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  1. Lohaan

    Torch light

    You can take torches from the fire, and you also pick up flares and lanterns to help light up interiors. Sticks are outside, and you can also pick up wood. Once you have an axe, you can chop wood for making fire.
  2. Since Darkwalker was released this happened. Probably gonna get patched.
  3. It's a bug. It will be fixed This was also happening in the test version of the game.
  4. @dudushow As if none of this has ever been discussed on the forums. You just came up with genius ideas nobody ever thought about. Like binoculars. Genius. Ooh and...."priorities"....phew...that has never ever been mentioned..And the sled part. Or coop!! Never ever ever heard that one ....no sirree. LOL. Hinterland wasted their time on this mode. Just wait for December's update and then you will have even more ideas to complain about lol.
  5. It's one of my favorite challenges. I'm literally thinking of rolling Archivist but playing a survival game and have Aurora every night. There's no time limit to that challenge. I think I finished it in 4 days or something. Check this out.....
  6. This guy left a note on his laptop. It reads: " “Happiness is only real, when shared". There were no other clues to indicate how he ended up here or why.
  7. This unfortunate soul got stuck inside the dam without any light source. Seems he had been stumbling around in the dark for hours. The final desperate attempts of a man at the end of his journey are evident. He collapsed far from any exits, clearly lost, overcome by exhaustion, hunger...and frozen limbs....before he faded away into the long dark.
  8. Just Google that shit I'm not posting a link to it, but yeah it has many ways to enhance your game graphically if you're on pc. I mostly use it to sharpen the image.