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  1. this sounds like a great idea and i think it should be a thing but i dont see how they can create the recipe in a balanced way
  2. i would love this idea making it so you cant magically find out how good the item is but instead having to assumed based its look and same thing with clothes
  3. it sounds like a great idea but there are so many issues with it in the game water works differently than any other and im sure its possible to add but it would take alot of work which could be put into episode 3 and other updates perhaps maybe after the release of episode three besides, there isnt even any water just ice and you have have a moose swimming in the waters of coastal highway
  4. I talked before about access to the plane crash site in story mode being in survival which it already was and i wasn't aware, but this time i'm pretty sure the bear cave isnt accesible not even in story mode, so i think the bear cave should be a place accessible from hushed river valley and should be the first ever indoor bear spawn (kinda) but then also this means makenzi has been to HVR which wont make much sense so maybe make it accessible from broken railroad? what do you guys think?
  5. timberwolf?!?!? nani?!?! looks like the next animal is a new wolf
  6. you ever hunt a deer or a wolf but dont have enough time to harvest it and you know you wont be able to return before it despawns? well worry no more with corpse dragging you can use mountaineering rope to pull an animal's corpse back to your home with you! this is quite a far fetched idea but this could also be a thing if they add sleds
  7. ikr the bow aiming is broken the tip doesnt show were the arrow is going to land anymore and the iron sights of the rifle need to be remodeled to have a pointed edge
  8. so. even after the fix its still broken, i'm not mad at them at all but i just think they should keep spraining related to falls if this continues i was walking inside a house then suddenly my camera just fell onto the floor and i got a sprained ankle this was on a perfectly flat ground and yes i was over encumbered.
  9. i love the new aiming mechanics on the rifle but the bow just... sucks, the tip of the arrow doesn't show were the shot is going to land and now you have to pre aim and i really hope this is a mistake not something intended to be implemented.
  11. it would be niecr if therte was no ui and all the indication was o nthe bobber including the sruggle part.
  12. Hi raph was wondering if you might ever condider making fishing manual in some way just like cooking? and I know you get asked about this ALOT but what about more animals?