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  1. I had to figure out a way through the dam to speedrun the Archivist.
  2. Been running some Archivist lately and had to figure out how to survive the Carter Hydro Dam during Aurora. 


  3. Bleak Inlet is meant for long term players who want something to do end-game. If you've never ran out of ammo it's because you haven't survived long enough. But once you do, the option of crafting ammo once you're really low becomes very attractive, even if just to defeat boredom. There are millions of different play styles. Not every player is able to craft and some don't care for crafting weapons at all. Some players literally stick to one region.
  4. I lost all my badges and feats since Crossroads Elegy and no reply from Hinterland either after submitting 2 ticketa. Although the ones I really need are accessible via older saves...my 4DON badges for both events are are gone too.
  5. Yeah was great while it lasted...at least a sub-9 . Well played.
  6. Lohaan

    Challenges Update

    Indeed they do offer assistance in that regard. For now I'm just using the timer on Bandicam as I record my sessions. Thanks for your input
  7. Lohaan

    Challenges Update

    Also, a side note on this point about runs with these timers....most players using them do a run like Hopeless Rescue for example and then post a time of....i dunno let's say 43 minutes...so they measure it in real world time...whereas i feel these challenges should be measured in-game time...something you cannot really achieve with these timers...at least I don't think you can. I know its debatable...maybe the Hunted 1 and 2 you can do real world time..but definitely not Hopeless Rescue..which is probably the best challenge out of the lot...
  8. Lohaan

    Challenges Update

    Sure, it's not supposed to be this way...but honestly, it doesn't make the challenge pointless. I've ran Hopeless Rescue...up that mountain..more than I care to count. My best time is 15 hours 31 minutes. And that was in May...and then I was spent. The replayability factor for this run becomes too tedious. Sure, it's part of speedrunning...but having the option of NOT going up the mountain suddenly changed the whole run...and in fact, revived it for some of us. Sure, it's an exploit...but being able to squeeze in a run just under an hour is a lot different (and a lot more exciting) than a 1 hour 20 minute run. It's just a more condensed form of the same challenge I suppose. Most people might only run HR once or twice...because of the mountain...but this route certainly offers more replayability in my humble opinion. But...they don't have to change it...just leave it as is now. Same as the bug at Trapper's causing the lights to shine. Just leave it
  9. Lohaan

    Challenges Update

    I've used the timers provided...but I really do prefer seeing the one provided in-game...like Hopeless Rescue.
  10. I'm not saying this will improve the current challenges...but as a speedrunner, for me it would. This is my VERY SHORTENED wishlist for them... Hopeless Rescue: Please leave the flare gun exploit so we can collect at the crash site in PV and not all the way up TWM (as an option for a shorter run). The Hunted Part One: PLEASE...1 guaranteed can of coffee at the farmhouse to avoid a million restarts..or at least increase its spawn rate....cos its very low atm. Archivist: Please...make it like 4DON so we can have Aurora every day....and then this might also become a speedrunning challenge with replayability. Also, please give us an in-game timer like Hopeless Rescue for these challenges to keep checking. And can the timers (or at least your complete time) show seconds...not just minutes...so we can optimize the runs and start shaving off seconds... I know this some of these are a longshot...especially that can of coffee...but hey....I made a list and checked it twice...you never know.... Looking forward for the December Survival update.
  11. This was a glitched run...so i dropped off the map...and where before you landed in TWM, now you land at the crash site...so for glitched run of 8:37...and considering you skip Signal Hill and the farmhouse...its actually not too fast....and can still be improved. But for exploited runs, @R3425 is faster at 9hr 1m.
  12. Consider the effect this will have on challenges...such as Hopeless Rescue. Get one sprain and your speedrun is finished. This will kill speedrunning altogether... I like the idea of how painkillers should work because they are totally useless at the moment apart from making a nice effect for your screenshots.But also....keep in mind that realism is not a good benchmark for this game. There is so much about it that's not realistic. And the devs are trying to make an interesting experience rather than a realistic one, so making it "more realistic" is not going to necessarily make the game better. But agreed on your original point...the sprains system is still kinda meh...although we've learned how to get around sprains to some degree.
  13. The best game on earth...just got better....