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  1. I started a new custom game with Interloper settings and set timberwolf spawns to none. I scrolled through the rest of the settings and saw that rifle was "no", but revolver was "yes". I wonder if that's a bug or is there actually a chance of a revolver spawn in Interloper?
  2. I haven't experienced a wolf turning around after dropping a decoy. I think the main change was that a wolf will now break away from the decoy and attack if you aim a gun or draw a bow while the wolf is walking up to the decoy, no matter how close you are to the decoy. In my experience, the wolf will sometimes run away instead of attacking when I aim a weapon. The change definitely makes things more interesting. I agree it was pretty simple to kill wolves before. Now it's more likely that you'll end up in a wolf struggle when you're hunting wolves (when your aim is as bad as mine, at least).
  3. Stones as a distraction or deterrent? From my encounters in story mode and my brief encounter in survival, I think the timberwolves are attracted to you when they're beyond a stone's throw away, so a distraction probably won't work. I did try throwing stones at them in my first survival encounter, when I also used the flare gun. I bounced a stone off a timberwolf and it didn't seem to make any difference. I was too focused on trying to follow where they were going to notice if the bar at the bottom of the screen changed when I hit one with a stone. Maybe stones would help if you're in a place where the timberwolves can't get to you and you have time to sit there and throw them. On the bright side, I just noticed that timberwolf spawns can be disabled in custom settings. I've always enjoyed vanilla Interloper and I've never started a custom game, but I'll use Interloper settings without the timberwolves now. I'm excited to explore the new region again, but first, off to the forge and all that.
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    Same here... I think it gives it an arcade game feel that's out of place in this otherwise amazing environment.
  5. Thanks, and yeah, I hope there is a tactic for timberwolves in Interloper. I thought about my post as I wandered through the ice caves in my new HRV run. I probably shouldn't have posted in such a salty frame of mind. I can deal with a long run being cut short by an unexpected wolf or bear, been there many times before. But the timberwolves are a different story. They seem to detect us from a long distance, whether or not we're carrying smelly things. Fire doesn't seem to affect them, maybe just those blue flares. Without a gun, I wonder how we'll deal with timberwolves in Interloper.
  6. I knew I shouldn't have brought my long-running Interloper character into the new region. I came in from the Ravine entrance, across the logs, and was molested by a pack of 4 timberwolves. I made a fire up against a rock wall, which only seemed to encourage the wolves. One ran right through the fire to take a chunk out of me. I used up my 3 flares. I'm a horrible shot with the flare gun (never seem to remember to aim higher than I think I should) and didn't actually hit any, but the bar at the bottom of the screen went down and they ran away. I should have gone back to the ravine then, but found a cave on the left side. I warmed up and ventured out of the cave to have a look around (not carrying any scents but that doesn't seem to matter), and the wolves were back on me at about the same time as the warning bar at the bottom of the screen. It was a fairly short and pathetic battle. I killed one with an arrow and the others kept coming. I didn't last long. How are we supposed to deal with timberwolves in Interloper? I started a new run and I'm not going anywhere near the new region in Interloper again. Probably.
  7. I'm always curious about rates of decay on certain items in certain places. Things are written regularly about storing items indoors, outdoors, in containers, etc. I've been testing some things in my current Interloper run: Bedrolls (normal ones, not bearskin bedrolls): I've read that bedrolls should not be left on a cave floor in a flattened state, and should not be kept in inventory, that they last longest left rolled up on the floor. I have 3 bedrolls and repaired all of them to 100%. All showed 100% when I started the test but were repaired at different times so I assumed the results could vary within 1 percent. I left one bedroll in my inventory and two in the back of the Lake Overlook cave in Mystery Lake - one rolled up and one flat. After 25 in-game days, never slept in any bedroll, all three bedrolls show 90%. Maybe there are some very slight differences in rates of decay, but I think it doesn't matter if you put the bedroll in your inventory or leave it flat or rolled up. Clothing: I usually take off as many clothes as I can before sleeping (leaving in my inventory), thinking they won't decay as much as if I sleep in them. I'm assuming clothes decay more when slept in, but I haven't tested that one yet. I wondered if clothing would last longer if dropped on the floor vs. left in my inventory each night. I tested with a pair of socks, both repaired to 100%, one left in my inventory and never worn, and one left on the Camp Office floor. I didn't track the number of days, but by the time the socks in my inventory reached 60%, the socks on the floor were also 60%, so I assume it doesn't make a difference between inventory and floor. I tested a pair of wool touques, one left on a table and one left in a fridge. Same thing - they both went from 100% to 80% in the same time period. Meat: We know that meat decays much faster indoors than outdoors, but what about outdoor caves with the warm rear section? Saplings and hides will cure back there, so I had always assumed meat would decay at indoor rates. Nope. I tried caves in DP, ML, and HRV. I left raw and cooked meat in the snow outside of the cave, just inside the cave, and all the way in the back of the cave. The raw pieces were the same size and condition, same with the cooked. Always, the cooked pieces decayed the same amount and the raw pieces decayed the same. It doesn't seem to matter where meat is dropped in outdoor caves. Same with outdoor containers - raw or cooked meat doesn't decay any differently if left on the ground or in an outdoor container like a metal box or a car trunk.
  8. I'm playing a new Interloper run and found a mag lens in Mystery Lake. I don't think anything has changed with them. I don't think they are guaranteed to be in a single place every time (though maybe in a known place if you know the loot tables and find what spawns in certain locations).
  9. I recently tested meat storage with caves - the "2 layer" kind of caves where it's warmer in the back. I always thought food stored in the back of the cave would have indoor decay rates since things can be cured in the back of caves. But no - it doesn't make a difference. I've tried with several caves in different regions. Meat left outside in the snow, just inside the cave, and in the back of the cave all decay at the same rate. So if you're living in a cave (not the loading screen type), drop your meat anywhere in the cave. My tests were before the Steadfast Ranger update, but I doubt it has changed.
  10. Good point, I think I was wrong in saying you can still get food poisoning from some foods at level 5. I recently reached level 5 in my current game and I've been eating every low and ruined food I come across, and no food poisoning yet.
  11. Ah yes, I mixed things up there and injected the level 5. I'll try it soon and see if I have similar results.
  12. Realism isn't a factor in a number of areas in the game, but I think it all works well. Wolves outright attacking is one of those unrealistic aspects, so being able to preserve yourself a little longer by starting a fire to scare off a wolf is just fine. And why should you be eaten by the wolf if you stop? You should at least be able to put up a fight, as it is now. Aside from the fire starting, sometimes a wolf will attack as it's stalking you, even if it hasn't gotten close enough to normally trigger the attack.
  13. Interesting, but one time doesn't mean it will always work. I think it's still a random chance... If you've eaten five or ten partial pieces of raw meat in a row and not gotten food poisoning, you might be on to something. I still think you'll get food poisoning sometime. I know that I have gotten food poisoning from beginning to eat raw rabbit or deer while at level 5. I'll join the test... next time I have raw rabbit or deer, antibiotics, and 10 hours to kill, I'll give it a try and let you know what happens. I'm on a new Interloper run now, need to get to level 5, then I'll try it.
  14. Not quite - at level 5, you only avoid food poisoning in cooked or heated food. You can still get food poisoning from low condition, non-cooked canned food like dog food and sardines, granola bars, raw meat, etc. You won't get intestinal parasites from cooked predator meat at level 5, but you can still get it if you accidentally eat raw predator meat.
  15. There's nothing cheesy about canceling out of eating something, but I don't think that has helped you in this case. If you are going to get food poisoning from eating something, it happens immediately, regardless of how much you actually eat. If you really want to test it, try it with some raw rabbit or deer meat.