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  1. Not far from the mine, just before crossing the bridge on my way to the mine. It seems I was just strolling along not paying attention!
  2. And if you're at the hunting lodge waiting/looking for the moose, you might not see it when you first exit the lodge (through the door where you look toward the moose location). It's the weird display bug/feature where animals sometimes do not appear until you look away. If you're coming out that door to look for the moose and it's not there, turn around to look at the lodge then look back again and you'll see it if it's there.
  3. You can also place a snow shelter close enough to use the workbench from within the shelter. I wouldn't count on it helping if a bear shows up, but it certainly helps for staying warm while crafting.
  4. Same here, I didn't really have a problem with it. A couple trial and errors, and I got right through it. I think it works fine the way it is. I didn't try to apply any real life logic to it, just moved a couple levers and watched what happened. I'm easily amused - I liked watching the ice melt on the pipes and around the control room door. I wonder if there will be some element of that in survival. I doubt it, but it would be fun to have to thaw something out in order to access a room.
  5. Absolutely, and I'd say break it down a bit more and choose the items for survival and story separately. I think the episode 4 intro music works well for the story, but I really don't like it for survival. I don't think anything can top the Wintermute intro music, it's just amazing and really sets the mood for the isolation of survival. I'd also like to be able to separately enable or control volume of the intro music and music in the game. When I'm not playing the story episodes, I have music at 0% volume just because I hate the "dramatic" music change in-game when a wolf aggros.
  6. I think that play style works for any difficulty. I'm an Interloper player and tend to do the same thing. Once I'm over the hump of getting the basic things I need, I settle in and just hunker down in one place until I get bored with it, then go somewhere else. Monolith Lake in HRV is one of my favorite places. I love spending time in that area and was just there for maybe 20 days. When I start getting bored, I think of the other regions and there's always one that I'm excited to go or return to. I'll gather what I need to survive for a day or two and leave everything else behind. Some
  7. I read somewhere that spending more than a couple hours indoors (or after passing through a loading screen) causes the bear to despawn if it had not yet died. If your shot did enough damage that the bear died within the first hour or so, you would probably come out to find the bear dead somewhere. The safest bet is to remain outside after shooting a bear. If you have to go inside, I would pass time for less than an hour and come back out. I don't think that's guaranteed to work - the only way to make sure the animal dies is to stay outside until it does. If you shot the bear wit
  8. Absolutely. Just yesterday in my Interloper run, I sat near the farmhouse in Mountain Town and watched a wolf near the silo, a pretty good distance away. I had a single piece of cooked wolf meat, no other smelly things. Obviously, that one piece of meat did not light up any of the scent bars but when I picked it up, the wolf walked toward me. I dropped it and the wolf turned back. Picked it up, it walked toward me. It's not guaranteed, depending on wind and other factors, but it's certainly possible. I think the scent radius is larger for bears (no data for that, just my impression). I
  9. Yeah, the Darkwalker has a different punishment in store for you in that cave. Make sure your thermal underwear are 100%!
  10. You're obviously skilled in the art of acupuncture!
  11. You caught one mid-air after the pack was dropped from a helicopter! Keep an eye on the sky.
  12. I think it's a wonderful idea - even if it's just something that works in an aurora (like the flashlight), something to quickly end a struggle with an aurora wolf. Electrical things that don't work otherwise but quickly get a glowing green wolf off you would be a practical (and dare I say fun) addition. I'd get out and about in auroras more often having something like that.
  13. It's because you don't go through a loading screen to enter or exit the building. You'll see the same thing with the Mountaineer's Hut or the Pleasant Valley Farmhouse enclosed porch. I have no idea what's involved in the programming or if it's possible with the game engine, but it would be fantastic if all houses behaved like this. Being able to look out the window and see where a wolf goes that was chasing you, or just see the weather (and the weather doesn't change when you go in and back out) would be so nice.