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  1. I recently tested meat storage with caves - the "2 layer" kind of caves where it's warmer in the back. I always thought food stored in the back of the cave would have indoor decay rates since things can be cured in the back of caves. But no - it doesn't make a difference. I've tried with several caves in different regions. Meat left outside in the snow, just inside the cave, and in the back of the cave all decay at the same rate. So if you're living in a cave (not the loading screen type), drop your meat anywhere in the cave. My tests were before the Steadfast Ranger update, but I doubt it has changed.
  2. Good point, I think I was wrong in saying you can still get food poisoning from some foods at level 5. I recently reached level 5 in my current game and I've been eating every low and ruined food I come across, and no food poisoning yet.
  3. Ah yes, I mixed things up there and injected the level 5. I'll try it soon and see if I have similar results.
  4. Realism isn't a factor in a number of areas in the game, but I think it all works well. Wolves outright attacking is one of those unrealistic aspects, so being able to preserve yourself a little longer by starting a fire to scare off a wolf is just fine. And why should you be eaten by the wolf if you stop? You should at least be able to put up a fight, as it is now. Aside from the fire starting, sometimes a wolf will attack as it's stalking you, even if it hasn't gotten close enough to normally trigger the attack.
  5. Interesting, but one time doesn't mean it will always work. I think it's still a random chance... If you've eaten five or ten partial pieces of raw meat in a row and not gotten food poisoning, you might be on to something. I still think you'll get food poisoning sometime. I know that I have gotten food poisoning from beginning to eat raw rabbit or deer while at level 5. I'll join the test... next time I have raw rabbit or deer, antibiotics, and 10 hours to kill, I'll give it a try and let you know what happens. I'm on a new Interloper run now, need to get to level 5, then I'll try it.
  6. Not quite - at level 5, you only avoid food poisoning in cooked or heated food. You can still get food poisoning from low condition, non-cooked canned food like dog food and sardines, granola bars, raw meat, etc. You won't get intestinal parasites from cooked predator meat at level 5, but you can still get it if you accidentally eat raw predator meat.
  7. There's nothing cheesy about canceling out of eating something, but I don't think that has helped you in this case. If you are going to get food poisoning from eating something, it happens immediately, regardless of how much you actually eat. If you really want to test it, try it with some raw rabbit or deer meat.
  8. It depends on your clothes and the weather. Did you just spawn? You'll need at least some amount of better clothes before you can warm up in the back of a cave.
  9. That is a nice spot for hunting, but there is a warm cave just up the hill, better for sleeping and curing hides and guts. If you have warm enough clothes (mid 20s temp), you can sleep in the cave with the normal bedroll without a fire.
  10. Good info, and it's not obvious when putting on clothes. The hat slots at the upper left are an exception - the inner (right) slot is the outer layer.
  11. It's been mentioned in the forums a while back, and I think it's still true, sometimes at least... if you shoot an arrow into an animal and go inside a house before the animal dies, when you return, the arrow will be where the animal was when you entered the house. I think it happens whether the animal is dead at that point or not. I recently shot an arrow into a moose near the garage in Coastal Highway. I had a fire going, so the moose charged, then it turned around near the fire and ran uphill toward the bear cave and trailer. I moved up to the house in that direction, crouched near the door, and waited for the moose to walk back down the hill. When it got close, I shot another arrow into it and quickly entered the house to avoid being stomped. I waited for 20-30 minutes in-game to make sure the moose had moved away, then went back out. When the outdoor scene appeared, I immediately saw one arrow on the ground where the moose had been before. The second arrow was suspended in air for a moment, as if still in the moose where it stood when I entered the house, then it dropped to the ground. The moose was still alive and walking around the clearing near the garage (they don't bleed out, as others have mentioned) - it took a few more arrows to eventually kill it.
  12. But, seriously, great job so far. I've enjoyed reading and I'm anxious to see how things go. Good luck!
  13. I approach the deer from the front, at a bit of an angle. The deer tends to stop and graze, then the next stop just stands there, then those are repeated. I wait for the cycle when the deer grazes, then stand up and shoot the arrow toward the base of the neck/shoulder area (larger target than the head) while the deer's head is still down. I'll get an instant kill more often than not that way.
  14. A couple ways. The arrows for the amount to harvest move in sizes of 0.5kg. If the chunk of meat is 1.1kg, click it all the way up, then two clicks down. The first click down will reduce it to 0.6kg, and the next click to 0.1kg. Otherwise, set the amount to 0.5kg, click to harvest, and press the escape key about 1/5th of the way through. Assuming you're on a PC, that is. On console, I don't know what button is the equivalent of the escape key on PC.