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  1. just checked out the 12th after reading this, and you definitely have a point (heard a bit about 13min in that reminds me of the AC theme). Interestingly, the third movement is called 'Aurora'!
  2. just read this amazing tale after spotting it on the main wikipedia page: D. B. Cooper - Wikipedia imagine a Hinterland retelling/ fictionalised version of this! Starts with falling from a plane into the NW wilderness, so not a massive jump from the current premise. Could be a fun test for adding NPC's too (trying to hitchhike, avoiding police, getting shelter or supplies without disturbing occupants etc.). And could also have a clear goal of reach a set destination or survive indefinitely whilst evading detection...
  3. think it's all over the island, but only deer (found a wolf carcass in AC cave). funnily enough I have still found a couple of broken arrows where the carcasses should be, such as unnamed pond in ML, and Kate's corner in DP...
  4. Ash canyon- the little elevated area on the left hand side (over a log bridge) as you enter from the dear clearing cave connection.
  5. Great idea to have this as a challenge, especially if there was a way we could maybe customise the way to do it (a certain amount or type of photographs but some freedom for the player to choose exactly how they approach it). I suppose what I was really thinking of were things that could expand the game from the physical and resource survival of the early game, to keep things fresh longer term (which for me would be the big expansion I would like to see if we get a TLD2). I'd be really happy if Hinterland try out a few ideas with challenges/ DLC etc. to try new ideas and mechanics without je
  6. 'As mentioned in the lead-up to Episode Four’s launch, the team is working on bringing Blackrock Region to Survival Mode for the end of this year. They are also incorporating the Noisemaker into Survival Mode, and we’re including one new gear item that was not in Episode Four.' Please Please Please be s'mores...
  7. Jeez, just went to the farmhouse for the first time after the last update. The sound effects are definitely unsettling now...
  8. thanks Piddz! 👍 Great work from you and Hozz on the loading screen references, I'd totally missed that thread. I wonder how many are clues to future plot developments and how many are red herrings? bet the devs had fun with these! Enjoyed Andrey's thoughts too, as you say, he's articulated things a lot of us hadn't fully realised. Plenty of food for thought here...
  9. I possibly chose the wrong word- I meant the little vignettes such as 'mariner's peacoat- not the warmest coat out there, but close to it. stylish' *may not be the correct quote :)