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  1. Happy new year at all survivors. 2019 was a great year for TLD and i hope that many things will come this year again!
  2. For my first long run (200D) i was pleased to rest in paradise meadows in Milton but just because i’m feeling great when i am outside on the terrace and i observe the point of view front of me... I like particuraly the lodge in TM just at front of the lake. Great hunting spot with all wildlife after i believe in the power of mistery lake on our mental. As soon as you arrive in this region you are feeling at home i’m think, don’t you?
  3. Happy holidays to every one and merry christmas!! What can we expect about TLD in 2020 ?
  4. Ive seen this tweet too and i’m surprised by this kind of communication...but i enjoy it!!!
  5. The image was done using GIMP from this image : The technic = resizing image and painting (pixel by pixel) on a frontground layer
  6. I don't know exactly why i like this one but this is the screenshot i wanted to share with you
  7. Thanks a lot@ThePancakeLady My wife enjoy very much your response! 😊