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  1. Maybe is it better to post this on the technical issues sub-forum? Probably they can help you. In my experience, I play this game in a laptop with Windows 10 and don't have any problem related with graphics. Which is your graphic card? Could be it doesn't meet the requirements.
  2. Thank you, I'll try these settings. ūüĎć
  3. Hey all, since there are people here with many hours and a lot of experience in this game, maybe someone can help me in this matter. Since TLD allows for custom difficulty, I'd like to try a new challenge outside of the set difficulties and create a new mode in which resources are lacking as Interloper but where fauna is also scarce. That is to say, a desert region in every way. What changes would you make to custom mode to achieve this?
  4. I think don't gonna happen. The main water areas are icy and can be crossed on foot, and currently only two maps have open water. The second suggestion seems more factible, and I find it a nice addition to the game.
  5. Keep in mind that mods are unofficial and they are not supported. I think they only allow translations.
  6. I imagine it as a new Carter Hydro Dam: a creepy and "warm" place full of resources.
  7. Since there is no difference between playing as male or female, I like to play both to not get bored of hear always the same "complaints".
  8. This gama has a beautiful, unique style, that caught my attention from the first moment.
  9. I think the point is that you can't escape from the bear, once you are seen. And yes, it's a bear, a big bear, and in theory should be faster than a human. The only way to get rid is shooting him, I guess. And you can scare him and, if you're lucky, kill him and have meat to eat .
  10. Okay, thanks for your recommendations. Seems a region with a lot of potential but also dangerous.
  11. Hello people, I've been away from TLD for long time. I'm aware that there's a new region: Bleak Inlet. Probably this were asked already (idk) but, what are your opinions about this new location? And, without spoilers of course , some tips, things to know about this new site for newbies in the new map? Ty.
  12. Okay, I'm back to the Forums. Will try to be more active again. Not sure if anyone will see this, but I'm just saying anyway...

  13. I asked about this in a Milton Mailbag, and they plan to release a second volume but not at same time with the third episode. So if plans haven't changed we can expect it.
  14. Would be a better idea to post this in the sub-forum "Technical Discussion". And from my experience, I played a bit Third Episode and I didn't notice any performance issue yet.
  15. Maybe we'll have more hints when the date approaches, like some picture on Twitter. It's never a bad idea to create 'hype'