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  1. no worries dude, I've had games I've sunk big time into get ruined by a bad update, any initial concern is completely understandable! fair play for engaging in conversation and reflecting on your original stance (not that there was anything wrong with stating an honest opinion) when it would have been easy to go the other way. Here's hoping a couple of the new features pleasantly surprise you, and that the next update ticks a few things off your wish list. TLDR = you're not an asshat 👍
  2. Sorry dude, long couple of days and I'm having a complete brain melt here... I think it may have been on one of the tables in the main area where the whale skeleton is, but I honestly cannot recall. There's even a slight chance it may have actually been in the Riken. I definitely had it by the time I made it to the Lighthouse, so it will have been Riken or Hibernia. Sorry, that's not very helpful! 'Something is making me feel... tired...'
  3. fresh voyager run, gone on a (by no means exhaustive) trip from desolation point to waterfront cottages in CH so far. found 8-9 spray cans, and a polaroid at Hibernia. I suspect the amount of spray cans may be hot fixed to a lower spawn rate, as we saw with the revolver ammo after the initial release. also, has anyone built a cairn yet? 50 stones means it'll be quite a project. Curious as to storage capacity, whether you can use it to cure, meat degradation rates etc.
  4. Well, a few of these changes have been suggested on the forum, such as map marking: and a list of mapped locations: I can't find the thread right now but I know at least one other forum user has previously mentioned wanting the ability to map further but in less detail from vantage points, which seems to be kind of implemented now. It would be interesting to know whether this is just forum users unknowingly discussing what the game developers are already planning, or if there is any element of Hinterland using these suggestions as a basis for update content (obviously a lot of other factors must go into the decisions of what changes to bring in).
  5. Looks like things are progressing... Hinterland have tweeted a mystery teaser image, for those who haven't seen it's an orange 'w' above an 'm', kind of looks spray painted. Some people have suggested it stands for Wintermute. Based on what was revealed in the dev diary, my theory is that it stands for 'Will Mackenzie', and we will be able to mark trees, boulders etc. or use this to mark camps on the map. This does of course assume that the sandbox player is WM (will we get an AG marker if we select the female character?). The only other explanation I can think of now is that it's a new menu icon- 'with mods'. Any thoughts?
  6. Keeping a fire going for over a year is pretty good going: This has also got me imagining a TLD follow up set in an isolated archipelago, maybe as a shipwrecked sailor (which could provide a tie in with the proposed Franklin expedition project?). these sort of depots could allow a range of interesting items to be available:
  7. If you're lost in a blizzard on route to a particular destination, looking for the turn off or a way through the rocks, and it looks as if a fallen tree is almost trying to point you the right way... more often than not it is!
  8. This had never occurred to me before but would make a great location, although it does reopen the often-discussed 'additional firearms' question (I'll just throw in a baton as self defence/ ice breaker/ emergency timber source)! As a non-Canadian, reading this article was useful in terms of what any hypothetical in-game prison could look like: There are a few hints in Wintermute as to the level of offender that may be present on the island...
  9. Not the best image, but does it remind anyone of a certain community centre? Just has the bookshelves in the wrong place. Anyone spotted any other examples?
  10. From memory, I think it is mentioned somewhere that the seismic activity happened in the years prior to the aurora, causing economic downfall on Great Bear. If I remember correctly the dam project was abandoned due to this.
  11. Hey Fitzzman No simple answer to that in mu opinion, It depends on the difficulty level you play at, where you are going and what you plan to do- food, water, supplies for a fire to warm yourself and medical supplies would be essentials for most trips. I'd pack differently for a hunting trip around Mystery Lake than I would for a mapping trip to HRV or to loot either of the plane wrecks. Do you know about the moose satchel and the well fed buff?
  12. could have some cool side effects- melting ice making areas (or even regions) inaccessible, also effecting rivers/ bridges due to melt water. may a small grow back of harvestable plants too. I like the idea of planning a journey but needing to start/ end it before the approximate change in season.
  13. I like it! Never really got on with stalker, this sounds as good an excuse as any. will give this a crack next time I fire up a new run. doubt I'll be troubling the scorers though!
  14. Just a bit of info one some of the variables: In my first run (straight to ravine) I had no axe, 12 matches and a flare, but found a rope and hat/gloves in the lower ravine area. I was surviving by harvesting sticks after the initial coal/ spawned timber ran out. out of matches = froze to death. 2nd run started last night, looted trappers cabin and logging camp. ended up with 2 revolvers, 2 axes, expedition parka, but no gloves and no rope in ravine. however, I also have a magnifying glass, so potentially even when my looted reclaimed wood and coal etc. run out, I may be able to last a while using sticks and the mag glass. I suspect the end may come when clothing/ sleeping bag degrades beyond repair. I used most of my cloth to make hand wraps (only baseball cap up top too...) with hindsight maybe just taking the hit with frostbite may have been smarter. Careful management of rabbits/ birch tea should mean starvation not an issue (bunny and a tea enough for a decent sleep, problem is staying warm whilst doing so). re: snowshelter, didn't have enough spare cloth on either run to do this. a knife and cutting up bedding in the log camp could be a different story though. Vince 49- like it, once I'm done with this run I may well give that a crack. Random start location or can you pick? it's actually not too dissimilar to the final tweak to this challenge that I'm mulling over, involves some narrative elements relating to other regions and the whole survival mode story, watch this space... ✈️ * I typed this up yesterday but for some reason it didn't submit (I'd had a long day...), at least the draft got saved. Just in light of Looper's last comment which was made in the interim, I think one thing that's come out of the first set of rules is the need to keep things interesting even over a relatively short time frame- I have a whole new appreciation of the challenges Hinterland have to make the game viable at all for 500 day + runs! Looks like the snowshelter tactic is the way to go re: warmth. Useful info, as my current 'main run' is on 'loper, I'm now in my 5th region without finding a bedroll, maybe I need to trust the shelters a bit more.
  15. on the more resource heavy difficulty levels, make sensible depots/ stashes. as mentioned above, too much gear can be a problem in itself. don't end up with 5 can openers but no cans to open with! Plus it's always an idea to have a key base or two in each region that you can retreat to if you get mauled by the wildlife, and can easily get warm/ fed/ healed/ re-clothed. on the harder difficulties, get good at hitting rabbits with stones! They're good and plentiful source of food and skins, but you can't level up like most other things in the game, you just need to get the knack. Carrying only one stone at a time makes it easier to grab them when you do get a hit. What you do with Bugs after that is up to you though... 🐇