rudimentary smoker to make smoked meat jerky. Skip to about 15:30 for the showing of how he made his smoker: You could easily make one in game as three maple saplings (cured or not) for the legs, two birch saplings (cured or not) for the rack and like 5 sinew to hold it all together, with using 3 ish deer hides for the outer wrap. Then it's just using like 3 fir logs and leaving it be for a long while.
  4. Actually, this was shortly after acquiring the spear and that put me over by like 5 pounds, or something like that, even with the addition of the well fed bonus. So I am not liking that being slightly encumbered like that is causing that much of a problem when moving around. I would expect it from like 10 pounds or more overweight and it's throwing you off. That I can understand.
  5. So, I've mentioned before (featured as a response in the Milton Mailbag) the very tiring and frankly idiotic seeming nuisance of randomly cracking an ankle or wrist (or both) when nothing seems to actually trigger it. In the response, the person replying said there are very few instances where a sprained ankle or wrist will happen without some visible cause, such as a struggle or a fall. Well, let me now add 12 screen shots taken in a single story mode (most in the same day) session of Ol' Mac the drug addict spraining something when there wasn't an actual fall or a struggle involved. BY THE W
  6. I have no complaints about the after effects, well, sorta. the fact that I can't cradle a rifle or the flare pistol but I can chop wood, use the workbench, gut a corpse, etc. is kinda out there. Anything that causes a shock/strain to the sprain should be "nope can't do that". But I digress. The majority of my sprains occur while I'm walking long distances. along the side of a hill, that sort of thing. I very rarely jump down from any distance as it is sort of unrealistic in something that I can gauge to be almost a foot from looking on my screen is considered a 'fall' so I avoid those situa
  7. I really enjoy the game, but one of the things that has always been off putting in the experience is the random "you've sprained something". I understand that people slip and fall but there are times that it seems the character is actually jonesing for meds rather than actually getting hurt. And then other times when nothing at all happens for long stretches. But, what really is off putting, is the lack of any sort of stumbling/tripping/falling animation. That, ac tually is my main complaint. I don't mind the rest, but at least make some sort of animation where the camera nose plants in the sn