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  1. Real survivors navigate by the stars. #ScreenshotSaturday
  2. I'm not disagreeing with the concept of adding new systems or tweaking existing ones - but - just want to point out that.... Hinterland has said on numerous occasions that they are not trying to make a realistic survival simulator. They are trying to put the player before a set of choices to make for an interesting experience. The Disclaimer also makes this part clear...so just when looking at certain mechanics, keep in mind how they might balance out with other mechanics in the game. It's often a case of...change one thing, change everything...and not always for the better.
  3. Harvesting takes too much time in this challenge. We have even tried harvesting a bear right next to the Quonset. If you can loot all the items without harvesting your time will be the fastest. Of course, new strats are always exciting to explore, so if you can post a faster time with deer harvesting as part of your run that would be awesome. Note where @R3425makes specific mentions of what he is harvesting, because this action really slows you down during a speedrun: c) Harvesting clothes for bandages/brewing coffee during the run to maximize stamina recovery while doing it d) Not h
  4. Part of the survival experience is learning how to navigate via the iconic landmarks in the game. Random maps won't have these iconic locations nor the same appeal. It would be a totally different experience. Great Bear Island in itself is iconic. This is a bit like one of the ideas of having jump...or binoculars. It sounds good in theory but once you have it, it turns out the novelty wears off fast. But...imagine World of Warcraft with random maps...or Skyrim. Imagine having The Long Dark without the Lonely Lighthouse in DP, or the Mountaineer's Hut in TWM...or Trapper's in ML. Only 3 of the