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  1. Hopeless Rescue is the best challenge because you have to almost run across the whole map, reach the summit and end at the lighthouse. But Archivist was really beautiful too. All the challenges offer something else. We have unofficial leaderboards for challenges and survival in The Long Dark Gaming Community, so if you're on Facebook, should join us and submit your times
  2. You were never able to unlock Feats during custom mode... cos during custom, you can set it up to grind out all your Feats in no time at all as you have control over everything...so its not really a Feat at all. You can still get achievements, but badges and feats on custom have never been possible. You can activate them in custom, but not earn them.
  3. $8 = more than 2000 hours played and still excited to log in. "No tutorial" is a deliberate design choice that may not make sense from the onset...but it's literally part of the survival experience. This game is arguably the best value for money out there...if you're into this genre of course. Not to mention that this game has a therapeutic effect on so many of its players. And oh....the days of getting lost....not knowing the maps or what to do....those were some of the most exciting times. Please...don't listen to the first 4 chords of a song before you decide if it's good or not. Allow the symphony to play... At the end of the day, this is a masterpiece...but it may not be evident right from the start. And watch some Youtube videos too if you can. I learned a lot from watching others play instead of getting stuck in my own bad habits. 2-3 hours of Youtube videos with good commentary can really boost your own gameplay and get you past that initial hump. Hopefully you stick around long enough to experience Bear Island in its full Wintery glory.
  4. New updates always have some bugs on release. However, we are expecting a Hotfix by next week Tuesday-Wednesday, so just sit tight...and maybe it's something that will be patched...provided you have considered it's not a memory issue on your pc that crashes during loading screens? And have you rolled a new game to check if the same problem occurs? It's often recommended to start a new game when an update drops because older saves tend to have some bugs especially after an update. It's mostly not game breaking like you are experiencing though...so hang on for a hotfix next week
  5. Map marking for easier navigation.