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  1. i have noticed the clunkyness but i wasnt greatly affected by it, i dont mind if it isnt fixed, but i hope we get a fix
  2. So when i first started playing this episode it looked great and id had my hopes up, but i feel like it was too short with the only main objectives being gathering survivors and resources, although it was interesting i feel like there a lack of variety within the episode, don't get me wrong i live it but i feel like ive been a little too over hyped, what id like to see from episode 4 and 5 is twice the size and length with a wider variety of objectives and tasks i dont want to be asking for too much but its what would truly make a flawless episode, but other than the small size of episode three it was the experience episode one and two never accomplished. i loved it, oh and i also killed that bear that was near the farthest of the three survivors
  3. i just saw a timber wolf go inside a huge boulder
  4. so when i finished fathers quest by getting resources and survivors monster blizzard starts, it has been going on for 2.8 days now, will it ever end? i barely made it to signal hill and i left my rifle somewhere near there and i cant get it in this weather
  5. i would love this and i defenitely think the ambient sounds thing is a GREAT idea i would just love the tense moments when you realise you are being tracked although due to the highly advanced AI this could take up to a year in development
  6. maybe it could be a replacement for painkillers? (when you dont have any of course)
  7. peepercreeper


    i get what your saying but this can easily be done by removing the collision of small rocks and branches
  8. yeah ive noticed that animals run faster in general specially the rabbits
  9. try taking your time to aim and actually hit the wolves they lose morale wayy faster and can actually get killed it helps if you can aim.
  10. the first one was exciting too but after that i felt it was too easy and repetetive
  11. so you guys noticed that you can carry people in wintermute in episode three, right? so why not be able to do that with wolf carcasses or maybe deer carcasses (i get that they are alot heavier than a person but we could also drag them) the script is already in the game so with a little adjusting a lot can be accomplished.
  12. i like episode three alot more than the other episodes yet i fail to find repeatedly gathering resources and painfully walking across the reagion with a person on your back, the idea sounds great but i still think that having to go to the crash site and to thompsons crossing 4 times is annoying. other than that its really great
  13. i agree this should be a thing