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  1. Perhaps when TLD2 comes around. Its still an option cos Van Lierop has vision....and he has thought of ways to incorporate co-op in this way....but it would be a different IP.
  2. They have sold millions of copies. And keep in mind....one of the biggest attractions of this game is the isolation, so coop will make it a totally different game altogether. The current version is a strategy game against yourself....and your decisions....making it a very unique experience in many regard. Also remember, this game is still under development. It is not complete yet. So a lot will still change. As for mods....you should really search in this forum for all the discussions on mods (an coop for that matter) so that you can get a clearer picture of what has already been said on both these topics. Hinterland is not opposed to mods, but they will eventually (hopefully) introduce some mod support.If not, then so be it. 1500 hours and counting...not bored yet.
  3. Had a binocular mod once in the game but uninstalled after a week. In theory it sounds good (just like having a jump function) but in reality it doesn't actually match up to your expectations. The game isn't really designed around these functions. Binoculars take up extra space, and once the novelty wore off it wasn't really that much fun. The harmonica and guitar playing mod was a lot more fun. Being able to play a few chords while cooking water and leveling your skill was really cool. But I uninstalled all mods long time ago until official mod support.
  4. I kick myself every day for not taking a screenshot of that one time i found something under the visor. Had I known it would be such a big deal by now, I would have taken it, regardless of all the other people who are now in on this conspiracy. All I can go on is their word..and of course, my own recollection of the event, which I do recall startled me somewhat...but my knowledge of the game wasn't as extensive back then...and with so many regular updates...it was just merely brushed off as...well...not a big deal...just some loot.
  5. 100% sure. I found a flare gun once. And like i mentioned, the question comes up regularly in our Facebook group, and several people have reported finding items at least once, including matches, , candy bars, gloves, ammo, and more. But not for several years now, although they keep looking. EDIT: I just did a search in the group and the question has come up at least 20 times since 2017ish, and on all occasions, yes, something has been found in earlier versions.
  6. Maybe the custom games you create are harder than Pilgrim, but if Feats were possible to unlock in Custom, many people would just make a game, set it up as easy as possible, and grind out all the feats in a short amount of time..which is not really a Feat at all. I've lost all my feats and badges, and although still able to access some of them though older save game...it still sucks cos I achieved all of them...even both years' 4DON badges are gone.
  7. I had to figure out a way through the dam to speedrun the Archivist.
  8. Been running some Archivist lately and had to figure out how to survive the Carter Hydro Dam during Aurora. 


  9. Bleak Inlet is meant for long term players who want something to do end-game. If you've never ran out of ammo it's because you haven't survived long enough. But once you do, the option of crafting ammo once you're really low becomes very attractive, even if just to defeat boredom. There are millions of different play styles. Not every player is able to craft and some don't care for crafting weapons at all. Some players literally stick to one region.
  10. I lost all my badges and feats since Crossroads Elegy and no reply from Hinterland either after submitting 2 ticketa. Although the ones I really need are accessible via older saves...my 4DON badges for both events are are gone too.
  11. Yeah was great while it lasted...at least a sub-9 . Well played.
  12. Lohaan

    Challenges Update

    Indeed they do offer assistance in that regard. For now I'm just using the timer on Bandicam as I record my sessions. Thanks for your input
  13. Lohaan

    Challenges Update

    Also, a side note on this point about runs with these timers....most players using them do a run like Hopeless Rescue for example and then post a time of....i dunno let's say 43 minutes...so they measure it in real world time...whereas i feel these challenges should be measured in-game time...something you cannot really achieve with these timers...at least I don't think you can. I know its debatable...maybe the Hunted 1 and 2 you can do real world time..but definitely not Hopeless Rescue..which is probably the best challenge out of the lot...