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  1. Hi community. Tell me what happens to your saves. I lost them. When I started the event, it was saved once and then it wasn't saved. And in pause mode, the "exit" menu item was highlighted in red. Is this all a bug or is it just intended?
  2. please explain. There will be other colors?
  3. I tweeted that it would be nice to see the subtitles. But I thought a little more. I came up with a few ideas You should try it at least once. Because creating a video is quite a time-consuming process. You need a good sound, you need a video series, you need to think carefully about the answers. And it may take much longer than writing a letter. I would like to see something more in the video. For example, a story about how ideas were invented. How to create the elements of the landscape or model animals. Let this be a limited series of videos rather than a weekly newsletter. Maybe leave it as it is. This is a good experience and let it remain as it is.
  4. This is the first time I've encountered such a range. Very unexpectedly. Very beautiful. Lucky with the weather. I don't like this location. Prey is scarce, and wolves are plentiful. Location is boring and meaningless. But how beautiful it is here! Night. Moon. Fire. Radiance. Guys, did you know that this is under the car?)))
  5. Thanks. I've looked in there before. But there was nothing there that I had left behind. Apparently, either I moved them somewhere, or they ran away from me. Another observation: things near the garage remained where they were, and they were not moved
  6. I didn't find a suitable topic to discuss. Apparently poorly searched. I'll keep looking. But if you can help me, it will be great. the point is that I foolishly left a lot of useful things on the street,right here. But I can't find the red box that they put all their stuff in after the update. Has anyone encountered this? Where can I find this box? Thank you in advance.)
  7. I'm bored with self-isolation. I decided to make Wallpaper. Here I share with the community.)))
  8. Interesting idea. It would be cool to see some of them in the game.
  9. Hi. I've always wondered where these doors lead.. Maybe someone will tell me. I think it's the basement door.