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Survival spoilers ahead. 

For those not aware, Vaugn's Rifle always spawns in either the Carter Dam or the Winding River area. This is rather OP, as it means you have a guaranteed spawn location for what is generally considered the best of the three special rifle variants in a small area that is rather low-risk to loot. I propose adding more possible spawn locations for Vaughn's Rifle so that it could also spawn spawn in Keeper's Pass or somewhere else in Mystery Lake, such as the cabins by the lake or in the fishing huts or at the clearcut area or at one of the fire lookouts, so that the spawning of Vaughn's Rifle would be more inline with the other two rifle variants that have many possible spawn points spread across the regions they can be found in.

Also maybe the spawn rate of the revolver could be lowered and the regular hunting rifle's spawn rate increased? I'm yet to find a single non-special variant hunting rifle this year even though i've found atleast 5 revolvers, or maybe its just bad luck lol.

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I definitely agree with restoring at least some of the regular rifle spawns that were reduced when the variants were added.  Regular rifle spawns have become far too rare.

However, I would prefer that the spawns of the variants should be in a guaranteed single location rather than in one of 4 or 5 locations within a single zone (or as in the case of Vaughn's Rifle) spread over a zone and a transition zone.  I like doing one-zone runs and having so few rifle spawns means that I, more often than not, end up playing without a rifle for the whole run despite intentionally enabling rifle spawns because I expressly want to use a hunting rifle.  If I want to use a bow, I disable rifle and revolvers spawns.  Note:  I've only found 3 regular hunting rifles in any runs started since the variants were introduced, so I intentionally also start these rifle runs in zones where a variant is located; however, I also often wind up playing without a rifle at all in my Mystery Lake runs since, by my rules, I'm not allowed to go into Winding River in order to chase down Vaughn's Rifle and I've yet to find a regular rifle in Mystery Lake.

So, in short, I disagree with the idea on randomizing the variant rifle spawns.  Like the crampons, ballistic vest, noisemaker schematics, and now specific recipe cards, special weapon variants should remain as guaranteed spawns (and I'd love it if Vaughn's Rifle spawns to be redone so that all of them are in Mystery Lake proper).

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