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  1. I just started this challenge and did one run...then realized this is not how it works. Would have made sense if it was 4DON style cos then you could have done some decent speedrunning times...but i'm kinda dissapointed in the Aurora frequency for this challenge.
  2. Bit of an over statement if I ever heard one.... TLD certainly is not riddled with bugs...Far from it.
  3. I'm watching his run now. It's really exciting to see this unfold. If anyone can beat the mighty Wizarc, it's you @Goodzilla.. But I think for you it's very possible right now to go 13:59... You were the first to break 14:59. So with more stims and the right weather...and a bit of luck...I can see you doing it...if you still feel the motivation. I'm taking a break at the moment, but I will be back I'm sure.
  4. The time of day doesn't really matter to me as long as the weather and visibility is good. I have walked into DP at night and warming up with a nice stars in the sky. So just depends on the luck with the weather. The hatchet I found on the corpse by the waterfront cottages and also found one in the toolbox in the mine. I am focusing on only picking up the close that are lying around like you mentioned and seems to work. Bandages and wood seems to be my biggest problems so far. And of course didn't get a rifle a few times. But yes, im trying to run around the Quonset area looting coffee and supplies, but not the 2 cottages across the road from the Quonset...only the ones on the sames side of the road., and then running to DP and running back, and then hopefully have more coffee to cook while looting the other 2 cabins across the road before heading round the fishing huts and islands. Not sure yet if this is a good strategy but trying it nevertheless.
  5. I dont think you need a hacksaw? But the rifle was on the corpse by Misanthrope. One of the problems was the bandages which i had to craft. Had to chop only 2 limbs. I ended up looting the houses by the Quonset first, then cooking, and then running to DP and back. I'm thinking that cooking coffee for the run will help me so I dont have to walk all the way. But I'm not sure if this strategy will be working yet.
  6. My first Whiteout finish. Needs some work but feels good to have finished it the first time.
  7. You're definitely the fastest I have seen. I think its the first time in TLD someone has gone under 15 hours! Congratulations man!!
  8. Amazing. Well done @Goodzilla! You almost broke into the 14 hr mark....so fast.
  9. There are no more mods for TLD.
  10. And your mouse and keyboard works for everything else? Only TLD not working? How about other games? Did you do an update recently? It might be an issue with USB drivers even. Could be many different reasons so your best bet is to try figure it out on Google and see if you can find a solution on a forum somewhere dude.
  11. I have watched the first half of your run but I am a little bit distracted. However, one big difference I notice is the way we loot. I am wasting more time looting whereas you skip faster through the areas and neglect some of the areas I tend to loot. So this helps you save valuable minutes. I am worried about frostbite to always looking for that extra piece of clothing...or even that extra coffee. Also, you are more meticulous in counting how many coffees you need, whereas I lost one run to frostbite so I am paranoid about not having enough coffees to finish fast. I spend more time cooking at the summit. I will probably do some more HR once I get Whiteout and some more survival down. I have not done 1 HR since the update.
  12. Dude. Congratulations! You are fast man. I think you are on track for a sub-15 hour run soon! I can't wait to see your run.
  13. I used Windows Movie Maker and saved to Hi Def, However, there is a problem in all 3 my uploads with the sounds. There is about a 20 minute section where the sound is distorting. I have the latest version of moviemaker so if I do another upload perhaps it will be better.
  14. I used a mod for binoculars once for about a month, and uninstalled it. I really thought it was the one thing I wanted in the game, but in the end it was just a novelty, which wore off really fast. Took up extra space I needed, and I really didn't spend that much time admiring the view or actually stalking prey with them. Never really helped in any way accept that you could make fire with the lens. It's a bit overrated just like the jump function many people want. Jump was cool in one place for me...to jump onto The Riken's deck. Other than that, no real use. Maybe it might fit someone else's play style...but definitely I gave the binoculars a pass when I had the chance to loot them.
  15. @Goodzilla This is the fastest time I have seen anywhere. Have you seen anything faster?