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  1. HRV is complete caveman world
  2. If people are wondering how you can make use of the food items to cook things you should look up recipes that prisoners in the US penitentary has made. I mean you can take the ketchup chips and fry it with any choice of meat or fish and you come up with fried meats or fish 'n' chips. Make some pastry from soda and crackers. It can be simple as adding milk to coffee or peanut butter on crackers. Can have some cool buffs that come with them. Like you get a buff that keeps you warm when skinning animals. Longer shelf life.
  3. If I had a tazer I would throw it into a fish pond and all the fish would die and float up. Easy fish.
  4. I think they did a good job portraying how cold and heartless these guys were supposed to be. I do think they took a card from the Walking Dead looters and did a good job of it.
  5. To be honest I didn't know if pulling or pushing it would kill him or not.
  6. I was really hoping for actual fighting against humans in this episode. Gun fighting or something. Throw in wolves that will attack indiscriminately like a gladiatorial ring.
  7. I'm thinking in long term goals. Eventually you have to rely on the bow and arrows, the animal clothing you wear. So it comes down to zones with a forge in it.
  8. Would be nice to develop food recipes with the food items we find or hunt.
  9. Diet is more accurate in Green Hell where you have to make sure you have enough protein, fats, water and carbohydrates. All from different foods.
  10. It's gotten quite boring. I still love the game and everything, I love all the needs and upregulating them it's just not fun anymore.
  11. How much carry capacity do you think isn't too much? I'm thinking about 35 kg at best with well fed, about 40 kg for well fed+moose satchel.
  12. Anyone have any other player challenges ideas for survival?
  13. Snow Shelter Bear Bedroll Cars Coffee Stims Beds Got to plan out carefully though. Scaling TWM summit would require tons of coffee as there is no stops there at all.