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  1. I take it back. A wolf just pulled me out of a snow shelter for a dance with my hatchet. I was walking back to the cave from Hibernia and the wolf followed my meaty scent. As the wolf got closer, I entered the snow shelter and waited. The wolf kept growling and approaching, then attacked. When it reached the front of the snow shelter, I was suddenly upright and struggling with it. I'm pretty sure I didn't click to exit the shelter because I was drawing my bow back just before the struggle. I'll still give it a try with the moose if he shows up and we'll see how that goes.
  2. I watched Atheenon on Twitch the other day using a snow shelter for shooting Timberwolves. They would chase him until he got into the snow shelter, then they just walked around nearby for easy pickins. I gave it a try in my Interloper run at Desolation Point and they are great for hunting if you have time to construct one or already have one in a good place. My only snow shelter predator encounter in the past was a long time ago, don't remember which version but it was before HRV was added. I was in a snow shelter behind Camp Office in Mystery Lake and had a lot of meat in my inventory. A wolf from the lake came up to the shelter and I was yanked up above it to struggle with the wolf, then was stuck there and couldn't move. I've been reluctant to try a snow shelter like that again, but they're much better now. I'm waiting for the moose to show up on the bridge at Mystery Lake, I figure within another 5-10 days. In the meantime, I built a snow shelter with a nice view overlooking the bridge. I'll follow up here after the moose shows up and I see how it reacts to the snow shelter. I tested this snow shelter with the lighthouse wolves. I walked that way with some rabbit carcasses in my inventory and a wolf followed me back. I got to the snow shelter , aimed at the wolf to make it charge, then went into the shelter. The wolf ran right past me, then slowly walked back past the opening. I also discovered that you can shoot a bow from within the shelter regardless of your archery skill level (I'm currently at 3). I already shot the resident bear and his hide is cured. I'm waiting for him to return so I can work on that bearskin coat. I built another snow shelter across the road from his cave. He's back now so I circled around him to enter the snow shelter as he walked down toward the ice, this time with a few pieces of deer meat in my inventory. I wasn't hidden from the bear in the snow shelter - he came back, walked toward me, then reared up to charge. It was a butt-clenching moment as the bear ran straight toward me. It reached the opening, then turned and ran off somewhere to the left. I waited a little while until he returned again, then put an arrow in him and he ran off again.
  3. The fire doesn't have to be between you and the wolf, but it gives you the biggest buffer. I've stood off to the side of a fire, same effect. The wolf will stop within a certain radius of the fire, regardless of where you're standing.
  4. The decoy key has never been exclusive. Wolves have always treated a dropped item as a decoy even if it was dropped from inventory. I've used that many times to drop something I wanted to use as a decoy instead of letting the decoy key make the decision.
  5. Yes, for me at least. Since 1.71, I have shot a bear, deer, and wolf, each with one arrow, and gone inside very soon afterward. I've passed time inside and come out to find the animal had died. Finding the carcass is the usual struggle, but I was lucky with good weather and crows led me to the carcasses.
  6. No. Unfortunately, there is no way to preserve food that decays. Meat will decay and raw meat decays much faster than cooked. The best you can do is store meat outside, either on the ground or in containers (makes no difference). Meat left indoors will decay faster. Once you reach level 5 cooking, you can eat food at any condition, except raw meat which will still give you food poisoning and intestinal parasites (at certain game difficulties). You can eat ruined cooked meat at level 5, so I guess that's kind of like a preservation of cooked meat.
  7. Don't leave meat on the carcass - once you touch a carcass it will lose condition quickly and disappear within a few days. Cooking meat adds 50% to its condition, including ruined meat. You can leave excess meat uncooked, come back to it later and cook it, and it will be at least 50% condition. Don't leave the meat in a container (raw or cooked) because it will disappear upon becoming ruined.
  8. Beware the disappearing bedroll. I just found and reported a bug in the latest build. I'm at Stone Church in Desolation Point cooking moose meat. I put a couple pieces on the fire barrel and slept an hour in my bedroll. After the post-sleep save, I exited the game. When I came back to the game, the bedroll on the floor disappeared within a couple seconds. It's reproducible for me right now by sleeping again, exiting, and coming back into the game. It doesn't happen if I don't leave the game. If I'm quick about it, I can click on the bedroll before it disappears, then choose "pick up" and it goes into my inventory. Be careful if you sleep in a bedroll and exit after the post-sleep save. I haven't tried in other locations yet, but I will when I get a chance. I'm glad I happened to be looking when the bedroll disappeared. Otherwise, it would be easy to overlook and do something that causes a save and probably lose the bedroll. I snapped a couple screenshots without moving, just a second or two apart.
