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  1. ive been wondering if when the blackrock region releases will the prison be destroyed like at the end of the episode 4 or will it be fully explorable i want to see what people think
  2. I have completed the Blackrock rumours, "An employee is late and now missing" and "An aggressive wolf is stalking the region". I need one more but cannot find the note that starts the ball rolling on the third rumour. Can someone point out where I find the third note? Actually, while I am asking about episode 4, the other thing I need to find is where to uncover what the latest Forest Talker plans are. I already completed episode 4 but I am doing it again to try and get these two final achievements that I missed the first time around. Anyone?
  3. Hello Community, We’ve just hotfixed The Long Dark to version 1.97 [85101]. This hotfix addresses issues that emerged with the launch of Episode Four, addresses certain gameplay bugs, and offers general game improvements. Please find the full list below. (NOTE: list may contain spoilers.) It may take some time for changes to take effect as platforms update. Thank you for your patience. There are two issues in particular affected players should be aware of: For any PlayStation players impacted by missing Episode Four Trophies at launch; we have a way to potentially regain your
  4. So... gonna get to the point quickly. At the start of episode 4 Mathis says this: -İt turns out you have darn hard head pilot. [With the perfect voice acting] And Will answers: - I told you I was stubborn. I dont know it is just me but I dont remember Mackenzie saying he is stubborn at the end of chapter 2. [Before Mathis axed him in the head] Also at the last Cutscene of chapter 4 [Awesome animations, Props to Hinterland] Will says this: -Like I always told you, you have no idea how stubborn I am. Even though he never did even once??? Maybe this
  5. Alright I now what you are thinking but hear me out. Mathis in the end of the second episode and the fourth episode is diffrent. Mathis in the fourth episode is like an actual human. He is SO realistic. But the second one... undetailed and ugly. I know that this proably has nothing to do with the story but... When I saw Mathis in the fourth episode I was like: -Well... you became handsome..? Or is this a sign... is Mathis a... Shapeshifter. Proably not.
  6. I'm having issues with one specific part of the quest, "Find Medical Supplies for the Warden," in the "Blackrock Blues" portion of episode four, and I'm curious if the problem is related to my recent upgrade to macOS 12.0.1 "Monterey" on my MacBook Pro. I'm playing on a Mac (via Steam), and I have the latest macOS 12.0.1 "Monterey" release installed. I have to play game with the "-force-glcore" flag, although I don't recall having to do that for previous episodes, on older versions of macOS. However, with the "-force-glcore" flag, the game seems to work pretty well, with the exception of t
  7. Lol, found this on youtube this morning. It does explain why everybody is hungry at the prison the whole time. I guess that guard that goes missing or is always late has been pilfering goods and supplies for quite a while...
  8. I was walking along the backside of Cater Hydro Dam when I found this sneaky little plastic container. To access it, you have to break one of those stacks of pallets, which takes 2hr with hatchet and 3hr with a hammer.\ I deemed it to not be worth it, but someone else can go check it out and see if its worth it. Its located behind Carter on the left side (when standing in the river on the backside) That poses a question, are there other secret loot places that people have missed? Because I have never heard anyone talk about this location.
  9. After episode 4, ı was curious about sled in TLD and ı realized some people had discussed about sled in wishlist topics and some said we can use sleds for episode 3. In the opening scene of episode 4, we realized prisoners were carrying Mckenzie on a sled. Then why Mckenzie or Astrid didn’t think about that? I wish we can use them even for just carrying survivors in episode 3? Or maybe Jeremiah could be teachimg how to make them?
  10. Spoiler alert Ok I am stuck at the mine, listening to the phone ringing. I took it the first time, talked to Jace and then the mine collapsed. Then the real me (the guy tapping the keyboard atm) realized that the Forest Talkers cache puzzle is not yet discovered so I loaded the last save, found the dead guy with the last note, checked the cache and then headed to have my phone call Here is what I am: the mine doesn't collapse and the show doesn't go on. Since I am here already, there have been a few bugs that I noticed. First, the weird timberwolves be
  11. What you need is a mission where you go back to the prison. More specifically a mission where you get into the prisoner’s store room. My idea of how you could implement this is as follows (This is a simple version because complicated but ask if u want more detail on my idea). You arrive at the radio telescope and do whatever, and then are told that they are running low on supplies since the key to the main storage room is missing. The only other option is to get the spare master key, which one of the prison workers had. Since they were all executed, they would’ve been stripped of any valuables
  12. Without giving too much context, maybe we can post some images of the toughest Survival mode equipment hiding spots. Here's a revolver the devs stashed away.
