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  1. ikr the bow aiming is broken the tip doesnt show were the arrow is going to land anymore and the iron sights of the rifle need to be remodeled to have a pointed edge
  2. so. even after the fix its still broken, i'm not mad at them at all but i just think they should keep spraining related to falls if this continues i was walking inside a house then suddenly my camera just fell onto the floor and i got a sprained ankle this was on a perfectly flat ground and yes i was over encumbered.
  3. i love the new aiming mechanics on the rifle but the bow just... sucks, the tip of the arrow doesn't show were the shot is going to land and now you have to pre aim and i really hope this is a mistake not something intended to be implemented.
  5. it would be niecr if therte was no ui and all the indication was o nthe bobber including the sruggle part.
  6. Hi raph was wondering if you might ever condider making fishing manual in some way just like cooking? and I know you get asked about this ALOT but what about more animals?
  7. The next update “stead fast ranger” is a day away now, any predictions on what’s coming? other than the revolver of course.
  8. I got lost in a forest for five hours once. not really exciting but umm it still counts right?
  9. Well it’s horrific but it’s something
  10. I legit couldn’t tell if this was in game or a drawing at first wow, This is truly remarkable.
  11. I know I’m spewing out a lot of content in such a small amount of time but I just can’t stop. here is the song I made called “the dead of frost” it’s not that long.
  12. So I kinda remix the long dark main menu theme
  13. Well this is a bit late since I started playing tld a year ago but just recently I realized how big this community really is I thought the long dark wasn’t that popular but I still loved the game I fell in love at first sight and I’m so glad that there are so many people supporting my favorite game of all time and it just fills me with joy to see all the amazing artists this community has.