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  1. I tried the binocular mod for a bit, and it wasn't appealing at all. The novelty wore off in less than 10 minutes. It's one of those things that a lot of players want in theory, similar to jumping, but it ends up that you imagine it to work differently than it actually does...and there is no need for it in the game.
  2. No problem. It helped me. Actually you should thank @The Black Knight. He has some interesting uploads on his channel.
  3. That's awesome! Gonna share it on Facebook too in The Long Dark Gaming Community.
  4. Trying to beat fastest time of 12 Hr 55m...
  5. This is a crazy time. Sub-13 is ridiculous...
  6. We deserve all these things? Hinterland took my money...like...some pocket change really...5 years ago, and they continue to throw amazing new updates my way....for free...because they are so greedy? Speaking for myself, it doesn't matter what they said. It matters what they deliver...and so far, we got the goods... NVidia knew exactly what they were doing too anyway...
  7. You are very talented. Thank you so much for sharing your artwork @frida!
  8. Learning the regions is part of the process...and essential. If you've come to the point where you no longer get lost, congratulations. I'm sure there will be some more regions to follow, so sit tight for a bit. However, a lot of thought has gone into designing these maps, and a randomly generated map can never have iconic locations such as the Lonely Lighthouse, the Mountaineer's Hut....and all the others deliberately designed locations. Bear Island would totally not be anything if the maps were randomly generated. I've heard this before and im not sure what the appeal is. I love the maps...and particularly enjoy the rehash PV recently had. But are you really at the point where ALL the regions bore you and you never get lost? Like, even HRV you don't have any problems navigating? How about challenges. A map master should be able to put up some killer speedruns. Whats your fastest times on some of the challenges? Or is the point just that you've seen all the regions and you're just bored Interloping through them?
  9. It seems there is an invisible wall stopping you from going this route, but there is a goat path also, which I have not tried yet either cos haven't ran it in ages, but @sholtolsen did get it in the end i think.
  10. No they don't drop down. When I found my item, it just popped up in the screen like any normal item you loot. I was somewhat startled because i sort of didnt expect it to happen that way. I remember thinking, they will probably still change this. But it only happened once long time ago. People haven't actually found anything for years.
  11. The Long Dark Gaming Community on Facebook - TLDGC 🎮
    The Long Dark Gaming Community is a NEW, unofficial fan page dedicated to Hinterland's amazing masterpiece, The Long Dark.

    Here we discuss TLD and other related topics in a casual and friendly atmosphere. We invite all survivors to join us as we journey through the endless winter.

    Our new but rapidly expanding group offers:
    • A warm and friendly environment with a casual atmosphere focused on The Long Dark and related gaming content
    • Special themed days of the week like Off-Topic Thursdays, #ScreenshotSaturday and more....
    • Monthly competitions for bragging rights, including longest survivors and fastest speedrunners, all complete with leader boards that update every month

      If you're on Facebook and want to discuss TLD, share some screenshots, or share some of your survival stories with fellow Long Darkians, why not join us @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/LongDarkCommunity/
  12. No I am the one implying it is corrupted. That's how a save file corrupts. When your pc crashes while you are playing. It's the same reason the message reads "Don't shut down your pc" while you are doing an update to windows or something like that. I don't think there is any way Hinterland will be able to assist you to be honest. Sorry.
  13. I'm not sure Hinterland is going to assist with a corrupt save file. Don't get your hopes up. I think it's lost. If you pc crashed and now the save is no longer loading, it's probably corrupted. Sorry dude.