  13. First of all, I want to say my great thanks to the developers of TLD. "Fure, then Silence" is a very good and dynamic episode. And as a player, I was pleased with the non-standard levels and puzzles in this game (for example prison escape). But I'd like to talk about some issues that I've listed: 1) Similarity to the 3rd episode. This applies mostly to the beginning. The same plot: a player must get medicines for someone (man, in the second episode the first task was exactly like this), player listens to the instructions on the phone. Although the ending of each episode turned out
  14. I’m gonna have to hold off for a while on Eps 4. Leaving the prison with very few resources, I might kill one wolf, but end up constantly never reaching my destination because of them. The torches and flares are not deterring them, they still attack. Not much fun.
  15. Spoilers . . . I've finished episode 4 last Friday and I really loved it, however, there seems to be a pretty problematic mechanic in it that I've seen many people complain about. It should definitely be improved, and the solution to it could be pretty easy. In episode 4, players get the option to transfer everything from their inventory to a container. This is great and works very well with the confiscation mechanic, however, it doesn't put any equipped clothing or accessories in the container. From this, I assumed that logically, my clothes would never be conf
  16. Can anyone else confirm? I discovered the "back door" to the mine on a walkabout, decided to explore, took care of the deadly situations, but exited since I couldn't use certain key items. I left at least thinking I could return later when timing more appropriate and was satisfied that I at least would have an easier time accessing areas. Wrong. The deadly situation had reset and I now have no access to the item necessary to manage it since it remained stuck (not something I could carry per se) deep in the mine. So now it is impossible for me to complete the task Mathis assigned.
  17. Ep4 and I legged it from a Timberwolf pack and got into one of those shopping container sized huts. I got the shock of my life when the wolf started trying to get in !!! I’ve never heard this before is it new audio or maybe I’ve never hidden from a Timberwolf inside a building before? it took a few hours to give up as well! Great stuff
  18. Hi Survivors, Thank you for your patience as we work on some bugs following the Episode Four launch. We’re also writing a Dev Diary for early next week, which will provide more information on upcoming releases including a planned Hotfix, Survival Mode updates, and more. In the meantime, please find a list of some of the issues we are currently working on, along with a few helpful tips to improve your experience. Windows 7 Black Screen Issue Some players are experiencing an issue with a black screen on Windows 7. Please visit our support portal for a temporary workaro
  19. Hi Community, Some players reported that they were unable to open the Control Room door after the ice thawed while solving the Steam Pipe puzzle. If you encountered issues with this puzzle, please read on for a quick walkthrough. For information about Hotfix v1.97 [85101], please click HERE. 1 - Beginning at the first set of pipes, turn the valves in the order shown below: 2 - Turn back the way you came, opening this valve to allow the steam to melt the pipes in the main junction: 3 - Once open, follow the newly defrosted pipe to the s
  20. I know it's probably unintentional. But it's pretty easy to smuggle items into the final scene of Episode 4 by leaving them near the crafting bench in Black Rock. I easily took my fancy clothes, bow, rifle, and revolver with me. Sadly this has no impact on the ending which is a little disappointing though understandable. But it did leave me reminding myself that Mackenzie literally has two guns on him during the fight with Mathis. He could have just given Jace one of them and they could have both shot the whole gang dead and ended all the conflict right there.
  21. In the trailer located Northwest of Blackrock, between the hydro dam and the broken bridge. After looting the Bandage and Antiseptic near the body, you can leave the trailer and re-enter and they will respawn. Tested it (twice) by looting them and re-entering. I Forgot to loot the body after looting the trailer and leaving and returned to find the duplication.
  22. Hello, I can't seem to figure out how to get through the suffocation maze at the start of the final chapter of Episode 4. I manage to get through the air duct and get under the fallen filing cabinet to the two rooms off the hallway behind it, but both of those rooms seem to be dead ends. Is there something I'm missing?
  23. So just got the door thawed, however it's not unlocking. Anyone else experiencing? I see reports on Reddit of the same issue. Any work around? Issues on series x
  24. Spoilers . . . Has anyone worked out where Blackrock is in relation to the other regions? Is there a list of the changes/updates to the ver. 1.95 Survival game?