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  1. that's a great spot- I did spend some time browsing through Canadian prison photos and general North American gothic architecture when the image was released, but that's a better match than anything I found. It does have the feel of something repurposed- maybe an old Mounted Police outpost founded along with the first mining settlements on the island, that became obsolete and then was reused as a maximum security prison due to its remoteness?
  2. not sure if it helps weight wise, although you will probably move a bit quicker, and more importantly have some dry threads to put on if you do fall through. Nothing worse than getting drenched then having to lug your heavier damp clothes across the ice at a snail's' pace to where you can light a fire!
  3. I've always struggled with Interloper, first time I really got comfortable was by using Ravine/Upper Dam as an extended base. Plenty of chilled hunting opportunities in ravine, plus caves to keep cabin fever at bay and limitless birch tea, then trailers at the dam if it's too cold to sleep out, plenty of metal and wood that can be harvested indoors and a crafting table/ fire barrel. If you can negotiate the wolves and do an early run to the Riken and back to get a tool and a few arrow heads, you should be in a pretty good position to gradually harvest pre=set deer carcasses and bunnies, and then eventually take out the odd lone wolf like the one outside the lower dam. If you're really lucky there can be a moose spawn just past the dam cabins in ML. Two game changing things for me on interloper- lighting fires from torches to save matches, and harvesting small amounts of meat- increases your skill at a higher rate, and you can then ration more easily if you are using the starvation technique.
  4. I think the longer saves are somehow linked to a bug after v1.78 that was causing the game to crash when you exited an interior- it would freeze on the loading screen before the little wolf icon appeared. I don't think it was universal, but for me it was almost impossible to play as it would happen about every 4-5 times you left a building, only way out was ctrl/alt/del. Looking back through my emails to HL reporting the crash bug they thought it was fixed by a change in 1.81 ([General] Disabled Save performance improvements as they caused some Player’s sessions to enter an unsavable state. As a result of reverting these changes you may notice a slight pause when saving. We are continuing to investigate the cause of this ). In fact this didn't work, and so there was a further successful fix in v1.82 ([General] Fixed an issue that could cause players to crash when transitioning between an interiors and exteriors.) My guess is that they somehow need to undo what they did in v1.81 that is causing universal slow loading times, but without inadvertently bringing back the crash bug that was solved in v1.82- anyway the upshot of all of this is hopefully long loading times are being actively looked at and won't be with us forever.
  5. then you'll be needing this: godspeed to you, monsieur. We're counting on you.
  6. Sceptics and naysayers may see that as merely a reflection or glitch, but to me it's clearly the key to the cannery shortcut riddle, and everyone on this thread needs to lock and load:
  7. I got hold of some marmite peanut butter the other day. it's the future.
  8. always carry a minimum of 3 sticks, maximum of 8. only carry revolver ammo in multiples of 6, and rifle ammo in multiples of 5. I only feel comfortable when I've got a 'survival kit' in each location in a region- 3 sticks and a piece of timber, 3 matches, bandage, some form of antiseptic and antibiotic, hat and gloves if possible , 250-300 cal inc. something I can warm up, .50l water, tin can, flare, piece of cloth, sewing kit or tackle. I also store items in larger bases in a particular way in the 4 drawer office containers (there's a better word for them but it escapes me now!): top- fire/fuel/ medical supplies 2nd down: clothes, sewing equipment 3rd: food and drink bottom: tools, ammo, other materials (except for craftables which go into a workbench drawer if available). and 6 hob cookers MUST have an even/symmetrical distribution of cans and saucepans
  9. just for clarity in case anyone else is having similar issues, in my preceding post I was referring to hotfix v1.80, I posted before 1.81. Looking at the changelist for 1.81 it looks like there's a couple of things that might address my crashes, fingers crossed!
  10. I've been having a lot of crashes lately with the game freezing on loading screen when exiting/entering buildings (reported and hotfix apparently on it's way, although not resolved in the latest one). Anyway, last time this happened I'd just entered and looted the community centre, finding some syrup in the kitchen. Crashed as I went to leave, so rebooted and relooted. As far as I can tell, all the loot was the same, but this time no syrup. Thought worth mentioning as may give an insight into how the syrup spawn mechanism works, may even be a tactic to search then reload without saving at a given location, to see if there is a variable chance of syrup appearing?
  11. I'm sure someone has mentioned this before, and like all good ghost stories most people said it was just the wind! Not heard anything myself there (yet...). Funnily enough I'm just there now in my WE run, I'll keep an ear out. was it linked to an aurora or particular time of day? btw, talking of back stories, have you played the wintermute story mode? PV features heavily in ep 3. edit: found this old thread:
  12. I've found one in ML- not sure which category but lots of food and clothing, inc. maple syrup (and a very valuable hunting knife in the air vent, woo-hoo!). hadn't realised they now show on the map after the cartographer update- bit ironic as you can for the first time mark them 'manually' with the spray... however it didn't show up when I had mapped the area via the polaroid earlier in the run, I still had to get a visual then map. it was in one of the 'usual' positions too.
  13. got my 25 days badge, random spawn in Quonset, from there to Mystery lake camp office, trappers, mountain town, HRV to get the satchel, then back round through Milton basin and FM. Not keeping count but reckon I've had about a dozen packs of crisps and 4-5 syrups so far. So with BR, all of PV & TWM inc. plane wrecks, and the other 2 coastal regions, I think I may be able to get the other badge on this save. Do agree though that the quickest way would be to burn multiple saves. Has anyone found a prepper's cache yet btw?