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  1. there is one major change I'd implement- water from a toilet being potable. if you disagree, humour this taste test- next cold snap, grab a pint from your bog bowl, then melt (not boil!) a pint of fresh snow. which tastes better?! 🤢
  2. practise what I preach, not what I do... just fire off a revolver shoot early doors if a wolf is approaching. after the bleak inlet update ammo conservation is not an issue. my other half will cringe reading this after the amount of times they've screamed at me 'just shoot it!' whilst I've tried to line up the perfect shoot at a zigzagging wolf and ended up a bloody ragged mess. If you are after a relatively safe way to accumulate a meat store/skins early game then try to find areas when you can scare rabbits or even a deer into the path of a wolf. You can get quite close before they look up from a good meal, even if you miss or wound they will run off leaving the prey behind, if you're sans ammo a torch, flare or even a well aimed rock may do the trick. also, stalker is pretty brutal for animal interaction. I'm comfortable at voyageur apart from massive brain freezes which have cost me runs at 460 odd days, and can get into a decent position on loper before forgetting that one mistake kills, but I've never got on with stalker, really lulls me into false security. It's the long dark equivalent of battle royale. I've read the heavy hammer is good for early struggle resolution, I use it on loper where there's not really a choice early, on, it's a fair weight penalty but maybe worth experimenting with to see if it works for you? welcome to the game and the forums btw, happy trail!
  3. I've found a couple of times that I've not purposely picked up the arrow, but when I've finished the harvesting it's there in my inventory.
  4. yeah, it's now there in new survivor runs too
  5. As far as guaranteed spawns go, the only one I'd be super sure of would be atop TWM. I'd consider myself unlucky if none of the gunracks in forest lookout/trappers in ML, or Grey Mother's house in MT didn't have one. And there's usually a reasonable chance of finding one in whale processing in DP. good luck!
  6. they weren't best pleased... required a trip to the tailor after that. still, I'll have a nice warm bearskin roll in a few days.
  7. I think the detail in the artwork on this game can sometimes get overlooked when confronted with so many spectacular seeping vistas etc.- I really like this image of the maintenance shed, shows how much effort must have been put in. The messy, cluttered decay of the manmade areas is the perfect contrast to the pristine landscapes around:
  8. just seen your post, got this shot today on a nice clear day:
  9. well, I needed to make some ammo anyway... I did get excited by the appearance of 'selection dots' or whatever the technical term may be, hovering over the control panels near the start of the trail by the big chemical tanks, however it appears this is only happening when I have the lantern selected, I think it is more to do with a flat area you could place a lantern. Not the best shot, but there was also a weird glitch on the pier where the top level of flooring vanished from certain angles. Still walkable though. Otherwise, still no rope attachments, nothing new in the workshop and no way to move the crane/ hanging hook.
  10. just going over to the cannery for 1st time since the latest updates (couldn't see anything suspicious in the list of fixes but then tweaking a secret shortcut wouldn't necessarily be mentioned there). anyone else been around there in the last few days?
  11. either flinching from an imminent bear attack as I summit a hill, only to realise it's a rabbit and I've misunderstood perspective, or else the lady over the road walking her yappy dogs on a sunday morning whilst I'm yomping through forlorn musteg, leading to me 'dropping guts' all over the place.
  12. glad you liked it. The book 'True North' by Gavin Francis might also be of interest.
  13. just a quick update on the number of available notes after BI was activated: