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  1. I think they only spawn in the new region, with the Timber Wolves, since they were implemented specifically as defense against them. Edit: Wait no, I just found one in Coastal Highway
  2. Honestly, I feel the same. What little hard-earned-luckily-found protection (aka torches) I had from wolves (not even bears or Timber wolves) is now gone. Yeah it seems that we now have revolvers in Interloper, but I've yet to find bullets, which I imagine are crafted only. This'll just make me play custom games with at least wolf fear and struggle turned up to max, which is obviously a fine workaround but locks me out of achievements. Oh well, just because I don't like it doesn't mean it shouldn't be added I guess. I'll just stick to custom. I do wish they would give us more detailed patch notes instead of having us guess at wether something is a bug or not (e.g. suddenly being able to add coal immidiately)
  3. Renn

    Hey Buddy

    They already revealed it in their November Dev Diary. It's only in the new region for now
  4. Renn

    Hey Buddy

    Yes. A modified Interloper run (that didn't even last a day lol)
  5. Renn

    Hey Buddy

    Turns out he just wanted to eat my face. I didn't even know they attacked like normal wolves too
  6. Renn

    Hey Buddy

    You're amazing but please go away
  7. I couldn't find any information about it in the patch notes, nor any topics already about it but let me know if I missed it. I've noticed in episode three I could add coal to my fire immidiately, but I assumed this was intended because it's story mode. However I can also do this in my interloper survival game now, where before the update you had to leave a fire burning for 30 minutes before you could add any. Is this a bug/glitch or was this an intended change with ep 3?
  8. Renn

    Episode 3 Notes

    I don't know about anyone else, but both times (I reloaded once) when I exited the basement after getting the revolver I lost one bullet. And I also only found out about a body after the phone call lol (Sorry if people find this too spoilery, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to hide text)
  9. Renn

    Didn't recieve badge

    I definitely checked the badges. Double checked just now, after playing another hour yesterday (didn't have time to play the full 2 for the midnight badge). And yes, one save game. I haven't died as of yet!
  10. I survived for two hours on both days now. Day one the box with information got an exclamation mark, on day two the box disappeared completely and I didn't get a badge as of yet. Anyone else with this problem?
  11. Any idea if and when there's gonna be a beta for this update? Always love trying out the new stuff
  12. So, many of these ideas might have been requested already, or it might be on the roadmap (tho I thought we stopped using that). Heck, I might have even made a topic on it already but my memory is terrible, so here I go. I would like to see more natural resources in the game. A natural firestarter (because especially in Interloper, your survival depends on fire and resources are limited), more natural edible plants (think an edible version of Rose Hips, wild garlic and onion, juniper berries, burdock and pine needles), maybe some other crafting with firewood and plants. To me this would make the game feel like more of a 'find a means to survive' game and less of a battle against wildlife, as I feel Interloper is now. Feel free to discuss!
  13. I don't disagree with it, it's still the developer's choice and they can to whatever they want, but I do prefer the current 'style' of the HUD/radial menu. Same as some other people, I like my bars.
  14. Same as WildGata above me. Yesterday I was finishing up my Nomad challenge, walked with my newly repaired bedroll (it was at 100%) from the Stone Church in Desolation Point to the Lonely Lighthouse, got attacked by a wolf on the way and instead of clothing, I got the message "Worn out, Bedroll".