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  1. I live in Scotland but I’m Irish🇮🇪
  2. Alexg

    Jeremiah’s Rifle

    I took the rifle before going to the hydro dam then as I was about to leave for broken railroad it was gone wasn’t in the cabin or on the workbench or my inventory
  3. Alexg

    Jeremiah’s Rifle

    I didn’t select an option to playing a capsule game and it was never mentioned so no i don’t think so
  4. I’m replaying the story and In the mission best defence after the Jeremiah cutscene I went to check the rifles condition and it’s no longer in my inventory since that cutscene thought it might be intentional because I’d read somewhere that you end up finding a new one In the hunting lodge but there wasn’t one there and I keeping finding rifle rounds every where Is this a glitch? When I first replayed the redux I still had the rifle
  5. Am I the only person who feels the end of the long dark will be bitter sweet I mean what exactly do we think is gonna happen the world has ended is it possible the end might result in the death of MacKenzie or Astrid
  6. Was reading the comments on a YT vid one of the comments was for moose hunting they use the snow shelter as a hunting blind was wondering if you shoot the moose then dive back in will he still get you if he’s charging?
  7. Alexg


    Not reducing the spawn rate of ammo maybe sharing the locations of rifles and shotguns as the trappers cabin could contain either, or the dam and maybe one map contains either the shotgun or rifle or both or none As for Ammon do make it not that your going around 60 shells killing everything the ammo should be significantly rarer Then the revolver or rifle maybe one box per map containing 4 shells that spawn near the shotgun spawn the rest must be crafted And besides for the moose and timber wolves the animals are already easy enough to kill in my opinion if I wake up in game and say I’m gonna go kill a bear 9 outta 10 times I’ll find the bear and kill him easily unless i have little ammo I don’t mind luring the bear to a structured like a blind, hut or tree as most bear spawns are near some sort or structure and putting 3 or 4 bullets and he’s dead the difficulty comes with if your early to mid game and only have say 6 bullets in a revolver or 5-10 in a rifle and you don’t want to waste them on attempting to kill the bear if your not prepared either with energy or meds or a place up hide with a shotgun attempting to sneak round the bear and if he charges you, decide if you want to take the mauling or waste 2 of your shells and so don’t think you got away easily with that kill the gut hide and 75% of the meat becomes unusable
  8. Thanks found two near unnamed pond and one near the trailers your right they were amongst larger trees and on higher ground
  9. Can anyone tell me where there are Birch saplings on ML been looking for an hr
  10. Alexg


    For new players though it’s very difficult to obtain a distress pistol or bow the only two spots Ino about are the rail car in the bottom of Ravine which requires mountain rope and I’m unsure if it’s a guarantee spawn and the summit of timber wolf mountain which more then likely no new player will be travelling up anytime soon until they’ve played at least 150 hrs and know the basics and are borderline intermediate as for the bow there’s a lot of steps to using it for hunting first you need to find the sapling or just one lying about let the sapling cure then go to a forge craft arrow heads, cure birch saplings and collect crow feathers then you need to practice with the bow until you can actually hit a shot with I mean a deer wolf or rabbit is a easy to kill with some practice but a bear or moose is a 1 in a 1000000 shot to insta kill when I played the game for the first time in stalker/voyager there was no revolver and I wasn’t experienced enough to use the bow or get the distress pistol so I’d use the rifle for every thing defence and hunting and flares if I had them when the revolver came that solved the situation with wolfs both grey and timber but what about bears and moose one time i was gathering birch bark near the dam stumbled upon the moose and with the revolver fired 6 shots sloppily still got trampled and had broken ribs Next was heading back to the plane crash at night ran into that bear on the bridge fired all my shots still got mauled my point is the shotgun would be a guaranteed way to escape that situation with the pure intention of escape not hunting which is why I feel the hide and some meat being damaged is realistic I mean what do you think would happen if you shot a bear or moose with a dbs that the skin would be perfect (sorry for the long paragraph)
  11. First time playing coastal highway was near missanthropes didn’t know the bear was there then out of the fog yogi charged dropped my controller and just let it happen was terrifying
  12. Survived 97 days cleared ML, MT, FM, BR, CH, PV, and timber wolf Moutan was clearing desolation point Clear day no wind or snow with a rifle 33 rounds wolfskin coat Deer pants rabbit hat and gloves litterally a dream position to be in a bout to forge some arrowhead then a wolf comes from my left attacks me and I failed the struggle coz I was waking with one hand and on my phone with the other and couldn’t react fast enough RIP
  13. I believe there’s a guaranteed spawn in the orca gas station outside of Milton in the back room played 3 voyager games and been there each Time and was in the same place
  14. Alexg


    Replying to Estanfork a Stevens model 555 over-under Dbs Weighs 6.6lbs/2.9kgs so I think 3kg/6.6lbs would be fair