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  1. I think the point is that you can't escape from the bear, once you are seen. And yes, it's a bear, a big bear, and in theory should be faster than a human. The only way to get rid is shooting him, I guess. And you can scare him and, if you're lucky, kill him and have meat to eat .
  2. Okay, thanks for your recommendations. Seems a region with a lot of potential but also dangerous.
  3. Hello people, I've been away from TLD for long time. I'm aware that there's a new region: Bleak Inlet. Probably this were asked already (idk) but, what are your opinions about this new location? And, without spoilers of course , some tips, things to know about this new site for newbies in the new map? Ty.
  4. Okay, I'm back to the Forums. Will try to be more active again. Not sure if anyone will see this, but I'm just saying anyway...

  5. I asked about this in a Milton Mailbag, and they plan to release a second volume but not at same time with the third episode. So if plans haven't changed we can expect it.
  6. Would be a better idea to post this in the sub-forum "Technical Discussion". And from my experience, I played a bit Third Episode and I didn't notice any performance issue yet.
  7. Maybe we'll have more hints when the date approaches, like some picture on Twitter. It's never a bad idea to create 'hype'
  8. My idea is to start playing in when it comes out on October 22 (if I have free time), if not, at least that weekend.
  9. It starts as a tutorial and, as it implies a single map, you're pretty right. In my opinion is quite relaxing in general lines (if we discard the wolves, of course, lol). I had much more tension playing Episode 2. I assume you played it after the Redux Update, I did before during the last summer and I can say it has improved a lot (both episodes, to be honest): shortening the road to Grey Mother's house or the hangar, for example, or enhancing the history of prisoners. Shorter than Episode 2 but with a touching story, was the first contact with this game so Milton will be always a special place. And good luck with the bear!
  10. When I play TLD I have 'chills' walking on the snow, a feeling that rarely I experiment in real life because as you said, not in all countries snow when the winter comes. The immersion of this game is really good, so I join your "thanks".
  11. First of all, I just read the new dev diary and really looks promising. And I have a question about it: Along with Episode 3, will be released a DLC with music for this Episode as Volume Two, as it happened with Episode 1 & 2 (Music for The Long Dark -- Volume One) ? I enjoy listening to these soundtracks not only when I play the game and don't know if there're some plans about it or maybe in the future. Thank you.
  12. To me the word WINTERMUTE is closely related with the Quiet Apocalypse concept. Winter is the season where nothing grows, there's no life, all is dead... and sometimes it makes reference to the end of the life (in a symbolic way). In other words, this is the Apocalypse, the end of any existence, like the Winter. But this is a Quiet Apocalypse, silent, mute... there's no fire, or earthquake/tsunami... here the power went out, the technology... everything was muted.
  13. From what I know MacBooks aren't upgradable, as it happens with many laptops. Only the RAM can be changed in certain models (not in Retina ones I think), but for more info about in which models you can change the RAM you should check Apple's website. Other hardware as the SSD is soldered and can't be replaced, the same for the CPU or the integrated GPU (graphic card). The only way is lowering the quality of graphics and lowering resolution. I don't think you lose quality playing with low graphics, the unique art-style of this game makes this possible, that's a huge advantage compared with photorealistic games. About resolution, I suggest you to play between 1400x900 and 1600x900. And don't open other apps when playing, although the main problem is not the processor, Intel Graphics are competent but too weak compared with other video cards. Other option is buying a gaming laptop, they are way cheap compared with a MacBook and it can be a better long-term investment.
  14. Either leaving the meat in the snow or cooking it, I don't think there's another way yet.
  15. Yes! Great news for those who don’t have gaming computers or high video cards.