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  1. How much carry capacity do you think isn't too much? I'm thinking about 35 kg at best with well fed, about 40 kg for well fed+moose satchel.
  2. Anyone have any other player challenges ideas for survival?
  3. Snow Shelter Bear Bedroll Cars Coffee Stims Beds Got to plan out carefully though. Scaling TWM summit would require tons of coffee as there is no stops there at all.
  4. The thing is though, I think Desolation Point is meant to be be connected to just Coastal Highway kind of like the end of the world kind of zone as the name goes as well. Fact that there's a crashed ship there could imply that is a sea route.
  5. I thought they were a place you can hunt bears or something but it gets real cold out there in Interloper. Just a dead zone
  6. I think it's either Bleak Inlet or Desolation Point. The challenge to fire a distress pistol at Desolation Point can point out that you're calling for help by a passing ship or air vehicle. Bleak Inlet sounds like the final showdown with the gunsmithing. Desolation Point seems very underdeveloped that you would think they're going to touch up on it later.
  7. Bullets should be fully made at the ammunition workbench makes sense. But I think mixing in gunpowder could be mixed in a workbench.
  8. Do Hunting Blinds even protect you from wind? Aren't they called Hunting Blinds for a reason. A place to wait for an animal to bleed out?
  9. You were just pounced and and attacked by a timberwolf you rush into the cannery in Bleak Inlet. You're barely alive, there's stims, bandages and antiseptic lying around. And you also begin to notice piles of ammos lying around, hunting rifles and revolvers. KA-CHAK the hunted became the hunter. Now your task is to take out timberwolves, moose and bears by a certain number before they get to other survivors. There's a brief paused days where you can take time to craft bullets.
  10. If I was in a real survival situation out there I would do a molotov cocktail
  11. Last time I remember finding anything in those things was a stick