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  1. 🐺 I like. It is very interesting. Sometimes you can find corpses in the described places and it makes the story alive. I really like the styling of images. It's a good job.
  2. Hi everyone. I have a little podtopilo screenshots for the last time. 🐺 Moonrise on the swamp. Always liked to sit on a hill and watching day and night. New survival on the mountain. Started the game close to lifting the tail of the aircraft. Hooked this screenshot during sunrise. Unfortunately I did not find a hacksaw on top and died, but this picture was worth it. 4DON Wandering in search of pumpkin All-consuming darkness. It's a weird creepy sight Despite the danger, night views are very fascinating in their scale. .
  3. Thanks for the update. I want to add, the problem with the crash of the game was gone.
  4. there is very little left until the end of 4DON/ With photoshop, I combined a screenshot of my base and screenshots of pumpkins. I hope it's not considered a violation of the rules The winning volley!
  5. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  6. But the game has been updated. Can be will not wait and immediately play!)))
  7. I'm not saying the game is bad. TLD is a game I play from time to time. I don't expect big-budget projects from them because I don't need them. I love the game for another. It's cool that released episode 3, finally everything has moved on. Lame excuse. A lot of ambition and the result is weak. But on the other hand there is a survival mode, which is loved by many and it gets better and better. Although widespread simplification says only one thing. They want the game to be in the masses, in order to have the money to make it better. I think this is a bad experiment and the result will be the same as always. On the edges of the all OK. Within narrative the problem. That's what we are people for, to have an opinion.)
  8. I apologize in advance for my translation. I finished episode 3. Seems to have missed one side job. But I don't want to try again just yet. The fact that I don't want to play episode 3 again means that I didn't like doing what the game offers. I'm not saying it's bad. On the contrary, new NPCs, new opponents, new places. A very spectacular scene of the crash, Incredibly beautiful landscape. All this is admirable. And I admire that. But the way everything else looks is sad. I remember episode 1 well, it's my favorite episode. Thanks to him, I started playing TLD survival mode and actually bought this game. I remember how much I loved the beginning of the episode, the training. How long I walked through the snow to Milton, how the wolves were forcing the atmosphere, it was cold, hungry and scary. Then of course everything changed. and it was not so interesting, the path became shorter and more boring. But I remember my feelings from the fact that I felt like I actually crashed and last strength out of the snow and trapped in a city where there was some horror. All this doom, a ghostly hope for salvation and the result is worse and worse and in the end the character and the player remain one on one with nature. And here or you or you. It's an invaluable experience. It is a pity that with the update all the side jobs were gone, now you just find the signal gun. or immediately he with a. It's boring and not interesting. Although I will gladly return to it in the future. And when in the second episode you get a gun, then suddenly think that you are the king of the world and you will succeed. But little ammunition, a rifle goes bad, a lot of wolves. A few more bears and you'll be down again. Yes, it's the most irreplaceable and colossal gaming experience I've ever had. And that in episode 3. Just many, all there is, survive essentially not need to, eat, drink and all beat. It feels like we're playing for Mackenzie ,only something has changed his voice, probably frostbite. I mean, Astrid's all Packed up and ready to go,. As if she didn't have to go through the transition phase. Yes, we don't know that it was the first few days, but this is not enough to become a ruthless exterminator. She in late all scientist, sitting in lab, she has ethos should fall out of the hands under every shot being fired, klinit under reloading, who not believes, homilies lever rifle reload, oboldeete from such burden. It looks as if Mackenzie's experience has been passed on to her through her thoughts. It seems to me that something is missing. It seems to me that the developers wanted to do something more. I miss the depth of the narrative, the atmosphere of the end of the world.
  9. k0s0ff

    EP3 review

    I like what you have to offer for the survivors. I also believe that there is not enough variability in the game.
  10. I found the first survivor without a signal gun. (Missed a clue) It was foggy and I was just walking along the river to keep my bearings. I don't use the map out of habit. Heard the sound of a fire and found a survivor. The second survivor has not been able to find. The hint was not repeated and I did not know about the signal gun. I was attacked by wolves and fighting back I probably sent one charge to the top. Very much was surprised when I heard the sound of a signal gun. So I found the second one. With a third of the survivors generally no problem in the end was not.