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  1. Josef67

    Dried meat

    Yes, on TLD I like that the production is "realistic", no "magical". But I think that by hanging meat over the fireplace, it would be possible to dry this meat by repeatedly using the fireplace. And salt can be obtained by boiling water from the ocean (I know the complicated process of purification).
  2. Co se stane, když nemáte uklizený batoh?😄
  3. Yes, PZ is Project Zomboid. Until the Cherbourg modification is ready, I have no reason to play PZ.
  4. This "connected subject" appeared to me. Is it the fault of my "insufficient" laptop? After restarting the game, the problem disappeared.
  5. Hello. I apologize in advance for my English. I'm crazy about survival games. After a thousand hours of playing PZ, I thought it would change. The choice fell on the TLD and I'm glad I started playing this game. Nothing is like a TLD, in certain things nothing is ahead of LTD. The graphics, sounds, etc. are unique. I will write about myself that my name is Josef, I come from the Czech Republic, I was born in the second half of the last century.😉
  6. Josef67

    Dried meat

    Ok. But if I don't have level lvl 5 I would like a wooden stand in the room, on a stand 5-6 pieces of meat that dry in 2-3 days.
  7. Josef67

    Dried meat

    I don't know if anyone has suggested it, but I miss making my own dried meat.