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Hello hinterland, I really enjoy this game, but was wondering if you could add the following features to make the game more realistic.
I think it is a little naive to assume BOTH Will and Astrid can stomach drinking coffee black and there should be options for adding cream and sugar. I know that we don't have refrigeration due to the auroras, so you can add cows and a milking system to the game. The cows would need to be protected from wolves and fed grass which leads us to the new farming mechanic (where you can also get the sugar from). With the cold weather being so extreme, we'll need to add heaters to keep a growable climate in greenhouses. These can be powered via solar panels which are shielded from the aurora's electrical disruption effects via a magic shield made by Methuselah who turns out to be a wizard. To balance this, you can make Methuselah hard to find by requiring the player to first build a replica of the Large Hadron Collider.
After discovering the God particle, you could use it as a multidimensional portal to visit every instance of the Long Dark, each one of which implements a wishlist item mentioned on this website. Methuselah the wizard could be found in an instance of a Long Dark world where the game suddenly breaks the 4th wall. Ralph addresses the player saying while he likes where this post is going, the Unity engine doesn't have the means to support it. So then the player is actually tasked to code a huge plugin that completely redefines what Unity is capable of. Except right before you finish, the lawyers at Unity Technologies send a cease and desist letter. After an expensive and long drawn out battle, new precedents on what the court's opinion of what is and is not a game engine plugin are set.
Unfortunately, with the court ruling you are forced to remove certain parts of your code that many other parts are dependent on. You end up needing to cancel the aforementioned features since you're already way over budget in the game and the company's business insurance premiums skyrocket. And then the player feels terrible remorse. Will says something like "I'm so sorry Hinterland. I didn't realize this wishlist feature would be so expensive until it was way too late. Please just disregard my ridiculous post. I shouldn't have even hit submit. Astrid...please forgive me." (in the game of course)
Anyways that shouldn't be too bad to implement. I'm open for suggestions on tweaking that
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