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  1. Alexg

    Ep2 bugs??

    When episode 3 came out I planned on playing out the game again from episode 1-3(redux) but after I got About 1 hour into episode 2 and I returned to the trappers cabin and was about to leave to broken railroad I noticed the rifle disappeared it wasn’t in my inventory or in the cabin it had vanished I thought maybe from sources that I would find a new rifle in the hunting lodge but didn’t Yet I had 35+ round of ammo and was still unsure if It had bugged out or maybe the rifle broke as when you acquire it is in low condition. Fast forward some months later I tried again got to episode 2 this time after the cutscene I had the rifle (which was in 43% condition) and was about to clean it but the locker next to Jeremiahs workbench was already looted which was impossible as to loot it you need the pry bar from the damn and in return you get a Firearm cleaning kit. Has anyone else experienced similar issues??
  2. I wouldn’t think cougars would be implemented although they are in Canada besides I really don’t feel like having a mini heart attack as a cougar pounces on me
  3. Alexg


    I’d enjoy foxes too there hides could be similar to rabbit but have trade off maybe the fox is more water proof then the rabbit but isn’t as warm could make for some interesting game decisions and clothing setups
  4. Alexg

    Curing of meat

    Cured meat lasts A lot longer then Uncured fill you up by 2 bars and dehydrates you 3 bars and you can use “sea salt” obtained from the shore on Coastal maps (CH,DP,BI)
  5. I am almost 100% certain that hinterland has no intention of adding cars to the game 1. Because it breaks the whole story lore they’ve been writing for 4 years 2 All electrical systems are fried due to the storm and 3 half of the maps don’t even have roads and the ones that do the roads are either blocked by abandoned cars, have fallen trees on them or have chunks of them destroyed meaning that travelling by car would be totally pointless
  6. Alexg

    Bear spray

    You waste your bearspray and get scent lines i suppose
  7. Alexg

    Bear spray

    Simple Item that does exist in real life you find it great you don’t have to carry a heavy rifle to scare bears away you have a small canister with maybe 2-3 uses its simple, useful and I feel balanced anyone else up for this
  8. Erm ye I’m sure most of the 170+ Comments are people saying there’s kinda Been a geomagnetic storm and electricity ya know DOSENT WORK but I still gonna say it........ Yea that’s impossible bro
  9. I live in Scotland but I’m Irish🇮🇪
  10. Alexg

    Jeremiah’s Rifle

    I took the rifle before going to the hydro dam then as I was about to leave for broken railroad it was gone wasn’t in the cabin or on the workbench or my inventory
  11. Alexg

    Jeremiah’s Rifle

    I didn’t select an option to playing a capsule game and it was never mentioned so no i don’t think so
  12. I’m replaying the story and In the mission best defence after the Jeremiah cutscene I went to check the rifles condition and it’s no longer in my inventory since that cutscene thought it might be intentional because I’d read somewhere that you end up finding a new one In the hunting lodge but there wasn’t one there and I keeping finding rifle rounds every where Is this a glitch? When I first replayed the redux I still had the rifle
  13. Am I the only person who feels the end of the long dark will be bitter sweet I mean what exactly do we think is gonna happen the world has ended is it possible the end might result in the death of MacKenzie or Astrid
  14. Was reading the comments on a YT vid one of the comments was for moose hunting they use the snow shelter as a hunting blind was wondering if you shoot the moose then dive back in will he still get you if he’s charging?