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  1. It will be very cool if such a thing is done.
  2. It's a cool idea, but I somehow play calmly without it.
  3. Oh... I imagined a mysterious lake without trees. Sad wolves wander among the stumps, Pensive bears look around, Rabbits alone feel good, they do not obscure the sun....
  4. Yes, I would not refuse an additional challenge in survival mode.
  5. I think when it becomes clear what the developers are planning with the support of mods. Then we will get the tools to create our own maps. I, by the way, want a house on the raven falls.
  6. This is a good and reasonable idea. I don't understand at all why this wasn't done earlier. All self-respecting games can boast of such a trifle. Let the new player can't miss it, but I really want to replay the plot again, but this "clack, clack, clack" on the space bar button tires me. In fairness, I want to say that I have already gone through the plot at least 5 times.
  7. Hello. I had such a problem. I had things hidden next to my workbench. There were several firecrackers among them. I threw one of them into the tower. I don't know how it could help, but after that they let me go further. And I also think there's some script that doesn't work correctly. I think it makes sense to reload this moment from an earlier save.
  8. That's for sure! I completely forgot about them. But I also met coffee machines . I wouldn't mind a hot latte under the night sky in the long dark.
  9. They're cold too. And Mackenzie seems to give them his clothes without hesitation, I think he has nothing to object to against a group of evil prisoners. In general, for the first time I thought that one prisoner was wearing my military jacket, which I foolishly left on myself. Then I realized that this was not the case. But if you change what you're talking about, it's only that things you left behind may well appear on the prisoners))) In short, the idea is a Minus. I am no longer sure that this will bring any inconvenience to me in the next playthrough. However, newcomers are wait
  10. dear survivors. it's so fun and curious to read everything that's going on here. Although nothing new, everything is as always. And everything started so well. By the way, I appreciated the electric shock. At least because I would really like to see in the game more freedom of interaction with electrical appliances during the aurora borealis. Even if it's a tizer. or a microwave, refrigerator, yes, let it be a toaster.... Tizer will do, too.)
  11. Yes, teeth... I then noticed that I made some mistake. But if you're talking about size. Then it's a cry of the soul. Mackenzie is able to eat a lot of food and ask to feed him more.)))
  12. That's the last thing I'm looking at. It makes absolutely no difference to me if there are shadows there, there are no shadows there. The game forces itself to immerse itself in it not because of the shadows.
  13. I have passed episode 4 and I want to share the art with you. I liked everything, but there are nuances. However, they are not important compared to the emotions I received during the passage. Art does not reflect them, but it was with such a face that I ran from wolves.)))) I need to create a personal theme and throw off everything I've been drawing for a long time.)))
  14. I am not a native speaker and judging because I have read in translation. These prisoners are cute and fluffy bunnies compared to ours.
  15. D... you. Now everyone will start whining about how bad everything is, what evil wolves are, and everything in this spirit. And we will be waiting for an update with a cut level of difficulty. There are not many wolves, you have little experience.