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  1. I decided to make posters for myself with reminders of simple things. This is the first one.
  2. Interesting idea. It can be combined with this theme. I mean, someone in their survival left. And you found it in yours. Funny accident.
  3. Do you know that you can parse this?) I was honestly in shock.
  4. Yeah. Better yet, a huge cross draw. Not funny. I know exactly what you mean. But I have the opposite opinion. Because this point helps me see if there is an item at all. I can't see well and it's important to me that this point appears and disappears. But I agree that this may well be a custom feature. After all, you can configure the display of indicators on the screen according to the situation. Why not do the same with the sight point? 👍
  5. Maybe a funicular that takes workers to the top of the mountains?
  6. Lol. You sit there mending your ragged clothes after a fight with a bear. you're wasting the last seconds of your flashlight. And from radio - "Прием. Прием. Меня кто-то слышит? У меня кончились антибиотики. Я отравился испорченным мясом. Мне осталось жить пару часов. Прием. Прием." 🤣
  7. I agree. It will be a fun experience.
  8. And we do not have a division into drinking and industrial water. This allows you to take water from the tank if necessary.))) I mean, there is nothing unexpected or incomprehensible for me. I was happy with everything. Besides, it won't affect anything. Drink it or not.
  9. I think this is a very strange idea. I don't know what to talk about with a stranger for 10 minutes. In addition, if this person is in a different language.
  10. And I hope that someday delivery will open in my country.
  11. I didn't mean anything negative in my statement. I just shared what I saw on the forum. Everyone has different opinions and different desires. I even think that salt is better than Smoking. In any case, you can do a lot of operations with salt. This is at least a way to add new mechanics. I'm pushing this idea.
  12. Sadly, the first mention of salt was in 2014. Это не первое, а второе. Вернее, тема, посвященная этому. Я никогда об этом не думал. Но я часто читал здесь много ссылок на это. One day I noticed a thought. It was about medicine. The point is that the game is not designed for long-term prospects. And we need to solve the problems that are here and now. I think food is just such a problem. I understand Why I really want to run half the island with 10 kilograms of meat and not smell. But this will lead to impunity. In any case, the developers know exactly about this desire of the players. And as practice shows, it needs to be supported by a lot of people.
  13. Hi! I've been thinking about this for a long time. I really want a mug like this. But unfortunately it's too expensive for me. Although I still think I'll be able to buy it one day. I once did a study on how much it costs.)
  14. I haven't gone into my survival for a long time. And today I made quite a big race. To be honest, I missed it and enjoyed looking at my favorite landscapes. I spent a couple of days on the edge of a mysterious lake. I wanted to check what was left in the cabins. For some reason, before I left the game for a long time, I got into a fight with the wolves for one deer. I beat them all, but I damaged my clothes. When I finished the repair of my clothes, I went in a large circle to the administration. and on the way I found a palaroid picture. My map is almost drawn, but I decided to go up to the observation deck anyway. From there, I returned to my base. I spent a few days there and decided that I needed to examine Milton as seriously as possible. When I was ready, I went there. Along the way, I decided to take another look at the landscapes that I photographed earlier. And I must say they are even krasivee. From the gas station, I went to the stream to collect food and avoid the wolves. I went up the stream to the bridge, and from there to the Church. From there to the trailer next to kotroym entrance to the cave leading to the valley of the quiet river. To be honest, I haven't been there before and decided to take a look at the place I'm afraid of. Not immediately but I found it. Then I went to the bridge where there are a lot of cars. And on it I met a bear. Fortunately, I'm more cool now and decided to just watch him. I've never seen him this close before. Except when he tried to eat me. Beautiful, strong, animal.