  9. I've heard that underground wolf by stone church, too. The other day, I was in DP walking across the bridge toward the church and lighthouse. I had smelly things in my inventory and I saw a wolf coming toward me on the snow on the lighthouse side of the road. I saw the wolf sink into a snowbank and by the sounds, he was still coming for me. I backed up over the bridge, sure that the wolf would pop back up above the terrain once it got to the bridge. Nope, I heard it charging and by then I was at the other side of the bridge. It came all the way across the bridge invisible to me and appeared out of nowhere for a struggle.
  10. I'm coming around to the timberwolves in Interloper. I regret my haste in starting this thread, but there have been some good points and I think the timberwolves need some tweaking. Staying aggro'd for multiple days is one example. I ventured back to Bleak Inlet with a previous Interloper character. I spent around 30 days there and killed maybe 15 timberwolves. The marine flares help for sure. I lost quite a few arrows, but many of those were bugs with the carcass falling into or below the snow. After surviving that, I returned to Mystery Lake and died when I got jumped by a normal wolf. I'm looking forward to gearing up and giving BI another go. I think the worst part about BI was the cold... so cold.
  11. I finally made it back to Coastal Highway, lit a fire between the Quonset and truck to boil water and a wolf came along while I was sitting in the truck. I gave this a try and had mixed results. The wolf came from my right, in front of the truck toward the left. As it got a short distance away, I exited the truck and took this screenshot. No reaction from the wolf (it's walking away above the truck's hood, right of the gas pump). When the wolf got farther away, I brought it back nearby by throwing a rock. I tried multiple times from the driver and passenger side and never had a reaction from the wolf when I got in or out of this truck. Maybe because it's too close to the garage? ' Next I moved up to the car on the road, the one that's beyond the gas pump in the image above. The wolf walked by and started up the hill as seen in the image below. I exited the car and the wolf immediately reacted, trotting back to the car. I got in and the wolf went around the car and toward the side of Quonset. I got out of the passenger side (always crouched) and the wolf reacted and came back to the car. Thanks @ajb1978 and others for the info. It's another of many things to keep in mind when dealing with wolves.
  12. I keep forgetting about the current bug where carcasses sometimes fall through the ice after I go through a loading screen. I just killed a bear in Coastal Highway during a blizzard. I waited in the fishing hut until it got dark and I ran out of wood to keep the fire going. The blizzard was still raging so I ran to Misanthrope's for the night and found this the next day. Whew, almost lost another one. A few in-game weeks earlier, I shot a bear in Desolation Point and it walked itself under the road near the Hibernia entrance. Bear and two arrows totally gone that time. I keep telling myself to remember to harvest or quarter the carcass before going through a loading screen, but I usually get distracted by something else and forget.
  13. That is true - the campfire no longer works, a moose will run right through it to greet you.
  14. MrWolf


    This gave me a bit of a scare. I killed the bear in Desolation Point 22 days ago. I've been expecting the bear to be back any day now, and this was a close one. I shot an arrow into a deer a day ago, near the Riken. Not a great shot, the arrow was in its hind leg. It ran all over this end of the map and finally died near the waterfall behind the broken bridge. There was no arrow when I found the deer, so I'm hoping the arrow fell out somewhere and I'm searching for it now. I was freezing and went into the bear cave to warm up. I crouched in the back of the cave and left the computer for a few minutes, thinking it would be my luck to come back and find the bear had respawned and I'd been mauled. I returned and was warmed up, all seemed normal, so I headed out to resume my search. Upon leaving the cave, I saw this. Yikes. I love the footprints and I wish they lasted a little longer. Finding unexpected prints adds a lot to the game. The pathing changed late last year to allow animals to go through gaps in fences. I discovered it in DP when I walked to Hibernia and found wolf prints going through a gap in the fence and around the trailers. Cool stuff.
  15. Thanks for the info. I've never been able to reproduce that behavior, I'll check again next time I get a chance.