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  1. An idea for custom/ interloper+ (for example if the 'as the dead sleep' difficulty ever gets added to sandbox). Ropes could have degrading condition, mitigated somewhat by player weight when using, time spent climbing and whether they are using crampons. There could be a couple of different levels, one where ropes last 7/8 uses on average, another harder level where it is more typically 2/3. This would introduce a new level of strategic planning, especially in later game, as at some point it will probably be necessary to abandon certain regions. Also choices such as goating fully l
  2. went back and got a couple more pics, although I lost the high ground and so didn't quite make it back up to the bridge...
  3. I really like the idea of a show cave/ tourist attraction in your map
  4. great point. In theory I'm with the OP in that a development of the psychological impact of survival would be really cool (as often is the case with suggestions, for me more likely to work in a sequel). However, you rightly highlight the need to balance the experiences of the character and the player. As an example, I started off very worried about crossing the raven falls bridge, eventually becoming very cocky and almost taking it at full speed after many months of game play. Pride before a fall etc., and after losing a long run due to falling off it, I had to then build up my confide
  5. Funnily enough I've been thinking about DLC again recently having just started watching 'The Terror' on tv- it's a fictional depiction of the Franklin expedition, and last year there was a conversation on Raph's twitter about the possibility of some sort of Franklin based DLC I believe. I think something like this could work really well- a 'reskinning' of the TLD game engine with a completely separate narrative, which would give fresh content to those that want it, but without leaving anyone else feeling they are obliged to buy to get the full TLD experience they expect from the main game
  6. when I first started playing and didn't fully understand any of the game mechanics, I was loathe to harvest curtains in bedrooms in case doing so somehow reduced the amount or quality of sleep by letting more light in...
  7. I move about a lot, so on my long runs (voyager/stalker) I will usually establish at least one main base in each region with: spare matches and firewood, at least one of all medical supplies at least a day's worth of long lasting food (jerky, cattails, crackers etc.), water, a spare can or two (and a pot if there's a big stove), raw meat if I've had luck hunting spare clothes, at minimum a hat and gloves to avoid frostbite if i rock up after a bear mauling, a sewing kit/ tackle any spare tools, a flare or two, lamp oil, a clip or two of ammo, arrow heads and feathers, maybe
  8. Good quandary! Of the options you give, I would possibly combine 2 & 3- head back to camp office, get warm, then loot the lake huts and also head up to the cave overlooking the lake to bag some rabbits and hopefully get the deer carcass. there is sometimes a firelighter spawn on a corpse in the cave there too, which could be a game changer. Then, while those guts are curing, I'd head to trappers and loot that- I'd actually prefer a blizzard to negate the danger of wolves, I'd be confident on finding enough food at trappers to be able to spend the night and regain any health lost to
  9. I had a go myself earlier- got as far as picture one then bottled it as I was on my main stalker run. Glad I did- fired up a quick pilgrim run to properly check it out, and got stuck by an invisible wall/ unclimbable return route in picture two. Didn't see anything of interest, can only assume this was purely put in to fill out the viewpoint down into the basin.
  10. it's a stalker run, so lots! was taken from coming down from abandoned lookout- too cold to hang around, so I just went for it, luckily managed to get a shot off as soon as I landed, injured one and scared the others, then ran. shame there's not the option for some sort of abseil/crampon power move...