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  1. Friends, this is important. Vote.
  2. Bring back the old crafting menu. my brain hurts when I'm looking for something very necessary, and there are endless infinities.)))
  3. I'd like to see toilets near the lake houses. In general, it would be interesting to visit houses when each is different from the other. I want more history in the places that are visited.
  4. Come on. A good idea. Just let's make needles out of fish bones. I think it makes sense to justify this boring activity - fishing. Let not all of them and not always be able to make a game. however, this is in my opinion good. let the first needles break immediately and then not immediately.
  5. Yes. Add interactivity to the receiver, turn the volume, change the wave. It will be normal.
  6. This is a dream game. I want to, but I don't think we're going to get it. It's not about the complexity of the process, the guys made the game, and I think there are a lot of problems there. The fact is that the game is about something else. Winter, cold, hopelessness, hopelessness, death, and other depressing things. Overcoming which the player overcomes the game. However, it is infinite, like an allegory of life. Not in this life.
  7. Interesting idea. However, I think this is not a very useful thing. these two degrees can be obtained by pressing your back against the rock. But I will not argue that this is an atmospheric addition to the hiking camp. I would only use it to make my camp look less dreary.
  8. Hello. I think it's a good idea to add an alternative tool and fire extraction. However, it makes sense to change the random drop of items to a more unpredictable one. Plus, you need to add either one or the other to the start of a new game. or one more than the other. I also think that it is necessary to make the indicators of such a tool very much lower than those that we make from scrap metal. Let it not be destroyed so quickly, but let the loss of useful weight of meat be greater. Also, the time spent on processing the carcass will be much longer, about the same as if you did it with
  9. Please tell me what you will draw with? and a little advice, if you don't mind. Get inspired by TLD and draw your own landscapes. Or landscapes that you see around you while adhering to the TLD style. And here are my works.
  10. pretty. although i would add hands. She's outside in a snowstorm. Let her cover her face with her hands. and at first i thought it was a look through the glass at the street. If you add frozen patterns, it will be even cooler. What did you draw with?
  11. New Year's Event Hello everybody! The team is very good at making events for us. i really want to see the new year's event. vote and maybe we'll get it. Write your ideas for this event. ps i created a survey in google, but i do not know if it is possible to attach a link here. Vote on this here, and then I will publish the results.
  12. Who are you? what were you looking for here? When you went up to the top to look around, but all you saw was your own death. You're definitely an uninvited guest in this godforsaken place. Try it the next time at least do not hide in the corner and stand on his feet to meet his fate.
  13. Hi. A little history of how I went to a new location. I gave up all my business in Milton and ran headlong to the new canyon. The mysterious lake met me with a beautiful sunset and absolute silence and emptiness. I prepared myself thoroughly for the trip. I Packed all the food I could carry. Repaired all the clothes. I took more or less new tools. and went to the hydroelectric station. I did not linger there, but went straight to the winding river. There I ambushed a wolf and had a snack. And there I noticed that some things are not touched. But I've been there more than once. Some o