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  1. Yes! Great news for those who don’t have gaming computers or high video cards.
  2. Seems pretty obvious that Jeremiah hides something (even was said he can be an ex-military man) and he intrigues me a lot... but I vote for Methuselah as more interesting NPC. Starting for his name and continuing by the fact that he appears in all places with his premonitory words... makes me think he isn't a 'human'? I feel he is one of the keys to understand the Quiet Apocalypse.
  3. Strongest? bears... hardest to hunt? it'd be between bears and moose, but I'd pick bears, at least I've had more encounters with them and I don't enjoy those encounters.
  4. LilWolf


    I think it works as intended: the auroras show the beauty of Nature and how overwhelming it can be -- beauty and fear in equal parts.
  5. No shelters (or good ones), few resources, many wolves, a bear too, ice that breaks... whenever I pass through FM I walk on the train tracks and try to spend the least time possible there.
  6. My video card is Intel and also I noticed about the 'shadows vibrations', which is quite annoying. I thought it was a problem of my Intel graphics (integrated GPU's are weak compared with video cards with dedicated memory) but now, reading this post, I see it happens with other operative systems or stronger video cards like nvidia... so yes, looks like is not a fault of the video card. And now that this was mentioned and this thread is under the "technical discussion" forum, I don't know if it is possible to have some 'feedback' about this.
  7. No "official" mods, at least.
  8. Beautiful final. I liked reading this series. +1 for your "Among Wolves" run! P.S. The screenshot of the sunrise (the one in the part 21) is impressive.
  9. I'd like to see a slingshot too. I agree, seems something you could craft and kill rabbits with it instead of stun them.
  10. Open Steam, right-click on The Long Dark > Properties > Local Files (Tab) > Verify integrity of game files.
  11. LilWolf


    It is already in the wishlist section.
  12. I've always thought it is more "contemporary", maybe between 2020 - 2030. Lily's argument is really good to speculate a date. In her grave is written: 1969 - 1985. I'd say Grey Mother born around 1940 and she gave birth in her 30's. That means Grey Mother has around 80 years old (she seems an old woman, at least that's my perception). Assuming this as true, the date of TLD could be perfectly, let's say, 2022. About the computers with the floppy discs, that's probably because Great Bear Island is stuck in the 90's, as was said in a previous post. Don't forget all the mentions about the recession and how the island was affected.
  13. LilWolf

    Realistic Maps

    I was just highlighting that the narrative could explain why the map... anyway WINTERMUTE acts like a tutorial for beginners players, moving around the regions without any previous knowledge would be really heard (I can't imagine how they'll find the Spear crossing two regions). But I agree map shouldn't be discovered in "hard" difficulty, for veteran players with experience in the game that wants to play WINTERMUTE as well it's too easy and doesn't offer an additional challenge.
  14. Screenshots make the story more visual and enjoyable to read. Good work!
  15. LilWolf

    Realistic Maps

    Mackenzie holds a map of Great Bear Island while he is in the hangar, it could explain this... besides I think that having the environment already discovered helps new players in the Story Mode.