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  1. It was a very interesting experience and it was truly a good idea to match new stuff with a event. Changing game parameters offer many possibilities to make an changing temperature, wind, no houses, no gun... can’t wait for the next event
  2. [General] Improved stability for Players who were crashing when transitioning from between exteriors to an interior, and vice versa. Great work ! No crash anymore since this update! What a helpful and attentiv team!
  3. It's done! 😆 This experience concerns my wife who plays TLD for few weeks and she has this issue since the update... :-/ I'd just want to know who have experienced this kind of crash among the community We've waiting et hoping that the next hotfix fix it! 😓
  4. Great. Thanks for your answer! I defined a new keybind for auto walk but i didn't know i have to activate it in accessibility option...😡 Other question : who have already experienced a crash game during a transition when you are leaving a building?
  5. Does "AUTO WALK" work for you? (i play on PC) I've tried to cartograph too but it seems that my saved game don't keep my last modifications... 😢 I'm lost....
  6. Clearly! When i found a Polaroïd in game just after the update, i didn’t know what they are and what they mean...but i quickly understood that collection was a kind of « orientation game » like the game i’ve launched here in this forum before i change my username. Maybe i should claim copyright 🤓
  7. I’ve found this one too but did you succeed in learning the indications behind the picture?
  8. That's right!!! But you have made my avatar and you have more skills to do that than me...
  9. Thanks to you for your helpful reply! 😆
  10. Maybe this is not the right place for this question but how do you do to use the autohotkey? Thanks for your answer